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Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Rob Paxton

No Matt

calling on our President to do something, anything, about the systematic murder of our children isn't blaming him.


That said, I can blame the President who stressed mental health as a probable cause for the murders, when he, in one of his first executive orders in office, revoked a law requiring gun checks for those who suffer from mental illness.


Not to mention, I'd hazard a guess that if somebodies taking a shitload of money from the NRA, and that's their reason for not addressing the problem, I guess they carry a bit of blame for the murderous rampage in our schools.

Living in America

sometimes sucks. Mostly not, but sometimes ya just gotta wonder if we're really living in Amerika.

This has got to Stop


Of course, my heart is heavy and my thoughts are with my fellow Americans, specifically those victims, the families and community of Parkland. Thing is, I shouldn't have to offer up prayers and condolences every time I turn around. The words have become hollow, meaningless, and that's a harsh reality. The words do nothing to bring back loved ones, to soothe those suffering, to solve the problem, to prevent the next death.


A persons right to bear arms should never trump the right of a child to live.


It's that simple. But how do we get from here to there, protecting our children? I'm a progressive liberal who believes in our right to bear arms. Literally, just about everyone I know owns a firearm, and I don't fear for my safety when I walk into their homes. I also have a son with mental health issues who could walk down the road to Wal Mart, and buy a gun. That scares me.


Mental health is a starting point in the debate, but so is denying ownership to those convicted of abuse, as is the sales point for obtaining a firearm. All fair questions, all justified concerns. For me, the answers begin with not allowing my son the ability to purchase a gun at a local retail store, or anywhere else, with extremely heavy penalties of consequence for those who choose to sell a firearm to my son. How to do so, how to get there is harder, but it can be done. But why not make it easy and outlaw the sales of firearms in stores and places such as Wal Mart and flea markets?


I don't have the answers, most people don't, but I believe we all want our kids, all our loved ones to be safe. I don't want to be sending prayers and condolences again next week.


The single best answer I have is that our elected officials need to do something, and damn the NRA and their influence. As long as they have a voice in the debate, nothing will be solved, much less debated.

Secrets of Sex

is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1720. While there's some good info, like knowing that if my wife had laid on her right side immediately after sex, and stared at the moon while Aquarius was ascending, we would of had our girl. Said and done, the relevancy lies in the truth that, even today, men haven't changed. That for men, it's all about sex.


I do kind a have to wonder what men were thinking back then, that would force the first chapter to warn against laying with the beasts of the field at the risk of procreating monsters with tails. Than again, I know some people who maybe should read this book.

Paybacks a Motherfucker

when Lady Justice rolls into town. Living in a small town, I've got to know some of our local officers and they're great people. Maybe because it's our culture, the environment here along the ole Miss is slow and respectful. Growing up tho', there was a cop, a mean, abusive son of a bitch, and Justice caught up with Officer Bush as well.


I don't know what turned an entire Baltimore police department into raging assholes that stole from the poor, those who they were sworn to protect, but it might have something to do with their culture, their environment, but I'm betting Karma was looking over their shoulders all the while.

Sex, One Day a Week

is what keeps you happy, or so they say. Is that one day, all day? Or 15 minutes out of the one day? Are you happier if you have sex two days a week, or four? Does sex once a month make you miserable? Does it have to be good sex? If I'm angry and I have sex, is it angry sex, or happy sex? If I never have sex, can I ever find happiness?

Boarish Opportunity

If I was walking my kiddo to school and happened along a gadzillion pound wild boar rummaging for food in the dumpsters, I'd be thinking the school better have a ten foot, foot thick block wall around it's entire perimeter cuz my kiddo ain't going to be on that animals menu.


That, or I'd be having a boar steak for supper.

I'm in a bit of a reflective mood this morning. Maybe pissy mood is more like it. Most people who know me know that I have a son with some serious mental health challenges, but what most people don't know is the toll it's taken on my son, and on us, as a family. From a financial perspective, it sucks. No real vacations, no remodeling projects, no new toys, a garbage credit rating, but the thing is, I'm OK with that. I can live with not having a new toy.


The emotional cost, seeing side effects from his medications, abhorrent and aggressive behavior along with a consistent police presence and hospitalizations, are staggering. Worse, the constant worry about his safety, about his future after we've left this earthly life.


Thing is, we're not in this alone. There are good people out there who do good work, who are supportive, who understand. They are horribly understaffed and underfunded, however, and I don't understand that. We can spend billions to build a wall, another couple of billion on a submarine we really don't need, billions for corporate subsidiaries, but we can't find money to help those who need it?


Somethings wrong!

Uncaring Bastards

Yeah, it bothers me that a doctor can deny life saving medical treatments without even reading the patients medical records, but what really pisses me off is that Aetna will get a slap on the hand, pay a fine and continue on with business as usual. Why? Because of the cost benefit of denying service, it's still cheaper to just pay the fine, and continue business as usual, killing people.


Nuff said!

It's been a hell of a week, so get it on with a little Whiskey Fever by Dorothy

Porn & the Reality of the Senses


Get to know the word. Any porn connoisseur will tell you that there's an entire sub industry of overlaying a celebrities head over that of the porn star, making it seem as if the Celebrity is starring in their own porn vid. Most of them are pretty easy to spot, but not all. Now days, you can also take a small snippet of a anyones voice, including yours, and replicate it to say anything you want them to say, and it's pretty damn convincing.


You ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to fake news, cuz it's not coming, it's here, and we can thank the porn industry for it.

AssHoles Among Us

If I had to choose a friend, or companion to spend my life with, and my only two options were a child that suffers a horrible medical condition, and the other, a person who advocates for abortion of those children who suffer a horrible medical condition, I'd choose the child. Every time, every.single.time.


My blood boils and roils when I read shit like this. We all carry burdens, we all face hardships, trials and tribulations. We all suffer to some degree. What makes us human is our ability to care for each other, to understand the suffering of others because we've been there. It's a collective experience.


At least for most of us.


The rest are just assholes. And no one wants to spend their time with an asshole.

Who Knew?

That a cheap acid trip could be had by taping some ping pong balls to your eyes, putting on some white noise and then setting under some red lamps.


Ain't that just Groovy?


Now go try it, and let me know what you think? Just don't let anyone see you do it, they might think they're the ones tripping out.

To the Moon, and Beyond

I'm tickled at the thought that someday, maybe a million years in the future some space faring race will come across a Tesla convertible with a mannequin at the wheel, listening to Bowies Space Oddity. What are they going to think?


I think a new golden age of space exploration started yesterday with the successful launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifter, delivering it's payload, the Tesla into a wide elliptical orbit around the sun.


All said and done, the only use for a rocket this powerful is with eye's on the moon and beyond, and I'm looking for a permanent manned station on the moon in my lifetime. And maybe a little trip to Mars.

A Parade, You Say?

I got nothing against Trump ordering an all out military parade with marching troops, tanks, American flags and jets screeching overhead. After all, local communities everywhere have parades that honor our vets on the 4th, and on veterans day. Personally, I'd like to keep it small and local.


What I have a problem with is tanks rolling down Penn. Avenue with Trump standing out on the White House porch saluting like some third world dictator, thinking the parade is all about him. Thing is, as much as Trump is going to claim, the parade ain't about him, no one's going to believe him, and chances are, he'll offer up some choice tweets to reinforce that thought. I'm also of the opinion that as an American, I don't need to see our honorable military on parade down Americas streets because I'm kind of a talk softly while carrying a big stick, kind of guy.


So if this parade happens, let's do it on Veterans day, and let Trump go to the Parade instead of the parade coming to him.

The Old West

was a wonderful thing. Know what else is a wonderful thing? History! And there's a hell of a lot of historical documentation of the American old west. Growing up with John Wayne, I had believed that everyone carried a six shooter slapped to their thigh. Turns out though, that just ain't the case. States and local towns out on the frontier often regulated guns on their streets because they were, well, god damn tired of cowboys coming in from a cattle drive and shooting up their streets. Seems to be, if the Clantons had surrendered their guns when asked, the shootout at the OK corral would not be part of our old west lore.

In Search of Longevity,

behold the mighty mole rat who given its weight and size lives far beyond it's expected years. Hell, thats just the beginning, because mole rats can live without air longer than all humans, don't get cancer, and their bones don't get brittle with age. More amazing, the female species don't go through menopause.


Now how long do you think it's going to be before some genius comes up with the idea of splicing some mole rat genes with some unsuspecting human? Watch for the 'Mole Rat Man' movie, it'll come.

It's not that I don't care as much as I just don't friggin' care. I read the memo, and not a word set off any alarms, and it certainly didn't vindicate Trump. Was the Steele Dossier politically motivated? Probably was, but we knew that. To release your version of events and not the rebuttal smacks of illegitimacy, and all around partisan bullshit.


Republicans need to start treading a bit more carefully, cuz they're walking on thin ice, and up here in the great north, we know about thin ice. You usually break through when no ones around to help out, and your last thoughts are literally frozen solid, which means your stupidity is etched in your brain, forever.

Congrats on your Win!

I had the game on but I didn't watch it, cuz, well, life happens. Eagles proved to be the better team, in fact were impressive throughout the playoffs, I'll give them that. I'll also give a shoutout to my home state, Minnesota for hosting. There's now a good portion of people who understand what cold really is.

Pick Up Your feet, and Figure It Out.

It's Friday.


Only thing better is payday Friday.


Greed! The need for power, riches or fame will always cause suffering. Williamson W. VA sets nestled in the heart of the opioid crisis where enough painkillers were dispensed by two local pharmacies, to keep good times rolling for every single person in the community, every day, nine times a day, for the last ten years.


Let that sink in as you reach for your beer this happy hour.

Reversal of Fortune?

K, I've been on a science binge with Chemtrails, Holographic Universes and now Pole Reversals. I just had to get away from bull shit politics for a while, and what do I read about, that reality ain't real, there's a secret agenda to pump shit into our skies and now, our poles are going to flip tossing all our asses back to the stone age.


Maybe I ought to stick with the headlines, lol!

Life as a Hologram

Not even going to admit I comprehend how you take all the data from a three dimensional universal and splatter it on a 2D flat surface that retains all the data of of the 3D universe. That's in the first thirty seconds, and after that, I'm totally lost.


I'm fine with citing my ignorance, hell, I can't even follow the twist and turns of the Trump Russia investigation.


Guess all I really wanna know, is how do I get out of this matrix of madness?

Bye Bye, Blue skies!?

I'm the first to admit, there's some conspiracy shit I laugh at, and others I'm open to. When it comes to chemtrails, I'm open to something happening, something weird and devious. Now if you nail my balls to the walls, this is an easy conspiracy to refute, because hey, planes leave vapor trails. That said, when I'm setting on my deck and my son points out the sky is literally covered in hash-tags, I gotta be thinking there's something there. Don't know what, maybe twitters trying to tell us something, but it's odd, just friggin' odd. So before you get Jesus on me, look up every now and again.

Cookies and Church

ain't a bad thing. Every baker of good cookies has their own secret ingredient, I for fact, have mine. Now there's nothing wrong with an old guy like Mr. Jones making cookies, and using a bit of hash as his secret ingredient, but sharing your cookies at church was wrong. Now standing at the entrance of the grand gallery during Trumps speech last night, cookies in hand, that would have been the way to go, and I gotta believe, they would have been appreciated.

STOU, and What I'll See Tonight

I'm lucky, I have to work tonight so I won't be watching Trump tell all of America how great of a job he's done, how he's solved all our problems, to the standing adoration of his fellow Republicans. He'll brag about how he's brought our economy back to greatness, healed the racial divide because black employment is trending downward, and stood fast and firm with China and Russia, how no other President has accomplished so much in their first term.


Essentially, the speech will be about him. Not our future, not our dreams, not direction, or healing, but about how great Trump is, and he'll bask in the applause thinking that gratitude will give him a blank check to do what he needs to do regarding a guy by the name of Robert Mueller.

Science Births a Humanzee

Trump analogies aside, I have to ask; Why question morals and ethics after the fact? I guess it's easier to defend your actions after you've already done what you wanted to do. Now I get the whole affair of implanting a mans sperm in a female chimp is, at best dubious, in that there's no valid proof it ever happened, but I gotta say, there's a lot of resemblance between Oliver and the Orangaguanaton Trump.


Coincidence? Hmmm...

Robert Kennedy

was in Indianapolis, Indiana when heard Martin Luther King had been assassinated. That evening he addressed a crowd in the heart of a African American ghetto, and had to tell them that MLK had died.


Think about that, a white man in a black ghetto, about to tell them, their hero had been murdered by a white man.


This is his speech, and you should listen.


"Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God."

While Everyone

thinks there's a pretty good possibility that life exists elsewhere in our universe, the common problem is that distances are too vast for any alien civilization to make it's way here. I'm guessing there's some pretty old civilizations out there, some come and gone, some still around. If our universe is expanding, the older civilizations are out on the edge. Since our earth sets on the outskirts of the milky way, there might be a lot younger civilizations closer to the center, but us, we're just not that old, so, so much for my thought project.

Fridays here, people.

Been a quick week.

And I ain't a brick!


Least we forget,

unless you're Native American, we're all here because our ancestors immigrated to America. Yes, Immigration needs to be legal, no one denies that, but there are complications with those seeking refugee status, those bought here as children, those bought to our shores by means of religious and other charitable organizations.


To those shouting the loudest to build a wall, perhaps your own genealogy, and how your ancestors arrived in this great nation should be looked at, and if there's fault to be found, errors in paperwork, lies uncovered, perhaps, you should be deported.

Leave it to the Satanical Church

to raise 'a real and substantial constitutional claim' regarding Missouri's mandate that a women has to view an ultrasound, read a book about how life begins at conception, and wait 72 hours before seeking an abortion. The church won in a lower appeals court and the Missouri Supreme Court will be hearing arguments this Tuesday.


Now I'll say it. I hope the Satanical Church wins, because the men that put this shit out there, ain't no better than Larry Nassar who just got sentenced to 175 years, and if that's too harsh, well, settle for them being hypocrites cuz these friggin' religious fucks are the same ones who don't have a problem with Trumps love of a porn star.

Sheesh, now I'm rooting for the devil!

Gotta Love Burger King

I don't eat a lot of fast food, but when I do, it's a whopper. With cheese. Now, who woulda thought that a fast food chain would come up with the best explanation of what net neutrality is? But when I think about it, it makes all the sense in the world, net neutrality is like fast food, delicious, and our existence depends on it. When something comes along and threatens our hot paper tub of salty fries, served up in an efficient manner, we tend to get pissed.


Long live the King!


Really, I'm confused AF. Does Trump get to do Stormy again cuz the first try was totally a fuck up! Wonder what Melania has to say about the do-over? Look, a lot of guys cheat on their wives, and that's between the two of 'em, but you know what really pisses me off? Hypocrites! Especially morally deficient hypocrites whose morals and values change with the wind to suit their agendas. You know, people like Tony Perkins who runs a little organization called The Family Research Council. Ain't no way you're going to convince this kid that Perkins would offer a Democrat a mulligan, much less a black man, or some guy called Obama.

God, I Just Wanna

smack some people up along side the head. Like people who spout off on social media wondering why the dreamers just don't go get a green card and apply for citizenship like their great grandpappy did? C'mon people, get smart, that's what the fights about! Giving the Dreamers a path to citizenship because at the moment, most dreamers don't qualify for a green card, and if they do, it's a hard, long process with a hell of a lot of stipulations that are nothing but barriers to getting a green card.


Maybe these people would be a bit more understanding if their mammas and pappas shipped 'em off to some shithole country to fend for themselves, but probably not, they'd just bitch and blame the Democrats

News as a Commodity?

Whether local or national, when news is viewed as a commodity to generate profit, we don't get news, we get entertainment. A shiny, gift wrapped package to pique our interest, to keep us tuned in and wanting more. Back in the day, news was not profit orientated, and there was actually a law on the books called 'The Fairness Doctrine', which simply meant that our media had to give equal time to both sides of the story.


What a quaint, novel idea, huh?

Vermont Legalizes

Slowly but surely, progress marches on. Baby steps, I'll take having under an ounce as legal, and being able to grow 2 plants for my own recreational use. You still can't sell it, gotta be the legal age, and if you're driving while stoned, you'll get busted.


Now, where the hell is Vermont?

Heartbreak Kids

All I wanted was a good game, and I didn't even get that. I have no words. That said, the Vikes had a great season, and I'm proud of them. But this curse, this damn playoff curse has gotta be broken, and the only  way to do that is with a Superbowl win, so how we gunna do dat?

Kinda Funny, 'cept

it's not. Seeking shelter from the cold in a dumpster ain't a good idea on pick up day. When I googled the story to get more info, seems this ain't the first time some lost soul had to be extracted from a garbage truck. Oh well, at least the guy won't go hungry while waiting for the rescue squad to pry the tin can open.


But the smell, the smell.

Get like our government this weekend

Ain't a lot of difference

between the parents who held their kids captive and our Government. Both don't give a shit about those whose welfare they are entrusted with, don't care about anything 'cept what empowers them, both have an ideology of 'my way or the highway'.

As a liberal, it's easy to blame Trump, but this crap goes back a long way. The art of compromise, doing the peoples work, died way back when, and you and I, just point our fingers at our friends who have opposing views. Trump is the symptom of the disease, the disease is apathy on our part, corruption on theirs.

Stupid Vulgar People :1

Stupid is posing a vulgar rant on a social account and not thinking there's going to be ramifications.


This persons name is Harley Barber, a student at University of Alabama, or was before her vulgarity went viral.


And I have no fucking words, except to say, this video will follow you the rest of your life. Bet you're regretting it now!

Stupid Vulgar People :2

Stupid is Trump paying 130,000 for a Non Disclosure pact without asking if she's already spoken out about their affair. Vulgar is telling her 'she reminds him of his daughter', especially when you've already mentioned you'd date your daughter if she wasn't your daughter.


Now, it isn't my business to judge what goes on behind closed doors, so if a man cheats on his wife that just had their child, I'm not in a position to judge anyone. That said, if you're stupid and vulgar about it, you get what's coming to you.


You're a class act, Mr. Trump, a real, world class ass.

This is What Happens

when you're desperate for women to join your church. More so when you're a bunch of old fat guys hanging around a sacrificial alter looking for a young virgin to sacrifice, thinking you're going to have an orgy afterwards.


Granted, sex robots might be the answer, but the upkeep? All that cleaning after you use 'em. You do clean them up, right? And when they malfunction, and all you hear is #metoo, who you going to call?


My advice, join another Church, like The Church of Fornication.

The Trump Test


Is this a picture of a dog?


Count to three.


Repeat after me,'it's a dog'.


Draw a line from here to there.


Where is the moon?


Count backwards from two.


Your left shoe goes on what foot?


What goes on first, underwear or pants?


Use the word 'I' in a sentence.


Draw a picture of a circle.

It Ain't A New Thing

A Baltimore hospital was caught on video last week dumping a patient off at a bus stop. What that means is they kicked a black women who was sick, out of the hospital, to the curb, into the winter cold. Literally! Why? I don't know, maybe she couldn't pay her bills, may be they just didn't like her.


Thing is, this ain't nothing new. Patient dumping started around the1870s, and legislation was passed to prevent it, but like everything else, profit comes first.

I grew up in Liberia.

A small Nation that sets on the western coast of Africa. It's capital was a thriving, bustling city of energy and diversity struggling toward modernity. There were parts of Monrovia that were comprised of tin shacks, along side concrete buildings. My concrete school sat in a neighborhood, where I would cross the dirt road after school and buy cheese and ground peanuts in a small tin shack of a store. As I grew older, I spent some precious evenings setting around an open fire, drinking beer in the middle of a village comprised of mud huts. Poor, economically depressed, not modern, underdeveloped, use what ever words you want, I will tell you that the people of Liberia gave me something that I cherish. That no matter what your environment is, you can still be a decent human being. You can still have dreams, you can still work toward something different, something better. Of all my time in Liberia, this is what I remember most. For my President to speak as he has, shows a fundamental lack of understanding and respect, and I am deeply offended, and embarrassed. Liberia was, and is, many things but it was never a sh*thole, and for a man that tosses the f-bomb more than most, I actually find it hard to use the presidents words in a sentence.

Minnesota Miracle

If you're not from this great state, you can't have a clue what this means. Four Super Bowl loses, a missed chip shot of a field goal, Bret Farve and a host of other miserable fuck ups in post season. We in Minnesota, sure as the snow flies were convinced there was a curse leveled on the Vikings, probably by Green Bay.


This Diggs catch wipes away all the years of agony, and makes 'em bearable, maybe even understandable, in that to eventually succeed, you have to suffer first. Say what you will, that Prince threw a tackle against Marcus Williams allowing Diggs to run with the catch. Me? I like to think my dad had a hand in it as well. He's smiling, I'm sure of that much.




On to the Eagles.

Been There, Seen That

To arrest a teacher for speaking out at a local school-board meeting because she's talking about pay inequality, in this case, the school superintendent getting a huge raise, and teachers nothing, is beyond disturbing. Spending 20 years with our local district as a Building head, serving stints as a union steward, a contract negotiator, and on several other committees, I can tell you this is type of inequality was evident in our district as well. Not to mention our district has not only Principals, but assistant principals, and assistant to the assistant principals, and they give 'em all fancy titles to justify their positions. I live in a small town, our HS has around 1,200 kids, and the superintendent makes about 150,000 a year, with administrators not far behind.