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Barcelona & Cambrils...

13 dead, scores injured, and my mind just goes numb. It's not like I don't care anymore, it's more like I'm just in shock. It's as if the entire world is suffering from PTSD, I along with it. My heart just bleeds. There isn't anything left to say, all I can do is weep.

It's been a long, heartbreaking week,

For What it's Worth

I'm ready for the weekend.

Give the song a watch, there's a lot of truth to music.


I've always said a man's character will define his actions. I am not a Trump supporter because of who he is as a person. Trumps character as a man, as a human being is lacking. Donald Trump is vulgar, vindictive, petty, and a liar. These are not false facts, not opinions, not character flaws that have been twisted by our news media to demean Donald Trump. These character flaws simply speak the truth of who this man is.


Donald Trump is also a Racist. I was taught that I would be judged by who I associated with. In one startling long breath of a day, Donald Trump condemned the KKK, Nazis and alt-right, then flipped the table, defending their behavior with lies, misstatements and historical inaccuracies, clearly realigning his character with those he finds comfort with.


Trumps flip of the table has emboldened those he identifies with. That table cannot be be right-sided, can never be used to set across, and discuss public or political discourse. Instead, Donald Trump has lit that table afire, sending signals that will have dangerous repercussions in the days ahead that melt into years.


The fires will grow, they will spread.


the day after condemning hate groups such as the KKK, Nazis, and the alt-right, Trump retweets an alt-right racist, with a cartoon of a train plowing into a CNN reporter. Without any semblance of sensitivity that only days before, Heather Heyer lost her life to a racist who plowed into a crowd.

WTF is appropriate!


Man, I've lived a dangerous life, but that's because I didn't know better. I do now, and I ain't going to have sex in the car ever again. Unless.the.opportunity.arises.

Drinking again...

This is who they are!


"Despite feigned outrage by the media, most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness,"


"A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value."


I hope you take offense, I hope the words are disgusting to you, because the comments are taken from the front page of an alt-right Nazi site. This is what we, all of us, are up against. This is why people call out Trump on his weak condemnations.


Lucky, little shits...

I gotta pay 20 bucks for a bottle of Cuervo and their small little proteins produce alcohol for free keeping 'em alive and safe in the frozen waters of Europe.


Just what I need to learn how to do in the coming winter months of cold and dread. Lets get to work, mini proteins.

Yes, they are Nazis!

When speaking to media, the alt-right claims they are protesting grievances against the white race, that they don't want to lose their heritage, their way of life. Yet when they protest, they wrap themselves in Nazi regalia, spout Nazi slogans, portray the Nazi stiff arm salute, ever embracing Hitler. and his belief of superiority  over others. Ironically, many had fathers, grandfathers that fought Hitler, as such they are betraying their own heritage, they are betraying the rest of white America, and indeed, all Americans who believe in the founding principals of equality and justice, for all.


I feel for the community of Charlottesville. I feel for the community of America. We must speak out.

Oh Lord, I've smoked a lot of grass..

and it's Friday, I'll probably smoke a shitload more, enjoy your weekend!

Theresa and I,

have been attached at the hips for 30 some years, and I thought this would be a pretty cool anniversary gift. But I read reviews! And with reviews like this;


“I got them for me and my girlfriend to actually mess around with, so my mistake I guess. They’re really thin, and ride down super low on the guy. Also heads up, there’s 4 leg holes total, not 2 giant ones like the box shows.”


Shame, a good idea gone to waste by manufacturing a shabby product!

One of millions and millions.

It's not enough that I understand the pain, the sorrow, the isolation Sinead shows in her post. It's not enough that i feel for her, that I agree with her, that my heart goes out to her. Nothing I can do will ever be enough to sooth her pain, calm her soul, ease her thoughts, and that bothers me immensely for personal reasons.


There is something we can do, try to do. End the stigma of MI, accept them, love them and push for better services.

Shit's about to change,

and big-time. With Disney pulling out of Netflix, and Facebook launching their own 'Watch' tab, you're streaming options are going to change. I'm betting pretty quick here, someones going to be offering up 'Streaming Bundles', comparable to cable channel bundles. One things for sure, to survive, every single streaming service is going to have to offer up innovative, original programming. My concern, cost! I'm looking at moving away from my cable package, but I don't want to be paying just as much for a streaming bundle.

Fire & Fury, Really?

Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but it ain't going to happen. We have literally thousands of American civilians stationed in South Korea that would need to be evacuated before any military action. Hell, in any type of serious military action, you'd need to prep with ships and troop movements. Even a strategic nuclear strike targeting NK's nuclear production centers, and that's what it would have to be, nuclear, to end it, would be devastating, leaving NK with a standing military. What would their response be? Target South Korea, Japan? Tens of thousands of American lives would be lost. Than there's China!


Complicated, aint it? Unless you don't give AF about human lives.

I imagine,

Glens looking good in his rhinestones, singing along with God. Loved him in True Grit, and while I wasn't a huge fan, he was part of my early years, so I hate to see him pass.

GodSpeed, Glen

Scary Shit!

I'm aware our news media isn't perfect, and even bias to some extent. I'm familiar with what yellow journalism is. But think about this, our news media is profit driven, and can be held accountable. That's why you see apologies, and retractions when they screw up.


Our Democracy has no place for a state run news organization. More so, one where their claim is sole ownership of truth. While Trump TV garnered a shitload of viewers, I'm hoping those were just people who were curious, like me. If not, we've got a major problem in the house.

Sometimes the Truth is best expressed

through comedy, and this is damn funny. Did I mention the word hypocrisy, because there's truth here that slaps you silly, in the face Trumpettes.

The real fun begins with Reggie Brown, a bit after the 2 minute mark.

Just wrong.

Wrong that someone bombs a mosque, wrong that it happened here in MN, or anywhere. Wrong that Trump doesn't call out just how wrong this is.

 This was a terroristic, hateful act!

"60" on the blog.

I lay flat on my back in some old pasture splotched with brown grass, a cows head is hung nearby, nibbling, and I’m watching a single, insignificant puff of a cloud wander about a lazy blue sky. Like smoke, the clouds journey is buffeted by the wind. East, West, North or South, the destination is the same, dissipation. A return to oblivion to begin anew.

Even the cow has similarities.                      more...

Hey, it's Friday.

Don't weep for me, I've got two day work weeks for the next two weeks.

Coming from a Superhero,

that has ran into a burning house to save a women, that has rescued a freezing dog, and an accident victim, we should listen.

Legalize, or at least move the shit off the schedule 1 drug list.


Look, it's a plane! No, it's Booker man, or some shit like that, lol.

Look what just dropped!

What makes your blood boil?

Let me know with a comment.

It never gets old,

because we won't let it. We can't just let it be, can we? And that's not a bad thing. Truth is, we'll never know, at least I'll never know. My kids or grandkids might, but by then the world might be a nuclear wasteland with Trump in office. I wonder if he'll block the coming huge data dump.


Dropping soon in a Universe near you.

Apply Here...

if you're interested in being the Guardian of the Galaxy. Course, you're resume ain't going to be as impressive as mine, cuz I've got experience in saving the world, but go ahead, give it a go. You never know unless you try.

The Road to Redemption.

begins with self awareness and the admission of fault. If there are other Republicans who believe what Jeff Flake has said, this country will be OK. Yep, there are some Dems that need to travel redemption road, I'll admit that. But this guy has shown some introspection, and balls.

Big balls!


let it load