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'Bout Time

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I've got nothing to complain about, how about you? Go get crazy and have a good time, but don't lose your license.

A Weeping Heart

A child, a little girl of seven died of dehydration and shock, after walking several thousand miles to reach our border. Every single footstep north she made, along dusty trails, jungle paths, and broken concrete, was distance from extreme violence, hunger and poverty. There are those who are crying out, that this child died in American detention, and while that's true, I will not pretend to tell you I know the specifics, I do not.


What I do know is far more disturbing. That instead of compassion, aid and support for a child walking on her own two feet, facing incredible odds of survival, our government chose instead to denigrate that child, to discourage that child, and yet she continued, one small dirty, dusty foot after another, defining a courage that a lot of my fellow citizens have lost. There was time when our courage was not overwhelmed with fear of others, of those different. We were brave enough to accept them, even in the face of danger. We understood the possibility that not only evil people would walk into our home, but also people would bring change into our home. Organized crime found it's way here, as did Catholicism, we managed.


My heart cries when we look in the face of a child, and do not see potential, and instead see our own fear, our prejudice. We no longer see ourselves in the face of that small girl, we see a stranger, and we become strangers to the soil we live and breath in, every day of our life.

No Hair? What's up with that?

When one stops to think about evolution, it can be mind boggling. Like if we evolved from my mother in law, the great ape, why is she still around humbugging me? Why does she still have all her hair, from head to toe, and I got none? That just don't make no sense! I guess nature is a funny beast, selective in how it does things, 'specially long term, but something just doesn't set right. Why, exactly, did we lose all our hair through the eons of time, space and evolution? Then I think about sex, and it starts to make sense.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.


What you believe

What you think

What you know


Unless you’ve happened

Along some great truth

You’d care to share


I’ll share

Chances are

you’re wrong

Never listened

Never learned

All you got

Is what you’ve

been told.


Parents, Friends

Relatives, Politicians


All profound truths

That pale in comparison

to thought, to knowledge

to action, to compassion

to Experience.


Truth from someone

who has never ventured

from their safety

from their warmth

from their family

yet in their world

They know the world

as it is.


Their truth.



Fool Me Once

For the life of me, watching Boris the Robot move and smooth to tunes on a world stage, I would never have imagined it was all a crock of shit. That's because I like science and technology, I believe in science and technology, and that makes me gullible. Like, who builds a robot suit, puts a man inside, and sells it to the world as the most tech advanced robot in existence? Oh, that would be Russia. I suppose though, when I think about grand illusions, religion comes to mind, and I'm left wondering if there's a little Russian man somewhere in trump, pushing control levers. Just can't believe anything, anymore, dammit!

Trump's Wall

A wall can be useful in keeping people out, in maintaining a sense of privacy, and in insuring your security. I know, my next door neighbors built one a few years back, and I'm curious as hell what they've been up to since it appeared, almost magically overnight. Before the wall, I shared a large open, common area with a half dozen other neighbors, and it seemed to work OK. Kids ran freely from one house to the next, and I believe we all got to know each other a bit better because we shared common ground. When it comes to erecting walls, common thought is that people do so to keep people out, that makes sense, but the larger truth to building a wall is one of isolation, at least to the extent that the only people you want to see are those you allow in. I don't have a problem with that in a residential neighborhood, it's a persons right. There are, other types of walls, those that are invisible, and much more protective, like the one Trump has build around his person, his family, and that wall is simply there to keep everyone out, the press, the public, members of congress. Unfortunately, Trump's wall keeps him isolated, he see's only what he wants to see, believes only words that are self satisfying, meets only with those who have shared values, and when that wall gets violated, he's apparently prone to tantrums. I'm guessing if Ronald Reagan were alive, he'd be yelling at Trump to tear down that wall, and start letting people in, but that's a pipe dream.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.

Like Chocolate, You'll Love this Meltdown

Imagine you're stirring a great big outdoor vat of chocolate when suddenly, you notice a wobble coming from the vat. A quick 'wtf was that' is uttered and you start stirring again. A minute later, the wobble is back, stronger, longer and you just know to get the hell of your high perch, and start running cuz any minute you're going to flood the street in chocolate. Alarms go off, red lights of impending crisis are flashing everywhere, and then, the flood. Emergency crews arrive, with shovels, and picks, and before they even start to clean up the mess, you see them tasting the chocolate, rating it, and when you note the smiles cross their faces, it somehow makes the catastrophe somewhat palatable.


Wanna Take a Trip?

I'm thinking about reassessing my life, throwing the last 60 out the window and devoting myself to guiding you, and the rest of humanity through the psychedelic, spiritual world of hallucinogens. All you have to do is drop a tab, maybe eat a little shroom, and I'll guide you to enlightenment. I mean, I could do that! And Hell, if I'm not around to help out, there's a good chance you might get led through the maze by the Lizard King himself. As an afterthought, my life is so weird, I wonder from time to time, if I'm still caught up in some acid trip from the seventies because I never bothered to find a guide, you know, someone to bring me back home. Next time you're in the realm, give me a call, see if I'm around, might be we can help each other out.

Paradise, Sex in Space

I was lead to believe that the only thing better than sex on earth was sex in space. Least, that's what I got from sneaking into Barbarella when I was 10, maybe 11. That belief kinda burst when I read that having sex in space would actually be kind of gross, if you could even manage to get a boner, because of gravity and blood flow and all that scientific crap. Imagine if you will, all your bodily secretions clinging to your skins, your sweat, your sticky stuff, not to mention, it'd be kinda hard to hold on to each other, cuz a thrust of the hips would send the other person flying off. Still, there's rumors that it's happened, that some crazy kids got together, and did the boom-boom high above the earth below. All said and done tho', the fantasy's better then reality, least Barbarella wise.


Sore Losers, Cheat

I was taught, you're going to lose sometimes, and when you do, be graceful, learn from it, and move on. Apparently, Wisconsin's Republicans never were taught that, and they're acting like really bad losers by trying to pass a shitload of laws limiting the incoming democratically elected Democrat Governor. In other words, they're cheating! Now, Scott Walker could veto all the bills, but we all know he won't. I can't help but wonder what my good neighbors to the west think? I'm guessing they ain't alright with this, and they'll remember it in two short years. Republican or Democrat, no one like cheaters.

My Mind, to Your Mind

I've always believed there's people in government, especially so in the black ops department that do unethical, crazy shit, and get away with it. I'm old enough to remember when hints of MK Ultra, our CIA's top secret program for controlling peoples behavior, started appearing, and people laughed it off as crazy conspiracy theories. Turns out, the CIA did some pretty shitty experiments on us, and our friends to the north as well. Question is, did it really stop? If not, I just gotta wonder what they've been up to the last fifty years? The implications are mind boggling.

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