Ol’ Joe

I’m going to climb the tallest oak I can, climb to the top I will, and crawl out on the thinnest limb I see and claim that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat candidate for President.

I like Joe, he’s been around a long time, done some good things and some embarrassing things, but he’s 80, and showing it. Physically, old Joe seems to be somewhat ok, he apparently still rides bikes and appears to get around ok. I’m aware there’s a lot of people 80 and older that have active lifestyles.

My own mother was pretty active at 80 and for a few more years after.

But what I see of Joe’s mental status reminds me an awful lot of my mothers dementia when I first started suspect her memory was going. The look in his eyes, his wandering thoughts, walking off an interview, mispronouncing words along with slurred speech and his usual gaffes that Biden is known for. I’m aware there’s a few altered videos and photographs intending to make it all worse then ol’ Joe probably is. The bottom line tho, Joe Biden sure makes it easy for his foes.

It’s not ageism on my part, I hope not. It’s more like a general concern, a healthy concern. I’m well aware of the fact that everyone in the Reagan Administration hid Ronnies Alzheimer’s and I’m hoping we’re not going down that road, because if we do, I don’t think it’s going to turn out well.

A nation, especially us, we’re reflected in our leader. Under Obama, we were seen as progressive and liberal, caring about others. Under Trump, ignorant and ill willed, under Biden, old and outdated.

Yeah, I know I’ll get a lot of crap, but I’m talking generalities. It’s true though, when you watch Uncle Joe the first thing that strikes you is that he’s old, and acts like it. Like my grandfather, who by the way was a rugged, old mean somofabitch that cheated at 500 and smoked like a sieve.

All said and done, I’ll vote for Joe if he’s on the ticket cuz the alternative is just wrong, on everything.

Dammit though… the democratic party is suffering from a lack of energy, especially when compared to Republicans who seem to have a lot of energy, even if it’s negative energy. I don’t understand that, because when you listen to Trump speak, he’s weirdly funny, entertaining, but he isn’t exactly energy defined.

If you happen across these wise words, you’re probably thinking the author is some young stud, but I’m not. I’m old too, so I’m speaking from experience, and I’ll give Joe a bit of street cred here, because Joe is a full fifteen years ahead of this old man, and I ain’t got nowhere his energy levels, so maybe I’m worried about nothing.

We’ll see.

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