At 66, I consider myself aged. I’ve got some minor health problems and I don’t get around as good as I used to, and to those younger whippersnappers out there that think I belong in some old folks home, fuck y’all, I’m planning on passing into the next world from my own damn bed.

Now let me explain a few things to you all, my mind is sound, as evidenced by being able to produce such wit as I’m involved in at the present. I’m also cognizant of my surroundings, although admittingly, I do sometimes wonder what I’m in the process of doing.

I can also still have an intelligent conversation with people in my sphere of influence, unlike Diane Feinstein, who at 90 years of age, has outlived three husbands and is the longest serving Senator, being in that position since 1992. Unfortunately, she is not a heathy, active 90-year-old and why she refuses to retire when it’s clear she’s suffering from more than just a mild case of cognitive decline is anyone’s guess.

Now I have no problem with the aged, the old or even the elderly working, as long as they’re able to do the job, and Feinstein just can’t do it anymore, and whatever she’s holding on to, is beyond my understanding.

Mitch McConnel is another. I’ve seen him freeze up, and I, like his doctors, know exactly what that cause is. Unlike his doctors, I’ll tell you, it’s dementia, and it’s going to get a lot worse, and quickly.

How do I know.

Cuz I, like a lot of people my age, have seen it happen with their own parents. My mother’s descent into dementia was swift, tragic, horrible and confusing, not only to my brothers and sister, but I’m guessing to my mother as well.

Yes, that distant stare that comes with a momentarily frozen mind, if you ask me, is dementia. My guess, Mitch isn’t going to be in office much longer. Unlike Diane Feinstein, he isn’t going to be able to get away with it.

For the record, we’ve had a lot of members of the House and Senate who have served the American people for the duration of their adult life, ringing up 30, 40 or more years of service.

Biden has been in government, winning his first election in 1973. That’s right, he’s been in Government service for a solid 50 years.  I applaud Ol’ Joe for his service. That’s a life of service to one’s country to be proud of.

But what I see of Joe these days, his best is behind him, far behind him, and I’m hoping he doesn’t embarrass himself by running again. I’m guessing, even though the belief is, that Joe is running again, he won’t.

Why, because his mind, like Mitches and Dianes, just ain’t working at full capacity and we need leaders who are vibrant and engaging and understand the changing world around them.

Joe, Mitch and Diane are not the only ones.  Not by far.

We have a rich history of politicians serving their entire lives, 30, 40 and fifty years, people who would rather spend their golden years working for you and I then spending it with their grandchildren, which I find suspicious.

Because in my aged state of mind, the one thing that gives me a lot of happiness are my grandkids.