Our population is diversifying and there ain’t no stopping it, and there ain’t going to be no retreat, no reversal. For most of our existence as a nation, we’ve been species rich, white people rich. While white people certainly are not a species unto and by ourselves, there are those among us who believe that to be the case. A species favored by the good lord to conquer the natives, enslave the blacks and subjugate any poor soul who god didn’t create white, along with diminishing women to secondary status.

Yes, we’ve came a long way baby, and for those peeps who are holding on to yesterday like it was their penis that impregnated mother Mary, you’re all in for a miserable life, cuz control is slipping. Been slipping since the constitution was wrote. That’s right folks, diversity in this great nation of ours has been a slow creep since before the first inauguration.

There’s been a lot of god awful attempts to stunt the growth of diversity, the civil war comes to mind. All those attempts to limit another person’s humanity, just to speak plainly, were self-serving. They were never about what’s best for our nation, indeed much like social media today, it was all about me. Mostly, the southern state of me. Hashtag me.

What a lot of people don’t understand is you just can’t fuck with mother nature. Even a superficial glance into her world will scream at you how important diversity is to survival.

Survival! That’s the key word here. No matter if it’s our ecology or environment, diversity ensures survivability unless Gods had enough and drops a mile long meteor streaking into our atmosphere. Absent that disaster, diversity works wonderfully well, in nature. Most humans appreciate diversity in nature, indeed most humans can tell the difference between an old oak tree and a pine tree. We love diversity in nature. We just don’t care for seeing a man of different color though. Strange stuff, isn’t it?

Especially strange when they rather burn the whole damn house to the ground then letting anyone else of a different color move in with em. Seriously, there are people who would rather lock themselves in their house, soak their tattered carpet in gas, and light a match to it, while their kids are in the bedroom playing. There’s no escaping the stupid in these people.

As I look to the future it ain’t hard to come up with a couple of scenarios. One, certain people are going to burn the country down to stay in power or we’re going to flourish as a diversified nation. It’s going to be one or the other.

At the moment, who wins is a toss-up mostly because instead of voicing their beliefs, most people are choosing to stay silent, wondering who will win.

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