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When I Was a Kid

Did your childhood define who you are today?

Mine did, to a greater extent than most.


And I'm a better person for all the weirdness.

Chip me, Screw you

We know the technology is there, we chip dogs to find them when they're lost. I like my dog, but she always comes home so I don't need a chip for Penny. Chipping people, specifically employees, like some corporations want to do in the UK, well, that scares me. I get the benefits for companies wanting to do so, and I understand the benefits for the individual. Doing so elevates a lot of security concerns for a business, and a chip could also contain medical records in case of an accident. It is the evil shit that people can do that bothers me, and people are capable of doing all kinds of evil shit. Imagine, you take a mental health day to set in a bar, and your phone rings... Like I said, screw that shit, and knowing where you are, that's just the beginning of the evil in some peoples heart.

Sailor, Solider

My father was a veteran. His example of service led myself, and my three brothers, my niece and nephew, all to serve. My dad passed ten years ago this thanksgiving, and when I look back at old photos I see a young man I never knew. A young man, like so many others who answered a call to duty. When I left the service, I never gave the military a second thought, never thought of myself as a vet, and went about my life. Four years ago, I took a job with the Veterans Administration, and I've recognized just how much we owe our Veterans. Not me, I'm OK, but there are those, of all ages, who suffer, who have truly born the battle upon their shoulders, who have fought, and died for an idea, for their country. Everybody I work with on a nightly basis is a veteran, and we each found ourselves employed at our local VA Hospital by differing routes, and reasons. Some are Viet Nam Vets, most are much younger, and I find myself in awe of these young people. I've learned to respect them, their service, and my own wild days as a seventeen year sailor.

A Man Alone

I really do not know where to begin, except to say, that our president looked like a man alone on the world stage during the global Day of Remembrance in France. Trump canceled a speech due to light rain, refused to march with other world leaders, and when Putin arrived, Trumps smile glowed over the solemn faces of Merkel and Macron. Trump offered up no uplifting speech of remembrance for our Veterans, but complained of having to stand in the rain when the optics drove him to do so. I find it hard to believe that trump was acting like a toddler who didn't get his own parade, or perhaps it was because he got whomped in the mid terms, but maybe it is as simple as that. The telling tale in all this, in my opinion, is his loving smile for Putin, that smile bothers me beyond measure.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.


Freaking, Fu*king, Friday

and I'm down on my knees!

All. I. Got.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.

Ode to Blogs

and bloggers everywhere. There is, over 150 million bloggers, people just like me, pounding out their thoughts on plastic key boards all over the world. Fashion, health, baking, politics, writing, ufos, and sex; writing about whatever passion their beating hearts have settled on. There are over 2 million posts every day. Bloggers like Rick Johnson, who I came across yesterday, and inspired this post, put their thoughts out there, and it's people like Rick, who I enjoy. If I'm interested in fashion, and I'm not, I'd read a fashion blog, but I'm interested in what people are thinking about the world they live in, and their experience in that world. From Head to Paper isn't the best blog in the world, isn't the flashiest, isn't even the best written blog, but Rick has what I like, thoughtful musings on the world around him, and like all bloggers, he's hones his craft, investing in himself with written words, thoughts and ideas, probably silently when the kids are sleeping and the moon is high, for no other reason than passion. That's why good bloggers blog, and not an awful lot of 'em get the recognition they deserve.

The Repetitive Nature of History

As a parent, I know that my kids have to learn from their mistakes. They fail at any given task, I tell them to try it again, to try to approach it different, but don't give up. Least ways, that's how it should work. When it comes to history, I'm flabberfuckinggasted, because we don't learn crap, we don't learn from our mistakes. We teach our kids not to be bullies, that violence is bad, but as adults we get involved in little things called wars. We teach our kids to be respectful of others, and hate and prejudice runs rampart. We teach our children about democracy, and here we are, just like the old Roman empire, on the eve of destruction. Color me an idiot, but history's a bad parent cuz she can't seem to get her point across to her kids.

Sex, it Ain't a Bad Thing

For someone to ask if sex addiction actually exists, only means they don't know much about our sexual behavior, which in turn means they probably don't get a lot action, for what ever reason. Maybe because they're ugly, I don't know, maybe they're missing the needed hormones. Admit it or not, we're all pervs, being addicted to sex to one degree or another. From the difference in species alone, we're weird. Women approach sex different then men. Women like to be cuddled, men just wanna bang, roll over and sleep the night away. According to what I read, if a women masturbates for 5-10 minutes a day, she's addicted. How is that an addiction? Hell, there's some men I won't shake hands with because their hands are full of blisters, and they walk funny. Nothing wrong about enjoying sex, unless you find yourself having sex in the local car wash, with the attendant, that's perverted.

Healing Thy Wound

I'm telling you right out, medical technology has entered into the magical, mystical realm where weird shit is happening. Regenerative technology is right around the corner. Pretty soon, I won't have to worry about falling into my fire pit when I'm stumbling drunk, cuz modern medicine will be able to reprogram my cells, make me better, stronger. Now if we could get the pharmaceutical companies on board to lower the cost of Viagra, I'd be a happy camper.

The Intelligence of the Populace

Hmmm, if you vote for a dead, or an indicted person, are you just misinformed, or are you stupid? I'll admit, there's a couple of stupid, or simply misinformed people out there. I know a couple. However, I'm thinking when a dead person wins, like Dennis Hoff in Nevada, or Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, both under federal indictment, I'm not sure how that happens. I don't believe that many people are stupid and misinformed, or that, that many people don't give a flying fuck. If voters are trying to send a message, I'm not sure what message I'm supposed to take away. The one commonality is they're all republicans, and judging from what I've seen of hard core trump supporters, they might not believe that Dennis Hoff is dead, or the other two are not under indictment. Go figure.