A little Man

Putin, the Little Man

Putin, the face of Russia for the last twenty years, a man lionized by Donald Trump, a man respected by many Republicans, has reaffirmed what many have believed, that he is a petty dictator, willing to wreak havoc upon his own people, at home and in the Ukraine.

For a man Trump himself called a Genius, a man so admired by the likes of Tucker Carlson, Putin has clearly shown the world that he is not a genius, much less a man to be admired.

Putin is a man tied to a past that was never glorious, his desires for the reconstitution of the old USSR never realistic. That hazy, blurred dream of the good old days has been a disaster for Russia allowing for the growth of Russian oligarchs, rampart corruption and crime along with a heavy boot, if not death, for those who dared speak truth to power. Even Putin’s dream of a mighty military, a supreme force to be reckoned with, is an illusion.

The people of Ukraine are standing their ground, fighting fiercely for their right to exist as an independent nation. Their fight is supported by all of Europe, and by us at home with crippling economic sanctions and  an massive influx of military supplies to the Ukrainian people, to an extent that Putin could never have imagined.

Vladimir Putin has no honorable way out, nor should we allow for one. The world has seen the man for who he is. A liar who claimed his military would never invade Ukraine, a demagogue claiming the Ukraine was a hot bed of neo-Nazis and thieves.

A little man.

That will be how the world will see him for the remaining years of his life, and it will be his legacy beyond. An embarrassment to his people. A little man bringing shame to all Russians.

Gone too, will be the great praise from the likes of Trump, Carlson and other Republicans who held the man out as a shining beacon for what America should be.

In all this, China sets watching, and I’m guessing reevaluating their plans for Taiwan.

There is a new world order, and they have cleaved the fat from their bone. The world is now a different place then it was a mere week ago. This new world order has shown its full economic strength in a way never seen before, and we should all take note, to do everything in our power to ensure our leaders use their power for the betterment of humanity.

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