My YouTube channel reflects a lighter side. OK, maybe it’s insanity, I won’t argue. Where my blog is serious, my channel is weird but if you watch and listen closely, there’s something of meaning being said.

Ever get that strange little feeling about reality, the one that tugs at ya, a sense that something ain’t quite right. Like a dream that you just can’t quite articulate, it haunts your being, makes you question your reality, and then just like that, it’s gone. Reality is strange, subject to our preception and it might be that we’re just like fish in an ocean, totally unaware of the greater reality we live in.

Trippy stuff!!

That process breaks down into the getting an idea, and then how to implement the idea. Original ideas come from conversations, what’s happening in the news, or one just pops into my head. Implementation is a bit harder. I try to lay it all out after I script it, and that’s sometimes the hardest part.

I understand consistency is important, but honestly, some videos can be done in a week, others take three, so that’s my timeframe when life doesn’t interrupt. 

Premier Pro, but for clips that are not green screened, Corel Video editor. It’s what I started with many years back. Paint Shop Pro for graphics.

After using a logi c920 for years I spent the money on a Sony ZV1 and I absolutely love it. For a Mic, a Blue Yeti

MB is a MSI X570,  CPU is an AMD Ryzen 7, 8 core. 32 Gbs of ram and a Geforce RTX 3060 12GB for a graphics card. Yeah, I love it.

My office studio

Here’s a tongue in cheek studio tour I did some years back.

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