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Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.

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What you believe

What you think

What you know


Unless you’ve happened

Along some great truth

You’d care to share


I’ll share

Chances are

you’re wrong

Never listened

Never learned

All you got

Is what you’ve

been told.


Parents, Friends

Relatives, Politicians


All profound truths

That pale in comparison

to thought, to knowledge

to action, to compassion

to Experience.


Truth from someone

who has never ventured

from their safety

from their warmth

from their family

yet in their world

They know the world

as it is.


Their truth.



Lying Eyes

and women do it better, or so research claims. And I'm not stupid enough to opine on this matter because I have women that read my blog, including my better half, from time to time. Let me just say in what opinion I do have, is that women see things that men don't, hear things that men don't. Women live in a different world then men, and since we don't live in that world, it's easier for them to hide shit that happens in that world. The kicker is, that women also have a foot in our world, so they see everything, hear everything a man does. I know it doesn't seem fair, and I've asked God a few times why it's that way, and I've never got an answer, which leads me to believe God is a female, and with that, it all makes sense.


People will take away from Mueller's report what they want to hear. Very few of us will read the four hundred plus page report, but will instead listen to how their favorite source of news media is spinning the story, and inherently believe what they hear, without question. Personally, the conclusions of the report are secondary to my problems with Trump as a human being. I believe him to be uneducated, unable to articulate a thought, foul mouthed, a proven liar, a draft dodger, divisive, disrespectful of others, and our traditions. I also believe, and experience proves, that any person in a leadership position leads according to their character. While I have seen good, decent people be bad leaders, their leadership skills faulted from lack of training and/or experience. I have never, ever experienced a person of bad character be a good leader. From what I have read, from what I have listened to regarding the report, all of it reinforces my beliefs of who Trump is as a human being. That said, I do have a burning question. How is it, with in thirty seconds of the report being released, every single news organization knew what was on every single page? Hell, it takes me a month to read a four hundred page novel, and I couldn't tell you what was on page 36. Just wondering!

Sun is out,

birds are chirping, and it's Friday.

I'm heading North, time to prep for the summer, going to spark the firepit.

Easter Strange

Easters a strange holiday for me. For instance, it's not a federal holiday, because it's a religious holiday, yet Christmas is. I've also always wondered how a rabbit, and eggs came to be associated with the Resurrection? Then there's the question of how a pagan celebration became one of the most revered Christian holidays of our modern times? I'm not a practicing Christian in the sense of being a Sunday church goer, but I get why the resurrection is celebrated, but damn, if I get the role of the Easter bunny! So I'm going to settle on the belief that it's a dual holiday, one for us heathens, who like candy and colored eggs, and another for believers in He who rose from the dead. But then I have to think about those who go to church, and then come home and have Easter egg parties. You can't be a pagan and a Christian both, can you. Like I said, strange.

Standing Guard?

I don't buy into the belief that a bunch of guys dressed in military garb are there to help our border patrol. Sorry, I don't. They're there to play army, and if there wasn't a problem at the border, they'd be running around in the woods playing with their guns. With that said, we live in a nation of laws, and these guys aren't deputized, aren't trained, and answerable to no one, which is a perfect storm for something terrible to happen. Here's an example, last week, Mexican troops ventured over the border and detained a couple of trained solders who were smart enough to deescalate the situation. I imagine if the Mexican soldiers had came across the militia doing their thing, the situation would have ended different, much different. I get we have a porous southern border, we always have, and a lot of that is because of our history with Mexico; people in the Southwest have always had close ties with Mexico, coming and going as if there were no border. What's different today is the migration pattern. Where people in Arizona might have family, or friends on the other side of the border, people up this way don't, and it's viewed as intrusive.

A Pigs Brain

might be best served with gravy, but you might want to start asking yourself if the damn thing is still conscious, that is, it knows you're about to eat it? Seriously, Scientists have managed to revive a dead pigs brain by flooding the damn thing with oxygen and nutrients to revive the dead brain cells. What I found interesting is that the scientists took extraordinary precautions to end the experiment if the pig showed any signs of consciousness, in other words, they were prepared to shut down the research if the pig knew what was going on. Now, that I have to think about... over my evening offal.

Privacy Ain't Private

and that's just the way it is in today's world. Media can report how evil Facebook is with our data, we can bitch and moan about it, we can worry about it till the day is done, but data retention is here to stay. Every selfie you've took, every password, every financial transaction, every text, every search, is setting out there, somewhere. We can pass all the laws we want, they'll just move the info to some server in a third world county where it can't be touched. Bothersome? Worrisome? Wrong? Yeah, it's all three, and more. Business is fueled by advertising, and advertising is fueled by targeting, targeting you. Always been that way, always will be, because that's what we're all about, profit. We might not like it, might not accept it, but it's true. I don't know what the answer is, don't know if there is one, and all we can do is hope that those collecting that data are, and act, responsible, spending the time and money needed to protect that selfie of me, singing naked in the rain around my firepit. Weaponization of data is already happening, we see celebrities being blackmailed over sex tapes, targeted political ads to elicit an emotional response, and of course, to garner higher insurance premiums if your health is iffy. There's a host of moral issues here, but when it comes to profit, things like ethics take a back seat, and thats where you and I are, passengers, with no control in a vehicle that's careening off a cliff into the abyss.

Conspiracy Idiots

Saying I believe in conspiracies doesn't make me an idiot. Claiming there's a conspiracy under every rock, in every action, without proof, without thought, does make one an idiot. Propagating conspiracies ten minutes into the fire at Notre Dame, well that makes some people a provocateur, pushing an agenda of their own desire, caring less about the actual tragedy and loss. And that pisses me off. They're willing to push their fucking agenda with unfounded accusations, with out so much as shedding a tear. It gives people like me, who have questions about JFK's assassination, about UFO's, and a couple of other things, a bad name. I do not know how some people manage to live with their selves, like how do they put their head on their pillow at days end with a clear conscience, unless they really believe the shit their spewing? And that's a troubling thought. I get that it's normal to question the origins of the fire, but lets let the investigation play out, not set up fake websites, and make bullshit you tube videos before we have a clue as to what happened. Now, about real conspiracies..

Surviving a Pit of Snakes

I've often thought Fox News was a pit of snakes for Democrats, Liberal and Progressives, and when it comes to appearing on their network, they tend to stay away. But not Bernie Sanders, he not only walked triumphantly into the pit, the dude ruled. Last time out, I was a Bernie fan, not so much this time because there's a lot of interesting candidates, lot of new fresh faces, but I gotta tell you, if one of these new candidates wants my vote, start talking to Trump supporters as well. Not to appease 'em, not to bullshit 'em, but to get them to start thinking you got something better than what Republicans have. That's what Bernie did, and dammit, I'm impressed. And I'm stating it clearly right here, if the DNC fucks with Bernie like they did last election, I'm voting third party. Why? Because if you campaign with corruption, you'll govern with corruption. I don't think it's too far fetched to ask for clean campaigns. Let the Republicans do that shit.

Pollution In, Stupidity Out

And now there's a reason why people have been acting stupid, doing stupid things. It's the pollution! We're doing it to ourselves, and why is that not surprising? After all, it's been proven again and again, that bad chemicals ain't good for us, but damn they're everywhere, in our food, and in our air, and the shit that we're polluting our skies with, is dumbing us down. The proof is in the research, kids do better on test scores when the air they breath is healthy, and when it's not, test scores dropped, significantly. That's not the end all of the story, with long term exposure to pollution, kids end up with low wage jobs, as compared to kids growing up without long term exposure, ending up with higher paying jobs. Fascinating report, read it, but read it on a clear day so you understand it.

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