I’ve been struggling with this current post for about a month now. Mostly because it’s about what’s going on in the middle east. Problem is, finding the right words that people can’t either twist to their agenda or use against your character. It’s a losing topic.

What no one is talking about is that both sides, Israel and Hamas are doing nothing but creating victims, victims that will grow a hate in their souls for the opposing side.

Thus it will continue.

As it will continue to be a shameful representation of humanity. No more than any other war where innocents die. 38 million civilians, more than twice the total of soldiers in world war two. That number scaled was up significantly from world war one where the number was split down the middle at about 9 million each.

The Korean war made for a million and a half butchered by bombs, bullets and mines compared to 800,000 military deaths. 2 million civilians during Viet Nam with 58,000 troops killed.

It is always the innocent, old men, women, the sick and of course, our children who die in war. A soldier’s brother, mother, son or daughter are the victims.

There’s always more than enough blame to spread around for the death of innocents, always numerous people or events you can point your finger at and lay blame.

Course, no one ever wants to accept the indignation of being blamed. Truth is, we’re all accountable to some degree. Too many of us have rushed to defend one side or the other, either because we believe we have all the facts, or because of the environment we were raised in.

I’m old enough to know that most facts are malleable to fit a needed outcome. There’s a reason you’ve heard ‘The first casualty of war, is the truth’.

It is a bit ironic, a weird twist of fate, that those guilty of the deaths of so many innocents live long prosperous lives with never a glimpse of the ghost of an innocent. I wonder how they will be judged in their afterlives.

I wish I could talk about how to prevent any more innocents dying but I’m not God. I don’t have those answers, then again if I had a relationship with God, the old wise one would answer my question as to why he lets innocents violently die and the guilty live.

I do know one thing that would help. A global ban on arm sales, especially to all the involved parties.

But that’s pie in the sky stuff.

What I do know , is that over 10,000 innocent people have died since October 7th. Babies, children, teens, all brothers and sisters with mothers, fathers aunts and uncles who never had much of a say as to war or nay.

They were and are in the way.

Of what?