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As an old Hippie, I'm like huh? wha..., light up, eh, get the munchies, then think, 'fuck reading the story ' and instead righteously check out her website & YT channel.


Truth is, I never thought I'd see the mainstreaming of marijukuchu use here in the US, leastways not to the extent it's becoming accepted at the local level. But profit dictates a lot of shit, and apparently a lot of good shit dictates profit.

It is 420

and I'm just so satisfied that 420 comes quickly after 415, cuz it quiets my soul when I get so pissed off at our government taking all my money, money that I could use to increase my stock in 420.

Unfriggin' Believable, it's been a year already.

Fridays here,

working class heroes get being another day older and deeper in debt, with Jeff Beck and ZZ Top.


Enjoy the weekend

The most Beautiful Woman

in the world is Julia Roberts, at least according to People Mag.


I just wanna say, I don't care, but I'm glad a white woman is carrying the crown of the worlds most beautify woman. This is like her 5th time, so maybe last year she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but she fixed herself up to regain the title. Maybe she outta sell that shit, that fixin' yourself up shit. Men might buy it for their ugly women since we live in a male sexist culture.


Ever wonder if...

There's like some special type of execution squad running around, exacting justice on those fuckers who for no other reason, are just major murdering assholes, or they somehow manage to escape justice.


I seriously might not have a problem with that, as long as they don't start targeting regular ol' assholes. Then I'd be worried!

I'm bothered by this.

But wait! I have to get his 'most beautiful piece of cake' remark off my chest. I can't help but think, he was thinking 'beautiful piece of ass', that woulda been a god given Friedan slip, lol.


K, that's by the wayside. I'm bothered by the fact that he informed President XI during a casual dinner, with a kinda 'fuck ya' flair, 'what ya gonna do about it'. Maybe I'm wrong. Could be, might be, might not .


Then the fact that he's not articulate enough to name the nation he actually bombed, and had to be corrected by Maria Bartiromo.


Yeah, I'm bothered.

And thats what wives are for, to remind us that we're egotistical idiots that can't remember to place our hands over our hearts during the National Anthem.



Streaming fucking Murder.

on FB!


How do you deal with this


Here's hoping there's a Monday to wake up to. Enjoy your weekend, and if Monday doesn't come our way, enjoy your eve of Destruction.

There really isn't!

Reading the news this morning is sorta, kinda like having sex without an orgasm. Damn frustrating! Large bomb droppings, Syrian denials & accusations of fabrications, NATO reversals, North Korea is nuclear primed. Ahhh WTF people...


I'm not in the mood for the world at the moment so I thought I'd post a pic of another sort of dangerous mammal. A beaver!


What you're looking at is the damage a beaver family did to the trees on the lot next to mine, about 20 feet from my fire pit. Speaking of vermin, Theresa and I were setting around my fire pit when the beaver arrived on scene. That's him, the big black blob in the middle of the picture, staring at me, tempting me, daring me.

Look, I know you

like your phone, your X-box, your smart TV, fitbit, VR goggles, this shit and that, but do you really wanna be an operating system controlling all your toys. Me? I just wanna have fun, and walk away from it when I need to. But that's me, may be.. you're a future friggin' Terminator kind of character.

Let's Rein this shit in...

I remember back in the day when I was hitchhiking, I couldn't see L.A. cuz of the smog. Remember Smog? Now congress is looking at making any further regulations virtually impossible.

Why would Republicans do that?

Why would anyone do that?

Fuck up our water, our air, our land?

Strike that Match

Chinas moving 150,000 troops to North Korea's border, who in turn is threatening to nuke us, while Russia is sending ships to Syria to show their support in wake of our Tomahawk strike and btw G7 just refused to sanction Russia for their cooperation with Assad.

Strike that match, Donnie boy, strike it!


Green Bays going to take the Superbowl next year.


Aarons going to be so pissed at the lack of Olivia,


he's going to start remembering to play football again,

cuz he got Munn no more to think about.


2/3 of the barrier reef is bleached.


Are you taking notice?


Than who is?

It's Friday, use your imagination...

While I believe a rapid response was needed to answer Syria's gas attacks on it's citizens, I'm just no sure what launching a few missiles at a Syrian Air Force base accomplishes? Does it drive fear into Assad's heart, give hope to the Syrian people, destroy his military capability to launch another gas attack? I'm struggling to understand the message it sends. Maybe it's more of a warning to Assad, 'that boots might be coming'. Then I'd have to wonder what Russia would say about that warning. How would Trump react to that?

It's here, Conspiracy Story 2

and if you haven't seen the first Video, why you can watch it right here.

Interesting fact, it's all true! Kinda, sorta in a conspiratorial way. Those who know, also know this is the second time I did part 2, cuz the first part 2 was a total disaster.


Vlad bans Pics!

And here lies the difference 'tween dictators and elected officials here at home. But I gotta be wondering, just how long it's going to be before Donnie tries passing legislation to amend our constitutional right to free speech.

I'm betting not long!

Why would any sensible scientist transplant a tadpoles eye to it's tail. WTF are you thinking? That someday you'll be able to transplant one of my eyes to my ass? Think about this. Please! First, I'd have to be naked all the time in order to see. Second, as I grew older my field of vision would expand exponentially with the width of my ass. I'd lose my focus. And last, do I really want to watch my shit?


Please, don't do this!

Feeling down, thinking you're outside the loop, questioning existence? Why not cozy up to God? God will make it all right! That's what God does, but what I can't figure out, is that what ever God does, he ain't doing it here on this blue ball. Oh well, go read and ponder 'The Religion of Spirituality' and you'll at least figure out you're not alone. But maybe ya are? Always have been! That would suck. Anywho, thanks God!

Dozens, (58) including children, die in Syrian gas attack, the day after Trump tells Assad 'there will be no regime change.' To date, Trump has nothing to say to the American people about the incident. In fact, Trump hasn't been forthcoming about a plan to deal with Assad or Isis or any thing else other than building a frickin' wall, taking away our health care, and deregulating environmental protections.

Meet your cosmic twin. They exist. You might be bald, they might have hair to their ass. Might have an address in a parallel universe, or live in this one at the edge of some far flung galaxy. Spend 20 minutes and get your mind blown, or just go smoke a joint and blow your own mind, or talk to your significant other about getting blown, but get blown.


*Asshole of the Moment

I don't do too many AoMs because if I did an asshole of the moment every time a person was an asshole, that's all I'd ever do, is point out assholiness behavior. But Bill O' Reilly is in a special class, cuz he is an all around, total jerk off asshole who preaches under the banner of moral righteousness while treating those around him with disdain while exuding a gracious, 'fuck me, and you'll get a raise' to women. So yes, Reilly is a total asshole of a man.


let it load