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It's a rough,

Tequila fueled,

Sunday morn...

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It's Friday, let me teach you how to eat,

marinate the meat.


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Alternate Text How do you deal with this shit?


Here's the background!


..and while you're at it, why not check out some of the other manipulations going on over at Fox news. God Bless America!



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Pelosi Elected. Again!


I would have thought that the election would have taught Democrats something, that after 14 years, there needs to be a change. That the last 14 years of Nancy's leadership has given us absolutely nothing but ruin, even when we were in the majority, her leadership gained us nothing. Nothing but money in the coffers, and a Clinton disaster.




Alternate Text I'm ready for the season finale of



I really don't have a clue what to expect, and that's coming from a guy that usually has tv shit figured out.




I'm really beginning to wonder what kind of species we are. As a man, I'm just totally shocked at the abuse women are talking about, abuse dealt out by men; past boyfriends, lovers, acquaintances and yes, friends.


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I've been taking an introspective look, and I've said this before, I've done some pretty stupid things in my life, things I'm actually ashamed of, toward women, but most of that was in my youth, and decades later, I am ashamed of some of my behavior. But to violate anybody, especially someone who is less physical, is beyond pale. Where does one derive the right, the justification to do so. That comprehension escapes my senses.


I hope women keep talking, because there are men who listen, who will learn, who can change, who can even help.


'A man can be many things, but a man is nothing until he understands, and believes in the equality of the human species.'



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I'll just call it.                                           Drudge is alt right.

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Dividing us for personal gain.


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Eat Well

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Be Safe, enjoy Family & Friends


Don't Understand what's happening in our country Alternate Text anymore. Innocent protesters are being victimized at Standing Rock, people can't drink the water in Flint, and Nazis, literal Nazis, are saluting their support of Trump, who'll criticize anybody at the drop of a pin, but not these idiots. Worse, people seem content to post their selfies on FB  and let it all slide. All I got to say is WTF people, pay attention, turn the camera around.


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When Colonization goes wrong


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Can kill ya!







Alternate Text I’m late. It’s in my genes, to be late. Some things never change. Some things always change, even when they stay the same.


I was laid back in my gravity chair, the milky way a comfortable blanket with the snap, pop and crackle of my fire at my feet. I searched the heavens, looking for nothing. Looking for everything. Searching for something I knew I would never find.       More


LA Preps for Strike!

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Alternate Text Say what?

you can make money with a website?


Ima gunna be rich



"There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good."




Some people are just awesome!


The more I see of Kate Mckinnon, the more I love her.



It is that Simple.

I believe in life. Not war, not abortion, not murder, not capital punishment. I understand that choices must be made, for a variety of reasons to end a life. I believe in those choices, your choices, our choices. I believe those choices always come with a cost, a personal cost to both an individual and to a Nation. There are those who use life as nothing more than a dividing line, a line to corruption, greed and power. It is that simple.

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In every story

there is a






"I understand protest. That said, I do wish the people who go out en mass, and protest for protest sake, spend that energy in working for a political campaign, taking part in your community politics, researching issues, learning, teaching and talking."




Leonard Cohen is now Dancing to the end of time. God Bless



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President Trump

I don’t know what the world is going to look like two years down the road. I do know this, people who believe that America will have a new wall to equal China’s great wall, will be disappointed. People who believe that American Companies around the globe will pack up, and return home with high paying jobs, will be disappointed. People who are war wearied, and want an end to perpetual wars are going to be extremely disappointed. People who believe their wages are going to skyrocket, are going to be disappointed. People who believe that people of color, people of different cultures, people of different religions will soon know their place, will be sorely disappointed. People who believe Trump will dissolve the National debt will be disappointed, People who believe Trump will decrease Government, and return power to the states, will be disappointed.

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In every story, there is a conspiracy.




Alternate Text It would be easy to just laugh this off. Doing so would be a mistake, considering that Gingrich and Giuliani are being considered for top positions in Trumps administration. Google their marriage history.


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Chase the white Rabbit


Cuz we're all layin our heads down upon a Surralistic pillow.



There's no winning!

Alternate Text Either way, for the next four years, our President, our leaders, will not heal racial, economic, or cultural divides.  The abyss between races will grow, the rich will continue to steal the wealth of the Nation, and we'll be constantly bombarded with fear. This is a sad reflection of the great Nation we once were. Once a Nation of intelligent, compassionate people, we have become a nation unable to filter truth from lie, entertainment from news, and truthfully, reality from fantasy.



The BIG problem with being the sole owner of a website, is that when shit hit's the fan, there's no one there to step in and get the job done.


I needed a break anyway.



It's Halloween Week

From my Family to yours


Asshole of the Moment

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Say What?



Alternate Text Seems to be..

a dangerous game being played in America at the moment. Of blame and deception. The Republican base have descended into the conspiracy dark ages with out proof or reason and know this, they ain't going to like the outcome of this election, either way!



It's going to be

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for all of us


         Stef Rustic


Watch his latest, then stop by his channel. As A scify guy, I loved the creativity behind Nova.




It is Rigged. Alternate Text

Against us!


Our candidates are proof of that.




Prepping for the

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Big one.



How very Strange!

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Al friggin' ready?

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Enjoy Friday with a Little




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Reflections of a Decision


"The thing is, thats life. You don't have a say in everything but every once in a while you have a responsibility to say something,  about something and when that time Alternate Text comes, you need to do so, or flounder in your nights sleep wishing you had. Before doing so can create many a sleepless night, 'should I say something, or remain silent?' as your wife stares at you between pillows and tells you to let it go."



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and I never remember names..






Been there, done that,

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Going Again!



I'm of an inquiring mind

about the reality of our existence.



I have an idea.

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Let's put a pipeline right through here.


Life in the Dakota Protest Camps

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Companies that pay Americans the least

Who is Number 1



'Nuff Said

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What's more Destructive than a Hurricane





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Be Safe,

Matthews going to be a Bitch!





Police Town, USA

'With the advent of the surveillance state, the police are finding out, that they too are being watched, even in the security of their own work environments. Officer Michael Alternate Text Hart could tell you more about that. So could Deputy Keller, or Corrections Officer Graham. Than there’s the 16 LA County deputies who thought they were safe in their own private world. Mind you, these are instances that happened in their own police stations, jails and the security of their own.'




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They're just

all over the place





Who's watching the VP debates?

Anyone?    Anywhere?

Kinda what I thought, lol.



Asshole of the Moment

Rudy Giuliani

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When it comes to morals,

and a little thing called ethics,

he's the pig in the pot calling the kettle black.


Coolness Rules

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22 Veterans a day commit suicide. That's one every 80 minutes, and all this asshole can donald rump say is 'Maybe they can't handle it'.




Dare ya!



Do U Know?

Just like a fingerprint,

you're tongueprint is special.

Women like that shit in a man.



Wanna see the more,

well go ahead and click,

but wait for it to load.