Rob Paxton

For the love of all humanity, please God, say it ain't so.

In the annuals of all things that are round, like door knobs, how can anyone associate with that which is flat?

Look in the mirror Shaq, the mirror. Things are round, can be round!


It's OK, roundness is good.

I remember a time back in '66 when Chuck and I were crouched in the dense jungles of Barabushka. We were camo'd, waiting to take out a armored convoy. Chuck lights a smoke, turns to me, pulls out this paper bag with holes cut out for my eyes.


Put this on, he says...




I wish people would take the time to listen to this podcast. As I did, I identified with every single word, every emotion, event, and thought.


Listen to the Podcast.

You Think! ﷯

Iron Fist,


Read one medium review, but I liked it.

I binged.

Always gotta say it. When I'm sick, when life gets the fuck real, I don't have anyone to step in for me.  This site is what I claim it to be, individual owned, and individual stoned washed, & then hung out to dry.


Just a bit more, below.

So like last Wednesday, I started getting sick. You know, flu crud, coughing, congestion and crap. Got home at one in the morning and crawled into bed. Called my provider Thursday, looking to get in, and what do I hear?


"Before we can schedule an appointment you need to pay a 180.00$ from 2014'


I'm pukin', some frickin' alien in my chest is going to burst out, splattering my poisonous blood everywhere.


180.00$? WTF are you talking about?


To be clear, St. Cloud medical group blackmailed me into paying a bill when I was was horribly sick. I never received a bill, the damn bill never went to collections, and you know what. a year down the road, when they do their annual auditing of accounts, I'll get the check back, probably. I've been here before.


That's just bullshit!

Tripping the light fantastic.

Well, looks like some species out there got it right. I hope we get out there some day to find out, answer some questions, but with our luck, we'll end up with a flat on the way, and be late for the party.

Look, if I had a Chronovisor I'd change some stuff up, but I'm thinking since the CIA and the Vatican have one, they've changed all kinds of shit, and that's probably why we're in the mess we're in. Think about it. Now think about this, if Trump finds out the CIA has a Chronovisor, he'll want to play with it... Wait a minute, how do we know he already hasn't? Hmmm...

Craziness abounds.

I'm really starting to believe!

Believe that all the shit they put in our food, in our water, is affecting our mentality, our god damned common sense. Along with all the pharmaceuticals, the crap we breath. it's all having an impact on our ability to produce a rational thought.


Or may be, it's just me, might be the government is spiking my Cuervo with some high grade acid. Yea, that's it, my Tequila's some really good shit.


Anybody wanna get naked, dance in the moonlight, take in the stars, cruise the milky way?







Strange shit happens late at night.

Say what?


Michael Brown wasn't robbing the store!


He was buying weed?


If this is true, someone needs to hold the police dept. in Ferguson accountable for lying to you & me.


Frickin' unbelievable that this shit happens!



Isn't there something ironically funny about this, considering the source is Breitbart?

Ain't no snarky shit comments today about it being Monday, cuz it's actually my Friday!


It's Friday enjoy the weekend.



I have to work it.




Just shameful, and a blight on all currently serving members of our Military, as well Veterans. Most are not pigs, and to have men participating in this behavior is disrespectful, wrong, and a disservice to America.


And then to taunt officials, to brag about your behavior is disgusting, not as a serving member, or Veteran of our Military, but as a human being.


You have no honor.

Fuck You!

Science isn't perfect, I get that. Sometimes the path to truth is a long, tedious haul. That's the way I believe Science should be. Science should always be evolving, regardless of field. The story of our evolution is always in flux, and when accepted thought is challenged, there will always be those who refuse to look at new theories, new thoughts on given subjects. Some people just don't wanna accept the truth, kinda like global warming.


Good lord, the story, the dates of our evolution, are so different than what I learned as a kid. The dates for our presence on Earth just keep getting pushed back further, and further.

How do you take your weed?

Up the butt, or do you...


While a small Nation like Denmark can power their entire country for one day using wind power,





we can't even get a damn wind turbine to spin in the wind. What's up with that?


Isn't that  little 'excuse me' fucking embarrassing?


Huh? Who, what the fuck are we becoming. Yea, OK, lets send 'em back but let's at least try to be compassionate about it. Separating a mother and child, to send a message, to say don't come here, sends the wrong message to the world. These women and their children face hardships in their journey to get here, including rape and abuse, so instead of giving them food and shelter before sending them home, we're going to degrade them just a bit more. Not in my America. Never!


I'm getting laid less than you!


"When looking only at married people, the drop was even sharper – from around 73 times a year in 1990 to around 55 in 2014 – bringing their frequency of sexual activity below that of never-married people."


Never did think Mondays was all that great.

It was a crazy ass weekend, news wise. It's been a friggin' hell week on the personal note. Can't say my life is ever going to mellow out. Probably not. This is it. Chaotic. Thing is, there are those in much worse shape than I am in. Seems we should be helping each other. Other than that, scroll down and meet my new wife, Ms. Tequila.


Oh, and why not check out this shit about black holes eating a lot of shit. Remind you of life.

And here's my latest.


I don't even know where to begin. I actually did the video earlier in the week with a different, bleaker title card, then when the wiretapping crap came out, I redid the title card. The video is supposed to be sarcastic, but as I watched it, and edited it, the truth behind the sarcasm just seemed sad.

There ain't no rest for the wicked, 'specially on weekends.

It's been a hell of a week on the personal front. I'm not going into it here. I expect at some point, I'll write about it. I will say this, as hard as life gets, as oceans of tears flow, I'll refuse to become bitter at what life throws my way. I'll take the hurt, the pain, the loss, not liking it one bit, crying with every step, but that's what I'll do, take another step. I'll move, I'll live. Not in fear, not in bitterness, and certainly not in self pity. I don't have that right.



That's alright Dr. I have my imaginary friends too. Sometimes, I like them better than my real friends. In fact, I often wonder if I'm imaginary too.

What the rest of the world is thinking.


and it ain't pretty.

Don't you love me now?


I call bullshit. I'm not falling for Trumps vision of a militarized, industrial dystopian vision. We spend more on our military than the next 10 nations combined. Trumps promise of a trillion for infrastructure is the same as Obamas, and what, we suddenly have the money, or is it more realistic to think it's going to happen because Republicans now can take credit for it?


I'm also not falling for Trumps line that we're a united, proud nation where personal dreams are now going to be fulfilled. Spots don't change on that animal.


The speech was designed, simply to pump poll numbers and garnar adoration.

The First Lady of Tequila

Bertha Gonzalez Nieves


I wonder if she's single.


Because all I can afford is the cheap shit, and by cheap shit, I'm still talking the good shit compared to her shit.

Fake news from the BBC.

God damn fake graphs, data and reporting.

How do they get away with this bullshit?

UnFuckingbelievable... Republicans wasted 8 years on a dog and pony show. The thing is, I'm on board with fixing it, get it done. Help people out. But it was never about doing the right thing for you or me, as much as it was about just simply slamming Dems, Liberals, Progressives and especially President Obama. If I was a Conservative, I'd be embarrassed, and pissed. And I'd want answers! Eight years, and what do we hear 'who woulda thunk healthcare woulda been this hard?'.


God help us!

Sheesh... it's Monday already. I don''t know if I should cry or laugh about the Oscars. I can only shake my head at Trumps 54 billion cut in Government programs and throwing the money at the military. I'm sorry, but there are other options in dealing with people than pounding the shit out of  'em. Can't believe Bill Paxton passed, either. It was just a kinda weird weekend, But I got WTF:America done. It'll be online by the end of the week. Watch for it.

It's Friday, Behave and be a good little God~Monster.

Asshole of the Moment.


It's been a while since I've had an AOM. There's certainly been enough assholes around to qualify for the distinction. Maybe too many to choose from, but when you have someone really trying to be an asshole, someone trying to be in the National spotlight by holding a bogus news conference, claiming you have hundred of hours of footage of CNN producing fake news and then not producing, and instead issuing a call for insiders to produce that fake footage... Well, are you confused yet?

James O'Keefe

The Russian spy who wanted to be an American.


Isn't there a TV show or something about this shit?


The Americans is on FX

On the rise.

Do you still believe?

Today, 2PM Central!

On February 22, 1933 Adolph Hitler used his power as Chancellor to enroll 50,000 Nazi stormtroopers as auxiliary police.  Police who could arrest and detain.


Today, February 22, 2017 I just want to note that Donald Trump probably has access to his own private army to nationalize.


I'm just sayin'...

Decisions have consequences. How you handle those consequences dictates who you are as a person. You can take responsibility for your choices, or you can not. Neither gives you freedom from the choices you made. Their yours, you own them. Their isn't much difference between a person making choices, and our Government. If you want to know how to stop the hate directed at us from the middle East, maybe it's time we look at some of our behavior in the region, at some of our choices. Read the article, think about it.

I believe in the right to free speech, even when that speech is hateful and hurtful. What I don't get, is the people that want to hear it, the University's and college campuses that promote it. In a weird way, it must be funny to people to hear other people degraded, and debased.

'Truth is a personal thing.

and it belongs to everyone.'

About our media being the enemies of the people, let me chime in on that. Our news media isn't a reflection of free speech as much as our news media is a reflection of who we are as a people. They are no more our enemy than the counter clerk at Walmart. We read and watch that which we are interested in. They provide a service for their readers. Now, are facts sometimes misrepresented? Yep, and most of the time, apologies are made. But the thing is, when the walmart clerk recommends green beans over Lima beans, you're only out a few pennies if you don't like the green beans. With our News media, it's a bit different, they can change our minds, solve a decades old crime, free an innocent man, and even bring down a President. Our news media is not perfect, not by far, and are driven by their agendas, but that's where you come in. It's your civil duty to be informed, to read more than one outlet, to do a bit of digging to round out your perspective. That's the beauty of the system. Flawed? you bet! Our enemies? Not so much.

It's a 3 day weekend for me cuz I'm a hard working gubernut employee & Trump likes me. Going to take my mother shopping for end tables, work on a video, check out some Adobe Premiere, maybe buy a new mike, drink a lot. Yea, drink a lot!

Peace out.

Friday Big Bad



There's a lot of people out there that just don't care for Science. You know, the ones that look for stork droppings after the arrival of their kids. Truth is, Science isn't always perfect, isn't always right. Science is however, always evolving. Sometime slow like molasses, and other times quick, like me and the wife. But you cannot deny, we all benefit from Science.

I never forget.


Can you imagine never forgetting who you woke up with after a drunken nights of sloth and shit, or that you borrowed a ten spot some thirty years back, and never paid it back. Remember those eggs that tasted like shit!

People that never forget, Anything!

Turns out, not much these days


What a brutal, hateful species we can be.

"The map is part of a website created by a group called Monroe Work Today, which takes its name from an early 20th century sociologist named Monroe Nathan Work, who spent decades compiling data and statistics on lynchings."


Check out the map here and the Smithsonian article


It's Valentines Day

Love your loved ones.

Treat 'em to NoSexCl2

... and thus

the week begins,




Scary Shit



People are starting to question our Presidents mental health.


I'm surprised it took this long.

This Friday, I'm feeling just a bit ThunderStruck

Enjoy your weekend.

Just saying...

it's the madness of King Trump


The shit people come up with!

That said, I going to have my wife knit me something like this, only a bit bigger, to keep me a bit warmer in the cold, winter months.

I'd run around all winter with a sock over my junk.

I would!  'cuz that's who I am

'Zuckerberg funds bid to develop mind-reading brain implants'


Love to see the expression on the kids face when he reads mine.

Every day it's Trump this, Trump that, and I'm like WTF, I'm like this.

Good for you!


I'm only adding the news about Christy Brinkly because it takes away the pain from knowing our educational system will soon be destroyed.

"If intelligence is a gift,

stupidity a curse,

where lies the wisdom

to know the difference?"




Trust me.

This is worth your time.

Congrat's Pat's


... I just don't enjoy the game like I used to.

And I used to really get into it.

Dunno, but I was rooting for the

fried birds.

but that's just me.

And God said it was Monday, and so it was.

WTF? God?

...and I'll be in good company.