Truth Hurts, Life is Painful, and we are what we are... Human

Our world is changing; socially, culturally, politically and it isn’t a slow burn. The landscape is populated with misinformation, personal agendas and self gratification. Change isn’t bad, but it can be overwhelming, confusing, and assault our senses. We all deal with change in our own way, mine is with with serious insight on my blog, and a lighter side with my YouTube channel.

and ya all wondering why I got a headache………………………..
I don’t run into anybody cuz their all running in the opposite direction.

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Somewhere in the news men are having multiple ejactulations, something that once was thought to be impossible.

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I often think religion is thought of within an individuals personal context, their life, their experience. That is kind of strange when you think about

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The Rotting Fruit

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We live in a world where it seems if you want to be successful, happy in life, you need an attitude? But what’s the right attitude, and how do you find it in a world where there’s hundreds to choose from?

Anna Provoda

Yet I gladly suffer the obscene. A thousand, thousand lesser loves I would again sacrifice for the greater love and coming loss. No love in all of human nature equals the forbidden sensitivity of my breast, the lightness of my thoughts nor enables flight of my soul.

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