Knowledge vs Wisdom

I always figured that as I grew older, I’d get a bit wiser. Of course, ain’t nothing further from the truth, whatever the truth might be. Now I need to distinguish wisdom from knowledge. Knowledge, I got plenty of. It is just natural you’re an empty vessel when you come tumbling out yer mothers womb. An empty vessel that your momma and poppa fill ya up with, and there’s plenty of other people too that like to fill the damn jar up. People like preachers, teachers, friends, aunts and uncles, just about everybody you know, or ever came into contact with, adds something to that damn jar.

The terrible thing is, they all just throw shit in, and you never got to think about anything.

They all throw their thoughts in about how the world works, how religion works, who’s good and who is bad, who you can trust and who you cannot, and none of it, none of it, you ever got to think about for yourself. For 99.5 percent of us, we’re the same religion as our mommy and daddy, we believe in the same things, socially and politically as our mommy and daddy and chances are if your daddys a racist, so the fuck are you. Not always, but usually and that’s because the apple never falls from the tree.

Personally, I got so much knowledge built up inside my thick head, that I’m might proud of everything I know, most certainly, it’s way more then you got, if you got anything.

But fuck me, knowledge is useless unless you got the wisdom to go along with it, an’ most…,   just don’t got the wisdom.

That sounds like a no good horrible thing to say about everybody.

And it is!

Cuz it’s the damn truth. Knowledge, you can get from picking up a book, from talking to a friend and even from observation.

Wisdom, you gotta learn from experience like you know, crossing the street is an easy thing to do, but you still need the learned wisdom to know when to cross.

And from what I’ve been seeing these days, there’s a lot of folks that shouldn’t cross a road if they happen upon one.

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