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Our world is changing; socially, culturally, politically and it isn’t a slow burn. The landscape is populated with misinformation, personal agendas and self gratification. Change isn’t bad, but it can be overwhelming, confusing, and assault our senses. We all deal with change in our own way, mine is with with serious insight on my blog, and a lighter side with my YouTube channel.

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 Irrelevant Social Commentary

Always Among the Dead

I’ve been struggling with this current post for about a month now. Mostly because it’s about what’s going on in the middle east. Problem is,

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Aged, Old and Elderly

At 66, I consider myself aged. I’ve got some minor health problems and I don’t get around as good as I used to, and to

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Come as You Are

Religion, like politics, is hard to write about from a global perspective. Religion is, and should be a deep personal experience. Notice my chosen word,

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Human evolution is a lot more complex; Neanderthals were not the dumb cavemen we thought they were and there’s a growing body of evidence that humans have been in the Americas for a lot longer then 12 or thirteen thousand years. I point this out because history, the history of humanity is always changing and the further back in time you travel, history not only becomes muddled, but odd as well.

To this day, we don’t know how the pyramids were built and there’s a lot of debate as to when they were built.

Ditto for the sphinx.

Anna Provoda

Yet I gladly suffer the obscene. A thousand, thousand lesser loves I would again sacrifice for the greater love and coming loss. No love in all of human nature equals the forbidden sensitivity of my breast, the lightness of my thoughts nor enables flight of my soul.

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