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Rob Paxton

The Dark World

is under siege. Bet ya didn't know that underneath your Internet, there's a web of darkness equal to that of Hell. A place where you can buy just about anything, from tanks to slaves. A world of sex and perversion that people engage in, and for the most part, it's been ignored. Looks like that might be changing, but one bust ain't going to change a lot.

Almost funny, Almost Ironic,

That the day after Trump unleashes a veiled threat against Mueller, warning him not to expand his probe beyond Russia, and into his personal finances, Mueller does it!

The God Friday arrives

with a little Rob,

Rob Zombie.

Make sure you get back in time for Monday.


I'll be quiet this weekend, gotta do a thing called work.

This affects me, personally.

There's a lot of goodness in the world, most of it done silently, without commendation, salutations. People want to do good, and when I start worrying if one I love will end up living under a bridge when my time has come, I find solace that there are people who care.


In this crazy ass world, I'll take what good I find!

Is Russian laundering money through Trump Properties?

Does Trump know about it, does Trump care? I dunno, but for someone who has claimed he has no ties with Russia, there's a fuck of a lot of connections. Read the article, it's long, and eye opening. By the end of it, you might feel like you have 27 contact lens stuck in your eyes.

How is this even possible?

An elderly women goes in for cataract surgery and the surgeon finds 27 old contacts in her eye. Huh! WTF, I got questions. Didn't her eye Dr notice them when he recommended the cataract surgery? Could she literally see the pyramids in Egypt from her front door in England?

Old people, we do funny! We do strange!


I want you to know,

I understand. Your backs up against the wall, there’s no where to turn, no one to ask for help, you’re stressed to the max, and you don’t have an answer. You flutter into a restless sleep, and when you dream, your stress makes them weird.

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I can't even

begin to explain how I feel about this. Without knowing all the facts, it's hard to say anything. I can say, calling to report an assault shouldn't end up in your death. I can also say the instances of our police killing us seems to be nearing epidemic proportions. I can say there are far more acquittals of officers who have been charged. I also want to say that I have had friends who are police officers, that I believe most officers are good caring people.


So it's like, WTF is going on here!

There's a lot to be said

about Republicans failing to repeal and replace Obamacare. Doing so was their unifying call to arms for the last seven years. Think Repubs were a little surprised at the chorus of voices that rose up against repeal and replace? Could one now expect some sense of clarity on their part to simply work with Democrats and make Obamacare better?


Of course not, now they just want to repeal it, and replace Obamacare... in two years!


Maybe it all is a communist plot, cuz I can't believe the level of stupidity I'm seeing.

It's back,

with a vengeance, especially the first few minutes. The rest of Game of Thrones lays the foundation for the rest of the season. All said, who the hell is Ed Sheeran?


I couldn't watch last night, but I did when I got home this afternoon. Like every episode before it, GOT delivers, sometimes subtle and at times outright avert, in our face. We all know what's coming!


Don't get your heart broken this weekend.

Cuz that shit hurts.



civility from a lawyer is just ridiculous. From Trumps lawyer is outright absurd. This is Trumps world, this is how he expects his people to treat other people.


That's the bottom line!

In the, 'That things almost as big as my...'

category, all I have is, I want one.


And I want it now, before summers over, cuz I got some revenge plans. You hear that Greg? Revenge!



I wanna

work for these guys, along with giving 'em a frickin' huge shoutout. Ever want to just take a mental health day cuz ya got issues. I have!


Imagine the phone call, 'Boss, I gotta take a sick day, I've got some issues.'

'You're so fired!'

This BullShit... just has to stop!

I got no problem with porn, but this isn't porn. This is dehumanizing women, innocent women, for your own perverse pleasure. You might want to really reflect on how you'd feel if it was your daughter, your mother, or one of your wifes old boyfriends posting some pics.


Honor? My skinny ass!

Wrong. Just Wrong!

There just ain't no excuse to justify making a persons life a living hell just because they pissed off your mom. But this is what stormtroopers do, harass and intimidate, sending a message to others, fear us, & fuck with us, and you're next. They spread lies, hate, and violate your privacy, even reaching out to your kids and loved ones.


And they get away with it!

I'd like

to start featuring smaller YouTubers on a Monday morning rotation. I like edgy, different, creative!


Look over the site, if you're interested, email me at


We'll see how this works out!

Hot Damn!

Betsy Devos's Husband sets as the board chair at Spectrum. This ain't coincidence. I don't believe that for a fleeting fucking second. You're not seeing a lot of conversation about this link between Russia and Spectrum, but I'm betting my ass that's it's being thoroughly investigated, and it'll be the smoking gun.


This is where Russia got their specific data to target specific leaning individuals. Think about this! Let it sink in. Question is, was it hacking, or were they given access. I know what I think, seeing that Ms. Devos was given a plumb job in Trumps administration.

Better a Cupcake

than the proverbial frying pan. That's all I got to say. Except a cool grand in bail would of gone a long way in buying delicious pastries in this cupcake caper.


things are getting strange, and strange is a word that defines Donald Trump. His eldest met with Russians on the pretense of digging up dirt. The same day Trump tweets shit about HRC's deleted emails. Trump has a cyber deal with Russia, then doesn't. And then there's the Putin~Trump meeting where both can't seem to agree on what they agreed on.

All I got to say... WTF, It's Monday!

High Times, it be

in Korea, of all places. Not north, or south, but all over Korea, the people have a history, of weed. They wear it, smoke it, boil it, sell it.


Damn! No wonder they were smart enough to build nuclear missiles!

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Just like that, it's Friday!


Have a good one.


Watch for the rising sun, always,


but don't bother counting 'em cuz when you do, the day comes far too quick.

Is it possible? Yep.

Is it probable? Yep. Dan Rather lost his job because someone disseminated forged documents. So, yeah, it happens. Problem is, there's so much bullshit floating around, it's hard to tell truth from bullshit. If the media doesn't bite, than all someone has to do is put it out on the web, and it'll be taken as gospel by a shitload of sheep, despite being proven as an outright lie.


But this is a bit different. The intent is to discredit our media as bias, as fake news. Who would do such a thing?

Poland's First Lady disses

Hobby Lobby,


w/ a 3 million dollar fine for smuggling ancient artifacts!


Yea, those guys, the purveyor of all things good and ethical. Why? For a biblical museum.


Just following their moral code, I guess.


Has the greatest aviation mystery been solved? Or is it just bull? I don't know, but as a fan of Amelia, of a person who dreamed the impossible, and then kicked that shit into the stratosphere, I'd hate to think she spent her last days withering away in some miserable Japanese prison cell.


Personally, I give a lot of weight to the island locals who claimed way back when, the Japs took her.


offers up the best of us, the worse of us. You can stand up for what you believe, be yourself, or you can choose to be someone different, a changeling.


Changeling's become someone their siblings, their parents, their friends, co-workers don't know. Alone at their desk, in the dark hours, they toil and troll. Their cause? Individual desires! And here and there, when one's exposed, their excuse sounds out "That's not who I am".


There are tens of millions toiling in anonymity

'What good is food if you’re not hungry?'



let it load