Rob Paxton

It's Friday, here's Robert Plant,

it just doesn't get better.

Have a good weekend?


I have MLK day off.

I Respect that.



Lets give this God his due.


Truth of the matter is, my life is chaotic, thus the video. It's a bit gloomy, but it's illustrative of my life at the moment, and perhaps, life in general. I open the curtains from my dark room, and what I see is ten times the insanity in the outside. ('in the ouside' .. I like that phrase). Thing is, once you open those curtains, you can't close 'm.

Holy Shit,

I learn something new



and I'm trying really hard not to post any political shit at the moment. I'm just so fucking tired of the Donald.


just so fuckin' tired of it!

I'm not going to talk about the veracity of the news reports regarding Donald Trump. I don't care. I suspect where there's smoke, there's fire.


What I will say, is this. Obama haters have spent eight years questioning his birth, his religious preferences, his patriotism. They have painted him as Hitler, ridiculed him and spread the most outrageous lies.


If you're a Trump supporter, now you know how disgusted we are, as President Obama supporters. You, along with Drudge, Fox news, Brietbart and other news organizations created this environment.


And it's going to get worse.

Welcome to the world you wanted!

"There exists in every person the potential to do great harm, and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good."

WOW, Another killing machine, even if it's kinda cool, 'till it comes for you.

And it will come for you,


Lights out?

Maybe it's time for a vacation from our current reality. Might be just what we need is to get away from each other, if just for a while. I'm actually fine with this.

God Bless Meryl,

Our artists are being unjustly vilified. They do nothing but bring our dreams to life. They represent our wishes, and without art, we would be sterile. Not perfect, but dreamers of a different world, while all too often representing the world we all live in.



I told you




They were calling

Asshole of the Moment

Matt Drudge

There's no evidence whatsoever this poor misbegotten soul was nothing but mentally ill. Matt Drudge frames it as a possible terrorist attack for his own personal agenda. And it ain't the first time he's done this.

The weekends here, behave.




I'm not going to.

"The vast majority of Planned Parenthood's services revolve around women's health care, including cancer screening, maternity care and preventative care. The government provides approximately half of the national organization's money — a little more than $500 million dollars per year — but that money does not go to fund abortions, complying with federal law that outlaws the federal funding of abortion."


...and republicans want to defund Planed Parenthood.

'It's so cold out right now, I think the sun has froze over.'

Having a shitty day? Here's 15 simple things you can do to relieve the shittiness, but sometimes, it's really OK to just be in a shitty mood.

There are times, when life is overwhelming. I won't go into detail, but I will say this. First, life seems to be overwhelming because I'm actually living a life, facing problems, dealing with people. The things that are beyond my control, I let them pass by me. I recognize the loss of control, I don't like it, but hey, I can't change the number of revolutions our Earth spins in a given cycle. I deal with it.


Sometimes with grace and dignity, other times not so much, and a shot of tequila.


Life is about choices. The fact that I'm being assaulted on three different fronts, is because I choose to care, I choose to act. I choose to be involved, I choose to live.


On a brighter side...


This showed up in our mail. A picture of my wife's mom, who passed back in the 90's. Strange, but enjoyably strange.


It'd be really strange if the dogs name was Penny, but it's Brownie.

I'm not one to judge, but hey, if the shit stinks..

God almighty...

I'm embarrassed, and worried for this nation. On one hand and you've got the GOP trying to strip the power away from an incoming democratic Governor  in North Carolina, as well trying to demolish the Ethics panel. Now Trump is claiming that on day one, he's going to repeal most of Obama's actions.

and yea, Democrats are not acting much better.


Not the way to Unify this Nation



How is such a thing possible? Hmmmm.... it might be because you're a bit gullible, ignorant, and hear only what you want to hear. Oh, 'scuse me, I don't mean you, but the other guy. You? You're a pretty smart cookie, knowing the difference 'tween real and fake. You're the one that does his research, ain't ya?


The concept of fake news says more about the intelligence of the species than it does anything else, including the intelligence of the citizens of this exceptional nation.


I am off on my annual Christmas Hiatus, and will return Monday, January 2nd, next year.




Hillary didn't win because Democrats understood her elitism. Those of us who voted for her did so holding our nose, believing she was at least, a better elitist than Trump, if that makes a shitload of any sense. When I see Alternate Text Trumps cabinet picks, when I'm watching whats going on in North Carolina where the outgoing Governor stripped the incoming Democratic Governor of power, when I hear talk of privatization, of elimination, when I see growing anger in the streets, all I can do is shake my head because our Democracy is at risk.


Alternate Text

Paybacks a little Bitch!


Yea, I know we probably didn't have anything to do with the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, but one just has to wonder, don't we?



Married in a fever, jack?


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Mika finding out that morning Joe ain't so friggin' hot! Kinda like how I feel on a cold ass winter morning.



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Not only an interesting read, it's a decent thought project.







Proof that Science is dead in the Trumpian era.

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On my Blog

30 years ago, I really believed that by the time I was in my fifties, we’d have a moon base, moved on to Mars, Alternate Text beaten back poverty, experience the beginnings of a spiritual awakening as well making inroads into prejudice.

I guess I kind of figured the human race didn’t need my input. That you’d all be alright, that you’d get to where you need to be with out my help. I kind of haven’t worried about humanity for the last 30 years as I went about raising my kids, working and having fun but a funny thing happened the other



I woke up!



Alternate Text


       what a Shit show!






'I did not realize

the dark side of the moon

was so vastly populated.'


Don't people get it?

Alternate Text I hope they win this, I really do.


And if they do, I'm going to refuse service to every living breathing Christian alive.



C'mon people..

have a Beast of a weekend.



Life at times is lived in infinite sorrow. Sorrow lived among the desolate plains of anger and the washed sands of time. I often ask God what I have done to Alternate Text displease, and the words I hear are returned on the raucous rumble of  laughter. I buckle under an oceans weight in suffrage, my backbone splintered into a thousand splints of bone, each bleached piece of bone finding it's way into some nerve, and I am in agony, of life, tired of sorrow, questioning god.



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Damn Studly, I'm impressed. That said, maybe at your age you should know what causes it!




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A good read on the electoral college from the Smithsonian





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State Rights?

Alternate Text My Ass!

I thought conservatives were all about the individual. You know, smaller government, returning more power to the state and local communities.

Guess not.


It's a rough,

Tequila fueled,

Sunday morn...

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It's Friday, let me teach you how to eat,

marinate the meat.


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Alternate Text How do you deal with this shit?


Here's the background!


..and while you're at it, why not check out some of the other manipulations going on over at Fox news. God Bless America!



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Pelosi Elected. Again!


I would have thought that the election would have taught Democrats something, that after 14 years, there needs to be a change. That the last 14 years of Nancy's leadership has given us absolutely nothing but ruin, even when we were in the majority, her leadership gained us nothing. Nothing but money in the coffers, and a Clinton disaster.




Alternate Text I'm ready for the season finale of



I really don't have a clue what to expect, and that's coming from a guy that usually has tv shit figured out.




I'm really beginning to wonder what kind of species we are. As a man, I'm just totally shocked at the abuse women are talking about, abuse dealt out by men; past boyfriends, lovers, acquaintances and yes, friends.


Alternate Text

I've been taking an introspective look, and I've said this before, I've done some pretty stupid things in my life, things I'm actually ashamed of, toward women, but most of that was in my youth, and decades later, I am ashamed of some of my behavior. But to violate anybody, especially someone who is less physical, is beyond pale. Where does one derive the right, the justification to do so. That comprehension escapes my senses.


I hope women keep talking, because there are men who listen, who will learn, who can change, who can even help.


'A man can be many things, but a man is nothing until he understands, and believes in the equality of the human species.'



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