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Thank F*cking God

It's Friday,

Because I'm in dire straits.


Americans Indians ain't  Indigenous

Sometimes, people spout shit that just makes me want to slap 'em shitless. Andrew Lindeman, a candidate for our local school board fits that bill. Hey, I get we're all descended from African apes, so there's no real indigenous people anywhere, but Andy's line of thought denies human evolution, human migration, and the rise of civilizations and cultures. Wait though, it gets worse, Andy believes if you ain't strong enough to hold on to what you have, you deserve to lose it to whoever can kick your ass, and take it. Well, if that's the case, if you live in a nicer house than I do, I'm going to come kick your ass and move in. In a final blow to sensibility, Andy justifies his beliefs by saying Native Americans ain't victims, we all are. Well, Andy, my shitfilled friend, for someone that wants to set on my schoolboard, read some god damn history.

#MeToo, Only Me.

Nothing for Trump is off limits when it comes to creating division and ridicule, be it a disabled person, a political opponent, a person that done him wrong, a journalist, a woman, or a movement.  But damn, throw a little shade his way, and does he get pissed or what? Like it or not, Trump is a master of propaganda, but only to an extent. He can't sell his sarcastic ridicule to most common sense Americans, but he sells it well to those who linger on his every word, who anxiously wait for his next condemnation of whatever, or whoever is next on his list. Trump knows that, and probably little else, and feeds that beast viciously. Not caring what harm he does, Trumps feeds his ego, that's what's important to him. It gives him life, it gives him meaning. I get Trump, I do, but what I don't get are his followers, those that defend him, those that hang on his every word. I can't help but wonder if there's something there, in Trump, that gives their lives meaning. I don't believe it's a matter of being entertained, probably more a matter of finding some kind of misplaced value in their lives. Like Trump, it's all about them. Not about America. Not about freedom, or equality, just them.

Sun Good, Rain Bad

Just so you know, the weather effects your mood. You might have known that, but do you know why? Take for an example, a Hurricane comes along and wipes out your life, you get depressed a bit. It's because you haven't seen the sun for 48 hours and you lack the refreshing qualities of vitamin D. I would have thought it would have been because everything I've worked for was gone. What do I know, tho', I've been living with wet, cold rain for the last week, winters around the corner, and I'm using the abrupt weather change as an excuse to not rake my lawn. Weathers good for making excuses too.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.

Death, and no Fucking Rebirth

When I was a kid, I was marked for life, scarred I say. I've carried that scar on my left shoulder all my life. That scar saved countless hundreds of thousands of lives, and resides as a triumph of science over disease and death. But sometimes, science is stupid, people are stupider, like someone declaring they can splice Smallpox back together using fragments of DNA. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, right? Doesn't mean you will, right? So why have the conversation? Hell, I'm not even sure we have a vaccine for smallpox these days, it's been eradicated since the early eighties, but know what, we'll probably learn the hard way.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.

Snails, Gifts & Sex

Turns out, snails and other creepy crawlers ain't much different then us humans when wanting a little physical love. In the case of the snail, the male sperm is loaded with nutrients. That's right, food! Christ, sometimes the images that come with a simple statement are overwhelming, and I just can't. All I got left is, 'Hon, I'm good for Burger King'. Shhesh, eating at the same time you're having sex. Snails! Gotta love nature.

Merry go Round

WTF? Is there a literal revolving door between Fox and the White White House? I mean, like holy shit, isn't it bothersome that our President considers Fox the only news channel in existence, being a regular call in to Fox and Friends. Then there's the nightly line up, where evening hosts do nothing but give props to the PG in chief. So why would it be a surprise that Foxes Bill Shine got a job in the Administration, and Hope Hicks just landed a job with Fox? It's like a great big circle jerk, with Mama Democracy watching and weeping.

Can you Guess

the Republican in this MN local debate for a house seat? Hmmm, let me see who has a a sense of aggressive entitlement and is dismissive of the women next to him. Why, by golly, that's Duane Quam there on the left, the incumbent, running against Jamie Mahlberg Look, I don't know the history behind the clip, don't know what was being talked about, but context aside, the short clip speaks volumes about white male entitlement, or maybe Duane's just a complete jerk who doesn't have an iota of respect. You decide, Vote!

Future Past

We are a Nation that allows individual beliefs, and perhaps that's why history keeps repeating and we find ourselves politically, where we are today. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not a Nazi sympathizer, in fact I'm disgusted by their beliefs, and their actions, but they're a necessary evil, reminding us all of the darkness that lurks in the hearts of some. There will always live among us those who would see themselves as better than their neighbor, willing to subject those who they believe to be less, to degradation, while maintaining privilege and oversight. Names, labels may change through the years, but the base intent to assert dominance over others, in some form, in some fashion does not. Life is not perfect, we all face personal challenges, but to deny a decent life to one because their beliefs are different, their skin color different, is a tragic step back into our past. America is great because of our diversity, because the best tasting stew comes when everything is thrown into the pot.

It's Happening

Like it or not, deny it if you want, but the train is chugging down the tracks in our direction. Doesn't matter if it's man made, or a natural cycle, that locomotive is pulling into town, and if we're not gathered and prepped to greet it, we're screwed. If there's anybody out there, and there's a lot of 'em, that doesn't think our weather is changing to the extreme, they're blind, they're deaf, or probably thinking God will take care of 'em. Doesn't matter anymore if climate change is a natural cycle or if it's man made, it's real, and we should be addressing it on all fronts, and we're running out of time. Of course, you can view the 2030 date as a scare tactic, but my kids, my grandkids will be alive in 2030, 40 and 50, and I'd like them to have a somewhat decent planet where they, and their children can live their lives out.

Just Like That,

It is Friday.

And because I'm a hard working government employee, I've got a three day weekend. That makes me happy. Know what else makes me happy? I'm officially under the one year mark till retirement.

51 weeks and counting.