To Dream

Why dream of a better America in a land where dreams come varied and fluid of shape and form.

To dream of equality in a land of freedom calls out that those who live among plains and majestic mountains may not be free. To dream of justice in a world where troubled streets are populated by troubled youth screams that justice is neither fair much less equitable. To dream of an existence where a man’s word is his bond dies with the silence of a man’s word.

Dreams are those that come and go carrying us through narrow nights of darkness and farrowed days of old, telling stories that never were and now exist as lies of truth that remain their faith.

To dream of a better day tomorrow without effort ensures the dream remains unchanged. To dream of riches given negates character and to dream of beautiful things relegates one to simplistic manners and unworthy possessions. Ah, but to dream all these things is a human thing, for our dreams are those things we desire.

To dream of a different world provides escape from that which there is no escape. To place your hopes in desire provides no answers to your needs but sooths the fires of that which you demand but will never receive.

Imagine a world where a man need not dream of things that need to be, a content child, his hunger quashed, his heart filled. Perhaps in this world, those who passed in sickness in your world, laugh with their children. Imagine too, in this world, all educated fools argue the science tween this and that. It could be too, in this new world, that respect is freely given, till realization that none is due.

To dream of a world without conflict, where borders mean little, where man is welcome to all hearth and home alike. To dream where power is passed from lawmaker to man, to dream of a land engulfed in peace is a simple dream to those who know no home, no hearth, no fairness, no peace.

To dream of a world where dreams change the world around a single life is to dream of a world where there exists no solace in dreams, for dreams change nothing. Indeed, to dream of a world where no man hates another is a foolish dream for men will hate. To dream this world to reality one must do more then dream, there are those who have died and changed nothing, and those who have died and changed the world.

To dream is to be carried to a world never to be.

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