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This is the thing...

Without Federal oversight, States and local communities will discriminate. It's that simple! Our Secretary of Education doesn't get that, won't admit it, can't understand that, and in fact, I believe, accepts that fact. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, Devoss would like to see us get back to the days of segregation, cuz if a school can deny admission based on sexual identity, they can deny on race, color and culture.

Do We Really

have a genetic propensity of shared obligation and commitment? When reading the news, you'd think that's all bullshit, that we're all out for our ourselves.


But I'd like to believe that most sensible people tend to believe we're in this shitstorm together, and the only way out of that storm is through our shared dreams, our realization, that we need to work together.


Then again, in the scheme of things, we're all still toddlers.


The sun is out, the trees are spring green, the sky blue, so why not enjoy some ACDC.

I seethe at some shit.!

A 20 year old kid drugs his little sister, then rapes her. And the judge is worried about the stigma attached to the kids conviction.


Know what I'm worried about? Stupid frigging judges that don't get it! The kid needs help, I hope he gets it, and I hope his sister gets a ton of help in dealing with the Rape, and I hope the judge gets de-benched, and humiliated.

An Oral Sex Defense

Wait.. What?!

Well, that makes all the sense in the world, a woman chokes on his load. He's charged with murder, And he's acquitted.

What a strange world we live in. Funny sometimes, but strange, damn strange.


For spreading conspiracy story shit about a dead man to further his own agenda and ratings, Sean Hannity is my Asshole Of the Moment. Then when called on his shit, Hannity back-peddles, claiming he no longer will talk about the murder conspiracy out of respect for the family of the deceased.


This old man's heart is broken this morning.

Broken because of the world we live in, a world of violence and intolerance. I grieve for the lives lost in Manchester, the young lives, the parents, England, and the world at large. I grieve at who we have become, and I grieve that I have become numb, knowing there will be another Manchester, and another. Sooner then later.


This is not the world I want. This is not the world I expected to grow old in, this is not the world I want my children to live in.


We can end this, we can change this. We can do so without giving into those who hate the world, without returning the slaughter. We can do so without giving up our values, our ethics.


We can end the carnage with will, with dialogue, with respect, with understanding, and political means. Doing so will not be easy, and it begins with leadership, and an evaluation of our place in the world. We, as Americans were once deeply respected for our role on the world stage, for our desire to further Democracy, our way of life through peaceful means, without political agenda, without profit.


I much rather be respected than feared.

Holy Good Shit

Somebodies bumming, big time.

"Hello, is this the Police station? I understand that you've found something that I've lost..."

O' Good Lord!

I'd like a Slushie

made with Europan Ice, or a whisky & water, on Europan ice. Or I could take a washed Gram with Europan Ice.

What did you do this weekend?

I did this!

To Go, Where no one has gone before.

The more I hear about this series, the more I might pick up a CBS subscription.

It's been a quick week.

That said, I'm around this weekend cuz the weather sucks.

Let's all come together this weekend for some fun.


Get through next week, and I'm off for a week, so I'm already kind in vaca mode.


Gone, than Dead.

Roger Ailes changed the world we live in. By penetrating to the emotional core of his audience, he moved them with passionate opinion framed in nuanced language. In a strange way, he did a service to the American public, in that he reminded us, and other news organizations, that yellow journalism will always be with us, and it is to be feared, and fought.

Doesn't matter who you are? Where you are. We all are capable of fucking something up, somewhere, sometime. It's kind of a Universal trait, like that time aliens tried to colonize.

There are a lotta Angry Old White Guys!

Angry that the economy ain't doing so good, but they got 2 cars, a boat and a snowmobile. Angry that kids these days are spoiled, but it's the other kids, not theirs. Angry that women got a say in shit, yet their wife has always had a say in shit. Angry that human sexuality is openly discussed, instead of in a bar, over beer. Angry that DNR limits their catch, but they have fish to actually catch. Angry that some damn minorities have the same rights as they do, including moving in next door.

I know, cuz most of 'em are my friends.

People just wanna

believe anything, and I don't have an explanation for it. That said, I personally believe that conditions on Mars once could have supported life, life that moved to Earth before the great calamity. But that's me. Based on something other than bullshit... (I think)

Hey Man, did you know...

smart people smoke weed, man.

Corrupt, Crooked & a C**t to Boot.

And boot we should, Jeff Sessions, right into a jail cell. This man is charting a course toward mandatory longer prison sentences.


I get the hard line on crime. I do! But read Rand Paul's  thoughts on that, and take a quick minute and reflect on some of the data, on some of Rand's thoughts. Then ask yourself, why two of his aids suddenly became lobbyists for one of the largest private prison companies, GEO,  that our Government is contracting with.


And wait, did I mention Sessions owns Stock in Vanguard? GEO is a Vanguard holding, that means our AG is making a profit based upon his order to increase prison time!

On my Blog, Along a Rural Road

'I love diversity, I love the fact that diversity is creeping into our smaller communities. And it’s a creeping feeling that some people don’t like, the kinda person who hasn’t ventured far outside their own county, much less state. The kinda person who probably has a twenty some year relationship with their bar stool. Might be I’m being somewhat obnoxiously judgmental about some folk, but the thing is, that’s been my experience.'

Some Monday Mornings,

I just get weird, and I'm OK with that. Are you?



Enjoy your Friday,

if you're not old enough to understand this song,

it's context, study your history,

cuz we are on the verge of dark days.


So that I understand this. Trump warns us that the evil Obama spied on him, taped his conversations. And now Trump is warning Comey not to leak because he 'might' have taped their conversations.


Yea, unhinged, it is.

25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won't Die


Just remember it's NASA, the mother of all coverups writing this shit. I happen to know that a UFO crashed in Roswell, and the aliens were taken to Area 51. Just like I know there's a face of me on Mars.

Because I.just.know.things.

Never Fear

For he is here,

To save the day

He wears the Red, White and Blue

for me,

and not for you.




let it load