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Rob Paxton

I'm Donald Trump, Jr

and I love to hunt. I'm seen here holding the tail of an elephant. Before my dad was President, I wasn't allowed to bring home this guys Ivory tusks to display in my game room. I talked to my dad, and I'm proud to say he understands that it's my right to hang what I kill for all my friends to see what a great hunter I am. That's why he repealed Obama's ban on the importation of Ivory. I love my dad, and I tell him that daily, even when I'm on a private jet plane to Africa to get my tusks.

I don't know what's worse,

16,000 scientists putting the pen to paper warning us the world is in danger, or Republicans who remain silent on Trumps multiple harassment allegations but are quick to condemn Frankens single instance of harassment. I just watched War of the Planet of the Apes and one of the plot points was that humans suffered from a virus that dumbed them down. I just have to wonder if there's more truth to that than we know. What if all the pollutants we've pumped into our environment is affecting us in ways we're not aware of.

It's Friday

We're at the finish line.

Hopefully, there'll be another one next week.

See, this is why

I don't pay attention to sports anymore. Back in the day, I'd never miss cozying up on the couch with the wife and spending Sunday afternoon watching football. People like Goodell and Jones, they ruined it for me, making the game all about their incessant need for money and fame. That and the fricking horrible ref's. But hey, my Vikes are seven and two, so I'll take that, and screw these guys for ruining my Sunday afternoons with my wife.

Christ, Another Serial Killer!

Imagine living in a small neighborhood of a major city where people are being murdered. Murdered at random, in broad daylight, blocks from each other. I can't imagine, I don't want to imagine. Hell, I don't even like locking my door before I go to bed, but I do these days. It ain't enough we have to put up with paranoid fucks burying their wives under their floorboards and going on a rampage, now people have to live in daily fear of walking to their bus stop. What a life!

Everyone likes their news,

and you're going to love the news you missed.


Way to Far

You gotta love the pharmaceuticals. Imagine getting a call from your doctors nurse asking why you haven't taken your daily anti psych med. 'Uh, because I'm feeling fine... and is this a real call or am I just imagining it?' C'mon, people, isn't this a bridge too far? Where's the intrusion into our miserable lives stop? Getting a call asking why I'm not taking my Viagra would send me off the deep end.

Hypocrisy is thy Name!

That's right, Republicans are hypocrites! They're all about state rights, until it's an issue they don't like. Sorry pube's, you can't have it both ways. If you're disgusted with a states approach to Marijuana laws, you can't target them just cuz you don't agree with 'em, then turn around and scream about states rights. Yeah, I call bogus, you frickin' hypocrites, now pass the joint, bogart.

Nothing like a

little fraud to start your day. yep, got up this morning, logged in to my bank account, and went WTF, where's my money. You don't think it can happen to you till it does! Watch yourselves people, better, watch your money.

Where's God live?

In your heart or in your head? Interesting question for science to ask, but the bottom line is, we all gotta live somewhere. I kinda like to think God lives in a cardboard box under the bridge one moment and in the eye of a hurricane the next. Not being a church goer, I tend to keep God close, in my heart, trying not to rationalize the guy, or girl. Bottom line is, you'll get a different answer form every second person, and it ain't a wrong or right answer, just your answer, and I'm fine with that.


It's a Right Side Up World.

In space, there's no up, down, left or right, so why is it in the weightlessness of the ocean depths, fish swim right side up. Is it because their anus forms first, or they're just smart enough to know better? Damn, nature is interesting!

Don't Even Know Where to Begin.

This tweet talks the lack of class, of awareness of global cultures. How do you believe the leaders of China, Russia, England and the global community at large will view his robust vulgarism? There's absolutely nothing worth of respect in his words. Trumps a two year old arguing with his mother is the only context I can put his behavior in. He is unable to articulate, he is illiterate in his use of language, and he relies on the force of his character which has served him well catering to his base.


Say what you want about past Presidents, they all carried themselves with class, representing America as a united Nation. Trump carries the darkness shrouded in crass and division.

It's Friday

in this fucked up world,

so get your fuckedupiness on.

Look at me, baby,

you want some of this glorious junk?

I don't need no scientific study to tell me why some men have a need to jerk off in front of women, most who are acquaintances at best, and more likely to be perfect strangers. For these guys, it's a form of preening, like the NBC peacock, they're showing off something they think a women wants, and in doing so, asserting their dominance. Thing is, studies have shown that for every instance of exposure, these men spend ten jerking off in front of a mirror. So, look for rough hands and blisters as a warning sign. Research I've done prove these dudes are also under-performers, or more often, no shows when it comes to traditional sex. Least that's what their wives tell me. Now, if you're a woman who runs into a preening peacock with a small dick, you're natural instinct is one of shock. That's natural, to be shocked that a man would have such a small cock, but to clip the unwanted behavior in the bud, fall to the ground in a hysteric fit of laughter while you're filming it on your phone. Trust me, based on experience, that works.

Alter's Right!

While Democrats & Progressives can, and should take some welcome relief in Tuesdays elections that turned Trumpworld inside out, they shouldn't be comfortable. Talk of any wave is amid a low tide, and a gathering storm is on the electoral horizon. Democrats still don't have an appealing message framed for rural America, and that's bothersome. All I see Dems doing is targeting Trump, and while that's the right thing to do, there's no alternative message. Fox news exemplifies what Republicans are good at, confusion and blurred facts, outright lies, and misdirection. Start attacking them on that, bring a bigger gun to their fight. Show us you got some balls, huge balls.

Ain't no excuse

for strapping your kid down to the top of your car to hold down a toddlers pool. And when you find out the kids mother didn't even use straps, she just stuck her lil' child up there to hold the pool down, you just have to wonder if the kid is going to make it to puberty.

Weinstein : Spies.Not.Like.Us.

Powerful people can do powerful things to hide the evil they do. It's that simple, we live in a world where some rich fuck can track your movements, file away your social media posts to use against you, create dossiers on your sex life, and spread rumors that you can't fight back against. And there ain't shit you can do about it!

Eat that America!

I can't help but wonder who's screwing around with my life, preventing me from becoming rich and famous, keeping my site traffic null, my channel out of the spotlight. I know you're out there.

Human Rat Brains

While replacing a rats brain with a humans might seem far fetched, the science is long and verified. After WW2, captured Nazi scientists were allowed to continue their experiments of genetically splicing human brain cells with those of other mammals. Official documents identify one of their first success stories as replacing the entire human brain of a newborn, with that of a rat. According to recently released files, that happened in 1946 on a test subject labeled DJT.

Don't Worry, it's only Propaganda.

I don't get it. Like Brietbart, Russia can spew just about anything hateful, and people will believe it. The global connections we have today require a great deal of responsibility to be appropriately informed, but I guess it's easier to believe Hillary's running a pedophile ring out of some Pizza basement, than to have to do some basic fact checking.


Brietbart has pushed the alt-right agenda and people are soaking the shit up. Catering to the basic human need to blame someone else for your problems, Breitbart has created a nation is chaos, and I think they're celebrating the division, the harm and the agony.

Who comes up with this crap?

Maybe for some weekends might be a thing of the past, but for this kid, they're in my future, So much so, that in a couple years, life is going to be one long weekend.

It's Friday,

and I ain't never gonna never stop.

There's a Damn Hole in it?

Holy shit, there's a great big secret chamber in the great pyramid. Thing is, there ain't no way to get to it. Maybe it's just an air pocket, or perhaps it's the chamber that holds the book of mysteries, or the ark of knowledge, who the hell knows, but one things for sure, it's strange, and that's just the way the aliens are.


A local Hospital has stopped admitting court ordered people with serious mental health issues, and I just gotta ask, WTF, where are these people going to go? Under your local bridge, would be my guess. More then this, not dealing with those with serious mental health issues creates a host of issues, outside of not receiving needed treatment and support. It also creates hardships on the patients families, on their loved ones. My guess is, it's a way to generate more profit, and other hospitals are going to follow suit, so the question remains, how are our courts going to deal with those susceptible to abuse and neglect?


I'm of the opinion that due process ain't nothing to laugh about, Mr President. It protects us from the evils of people like you, grants us a fair trial and the presumption of innocence is a constitutional right. That said, I'll be the first to admit our legal system isn't perfect, we got our problems, good Lord we do, but tossing out our rights ain't the answer, and neither is making fun of our judicial system.


I'm tired of sending condolences to victims and families of violence, knowing it ain't ever going to end. It's not a as simple as saying there are some bad people out there that don't like us, don't like the American dream. I could understand that. There's always someone jealous of what someone else has, even a way of life. America does a lot of global good, I'm proud of that. I'm not so proud of a lot of our global bullshit evil though. Some of our foreign policy isn't slanted for the global good as much as it is for the corporate, or political good, and that's where some of the hate comes in. We can't prop up dictators, ruin environments, and interfere in local foreign politics, that creates some of the hate we're seeing. Our policies in the mid east have been a disaster from the get go. But what the fuck do I know?


Short but interesting read as to why we're a superstitious lot. After reading this, I'm thinking I should have never purposely walked under a ladder, in the path of a black cat, or shattered that mirror some years back just to prove I wasn't superstitious Maybe God is trying to prove a point with all my bad luck. The thing is, I don't believe in God, at least not in your typical God. My God would never do such a thing, than again, God might be thinking he's being funny. I don't think it's funny.

Enjoy the Ghouls and Goblins!

This Halloween,

The Pig Farmer Cometh.

Real Men Died, others Lied.

I have no problems with those who dodged the Vietnam draft for reasons of conscious. Those that did answer the call were common folk, culled from our rural heartland and inner cities. Young men of all colors and cultures. Many were poor of all colors, or all ethnicities. Some were farmers, college students, middle class. A commonality was they were all young, just beginning their lives. That's who fights our wars. I respect them all, their families as well, because they suffered as well.


I do not respect those who used the power, position and wealth of their fathers to avoid the draft while their friends served. They are cowards. Donald Trump is a coward, being deemed not fit to serve for bone spurs, all the while being active in sports. If Donald Trump was not fit to serve in our Military, how is he fit to serve as Commander in Chief of our armed forces?

Like Nobody Knew This?

At least it's now proven science that regular bud smokers have lots of sex cuz the shit makes you horny. Know what else it does? Intensifies the orgasm. Yea, that's right, good bud sends you to some special place when you get off. In fact, I've heard there's genetically mixed smoke out there called 'OrgasmoCosmo' and if you come across some, send me some, will ya.

This Ain't My America!

Arresting a 10 year old girl whose sick in the hospital for being an illegal alien just ain't moral and lacks any sense of compassion. On top of being in the hospital for emergency surgery, the child has cerebral palsy. This road Trump is taking us down isn't a slippery slope as much as it is a highway to hell.

What do ya expect,

it's the Friday before Halloween.


Dropping Tomorrow

Life is Strange...

but maybe it's not life that's strange. Life is what it is, you get up, roll out of bet, hit the bathroom up, go to work, come home, relax and then repeat. If that's what life was about, we'd be bored shitless. OK, maybe that's what life is, maybe it's so boring there's a need for drama, so we create an alternative reality, one that we can thrive on. That world we create effects others as well, especially in todays world of social media. Everyone has to let everyone else know what their political leanings are, what movies they like, how great their lives are.


For me, it's a bit different. It's still an escape, but not from a boring life. Rather it's an escape from a chaotic existence. Yea, that's right, my life is chaotic, and I find a sense of peace setting at my keyboard. That sense of peace is false, I know that. But I'll take it, it takes the chaos; the medical appointments, the unending meetings with social workers, case workers, court dates, probation workers, and balances it out.


Just had to say it!

Fu*k, I'm worth more

dead than alive. Don't know what bothers me more, that my brains only worth 250 bucks or the fact this companies business model is taken right out of McDonald's play-book. So if they get their bodies for free, and sell off parts, and they copy a fast food giants business model, I gotta ask, Micky D, where do you get your meat from?

Not a wrinkle

on this old dudes face. Look, if driving down the road, lathered in vasoline wearing a thong keeps you looking young, I'd jerk off too. Hell, my face is 80% percent parched leather so I'll try anything. Who says us old hippies ain't cool. Weird, but cool. Bet ya anything, the cop who stopped the guy took the rest of the day off and got sanitized.

Truth is a Funny Thing.

Funny, because people believe what they want to believe. A shitload of people can view the same event and each come up with their own interpretation of what happened. A lot of things go into that, scary things that effect how you perceive an event. Scary things, like state of mind, your belief system, emotional state, your attention span, your ability to digest facts, eyesight.


OK, I'm just speculating, but that's what a lot of folks do when it comes to the Kennedy assassination. They started speculating back in the day, and it's carried over. Personally, I think there are a lot of unanswered questions, and they'll stay that way because the investigation into a President's murder was blurped from the start. Why that was is the biggest question there is, and why questions continue to this day.

You're Afraid, Very Afraid!

So these chaps do an annual survey of what scares ya. It's not lost on this old kid that we read about it right around Halloween. I would have thought you'd be worried about rape, plunder and pillage, your financial well being, your health. But surprise, it's Government corruption that tops the list along with a couple of other things that tell us we're all worried about our future. Read it, it's interesting.

Shit Happens...

It doesn't happen often, but it did yesterday. A lot of people think I have a boat load of staff, but that just ain't true. One person does it all, me! That means when shit hits the fan, kids got troubles, cars don't work, or the wife gets needy, sometimes the site has to take a back seat. That happened yesterday. Life happened. I'm not apologizing, just letting you know the reason for not posting/updating. I appreciate your understanding.

Did you know?

There we're 12 Norse Gods that swooped down and built this huge wall around humans to protect them. But I gotta ask, what's up with Vale raping giant women, born to the dirty deed by his old man, Balder, the God of light and all things good, and why does Froy walk around with a hardon all day?

Shit, Vikings are complicated!


I think not Mr. O'Reiiy. You paid a shitload of money to keep someone quiet. You did something wrong, and you don't want it to get out. I may be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you got history, dude. Now if you're so sure-fired innocent, I'd love to hear your story behind the 30 mil. I mean the true story, not the story you'll spew to cover your ass. That is what you do, unfortunately, spew.

Ever feel like you're going to hell in a breadbasket?

Yea, me too.

Enjoy your weekend, country boy.


let it load