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Rob Paxton

Stupid Vulgar People :2

Stupid is Trump paying 130,000 for a Non Disclosure pact without asking if she's already spoken out about their affair. Vulgar is telling her 'she reminds him of his daughter', especially when you've already mentioned you'd date your daughter if she wasn't your daughter.


Now, it isn't my business to judge what goes on behind closed doors, so if a man cheats on his wife that just had their child, I'm not in a position to judge anyone. That said, if you're stupid and vulgar about it, you get what's coming to you.


You're a class act, Mr. Trump, a real, world class ass.

Stupid Vulgar People :1

Stupid is posing a vulgar rant on a social account and not thinking there's going to be ramifications.


This persons name is Harley Barber, a student at University of Alabama, or was before her vulgarity went viral.


And I have no fucking words, except to say, this video will follow you the rest of your life. Bet you're regretting it now!

This is What Happens

when you're desperate for women to join your church. More so when you're a bunch of old fat guys hanging around a sacrificial alter looking for a young virgin to sacrifice, thinking you're going to have an orgy afterwards.


Granted, sex robots might be the answer, but the upkeep? All that cleaning after you use 'em. You do clean them up, right? And when they malfunction, and all you hear is #metoo, who you going to call?


My advice, join another Church, like The Church of Fornication.

The Trump Test


Is this a picture of a dog?


Count to three.


Repeat after me,'it's a dog'.


Draw a line from here to there.


Where is the moon?


Count backwards from two.


Your left shoe goes on what foot?


What goes on first, underwear or pants?


Use the word 'I' in a sentence.


Draw a picture of a circle.

It Ain't A New Thing

A Baltimore hospital was caught on video last week dumping a patient off at a bus stop. What that means is they kicked a black women who was sick, out of the hospital, to the curb, into the winter cold. Literally! Why? I don't know, maybe she couldn't pay her bills, may be they just didn't like her.


Thing is, this ain't nothing new. Patient dumping started around the1870s, and legislation was passed to prevent it, but like everything else, profit comes first.

I grew up in Liberia.

A small Nation that sets on the western coast of Africa. It's capital was a thriving, bustling city of energy and diversity struggling toward modernity. There were parts of Monrovia that were comprised of tin shacks, along side concrete buildings. My concrete school sat in a neighborhood, where I would cross the dirt road after school and buy cheese and ground peanuts in a small tin shack of a store. As I grew older, I spent some precious evenings setting around an open fire, drinking beer in the middle of a village comprised of mud huts. Poor, economically depressed, not modern, underdeveloped, use what ever words you want, I will tell you that the people of Liberia gave me something that I cherish. That no matter what your environment is, you can still be a decent human being. You can still have dreams, you can still work toward something different, something better. Of all my time in Liberia, this is what I remember most. For my President to speak as he has, shows a fundamental lack of understanding and respect, and I am deeply offended, and embarrassed. Liberia was, and is, many things but it was never a sh*thole, and for a man that tosses the f-bomb more than most, I actually find it hard to use the presidents words in a sentence.

Minnesota Miracle

If you're not from this great state, you can't have a clue what this means. Four Super Bowl loses, a missed chip shot of a field goal, Bret Farve and a host of other miserable fuck ups in post season. We in Minnesota, sure as the snow flies were convinced there was a curse leveled on the Vikings, probably by Green Bay.


This Diggs catch wipes away all the years of agony, and makes 'em bearable, maybe even understandable, in that to eventually succeed, you have to suffer first. Say what you will, that Prince threw a tackle against Marcus Williams allowing Diggs to run with the catch. Me? I like to think my dad had a hand in it as well. He's smiling, I'm sure of that much.




On to the Eagles.

Been There, Seen That

To arrest a teacher for speaking out at a local school-board meeting because she's talking about pay inequality, in this case, the school superintendent getting a huge raise, and teachers nothing, is beyond disturbing. Spending 20 years with our local district as a Building head, serving stints as a union steward, a contract negotiator, and on several other committees, I can tell you this is type of inequality was evident in our district as well. Not to mention our district has not only Principals, but assistant principals, and assistant to the assistant principals, and they give 'em all fancy titles to justify their positions. I live in a small town, our HS has around 1,200 kids, and the superintendent makes about 150,000 a year, with administrators not far behind.

It's Friday,

and I'm going to do the devils Dance this weekend.

The Devils Handbook

Does this guy do anything small? Is that really a selfie on page 577? Was it really wrote in one night? I don't know the answers, but damn, I ain't going to hell to ask!

You're Doing What?

Seriously Mark, you've got your own ultra secret lab, headed by some chicka that once worked for super secret skunkwork programs, and they're researching how to let my skin 'hear' words? In any language? And all I thought you were doing was learning how to let me communicate with my PC with my gray matter.


OK, maybe some of this new tech shit is cooler than my worn old pair of X-Ray glasses.

Squeezing Our Balls

with bullshit seems to be Joe Arpaios thing. Dude, if you had real proof that Obamas birth certificate was forged, you'd be littering the airwaves and back channels of social media with it.


Joe, you wanna run for Senator? Here's some advice, start running in the other direction, and I don't mean toward the liberals. I mean just run Go someplace hot, someplace where my balls don't have to be squeezed by your bullshit, someplace where I don't have to listen to your hateful views of everyone that doesn't agree with your fascist American view.


That is All!

Modern Tech is some awesome shit,

but it ain't nothing like having your own rocket ship.

60 Pounds of Love

My Grandparents were cool. My Grandparents were farmers, but I never got a pound of pot from 'em.




All I have to say is there's going to be a lot of unhappy grandkids!

Holy Shit!

ST:Discovery returned last Sunday, and I'm loving the show. Like I said somewhere else, this ain't your mommas Star Trek. The central plot lines don't revolve around the Captain, but around an ensemble of characters and plots. In fact, the Captain is kinda shady, or is he?


Give it a watch, currently, the Discovery has found itself in an alternative universe most Trek fans are aware of, the Terran Empire.

Equality is

a really strange thing, even at the most basic level. We exist, as our universe does, because of balance. Large and powerful forces in our universe don't exist without the small and weak. Here at home, the big dogs can't exist without the little dogs. Each of us has a place, each a role, each equally valuable to the survival of the other.


Yeah, I know the

Golden Globes were on last night, and not ten minutes after Oprahs speech, headlines were shouting out her run for President in 2020. I like Oprah, she's done lots of good, I think she has a good heart, and I respect her, but I'm both cautious and curious about her political aspirations. Cautious, because while Oprah is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, I'm not positive that force can bridge the political divide. Of course, I'm no longer sure there's a force available that can. Curious, because I wonder what her campaign would look like, and how she would try to bridge that divide, how she would approach people that hated her from the get go. She's Black, she's a Woman, and she leans liberal and that would make for a vile race from those on the far right. All said and done, I'd listen to what she has to say, so convince me, Oprah.

A Real Genius

When Nikola Tesla passed, his research was locked up and stashed away by our Government, and rightly so. Some of his work had to do with death rays, unlimited power sources, wireless energy, and remote control. Did I mention he invented the AC induction motor, and he lit up the 1893 worlds fair in glorious fashion.


When I stumbled across his work back in the early eighties, I was mystified why this mans name wasn't known along side Edisions. I'm glad recent history has begun to recognize his genius, and his contributions, cuz the guy was wild in what he believed possible.

Didn't win the 550 million jackpot, Again!

Made it through,

the first week of the new year.


Wonder if Trump is thinking of his own albatross?

I'm not surprised? You?

The rats are fighting and feeding among themselves and as much as I'd like to set back and enjoy the show, I can't. Watching Trump and Bannon go at it is painful. Painful because it's embarrassing not only as an American, but as a human being. None of their behavior surprises me, and it was expected. Why? Because that's who they are as Human beings, self absorbed, loyal to no one, and hateful of everyone who does not toe their party line, including each other.


Taking a step back, what does surprise me, is that Michael Wolff was given access to the White House, even after his piece in the The Hollywood Reporter. What did Trump and company think he was doing there? Like, if this administration couldn't figure out what this guy was going to write about, how can we depend on this administration to figure out shit, like say, foreign policy, trade deals, threats, economics, domestic issues. You know, stuff Government is supposed to be aware of.

State Rights, My Ass

This is not good shit! In fact, it's really bad shit. Rolling back Obama era policies is just wrong on so many levels. First, it's hypocritical of those who shout out their perceived passion about the rights of individual states. Then there's the economics of it, we spend a shitload of money on prosecuting minor offenders, which in turn leads to incarceration in an already burdened prison population. In turn, most of those sentenced, are poor and usually African American or Latino. Then there's the fact that rescinding the hands off approach, will be cause for all kinds of lawsuits bought on by states that have already legalized it.


This isn't fixing anything, it's creating a clusterfuck. And it just might be getting worse if Sessions listened to this guy.

I Would Do This

Man, there are those days I just want to get away from it all. Nature calls, and I want to commune. Get rid of the phone, the TV, the radio, sever the link to the real world. There's something that makes my man blood boil about hunting my own food, building my own shelter and clubbing some woman over the head and dragging her back by her hair to my shack, making her mine. Then I remember, I can't pound a nail, can't shoot straight and I ain't got the nerve to club a woman, then having to put up with her for whacking her.


Still, it's a nice thought as I set around my firepit drinking my beer.


I cannot wrap my head around even the slightest possibility the Michele Bachmann could replace Al Frankin, as my representative in the senate. That's like replacing my 4Runner with a piece of shit that's falling apart and aggravating me every time I turn the ignition on. Mark my word, she will run given the political environment, and she might win. If that were to happen, all those who called Al to step down without an investigation, will have to deal with this womans idiocy, ridiculousness, self-righteousness, and outright stupidity.

I'm Not Fooled.

I was in the Navy, I know what's going on here. This guy Mims, who's traveled to space, and can shoot fireballs, and disappeared for a bit, doesn't have mental health issues. What he is, is the Navy's newest hi tech secret genetic weapon. Pete Mims is their version of the new sailor. Yes, the Navy would have you believe that, then admit they failed to help one of their own when it was, uh.. really obvious he needed it.

Strange Fruit Hanging

On a visit to Japans sacred forest of suicide  a YouTube superstar comes across a hanging body swinging in the wind.


OK Stop.


You have buku bucks to go on vacation, and you choose to visit a place where people go to end their lives. On top of that morbid vacation, you come across a recent victim, and instead of showing a modicum of respect, you film it and post it on your channel?


But hey, it got over six million views so I guess I'm wrong.

Get some Butter

This is why I don't jump over turnstiles. Karmas a bitch and she's going to have her way if you tempt her once too often. In this case, getting your dick stuck in a turnstile that you're trying to jump over is appropriate karma. More so that it was captured on video, and even more so when you hear the crowd arguing if butter or oil works best.


I would've suggested WD-40.

Happy Campers in Cali

I always believed I'd see a push to legalization of the weed in my lifetime. California has now legalized recreational bud for anyone over the age of 21, and it's heavily regulated. It'll be interesting how Sessions and his justice department handles this, seeing the guy has a thing about the evils of weed. No doubt, there's some major litigation on the horizon, specifically regarding the rights of states, but wtf, we'll see. Anyway you look at it, states have opened the floodgates in the last year, and that's a good thing. Now if our government would remove it's status as a schedule I drug, that would go a long way.


The only other thing I'd like to see in my life, is the Vikings win a super-bowl, and they have a shot at it, in our own stadium. Should that happen, all the agony and embarrassment of past years will be wiped away. But I'll step back, cuz I know about agony and embarrassment when it comes to MN football. All of us here in MN do!

Another year come and gone,

relegated to the ash heaps of history. 2017 saw natural disasters, mass murders, the #metoo movement, some cool movies, brexit, and the death of loved ones, but the single constant thread through out the entire year was our division as a people. That division isn't Trumps fault, his election was a symptom of a larger problem here at home. Yes, Trump furthers that divide, but he's not responsible for it. That responsibility belongs to our Congress, men and women who get elected and put profit before service. They have created a mistrust of our government on both sides of the political aisle, and I see that mistrust continuing to grow into an abyss in 2018. The bright spot is that people are seeing Trump as a reflection of what we have become, and I get the sense most are disturbed by the picture. His defenders on social media have dropped radically, at least on my accounts, and ppl that once rabidly defended him, have fell silent. How that plays out is going to be interesting to watch.


It's the last Friday of 2017, it's been a riot.

See ya on the other side.

Who Cares?

I care! You know who doesn't? People that set in harsh judgment of those afflicted by mental health problems. I don't buy into the fact that you're compassionate, much less have the right to judge, if a kid sets in jail for four years waiting for a simple evaluation, and when it doesn't come, you just throw the kid in prison cuz there's no alternatives, and you're OK with that.


Fuck, an exceptional nation takes care of it's own, and we are not doing that. In fact, what we are doing when it comes to those suffering from mental health disabilities is tossing 'em out the car window as we drive over a bridge. Think that's harsh? Then you've never dealt with a loved one who suffers from the terror, sorrow and anguish.

Please. Just Go Away!

I get you're pissed, and embarrassed, and looking quite like the fool because you lost an election that any normal red blooded Republican should've won. Thing is, you are an embarrassment, you are a fool, and most Americans, including Republicans are embarrassed that you were even allowed to run. Not making a call of concession, filing a complaint of election fraud, and trying to destroy the reputation of the man that bested your sorry ass, by publicizing the fact that his son is gay doesn't make you look like a stand up sort of guy. it just makes you look like a, well, loser.

Bad Medicine

Interesting that our ancestors thought ingesting their dead could help with their health, prevent disease and increase their stamina. When you stop to think about it, things haven't really changed that much. After all, we still use parts of dead people for all kinds of shit, from organ transplants, skin grafts, to blood transfusions. Same shit, different day. See, we haven't changed all that much, just modernized the practice so it's acceptable.


Don't Suffer in Silence.

Doc Dick can help.

The original Doc Dick was over two years ago. I've always wanted to make it better, bigger, stronger, and I think it works.

2017, Year of Mystery.

From Hidden chambers in the great Pyramid to an ancient city floating in the ocean, 2017 was full of surprises. Just goes to show, there's a lot of shit out there we don't know squat about. The story of thousands of octopus committing suicide is disturbing, but I don't think it's a mystery. They were probably blindly following their chosen one to the promised land of paradise. That's what happens when you refuse to think for yourself.


I do want to know why that UFO video didn't make the list? That was some high strangeness.

Nice Puppy, Sick Puppy.

Everybody loves the little fur-balls so why are the Chinese cloning the lovable bundles of joy for medical research? Is it because the Chinese don't love puppy dogs? Or is it something more sinister? I'm not sure, but I was surprised that dogs get most of the same diseases that humans get and that makes 'em perfect for medical research.


Did I mention the puppies were cloned? Wow, that technology isn't even considered cutting edge these days. Wonder what else the Chinese are cloning? Wonder what'd it cost for a personal clone?

I could use a replicant, but would he love me as much as I love myself?

And the Countdown is on,

to 2018. We'll spend the next week reading about all the important people we lost in 2017, along with the best movies, books and songs. We'll read of celebrity marriages and breakups as we filter through and remember the top news stories of the year.


Me? I don't dwell on the past, simply because it's such a blur. That's a nice way of saying I don't remember much, and I'm not sure I want to. I rather take my time and think about something I can change, like tomorrow. Truth is, not much changes, I won't win the lottery this year, my site stats won't skyrocket, I'll still do youtube vids, deal with kids, get up every morning, go to work and do mind numbing shots of Tequila on Saturday nights.


But I hope, I always hope for a better day, and maybe I'll get one in '18.

It's Christmas Friday I love Christmas, no doubt about that. Love the mood, the cheer, the giving, the goodwill, the ﷯candy and the food. All of it. Most of all I love the potential Christmas represents, the potential for global peace and decency which we are capable of. True, we live in trying, divided times, but I believe Christmas offers hope. Christmas shows us their is a path, that each of us is capable of something greater than ourselves. The values of Christmas, regardless of religious, social or political belief, show us there is a light to guide us through the dark forest. For all mankind, wherever you find yourself Christmas morning, I wish you the very best. Merry Christmas

Just a Thought.

1st ~A hundred bucks a month ain't going to do much to help out financially.

2nd~Why does that savings end for me in eight years, but the cuts for the rich stay in effect.

3rd~The government is taking a 12-13 percent cut to their income. How are they going to buy groceries?


The Outside, Looking In.

Most people I know will spout off and snicker that they don't give a crap what other people think of 'em. Course, it's not true, cuz we all wanna be liked, and it's painful when someone comes along and sets us straight to some truths about ourselves we don't like.


This report is hard to read, in that it's heartbreaking. There's good stuff in it as well, but overall it lays bare the problems we face as a Nation. It's worth reading, worth thinking about, and if it doesn't piss you off, there's just no hope.

A Shout Out

To my Vikings for taking the division.


Is it to much to dream of a Superbowl in our own home?


Like me, you're wondering why Don Jr would invite Ted Cruz to join in on his Obama emblazoned birthday cake? And here's the answer.

In times past, warriors would eat the bodies of those deemed more powerful than they in hopes of reinvigorating their souls with the powers of the deceased. Obviously, Obama isn't dead, so the best they can do is bake a cake with is likeness spread out in colorful frosting. Sources have reported it didn't work, but both Cruz and Trump Jr were noticed to have shit stains due to their diarrhea. The funny thing is, the shit stains weren't  noticed near the cracks of their ass, but rather running down the front of their shirts.


Seriously tho', they can't tell a big cookie from a cake?

Smoke That, MF!

What's it take to roll a hundred foot joint? Forty people, two and a half pounds of smoke, and 3,000 yards of rolling paper. By my calculations that's a 2.5 foot joint for each, with each joint being roughly an ounce.


OK, where's the munchies?

It's Going to Happen.

The only question a working man or woman should have is, "Is this plan going to put more of my money in my pocket?" and the answer is "Not really".  The extra coin ain't going to be nothing to brag about. Now if you're a rich fuck, you're smiling! I would be.

Thing that really galls me is that I thought conservatives were deficit hawks, and this bill adds a shitload of money to our debt. The second thing that ticks me off is that trickle down economics just doesn't work. Sorry, but if the boss makes an extra buck fifty, he ain't giving you an extra dime on your paycheck.


So basically, this bill is redistribution of wealth. Now where have I heard that term before.


I actually feel sorry, and even pity for Sarah Palin, her husband, and her family in general. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lover, but I'm not going to stoop to Palins level and blast people that are having a tough time. I hope she figures out that people have problems, regardless of their status in life, and there's nothing wrong with showing a little compassion for those who suffer. I somehow doubt that'll happen, and that pretty quick she'll blame the overbearing media for blowing Tracks beat down of his dad out of proportion.


I do have to wonder tho', where the dude got his ideas that the police are peasants?

A True Christmas Story