Truth Hurts, Life is Painful, and we are what we are... Human

Our world is changing; socially, culturally, politically and it isn’t a slow burn. The landscape is populated with misinformation, personal agendas and self gratification. Change isn’t bad, but it can be overwhelming, confusing, and assault our senses. We all deal with change in our own way, mine is with with serious insight on my blog, and a lighter side with my YouTube channel.

Im hearing republicans are talking about repealing the 13th ammendment.
5 judges lied to the american people in their confirmation hearings for the supreme court. How is that acceptable? Does the process need to change?
Yes, we’ve came a long way baby, and for those peeps who are holding on to yesterday like it was their penis that impregnated mother Mary, you’re all in for a miserable life, cuz control is slipping.
Know who I’d like to see pop up in #picard next season, Molly O Brian walking onto the bridge as a new Chief, or any other child from #startrek.

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Our population is diversifying and there ain’t no stopping it, and there ain’t going to be no retreat, no reversal. For most of our existence

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An American Tragedy

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Our universe is littered with high strangness, from black holes to dark matter and alien worlds in between. Fun stuff, specially when one thinks of the weirdest mystery of all.

A Most Misfortunate Soul

It was not what was evident in this tragic scene that bears the slightest importance, not at all. Not one witness would guess, could guess, given hints as well, that the man who lay, dead and cold across the walk this fine hot summer night, was the most misfortunate soul one would ever, could ever, or in this tale, hope to meet.

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