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Rob Paxton

As a Youtuber,

I sympathize with my fellow content creators in how YouTube communicates. It sucks! I don't care tho', I don't create videos to get rich so I can quit my day job and have millions of adoring fans. I admit, it's a nice thought, but I understand my place in the universe. What I don't understand is YouTubes algorithms.  Like how one day I can spike to 50 views, and the next, none. That shit drove me crazy so I quit worrying about it long ago and now I just do my thing, even though a lot of people don't know what my thing is, and I'm here to tell you, I don't know either. I just do it. BTW, be on the lookout, my annual Halloween vid is dropping soon.

Not Perfect, but Right!

Say what you want about both these men, but their recent remarks about political divisiveness to serve certain goals rings true. You can blame Obama and Bush all you want, point out all their deficiencies, call 'em both any name in the book, and they're both still going to be right about Trump and his behavior.

Ever feel like you're going to hell in a breadbasket?

Yea, me too.

Enjoy your weekend, country boy.

All I have to say,

is that there are some medieval people still around that think the earth is flat! I quit arguing with them long ago because they can't accept the fact the earth is hollow, and therefore can't be flat like a pancake, and speaking of pancakes, I'm hungry.

I wouldn't !

Good lord, now parents gotta be concerned if their kids dress like a clown on Halloween. There's an easy work around tho', just  buy your kid a Trump mask and everyone will think he's a clown. There you go, problem solved!


Just out of curiosity, I wonder what they put in the water down in Florida?

Media Bias?

Upfront, I'll say our media gets things wrong, and they apologize when they do. Is our media biased when it comes to Trump? Yea, I'll go along with that, to an extent. Trump makes it easy by saying stupid things, doing stupid shit, lying,  his stupid tweetstorms. Keep in mind, it ain't just the American media that's critical of Trump, seems the entire global press is critical of Trump, so the whole fake news thing is a global conspiracy, apparently.


What I laugh at, if there is a media conspiracy against Trump, our media is showing Fox News how it's done, and Fox must be rolling in their graves at being done one better.

This is Bull Shit!

This guy, Tom Marino, a republican was paid 100,000 dollars by the pharmaceutical lobby to push a bill that kick started the opioid addiction, and thwart the DEA's role in regulating the abuse. And he was nominated by Trump to be his Drug Czar! Thanks to an investigation by 60 Minutes and the WAPO, that now isn't going to happen.


This is WTF is wrong with this county! Trump tweets out, Marino is a fine man and a good congressman, when in fact, Marino is a slimball whose only concern is to fill his pockets with greenbacks. You and I set back in disgust, thinking we can't do anything about it, but the thing is, we'll forget his name by this time next week, and that's a fact, jack.

Slimball Politicians

are only one leaf of the rotting iceberg lettuce. The true motherfuckers in this are the pharmaceutical companies who spread their shit far and wide, wielding vast power as they distribute the drugs to the least vulnerable, including our elderly. They don't give a shit about good or bad, right or wrong, morals or ethics, their only god is profit. We also pay insane prices for meds, meds that are researched here, made here, and sold overseas for a fraction of what you and I are charged, in effect making us pay for their meds.



VA Police- Rob, do you have your car keys?

Me- No, they're in my pants, in my locker.

VA Police- You drive an 04 Explorer?

Me- Yea, why, what's going on?

VA Police- You're car's trying to run away, it's been trying for the last 4 hours.

Me- Huh?

VA Police-You left your car running.

Me- after a short pause, 'At least I put in Park... Didn't I?


Am I getting old or what, or I just got a shitload of crap on my mind, probably both!

UFO's, Fact or Fiction?

Is the Truth out there? Are 'they' here? Why? What's going on? Being a believer, I don't have anything to convince you, but than again, there's not a lot of proof God exists either. It's all about faith. I could argue there's more circumstantial evidence that aliens exist than there is for God, but I won't go there.


I actually kinda just go 'Hmmmm' when it comes to God, and UFO's.

So it's Saturday!

I got busy & couldn't post a Friday video. That makes me a bad boy, bad to the bone.

If you're a man,

you have a woman in your life that's experienced some form of Sexual Harassment. A mother, wife, daughter or a friend. They probably don't talk about it, especially to you, but know this. Sexual Harassment isn't exclusive to the rich and powerful. The silence isn't exclusive to Victims, or those in the know of closely held, or open secrets. In cities of all sizes, rural and metro, there are men in position of leadership, and authority who abuse their power, expecting sexual favors from women. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not. A Police Chief, a Mayor, or a Supervisor. Unfortunately, it does not stop there, Sexual Harassment happens on the job, in the bars, at family gatherings and it arrives in all shapes and form. Sexual Harassment derives from a total lack of respect, an inbred right to treat another human being as an object. That right is taught to young boys in the movies, on television, in the comics they read, and it is wrong!

Tax Reform,

the kind you and I need, ain't going to happen. Major corporations already make Millions and Billions in clear profit and they don't take that money and invest it in the working class. That money goes back into research, executive salaries, advertising and the like. Reagan era politics proved that!


Real tax reforms starts with the poor to middle class range. Target those people alone, and ask yourself, how can I help them? How can I simplify the process, put more money in their pocket? What's working, what isn't? Then targeting the upper class, I'd look at their tax breaks, government subsidiaries, environmental records and come up with a standardized tax formula. All based on a foundation of fairness and an ability to help those less fortunate out.


That's where I'd begin.

It's Atmospheric!

WoW, the moon had an atmosphere that lasted for 70 million years. That's a long time. Even if it was several billion years ago. Know what else is strange and cool, a little old NASA document called R-277 which lists out all the strange shit people have been seeing on the moon for the last couple of hundred years. Did you know the moon rings like a bell when you slam something into it?


Strange place, indeed.

Day of the Girl

Never knew October 11th was tagged as 'Day of the Girl'. So you know, I like this! Maybe a couple of years ago I wouldn't have given the day a second thought. Seems to me, if scumperps like Ailes, O'Reilly, Weinstien and even our President had once stopped to think of their victims as a daughter, they might have stopped their bullshit. That, and the fact that more women are talking about their experiences with men groping, fondling, grabbing and expecting sexual favors leads me to believe that there's a lot of men out there who are pigs! I have a granddaughter, and I want her to grow up, to be able to flourish with her personality, her character, her brains, and not have to put up with bullshit from pigs. So here's a cool idea, lets start thinking of girls as all of our daughters, treat 'em with respect, encourage 'em as best we can, help them as best we can, and send a clear signal to the pigs out there, that we're watching.

Space Weed.

And now they're sending a pound of weed into space. I get the quest for better weed, but c'mon, claiming you're looking for small genetic changes is bullshit. Y'all just wanna know if it makes the weed better. Then claiming it's going to take a month for test results to come back is dubious. Dubious means doubtful, like as soon as that shit lands, you're going to roll a couple of joints for the team. The rest of the pound will be sold as 'Space weed' for an exuberant price. So where do I send my check?

About Time!

Seriously tho', I doubt it'll happen because I've been hearing this for 50 years. The aliens that have moon bases on the dark side won't settle for a human base on the light side, cuz they're just like us, divisive, and while a clear distinction between dark and light might be good enough, truth is, they want it all. So good luck with the moon base.

What kinda crap

is this where a rapist of a 12 year gets state ordered parental rights of the kid that resulted from the rape, without even applying for visitation rights. Oh, it happened in Florida, now I get it. Dunno know whose worse, the state or the perpscum.

For the love of Trump.

Little Mikey showed up to a football game and went home because the players kneeled. Not because the kneel offended him, but because Trump ordered little Mikey to do it as a PR stunt to inflame his base. Just another instance of playing to their base while giving the rest of us the finger.

Good for Meryl.

I will never understand how a man could treat a women like a piece of meat. I got me some questions. Where the fuck do you get your values from? Don't you have daughters? What would your mother say? Don't you think it's just flat our fucking wrong to whip out your dick? Who do ya think you are?


Me? I don't care who you are. You're a scumbag! And that's not harsh enough.

I didn't read it all,

didn't have to. I've never believed the religious right was founded on their stance against abortion. Sure, they speak out against it, use it as a divisive tactic but their real agenda was always about power, political power, and in particular white power. Don't think I'm right? Well, where's there condemnation of Trump, his many divorces, his words on women, his general lack of Christian values.

It is Friday.

Kill the Pain this weekend, my friends

Just Wrong!

Why the hell would anyone whittle away at the Americans with Disabilities Act? Sure, putting in a ramp, a wider door is expensive, but WTF people? Personally, I think it's friggin' atrocious, and a slap in the face to one of the greatest social laws benefiting people, including Veterans, to ever exist, and I'm not buying into the bullshit that rendering the bill unenforceable is the right way to go because it'll  make frivolous lawsuits go away. Oh God, the moral stupidity of the Trump administration is on full display right along with the rest of his conservative congress.


I was one of those kids that was taught to stick my ass under my school desk to save that ass if a nuclear bomb went off. In my early teens I watched how activism changed the perception of the Viet Nam war. I never got into the glitz of disco, didn't care for it, didn't have time for it cuz I was a blue jeans, rock n roll, kind of guy. When the 90s came around, I was too busy raising a family and working my ass off. When the century turned, I thought I was ready for it, I though shit might change with all the technological advances I'd seen, thought people would be closer, more engaged.


Was I fucking wrong or what?


Most of the activists from the day sold out for book deals and speaking engagements. Those who relished the flourish of disco glitz sold out for style over substance. Technology carried with it a sense of anonymity and voice, a dangerous combination that served to divide.


I had believed that by this time in my life we would have had moon bases, traveled to Mars, made substantial progress toward ending famine, war and political divide. Instead, we have become a Nation of hateful people, set in our ways, afraid to explore other cultures, other opportunities, unwilling to accept the wonderful possibilities of Humanity that exist.


We are not better, we are not exceptional. In fact, we're kind screwed!

I too, know the feeling

of what it's like to work for a moron. I'm suspecting there's a lot of us that do. Can't help but wonder if Tillerson will make it to the end of the year.

I couldn't!

Too old to know.

Pat Robertson damns the left claiming the Vegas shooting happened because we disrespect the President. Now I'm usually fine with old geezers making stupid statements, but the thing is, there are a lot of old geezers just like Pat, who not only will believe his words as god given, but will shout those words to their neighbors and family. That means next time I see my mom, I'll  have to listen to this shit. That just pisses me off.

I have no words!

'cept to say, that in America, we can't even have a civil discussion about guns, and protecting innocent lives.

I don't know what the true tragedy is, the loss of innocent lives to mayhem, or the loss of civil discourse on how to prevent the loss of innocent lives.

Cool at it's best!

God Bless, Tom, and safe passage. Never had the chance to see you perform live, and I'm regretting that. You were part of my life, loved your music and your style.


I'll miss you and the music you bought into our lives, you were, one cool dude.

There are Heroes among us.

Can you imagine taking a shooter down in your school? And you think they're overpaid? There are a lot of other heroes out there as well. Silent voices of victims that some people wish would just go away. I'm not one of 'em.


Emergency Alert my ass. I wonder how many people called their therapist after watching this? Or just decided to jump out their window? Any way you cut it, if this popped up on my screen in the middle of a decent show I was watching, I'd get pissed, then get scared, but after the show, cuz I don't have time for weirdness.

Nothing like Undercutting,


or backstabbing, or fucking your Secretary of State, along with the rest of us Americans.

Get your Magic Carpet ready,

it's Friday.

It's the weekend!Enjoy.

Back to Reality.

Thoughts disjointed? Hearing voices? Walls melting? No Problem! A little acid might be the cure, maybe some magic mushrooms, or better yet, sip some tea brewed by the Inca gods, and you'll get set straight.


Kinda funny how things work out, isn't it? The irony of psychedelics treating mental health issues ranging from PTSD to smoking including alcoholism and depression is just strange, wonderfully strange.

Only the Best & the Brightest.


I'm thinking the USDA is in a boatload of manure. Hiring a truck driver for a position that pays 80,000 grand a year and requires a masters is like asking your sister to ream out your sewer line. Maybe your sibling could, mine wouldn't know where to find the damn sewer line.

God Bless, Heff.

There's not a male in America whose life you didn't impact, whether they know it or not. My intro to sex was coming across a hidden mag of yours when we were staying at a guest house at Kadena AFB. It was tucked up high, way in the back of a bedroom cabinet. I found it while exploring the new digs.

For a ten year old kid, it was pure treasure!

10,000 women?

Not with that chastity belt on! C'mon, I've slept with my wife maybe 10,000 times, but 10,000 women? Shit, chances are you've had the clap, the crabs and the hoochie kootiches a couple of times. You know Ric, outrageous claims require extraordinary proof. Show us your dick, if it shows a whole lotta  wear and tear, we'll believe ya, but until then, I don't think so.

Christ, I'm Trying

to stay out of politics, but it's getting kinda hard. I'm beginning to think the end times might be close. Friggin' kick my teeth out, ppl are arguing about gamers kneeling before the National anthem as a form of protest! Their ain't no right side, no wrong side in this, only the American side. Like it or not, it's their right to take a knee, it's your right. I wouldn't wanna live in a country where you couldn't.


Than we have Puerto Rico, devastated by the wind Maria, and some ppl ain't even sure if we should help 'em, cuz like, are they really Americans?


And what's up with Healthcare? Why are the republicans wasting their time on bullshit? It's like they really hated Obama, and their only fucking agenda is to wipe him from the face of history. Guys, you're white racist panties is showing.


Down in Alabama, I think that's somewhere near Puerto Rico, but I'm not really sure, some guy whose been kicked off their supreme court, twice, beat out the establishment candidate. This is a guy who hates gays, thinks sharia law is rampart here in 'merica, and wants a gun in every American hand.


Yep, the end times. They're here!


let it load