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Bloody, Fucking, Unreal

I do not believe that anybody in their right mind would propose arming toddlers. Especially grown men in positions of authority. Even if it was a joke, and they were all in on it, it'd still be disgusting given the environment we live in. I just got nothing 'cept to say that these people are complete morons, and some of them are serving in Government, representing people. Now, are there any questions left as to why our Government is totally fucked up? Christ, are living in the twilight zone, or what?

Ain't What I Was Taught

Science moves forward, and shit changes. That's a fact. I always had problems with the theory that we evolved from living in one specific location. It just never made sense when one considers there was varying species living all over the world. Evolution itself plays out across all species in some form and fashion, and it makes sense that while evolution was teaching us to walk in East Africa, it was teaching our ancient cousins the same set of tools to survive elsewhere in the world.  In fact, I'm so forward thinking, I got kicked out of class in High School by arguing with my teacher that I had solved the evolutionarily conundrum by stating that God created man in his image, but God never counted on evolution to change us.

What day is it?

That's right.



Here's one for the road, go left instead of right to get where you need to be.


When it comes to wondering about the future of the Earth, all I've got to say is that our home will be here long after we're gone, and sometimes I think our demise might happen sooner than later. The question to ponder is what kind of shape will we leave our planet in. Hopefully better than what my kitchen looks like at the moment. I vacillate between believing we try to be good stewards while systematically destroying the very ground we walk upon. There's a lot of good people out there sounding the alarm against those who just don't give a shit, be they individuals who toss their garbage out their car window or those who see the Earth as their personal corporate dumping ground. The good news is, the pendulum seems to be moving, albeit slowly, in the direction of environmental awareness. That's a good thing. My dog will be happy running through green fields after I'm gone. I hope that's the way it goes. Of course, there's always the nuclear option.

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Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


The Realm of the Minuscule

I've always been fascinated by Quantum Physics. You know, the place where the source code is running in the background, for what we call reality. Imagine getting small enough to get into that space and start moving shit around, rewriting some of that code. You could make up, down. West could become east, what's heavy, light. You get the idea. In a way, it's like the Matrix, and yep, you could fly, hell, you could be a fly. I wonder though, if like any source code, who wrote that shit? And like Windows, are there blue screens of death? Are there earlier versions? Can you reset it to a default? Is there a safe mode? I gotta believe whoever wrote the OS for our reality is always tinkering with it, trying to make it better, run smoother, more stable. Sometimes I think it's a first year code writer, tho', who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing.

The Age of Lacerta

I would not be so quick to write off claims of a wild eyed young man that a dome shaped church is really a a saucer shaped UFO biding it's time while the reptilian masters are finalizing their plans for world domination. Might be that somebody is screwing with the source code, but it's more likely that Johannes Hevelius, way back in 1687 knew something was coming our way. How else would he have known to name a constellation after their inhabitants? I'm asking for a friend that had recent brain surgery?

Paybacks A Bitch

I've always wondered what Trump had against Germany, and I used to think it was personal, in the sense that in his misogynistic ways, Trump was just jealous of Angela Merkel. Then I got to thinking, and I do that here and then, and I remembered how Trumps Granddaddy was booted out of his homeland for being a draft dodger, and then I got to thinking that those behavioral genes must run in the family, with the great orange one being a draft dodger as well, and then realization set in. Trump dumps on Germany only partially because of his misogynistic values, the rest of it is because he wants revenge for his Grandpa. Now I could be wrong, over thinking this, but then I think how our President has a propensity for revenge, continually slighting those who even merely disagree, and I'm thinking that propensity spans generations.

Authoritative News, Huh?

In a market glutted with fake news, YouTube is shooting to be your source of real news, the kind you can really, really trust. How are they going to do this? By letting their wonderfully trusted algorithms search out and move to the top of your feed, the most trusted news videos out there. You know, like this one. And it gets worse, in the weeks to come, YouTube will interrupt my blissful videos with a 'informational panel' regarding breaking news that they think I might want to watch. You know, I have a hard enough time keeping my viewers interested, I don't need any distractions being posted on my professionally produced videos to go watch news you think my viewers should watch, cuz they're going to blame me, and I'll lose viewers, and subscribers, and money. I'd offer up a 'Please Don't' but they're going to do what they wanna do, anyway!

Death of a Salesman

Like most these days, I get the bulk of my news online. I quit reading our local paper years ago. Thing is, I still have my local paper bookmarked, cuz I want local news, but, and it's a huge but, they're idiots. I'm not paying an online subscription for news that's free elsewhere. Especially when that news is littered with ads and popups. What's funny is that I can go incognito and read as much as I want. Some advice, eliminate the subscription service, minimize the ads, and write better stories, and invest heavily in a social media presence. Oh wait, my paper has a twitter account with 15,000 followers... but with no interaction! Hell, I only have 900 followers and I get a hell of a lot more interaction, so go figure.

Oxygen as Life

I'd be pissed if I dropped five hundred on an outstanding utility bill, and they still shut off my electricity. I'd go ballistic if that resulted in the death of my mother because she needs electricity to power her oxygen tanks. Reading this story, the family dropped the ball in not notifying the power company of their moms medical condition, I get that, but they paid a quarter of the bill, two days before. What? The check got lost in the mail? Good God, it was 91 degrees, and for the elderly, that's life threating. I don't know, there's just something that strikes me as wrong that a person loses their life because they can't pay their utility bill.

Bludgeoned, Lonely & Lopsided

Uranus has a lot in common with people. We're all constantly bludgeoned with shit that keeps us off balance, and most of us are lonely little Uranus's. In the case of the seventh planet from the sun, some huge wandering piece of rock, twice the size of earth brushed up against it, and tossed it on it's side where it remains. Man, can I sympathize! I'm always a bit tilted, dodging all the shit coming my way. So the next time life is getting you down, and you wanna commune with nature, find a hill in the countryside on a dark night, sky map in hand, and find Uranus. You'll be alright because you're not alone.

Damn Straight, There's


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