8,000 smack-a-roonies for a seat at this weeks Super Bowl, in the nosebleed, cheap seats?

Little pricy for my red blood, but even if it was blue, I still wouldn’t dish out almost 10 grand for the best seat in the house, because, well, I just couldn’t bring myself to dole out that kinda coin to watch a game, including the glorious Super Bowl.

You know, that game where men play to still be men and Taylor Swift is swiftly becoming the odds on favorite for starting quarterback, if not the star of the half time show.

One things for sure, football these days might be played for the entertainment of the common man but the biggest game of them all sure ain’t.

Then I got to thinking, cuz anybody that knows me, knows I think a lot and what I was thinking about, was how much money will the game generate in ticket sales?

According to my minute long research, Allegiant Stadium holds about 65,000 people and all they sold was cheap seats, they’d rake in a walloping 520,000,000 dollars, and that’s a lotta greenbacks for for nothing but the cheapest of cheap seats. The again, 35 percent of that goes to the playing teams, which means each team goes home with down around 90 million.

Not a bad payday!

But number crunching ain’t at the top of things I’m thinking about. 65,000 rich fucks all gathered in one place, well, that’s a thought. I didn’t know there were that many rich people in America, then again, we are the land of the rich and the free.

Course, a lot of those people might have sold their futures for a chance at a golden winning ticket and I’m thinking a bit further ahead when I’m thinking they might have had better luck in buying a Wonka Bar and hoping for their golden ticket.

What bothers me in all this, along with the cost, is the fact that we already know who is going to take home the damn ring.

It’s just crazy, stuff, just like turning the Pro Bowl into a grade school game of flag football.