How We Do Things Here

Politics ain’t what they used to be.

Not that they were ever anything special. There is not a golden age of American politics that we long a return too. Sure, it’d be nice if the word ‘compromise’ was thrown around a bit more, if  both Republicans and Democrats were a bit more social with each other, if there was a bit more truth in both their words, but ‘if’ is an enticing word that leads to hope and dreams, having nothing to do with reality.

Just so you’re aware, if you’re a Republican who has found your way here, to this page, I’m one of those god-awful democrats. That said, there’s two things, I hold Democrats responsible for the demise of sensible politics just as much as I hold those damn Republicans, and second, I’m from Minnesota where we all actually consider ourselves, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, otherwise known as the DFL.

And here in Minnesota, all I got to say, is I’m proud, really proud of what the DFL has accomplished. Sure, a lot of that happiness has to do with the legalization of Marijuana and the expungement of a lot of low level convictions for possession. More so, with a one seat majority in the Senate that passed a shit load of laws that benefit a lot of people.

Free breakfast and lunch for school kids.
A huge transportation bill.
A huge Tax relief bill.
Universal background checks and Red Flag Laws.

Protections for those seeking abortions, gender affirming care and the ban of conversion therapy.

Programs & Grants to replace all the lead plumbing.

The expansion of voting rights.

A health finance Bill.

An Infrastructure Bill.

Good lord, in addition to legalized cannabis, they even renamed a damn highway after Prince.

And who is paying for it?

The Rich and corporate America.

To be fair, there were some things that I don’t agree with, and that’s OK, that’s the way it should be. But damnit, I’m proud to be Minnesotan and more so to support the DFLers here in my state.

And there’s a guy here by the name of Tim Walz that maybe the national democratic party ought be looking at.

Just saying, this is how we do shit here in this state.

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  1. “A huge transportation bill”. Well, I would be more impressed if they would get rid of the stoplights on the highway 10/ hwy 23 “improvement” that they have already bungled by leaving in the stoplights at hwy 10 and St Germain Street in St. Cloud.