Alternate Text Seems to be..

a dangerous game being played in America at the moment. Of blame and deception. The Republican base have descended into the conspiracy dark ages with out proof or reason and know this, they ain't going to like the outcome of this election, either way!



It's going to be

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for all of us


         Stef Rustic


Watch his latest, then stop by his channel. As A scify guy, I loved the creativity behind Nova.




It is Rigged. Alternate Text

Against us!


Our candidates are proof of that.




Prepping for the

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Big one.



How very Strange!

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Al friggin' ready?

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Enjoy Friday with a Little




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Reflections of a Decision


"The thing is, thats life. You don't have a say in everything but every once in a while you have a responsibility to say something,  about something and when that time Alternate Text comes, you need to do so, or flounder in your nights sleep wishing you had. Before doing so can create many a sleepless night, 'should I say something, or remain silent?' as your wife stares at you between pillows and tells you to let it go."



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and I never remember names..






Been there, done that,

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Going Again!



I'm of an inquiring mind

about the reality of our existence.



I have an idea.

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Let's put a pipeline right through here.


Life in the Dakota Protest Camps

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Companies that pay Americans the least

Who is Number 1



'Nuff Said

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What's more Destructive than a Hurricane





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Be Safe,

Matthews going to be a Bitch!





Police Town, USA

'With the advent of the surveillance state, the police are finding out, that they too are being watched, even in the security of their own work environments. Officer Michael Alternate Text Hart could tell you more about that. So could Deputy Keller, or Corrections Officer Graham. Than there’s the 16 LA County deputies who thought they were safe in their own private world. Mind you, these are instances that happened in their own police stations, jails and the security of their own.'




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They're just

all over the place





Who's watching the VP debates?

Anyone?    Anywhere?

Kinda what I thought, lol.



Asshole of the Moment

Rudy Giuliani

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When it comes to morals,

and a little thing called ethics,

he's the pig in the pot calling the kettle black.


Coolness Rules

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22 Veterans a day commit suicide. That's one every 80 minutes, and all this asshole can donald rump say is 'Maybe they can't handle it'.




Dare ya!



Do U Know?

Just like a fingerprint,

you're tongueprint is special.

Women like that shit in a man.


If people really cared, there would be



'Don't tell me conspiracies don't exist, because every crime starts with a conspiracy. Our courts are full of people who just happened to get caught.'




Don't worry,

Your candidate

won the

Great Debate.


Might be,

 you might want to 'think' about why they did!


But probably not.



God Bless




We know who the losers are!


Even w/ a BC job, Life is a slog. You get up in the morning, wash your face, brush the pearls, grab your phone, read the news, and toss your gut all over the place. It's not only embarrassing to be a human being these days, here in America, it's somewhat disgusting! There's absolutely no reason for all this hate, all this BS, all the riots, murders, and what have you, except to generate a lot of media profit, and to push agendas.


We are better, all of us are.



'I continually fail to comprehend why there is so much suffering in the world when the majority of people on the planet are good, and well-intended.'



Is kinda sad, but true of the moment.




Bombings, slashings, murders, and what's the news headlines?




Slammed Stumpfs Ass

and rightly so.



How 'bout a little

Wednesday Rockabilly


19.99s a small price to pay for protection.




I'm here.





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Is it believable that our greatest fear is to be forgotten? That after our lives have ran their course, traveled well past our children and theirs, that our names, our deeds, our possessions and their worth, are nothing. That all that we are, will be captured by a bleached tombstone, setting alone in the company of the dead. How many generations will pass before our words, our deeds and our aspirations are unknown. How many before even our names bring a question as to who we were?    GO!


"I'm confused as shit. People want to make America great again, returning to our Democratic principals, yet when someone expresses their democratic right to protest, in their own individual style, like Kaepernick, they get pissed?"











"That sense of leaving something undone is cause for a sense of guilt I can't justify. I think it's because I took the easy way out, I took that path that lead here. I could have done more but didn't want to. I'm not going to lie about it, that's the truth."


No top Exec's

Cuz they're Special!

Think about this shit.


It's Friday,



More than worth a watch,

but do you get it?






Check this Tuber out. More energy that a speeding derailed train, and he's way funny from what I've watched so far.






They both represent who we are as a people!









Asshole of the Moment

Unbridled power & Corruption.



Class Act given

all the personal



Prayers and Thoughts



I stand with the guy. It's his right.





I'm voting 4 this guy!





When the heart hurts, there is no balm save for the grace of God. And that hurts?


"& Strange..

There but for the grace of God, go you, and I’m not allowed to follow."



life is what we make of it but some of us do better with the ingredients than others....  "






Join the revolution



So looking forward to watching...


and what's up with the 'Every hero has a code' tag? Maybe the bad guys are the good guys this time out.






Of course the News department at FB was filled w/ Liberals. It's no different than Fox being populated by Conservatives



The Dog at the Door

The invariable fleecing of America is tragic in that we, the American public no longer have a reliable American press to guard and protect our rights from the infringement of Government. Their agenda has clearly changed and as such, the agenda of our Government has changed too. With no one watching, accountability is not forthcoming and men of power will push their agendas into action and we will see further erosion of American Democracy. That world you believe will be here when you wake up one of these mornings, will be a distant memory. Those who would be free to sustain their agendas for power are nothing less than dogs who are howling and salivating in delight of doors left open.



No shit.

SETI's listening!

The truth is here.




God Bless,

& mix it well with Gilda tonight.





Our weekend was

picture perfect.





On mY Blog!


~Yeah, now..




                  Ya Think?



You're not the only one on the internet using a fake name!



Piss ya Off?

The active ingredient costs about a buck!



 ..continued on and within the hour I met head on, two bare breasted women and a pygmy. The short one with a long, thin spear, pierced nose and ear ring, wearing only a necklace of handcrafted vine. The women, balancing pots of fruit trotted behind the dark pygmy like giant gatekeepers of some unknown secret. They did not speak, but they returned my nod as..



"Only in a Republic are the rights of a minority considered. It’s a bit different in a Democracy."




Just sayin'..





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but wait for it to load.