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Rob Paxton

The Devil in the Nun

A 17th century nun, infested by the devil, pens a cryptic letter, that goes undeciphered until the advent of code breaking software found only on the dark web, finally reveals the truth about God.


I ain't making this shit up!


But to make a short story even shorter, Satan claims God is a 'deadweight', that man made him up. The problem I have, is if God is made up, so is the old horned one, and if that's the case, who wrote the letter. Hmmm....


I'm not a legal expert, not even close, but I'm thinking Paul Manafort is toast. Burnt toast.  I do however, recognize a scumbag when I see 'em. Best case scenario for this dude is that all he's ever cared about is lining his own pockets, even at the expense of selling out his own country. Worse case, Manaforts a downright anti American, Russian spy, both are trademarks of a outright scumbag.

Know what scumbags do when their backs are up against the wall? That's right, they sing like a canary.

Trumps UN Speech

Teddy Roosevelt said 'Speak softly, and carry a big stick.' Trump on the other hand prefers you to know that he has a big old baseball bat and he's going to clobber you with it, along with a bunch of innocent people. Problem is, Trump can't, Trump won't, because that would mean the end of the world as we know it. Bombastic threats are all that Trump has, because he is a little man at heart, that doesn't understand how to speak softly with meaning. Be it toward women, opponents, or people he just doesn't agree with, it's all he has, a big bat of humiliation. And that's already old, and laughable.

How is this even possible?

When I was a kid, I saw two dogs get stuck together, and my Dad threw a bucket of cold water on 'em. That worked! This, this is different. I don't think a bucket of cold water would solve this. Simple because some things don't belong some places, and a head up a womens vagina is one of 'em. It's a general rule of physics that can't be violated, until now. Good lord, the search for new horizons is everlasting.

Gimme a Break.

This is like the fifth time Republicans are going to try to ram a bill through to replace ObamaCare. Hey, how about taking all the time you've wasted on bullshit attempts, do a serious study on what needs to be fixed, work with the Democrats, and just fix it.  But no, for some reason, your disgust with Obama is so fucking real, you put it in the window, showing us all, that you don't mind screwing us with your bullshit.


filming porn in Walmart, I get. Burger King, not so much!

With over 4,000 subscribers, and over a million Pornhub views, they must be doing something right.

Who's the Greatest?

There were and are so many great personalities in the world of wrestling, I can't agree with who the greatest are, and I won't disagree either. Bobby the Brain Heenan certainly belongs up there. I suppose for my kids, their picks might be different than mine, and maybe that's all there is to say.

God Bless Bobby!


Now there's Proof

that some people just don't have God given intelligence.


When you send in for your DNA analysis, make sure you check the box requesting the number of your intelligence genes. I really wanna know.

And speaking of Stardust

Get one with the universe this weekend, cuz reality comes Monday morning.

Todays Science lesson.

Wow! You think you're life is complicated? The whole frigging Universe is complicated. But I learned something. Not sure I'm OK with a zillion neutrinos passing through my body as I write this, but hey, we're all stardust, right?

Gotta be the Drugs, man.

The latest conspiracy theory being pushed by Alex Jones and Roger Stone is that Trump is being drugged by the shadow government.




I just spent about five minutes staring at my screen trying to figure out how I want to frame this, and I can't. The absurdity of the shit that people sell and buy has no definition. All I got to say, is that it must be some good shit, cuz Trump is off in la la land.

A dangerous game.

Chuck and Nancy are playing a dangerous game with Trump. Trump is already refuting their claims that there was an agreement on DACA and stated the wall will still be built. Deals with Trump are dangerous as Trump will flip on a dime depending on the outrage of his small base, if his ego gets bruised, or simply, if he decides there's nothing in it for him. Trumps view of the world around him is limited, his speech articulation proves that, in that like his ego, his speech patterns are short, simple and often confusing. That's his world view. Small, simple, and anything outside his world is confusing.

Go for it!

In a nutshell, the Health Insurance industry along with big Pharma has been ripping the American citizen off for years. When I was a kid, my doctor had his own office downtown, and then the move toward HMOs came around. Instead of lowering cost, shortening wait times, and increasing access, Health Maintenance Organizations made a total mess of our healthcare system. Neighborhood doctors disappeared, locally owned clinics disappeared, the system became clogged, paperwork multiplied, family doctors became a thing of the past.

So go for it Bernie!

Nothin' like a good meme

'cept when it's a Russian meme bent on dividing us. This kind of shit is still liked and shared by people of differing political thought  on my FB time-line to an astonishing degree of ignorance (which is a better word than stupidness, maybe.) They don't care about the truth, the memes fit their emotional state, and they like and share gleefully, not caring they're doing the Russians dirty work of dividing us.

It's OK Ted,

Corey Chase is hot. Good to know you're a pervert just like the rest of us. Almost makes you a regular sort of guy, 'cept you're not cuz you had to go blame some lowly staffer. C'mon dude, rise to the occasion and admit you love Cory Chase, we all do.

Hey Ted,

one more thing, here's some good reading. From what I'm told, the Kama Sutra even has pictures. You like pictures, don't ya? Or is it just moving pictures?

Than again, the Kama Sutra is considered classic lit, which means you should be reading, and not just looking at the pics, but hey, I get it. Readings a bitch, easier to just look. Sorry there ain't no video, vids just weren't in style quite yet. But go ahead, enjoy!

Once again!

I just don't have the words. The devastation and impact on peoples lives is heartbreaking. I do believe when adversity strikes, we become better, we become the best of what humanity has to offer. We, as Americans have always exemplified that. Helping each other, regardless of race, creed, culture or color of skin. That's who we are.

Sixteen years,

and it still feels like yesterday. I was working nights, and was about ready to leave when the news broke. I hurried home, and watched in disbelief, constantly switching channels looking for answers. Over the years, we've learned a lot about how it was planned, who did it, but the thing is, in my mind, there are still unresolved questions. Like who funded the attack? Why blame Iraq? Who profited from insider trading indicating there was advance knowledge of the attack?

Hurricanes to the West, Earthquakes to the South, Fires to the West,

could be, we're all a bit uncomfortably numb.

It's going to be

a hell of a weekend for our citizens along our South Eastern coastline. Be safe my friends, and God Bless.

The Power of Science.

Comfortable to know our Scientists are at least thinking about a way to diffuse the super volcano we know as Yellowstone. While I might not see the plan come into fruition in my lifetime, it's somewhat nice to know our offspring won't be buried in mountains of ash, not volcanic ash anyway. Now if they could do something about the damn weather.


I got nothing better to do, I'm tired of politics, hurricanes and fires, so why not stare at the ceiling. As long as I have to stare at the ceiling, I figure I ought to stare at some pretty cool ceilings. So, yea, ceilings.


In a nutshell, the political divide comes down to people being scared of change. Yea, that's right, a lot of Republicans are pussies, afraid of anyone different than they. That might sound harsh, but they all want a Country that never was, The Nation they want only existed in their childhood, on black and white TV, so turn off the Beaver reruns and get with reality.


It needs to be said, the cause of global warming is secondary. While we're arguing if it's a natural cycle or man made, the weather is devastating us. Fires in the west, Hurricanes in the east, people are suffering and dying... and our politicians are arguing over cause. How about some laws restricting building on coastlines, environmental protections for natural barriers. You know, shit like that!

Excalibur has risen

from Dozmary Pool, the legendary lake where King Arthur returned the sword. Does this mean Matilda Jones is the rightful heir to the English throne? Is she King Arthur reincarnated? Will the lady of the lake, now pond, reveal herself? Can I set at the round table?

Who Knew,

this shit was real. Can't help but wonder if William Freidkin's new documentary, with an actual exorcism, will be as horrifying as 'The Exorcist' was 35 years ago. Doubt it, cuz that original shit was real.

Today is a day

to remember that there are people who literally died to give you and I a safe working environment, a somewhat decent wage, the weekend and a 40 hour week.

Here's one story.

If you need some lovin' this Friday

Get some in my house.

Guess I was Wrong.

I thought if you lived in a flood plain, it was mandatory that you have a little thing called flood insurance. Apparently, only if you live in a FEMA designated flood plain and your mortgage is federally backed. OK, I get that! But hey, let me say, Insurance companies should be looking for a way to cover a clients loss as opposed to looking for a way to not cover their loss. Why, because we're Americans, we help each other, it's who we are, it's what we do. That includes American Insurance companies. If everyday individuals can donate hard earned money to the cause, so can insurance companies, right along side other major corporations.

There are no words!

Amid the horror of Harvey, we have this bullshit. This chemical plant exploded due to flooding, owners and public officials expected it would explode. Why? Because there were no fire suppression systems installed, and on top of that, Arkema, the owners were under no legal obligation to report what was being stored to local public officials. Texas actually prohibits 70 percent of it's counties from having a fire code. Governor Abbot changed the reporting of stored chemicals last year, so companies no longer have to report what is being stored to local officials, chemicals stored in their communities.


There's a place, and a need for regulations folks! Here's a piece to watch on why it happened.


let it load