Trumps Indicated

For the first time in history a US president, now a private citizen, has been indicted, or in Donald Trump’s words, indicated. As thoroughly liberal and democratic as I am as I am, as much as I dislike trump as both a human being and politician, I’m not particularly excited about Trumps indictment for the simple reason shining a light on the rat seems to give him and his 12 disciples another moment in the sun. More so if there’s even a hint of political payback in the thirty some charges he faces. We’ll know more about the specific charges when he’s arraigned, in a courtroom, in front of a judge, after being fingerprinted, and his mugshot taken.

I’d like to believe I have some faith in our judiciary. That a group of people, all strangers, gathered, listened to all the evidence, and made a decision that there was more then enough evidence to convict Donald Trump of a crime. I sincerely hope that decision was reached based on the merits of the evidence without a hint of political malevolence.

Trump has always existed in the chaotic world of our legal system, suing for a variety of reason, and being sued for a variety of reasons. The Donald has always shown a lack of moral character, at least the moral character of the common man. That he paid money to a porn star to keep her quiet during his presidential run shouldn’t be all that surprising, but that he did so while his third wife was pregnant tells how his character is different than an average mans. That he mocked a disabled man, referred to a woman as a having the face of a horse, these are the things that define his character as a human being.

Donald Trump is a miserable human being of low character.

His people, his supporters, love him.

If there’s even a hint of political payback in any of the charges, the potential for his base to again be motivated, to turn out in force, is somewhat feared and there are those who are already calling out the politics of the indictment. Fortunately, those crying foul are his most vocal and die hard supporters.

In any event, Donald Trump might have to go through the embarrassment of being formally charged, and if the evidence is there and results in a guilty finding, Donald Trump is not going to spend a day in jail.

Not a single day.

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