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Class Act

Some people have class, and others don't, that's a fact of life. I don't know if it's natural, or you have to learn it, but I'm telling you, New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern has some impressive class. Ardern's empathy following the terroristic murders in her home country of New Zealand go unmatched, and I'm left wanting here in my country. Defining herself as a Democrat Socialist, a progressive, a republican and a feminist, she's the only world leader I'm aware of who actually handed off the reigns of leadership for six weeks to take maternity leave. I set back, and I think about comparisons to other world leaders, many whom I admire, and none of them come close, especially here at home, and I'd urge all of em to take a look at humanity in action. I'm betting that at 38, she's going to be around for a while, and that makes me hopeful.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.


What you believe

What you think

What you know


Unless you’ve happened

Along some great truth

You’d care to share


I’ll share

Chances are

you’re wrong

Never listened

Never learned

All you got

Is what you’ve

been told.


Parents, Friends

Relatives, Politicians


All profound truths

That pale in comparison

to thought, to knowledge

to action, to compassion

to Experience.


Truth from someone

who has never ventured

from their safety

from their warmth

from their family

yet in their world

They know the world

as it is.


Their truth.



A Growing Regeneration

I've always believed I'd see the technology to regenerate a lost limb, or organ in my lifetime, so I'm not surprised that researchers are hot on that. We've known for a long time that regeneration occurs, Sharks constantly growing teeth, Lizards regrowing their tales and Spiders regrowing a missing leg. Turns out, scientists at Harvard have found the on/off switch that controls whole body regeneration in humans. Turns out, that switch was hidden in our junk DNA, which carries no information, as I understand it, but as I write this, that belief is changing. Pretty quick here, I'm guessing there isn't going to be an excuse for not growing a pair of balls.

To Time and Back

Times an interesting construct, I've always believe it's existence is dependent upon human perception, kinda like how we can't see the entire light spectrum, neither can we see the entire spectrum of time. Interesting that scientists have moved the clock backwards, at least theoretically, using quantum computing, and I'm thinking that one of these days, someones going to show up on my doorstep claiming to be a far flung future ancestor. Now that would be an interesting conversation. All said and done, it makes sense that one day we'll make that leap, opening a reality far different then we live in now, and it's not too far of a reach to think our future descendants will at least be observing their history. When you think about it, anything is possible.

The Light Fantastic

Out of the box thinking is what moves us forward. Some people might call it dreaming of all the possibilities open to us, and others just kick back, scoff, and manage to reap the profits. Personally, I'm not big on ships trucking through space, directed by laser beams on earth pushing their sails along, least that's how I understand it works. Leastways, not unless earth has a damn good plan in place for a rescue mission in case of a power outage. I don't doubt there's some brave souls out there that at some point in time will take a 20 year trip in a lightship, that today would take a godzillion years, and they're better trusting dreamers than I am, so kudos to 'em when they get the chance, and go.

Keeping Your Mouth Shut

What is this shit? I get there are circumstances where a business would want an employee to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, perhaps to keep them from spilling the beans about new product innovations. But in journalism? So journalists can't talk about stories they've investigated, and published. Why, that's just a new level of bullshit, isn't it? But let's just call it what it is. Censorship! Look, I get Trump, himself, uses NDA's, and I'm half assed fine with him doing so, but not when it comes to Fox News, or any other media outlet, that's just bullshit, and I'm of the opinion they're hiding something that shouldn't be hid. And don't confuse the issue with who owns the rights to the story, it's not about that, it's about freedom of speech. Owning the rights to the written worn word is a lot different then understanding the facts in the written word, and when we don't know the facts, well, we're just fucked.

The Speed of a Mouse Click

There is a lot of similarities between the Salem Witch trials and the demonizing of Muslims today. Ignorance, hate, religion, fabrications, lies, all played parts in the Massachusetts trials over three hundred years ago. There's no easy explanation for how people behave, yesterday or today, but there are a lot of parallels. If I wanted to reinforce a belief, I just need to agree with you, even if I know otherwise. If I want to turn your attention to hate, I'll use your ignorance against you, claiming your religion is under threat, by simply repeating it is under threat, until you believe it might be. People today are no different than we were during the late 1600's, we might be a bit more 'civilized' with our phones and cars, but we are not more civil, we are not more enlightened. In fact, the hate and ignorance spreads at the speed of a mouse click, and we are poorer for it.

The Weekend Cometh



Procreate till you die my friends, it's what we do, it who we are, and proof of that is in the weekend, unless you're old and feeble, then you just chill in your memories. Enjoy!

The Social in Socialism

At heart, I'm a free market capitalist with a tinge of socialist beliefs, meaning you have the right to make a shitload of money, as long as you do it in an honorable, and legal fashion that does no harm to the welfare of human beings. I'm also a realist, and understand that you can't reconcile the two without government oversight. So call me a socialist! I don't believe Corporations should be tagged, and defined as a legal person, one that has more rights than the next person. I also don't believe Government oversight should be involved in dictating what a business can and cannot do, unless their behavior is harmful. So call me a democratic socialist. I don't care for that term either. When it comes to calling out what type of Government we are, have at it, because the truth is we're a mix of Democracy with underpinnings of socialism. Our Veterans Administration, our volunteer fire departments, Social Security, all are socialistic in nature. And they're not bad things. The problem with how socialism is perceived by most Americans is due to how Government oversight  has moved from oversight to outright intrusion, not on the publics behalf, but on the Governments behalf. The key word is perceived. Perception is different from where you're standing, it's a law of time and space. If you're a Corporation, there's always too much Government interference, if you live in Flint, Michigan, there ain't near enough. From my vantage point, there's a whole lot of Government overreach into public lives, and just as much into the corporate world, but it's not an equal playing field in the sense that the corporate world is merging with our Government, where the two are becoming indistinguishable from each other, and the people are being left out of the game. That's not a democracy, and when social programs are being cut, people suffer. The natural swing of the pendulum will be back toward socialism, and we see that playing out, and at this point in time, I don't see that as a bad thing. Of course, the simple solution is to take corporate money out of politics, but we both know that is not going to happen. The only question I have is, will that swing of the pendulum happen in a peaceful way? I'm of the opinion, it won't.

Yesterday is Today

Ironic, isn't it? How we all know history repeats itself, how we all claim we should learn from past mistakes, yet we never seem to. Back in 1897, 19 miners were killed in what is known as the Lattimer Massacre, most of them shot in the back as they were running away when their protest broke up. Of course, there was a trial, and the murderers were found innocent, because, as the defense claimed, those who died were “invaders from the Steppes of Hungary” who had come to America to destroy peace and liberty. Yes, the 19 who died, digging the coal, were immigrants, immigrants who changed America forever, for the better, better wages, better working conditions, being part of the poor mans effort to have a voice in their lives. Over a hundred and twenty years later, we've forgotten them, we've forgotten their struggle, we've forgotten why they died, and I suspect if 19 immigrants were murdered today, those accused would still walk free, especially if the dead were Muslims.

Young & Beautiful

Truth is, I'm a bit jealous of todays kids. Spring break for me consisted of setting on a bar stool in a dive bar, hitting on some woman with no teeth. But some things never change, and kids having fun before their lives become entwined with work and family ain't a bad thing, so I don't have a problem with it, unless it gets way outta hand. Problem is, some people my age think outta hand is acting like you're eighteen, forgetting what they acted like when they were that age. I'm guessing a lot of older people wish they were that young again so they could participate in the fun, cuz once you start working, start raising a family, those days are gone.

Equality, My Ass!

So rich, entitled people have been illegally paying shitloads of money to get their kids accepted into the hallowed halls of some prestigious institutions. This shouldn't surprise you, good lord, we all know about Trumps bone spurs. Christ, we shutter the poor into neighborhoods, and forget about them, Inequality isn't new, but this, this shit of paying a bribe to some dude to cheat, this way or that, to get your kid into a school they'd never otherwise qualify for splays the argument open to it's bone. If you have money, you're treated different, in the courts, in education, in the streets. Equality for all is a lie! We divide people by financial means, by race, by culture, by social means, and even by religion. I get inequality is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean we accept this shit, that we don't keep knocking on that door. Know what really pisses me off, none of those rich, entitled fucks are going to spend a day behind bars. They'll pay a fine, which they can afford too, and walk off into the sunset. One of these days, people are going to get really tired of breadcrumbs, and they're going to eat the rich. Lord, next you'll be reading about old rich men visiting sex slaves in a massage parlor

Good for the Goose

Guys! Imagine a world where a dude is charged with aggravated assault if he doesn't wear a condom. Not weird enough for you? How about having to seek written permission from your other half before asking for a little Viagra from your Doc? Worse, if you're in the mood to rub one out and wanna watch a little porn to help out, you gotta wait 24 hours. While these laws might not pass at the moment, they are being offered up in a bill by Georgia's minority whip, Dar'shun Kendric. Me? I'm not laughing because, ..because what if women were in the majority? And the way things are going, they're going to be, and I'm fine with that, but I'm thinking us guys could head a lot of shit, like the above proposals, off, if we just started treating women like people, with a little respect and a hella lot more dignity. Please.. before it's too late.

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