Patterns of Thought

Have you ever given serious thought to the patterns of our lives. The rhythm of repetition and how we pace our lives. We awake roughly the same time every day of the week, our morning routines are the same five days out of the week, and breaking our routine when Saturday arrives, is also a pattern.

Thinking about it, our entire reality is comprised of rhythms. Planets orbit their suns; suns orbit their galactic centers. Our Earths orbit gives us the four seasons with patterns of behavior to each season.

We’re born, most of us marry, have children, die. Patterns, repetitions, rhythms are what we all, are about.

Good lord, there’s even repetition in the design of the universe. Fractals are everywhere. Look at a leaf close up, you’ll find the design repeated at a much smaller scale as well a larger scale. Zoom in on a coastline, it’s a fractal of the larger coastline.

Doesn’t matter where you look in our reality, you can’t escape the repetitive patterns. Even if you wanted to escape, change up daily rhythms, could you? Well, you could, to some extent, say start waking up at different times but who’s going to do that? Who’s able to break the bonds of reality just to prove a point?

Most of us are not changing our sleeping hours or our eating hours or making a conscious decision not to get married, not to have kids just so we can be different. After all, there’s different ways to stand out, to buck the system. We can get a shitload of tats, dye our hair, stick rings in our noses and do a host of other things to be different. Until everybody starts doing it.

So, I’m here setting, writing, thinking about patterns, and my mind turns to patterns of thought. Is there such a thing? A quick google search shows there are. Of course, understanding all these scientific thoughts on your thinking process is a headache in itself.

In the physical universe, there needs to be a concrete reason to change behavior, and that’s what we are talking about. A drug addict that needs to get sober, a crook that wants to mend his ways. Behavior change starts with recognition and importantly, acceptance of ownership of unwanted behavior.

How does that carry over to out patterns of thought? We accept a drug addict can change, have a successful life once they accept, they need to change.

How about someone who is racist? Or a person who is just generally an asshole?

Well, there’s a huge similarity in between an addict and racist, in that neither will change until they’re both cognizant of their behavior and the harm they are doing. And then there are those who relish in the harm they are doing.

OK so much for random thoughts, I’m losing track of the direction I wanted to move in.

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