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Rob Paxton

The Isolation of Qatar

Most Americans, including this kid don't really know a lot about middle Eastern politics, and relations. We know the basics, lots of fighting, lots of hate, especially toward our good friend, Israel. We know there's a lot of sand that way, and lot of oil under that sand. So when Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others blocked, and isolated, Qatar, most Americans won't care to understand why, or the importance of the act to their own lives.


But think about this. What would happen if Europe isolated Switzerland? Outside of it's banking reputation, Switzerland also has a reputation of neutrality, a place where opposing sides could come to the table.


Qatar has long been considered the Switzerland of the Middle East.


Seems like the talking is done! And that means...

Wonder Woman

& her origin story. No, it didn't start with a Goddess on Themyscira, but with a psychologist who had a hard on for his wife.


Wonder Womans ESP, astral projection, telepathy , mental control over the electricity in her body, the Amazonian ability to turn brain energy into muscle power, etc all derived from her creators interest in parapsychology and metaphysics.


That coming from a Psychologist. His wife must of been a hell of a woman.

If Bob Bigelow

thinks there are aliens among us, then we outta find all the nasty little bug eyed creatures and send 'em back home in body bags. That would send a clear warning to 'em, wouldn't it?


Yep, I'd hide from us too!


some of my older shit, you'd think I turned into a crotchety, old fuck. Well, I am and I'm not. I got shit done with a week off, including this, Beast.


I'm tired of

giving up prayers and thoughts to victims of terrorism. I've lived with this shit my entire life, back in the day we had the Red Brigade, the SLA, IRA, constant hijackings, murders and kidnappings. It's never going to change. Least not in my lifetime. Will it change? Maybe, when world leaders figure out we can't disenfranchise entire populations, steal their wealth, redraw borders and bomb the shit out of their populaces.


That said, humans being who we are, that won't be the end of it. In the meantime, God Bless London.

Nobody believes you,

When you say a three year old could have hacked our election. No one in France believes some kid tried to hack theirs.


You did what you did to be disruptive!


Somewhere down the road, payback will be a bitch, and that's an American promise. Ain't no karma shit here, just good ol' fashioned revenge.


Cowboy style!

Frickin', Fucking Bonkers...

If you ask me, the whole world is headed down a path of instability and chaos. Know what really worries me tho'? People that have their heads stuck in the sand, thinking it's all going to be alright. Ppl that think shit like 'hate' here in 'merica will pass, cuz we're John Wayne 'mericans, and that it'll all work itself out.


Unfortunately, the conditions ain't there to work itself out. Shit's changing folks, and most of ya'll ain't going to like the shit that flows your way.

Just saying...

It's Friday, enjoy some magic, and take the red pill. Trust me.


I leave for a couple of days and the world fall apart. Trump pulls out of Paris, (and there's a couple other times he should have pulled out.) ponders executive privilege to stop Comey from talking,  Kathy Griffins becomes a victim and HRC still blames everyone else for her loss.


The more shit changes, the more it stays the same, don't it?

It's called Vacation,

and it's where I'll be the rest of the week.

The sun is out, skies are blue, trees are green, so it's campfires, beer, with shots of tequila mixed in.


I'll be back this weekend... Maybe!

If you did not see

Gillian Anderson doing Bowie, and Monroe Sunday night, you missed a 'Wtf, I know that chick, from somewhere.' along with a 'Damn, that actor rocks'.


American Gods on Starz is an ass kicking crazy show. You outta give it a watch, but only if you like kick ass weird.

So Kathy Griffin

did a thing with a beheaded Trump. I thought it was  offensive, more so to people on the left. We all got enough on our plate, that we don't need to walk in shit. BTW, those on the right who are ranting and pointing fingers, where was your voice when ppl were burning and hanging effigies of Obama.

Everything aside,

I have not heard one sentence of condemnation toward Russia regarding their interference in our election, and those in France.


Why, Mr. President is that?


Forget all the collusion shit, all the talk of contacts and back channels. I want to know why President Trump hasn't talked to the American people about Russia's involvement in our election. Why he hasn't proposed hearings, sanctions, in addition to condemnations.?


The fact that Russia meddled, successful or not, is just that, fact. It's a fact all our intelligence agencies agree upon.


And all I hear is wind blowing.


The sun is out, the trees are spring green, the sky blue, so why not enjoy some ACDC.

Do We Really

have a genetic propensity of shared obligation and commitment? When reading the news, you'd think that's all bullshit, that we're all out for our ourselves.


But I'd like to believe that most sensible people tend to believe we're in this shitstorm together, and the only way out of that storm is through our shared dreams, our realization, that we need to work together.


Then again, in the scheme of things, we're all still toddlers.

This is the thing...

Without Federal oversight, States and local communities will discriminate. It's that simple! Our Secretary of Education doesn't get that, won't admit it, can't understand that, and in fact, I believe, accepts that fact. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, Devoss would like to see us get back to the days of segregation, cuz if a school can deny admission based on sexual identity, they can deny on race, color and culture.

I seethe at some shit.!

A 20 year old kid drugs his little sister, then rapes her. And the judge is worried about the stigma attached to the kids conviction.


Know what I'm worried about? Stupid frigging judges that don't get it! The kid needs help, I hope he gets it, and I hope his sister gets a ton of help in dealing with the Rape, and I hope the judge gets de-benched, and humiliated.

An Oral Sex Defense

Wait.. What?!

Well, that makes all the sense in the world, a woman chokes on his load. He's charged with murder, And he's acquitted.

What a strange world we live in. Funny sometimes, but strange, damn strange.


For spreading conspiracy story shit about a dead man to further his own agenda and ratings, Sean Hannity is my Asshole Of the Moment. Then when called on his shit, Hannity back-peddles, claiming he no longer will talk about the murder conspiracy out of respect for the family of the deceased.


This old man's heart is broken this morning.

Broken because of the world we live in, a world of violence and intolerance. I grieve for the lives lost in Manchester, the young lives, the parents, England, and the world at large. I grieve at who we have become, and I grieve that I have become numb, knowing there will be another Manchester, and another. Sooner then later.


This is not the world I want. This is not the world I expected to grow old in, this is not the world I want my children to live in.


We can end this, we can change this. We can do so without giving into those who hate the world, without returning the slaughter. We can do so without giving up our values, our ethics.


We can end the carnage with will, with dialogue, with respect, with understanding, and political means. Doing so will not be easy, and it begins with leadership, and an evaluation of our place in the world. We, as Americans were once deeply respected for our role on the world stage, for our desire to further Democracy, our way of life through peaceful means, without political agenda, without profit.


I much rather be respected than feared.

Holy Good Shit

Somebodies bumming, big time.

"Hello, is this the Police station? I understand that you've found something that I've lost..."

O' Good Lord!

I'd like a Slushie

made with Europan Ice, or a whisky & water, on Europan ice. Or I could take a washed Gram with Europan Ice.

What did you do this weekend?

I did this!

To Go, Where no one has gone before.

The more I hear about this series, the more I might pick up a CBS subscription.

It's been a quick week.

That said, I'm around this weekend cuz the weather sucks.

Let's all come together this weekend for some fun.


Get through next week, and I'm off for a week, so I'm already kind in vaca mode.


Gone, than Dead.

Roger Ailes changed the world we live in. By penetrating to the emotional core of his audience, he moved them with passionate opinion framed in nuanced language. In a strange way, he did a service to the American public, in that he reminded us, and other news organizations, that yellow journalism will always be with us, and it is to be feared, and fought.

Doesn't matter who you are? Where you are. We all are capable of fucking something up, somewhere, sometime. It's kind of a Universal trait, like that time aliens tried to colonize.

There are a lotta Angry Old White Guys!

Angry that the economy ain't doing so good, but they got 2 cars, a boat and a snowmobile. Angry that kids these days are spoiled, but it's the other kids, not theirs. Angry that women got a say in shit, yet their wife has always had a say in shit. Angry that human sexuality is openly discussed, instead of in a bar, over beer. Angry that DNR limits their catch, but they have fish to actually catch. Angry that some damn minorities have the same rights as they do, including moving in next door.

I know, cuz most of 'em are my friends.

People just wanna

believe anything, and I don't have an explanation for it. That said, I personally believe that conditions on Mars once could have supported life, life that moved to Earth before the great calamity. But that's me. Based on something other than bullshit... (I think)

Hey Man, did you know...

smart people smoke weed, man.

Corrupt, Crooked & a C**t to Boot.

And boot we should, Jeff Sessions, right into a jail cell. This man is charting a course toward mandatory longer prison sentences.


I get the hard line on crime. I do! But read Rand Paul's  thoughts on that, and take a quick minute and reflect on some of the data, on some of Rand's thoughts. Then ask yourself, why two of his aids suddenly became lobbyists for one of the largest private prison companies, GEO,  that our Government is contracting with.


And wait, did I mention Sessions owns Stock in Vanguard? GEO is a Vanguard holding, that means our AG is making a profit based upon his order to increase prison time!

On my Blog, Along a Rural Road

'I love diversity, I love the fact that diversity is creeping into our smaller communities. And it’s a creeping feeling that some people don’t like, the kinda person who hasn’t ventured far outside their own county, much less state. The kinda person who probably has a twenty some year relationship with their bar stool. Might be I’m being somewhat obnoxiously judgmental about some folk, but the thing is, that’s been my experience.'

Some Monday Mornings,

I just get weird, and I'm OK with that. Are you?



Enjoy your Friday,

if you're not old enough to understand this song,

it's context, study your history,

cuz we are on the verge of dark days.


So that I understand this. Trump warns us that the evil Obama spied on him, taped his conversations. And now Trump is warning Comey not to leak because he 'might' have taped their conversations.


Yea, unhinged, it is.

25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won't Die


Just remember it's NASA, the mother of all coverups writing this shit. I happen to know that a UFO crashed in Roswell, and the aliens were taken to Area 51. Just like I know there's a face of me on Mars.

Because I.just.know.things.

Never Fear

For he is here,

To save the day

He wears the Red, White and Blue

for me,

and not for you.




take your pick for the next FBI director. Some pretty valid guesses here, lol!


And Remember

There is always truth is Satire.

Say whatever you want, but if you fire somebody that's investigating you, you look guilty as hell, like you're really trying to fucking hide something. It kinda makes some people wanna dig deeper.

Water World!

A long, long time ago, the earth really was flat, says scientists, and it was covered with water.


Now I know some of you are going to call your best buds, claiming that you've been proven right, that the Earth is flat. That's cuz you won't read the article, cuz you won't read the part about the water, cuz unlike Science, all you see is what you wanna see. And hear!

"I'd like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive, it was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."



is the vulture waiting to pounce on FOX News withering carcass. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is the largest owner of local television stations and boy do they see an opening for dominance in Conservative media. Willing to spend 3.9 billion for Tribune media, SBG is almost assured regulatory approval from the corporate friendly Trump Administration.


Good time to be rich, eh?


..and us poor un's, well, looks like we're going to be bombarded with real fake news.

On my Blog, '...and now we've got TrumpCare', and everything will be alright.





Somehow I don't think so...

It's my Friday, enjoy some Tito and Tarantula

I've got some serious fire pit business waiting up north, and I'm more than half way there.

It's a dark night for Obamacare,

The GOP claims they have the vote to repeal and replace, that means, I'll be paying more, pre-existing conditions will be left to the state, my Tax credit won't be enough to make a difference, and the protection for paying a obscene amount as compared to someone a lot younger is gone.


It is what it is.

Asshole of the Moment

 'Joe Walsh'

Ex Congressman

Dead Beat Dad


Whose twitter reply to Jimmy Kimmel's heartfelt story about his newborns heart surgery was lacking not only in compassion & intelligence, but it also lacked basic human decency, along with an understanding that we all are in this together.


Trump says or does surprises me these days. His comments about Jackson and the civil war were nothing but insensitive, inaccurate, and ridiculous.


What does piss me off are his supporters who defend him, who claim he's right. Sorry but that's just bullshit.

Just spent

the morning doing an annual checkup, having fingers placed where they don't belong. You know the routine, that is if you've been taking care of yourself. I haven't so the visit was long over due. Waiting on my lab results.


That's how my Tuesday rolls.

I've kinda got some personal shit going on, busy shit.

I'll be around, but for the next week or so, I'm in time out, enjoying shit, dealing w/ shit.

Personal shit.


Tired of all this shit?

It's like all out war 'tween the media and Trump.


Who do ya think is going to end up paying for his little war?


Enjoy your weekend,

don't do nothing that God might cut ya down for.

I got Nothing! So...

There are some things that should just be kept private. I get ppl do stupid shit! I've done stupid shit! Hell, I've even filmed myself doing stupid shit. But stupid shit is Stupid.Shit. Using your boyfriends balls as a beauty blender is Stupid Shit.

Stupid Shit!

Admit it,

were you seriously wondering if Trump might blow up Congress while they were all gathered at the White house for that special NK briefing. Now that would of been special, lol!


..but not unexpected.

I am going to be that old sooner than later, friends!

One of those Thursday Thoughts.



I got no problem with Trump. I just don't like the man.'   Simple!


But c'mon, if you're in a room with 10 people, and 9 people are saying you're wrong, chances are, you.are.wrong.


Now someone who is a bit unstable, might start yelling back at the other 9, calling 'em all sorts of nasty names, like a child. like.a.child.

It is Alien Day

So get in on some alien love, watch the vlog


Let's not even mainstream the idea that's it's possible to survive a nuclear war. Instead, lets mainstream the fucking idea that you die, the earth dies, that dying from radiation sickness involves nothing but pain and suffering


Simply, lets stick with the long held belief that the best thing to do if the big ones start falling is to stick your head up your ass and kiss it goodbye!


Like I said, WTF!

Man Rescues Beer from Fire

I really don't care what you think, but this is my kinda man. A man that takes ownership, responsibility, and is fearless in is passion to protect that which he loves.

But Bud? Bud Ice? Ya fuckin' idiot, that ain't beer, that shit's so watered down ya coulda used it to put out the fire.


Now MGD, I'd walk through the fires of Hell for one of those cold, cool sweating golden babes.

Meet Steve.

We don't know much about Steve, although we know he's some kind of atmospheric phenomena. Steve's a big guy, being some 20 miles wide east to west. North to South, Steve's long, ranging from a hundred, to maybe a thousand miles. That's real long, isn't it?


That's all we know about Steve. Oh, he's hot too.  180 miles above us, he spikes to 5,400 degrees F. That's hot, so hot it's actually cool.


and let's thank Dave Markel for the pic. It's awesome, but not as awesome as Steve.

A whole lotta people believe

in science, it's what got us to the moon, and btw, a lot of mis-fortunate souls are thankful for Penicillin.

It's Monday, and I'm still breathing.

Fridays here,

working class heroes get being another day older and deeper in debt, with Jeff Beck and ZZ Top.


Enjoy the weekend

Unfriggin' Believable, it's been a year already.

It is 420

and I'm just so satisfied that 420 comes quickly after 415, cuz it quiets my soul when I get so pissed off at our government taking all my money, money that I could use to increase my stock in 420.

The Stoner Mom Show

As an old Hippie, I'm like huh? wha..., light up, eh, get the munchies, then think, 'fuck reading the story ' and instead righteously check out her website & YT channel.


Truth is, I never thought I'd see the mainstreaming of marijukuchu use here in the US, leastways not to the extent it's becoming accepted at the local level. But profit dictates a lot of shit, and apparently a lot of good shit dictates profit.

The most Beautiful Woman

in the world is Julia Roberts, at least according to People Mag.


I just wanna say, I don't care, but I'm glad a white woman is carrying the crown of the worlds most beautify woman. This is like her 5th time, so maybe last year she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but she fixed herself up to regain the title. Maybe she outta sell that shit, that fixin' yourself up shit. Men might buy it for their ugly women since we live in a male sexist culture.


Ever wonder if...

There's like some special type of execution squad running around, exacting justice on those fuckers who for no other reason, are just major murdering assholes, or they somehow manage to escape justice.


I seriously might not have a problem with that, as long as they don't start targeting regular ol' assholes. Then I'd be worried!

I'm bothered by this.

But wait! I have to get his 'most beautiful piece of cake' remark off my chest. I can't help but think, he was thinking 'beautiful piece of ass', that woulda been a god given Friedan slip, lol.


K, that's by the wayside. I'm bothered by the fact that he informed President XI during a casual dinner, with a kinda 'fuck ya' flair, 'what ya gonna do about it'. Maybe I'm wrong. Could be, might be, might not .


Then the fact that he's not articulate enough to name the nation he actually bombed, and had to be corrected by Maria Bartiromo.


Yeah, I'm bothered.

And thats what wives are for, to remind us that we're egotistical idiots that can't remember to place our hands over our hearts during the National Anthem.



Streaming fucking Murder.

on FB!


How do you deal with this


Here's hoping there's a Monday to wake up to. Enjoy your weekend, and if Monday doesn't come our way, enjoy your eve of Destruction.

There really isn't!

Reading the news this morning is sorta, kinda like having sex without an orgasm. Damn frustrating! Large bomb droppings, Syrian denials & accusations of fabrications, NATO reversals, North Korea is nuclear primed. Ahhh WTF people...


I'm not in the mood for the world at the moment so I thought I'd post a pic of another sort of dangerous mammal. A beaver!


What you're looking at is the damage a beaver family did to the trees on the lot next to mine, about 20 feet from my fire pit. Speaking of vermin, Theresa and I were setting around my fire pit when the beaver arrived on scene. That's him, the big black blob in the middle of the picture, staring at me, tempting me, daring me.

Look, I know you

like your phone, your X-box, your smart TV, fitbit, VR goggles, this shit and that, but do you really wanna be an operating system controlling all your toys. Me? I just wanna have fun, and walk away from it when I need to. But that's me, may be.. you're a future friggin' Terminator kind of character.

Let's Rein this shit in...

I remember back in the day when I was hitchhiking, I couldn't see L.A. cuz of the smog. Remember Smog? Now congress is looking at making any further regulations virtually impossible.

Why would Republicans do that?

Why would anyone do that?

Fuck up our water, our air, our land?

Strike that Match

Chinas moving 150,000 troops to North Korea's border, who in turn is threatening to nuke us, while Russia is sending ships to Syria to show their support in wake of our Tomahawk strike and btw G7 just refused to sanction Russia for their cooperation with Assad.

Strike that match, Donnie boy, strike it!


Green Bays going to take the Superbowl next year.


Aarons going to be so pissed at the lack of Olivia,


he's going to start remembering to play football again,

cuz he got Munn no more to think about.


2/3 of the barrier reef is bleached.


Are you taking notice?


Than who is?

It's Friday, use your imagination...

While I believe a rapid response was needed to answer Syria's gas attacks on it's citizens, I'm just no sure what launching a few missiles at a Syrian Air Force base accomplishes? Does it drive fear into Assad's heart, give hope to the Syrian people, destroy his military capability to launch another gas attack? I'm struggling to understand the message it sends. Maybe it's more of a warning to Assad, 'that boots might be coming'. Then I'd have to wonder what Russia would say about that warning. How would Trump react to that?

It's here, Conspiracy Story 2

and if you haven't seen the first Video, why you can watch it right here.

Interesting fact, it's all true! Kinda, sorta in a conspiratorial way. Those who know, also know this is the second time I did part 2, cuz the first part 2 was a total disaster.


Vlad bans Pics!

And here lies the difference 'tween dictators and elected officials here at home. But I gotta be wondering, just how long it's going to be before Donnie tries passing legislation to amend our constitutional right to free speech.

I'm betting not long!

Why would any sensible scientist transplant a tadpoles eye to it's tail. WTF are you thinking? That someday you'll be able to transplant one of my eyes to my ass? Think about this. Please! First, I'd have to be naked all the time in order to see. Second, as I grew older my field of vision would expand exponentially with the width of my ass. I'd lose my focus. And last, do I really want to watch my shit?


Please, don't do this!

Feeling down, thinking you're outside the loop, questioning existence? Why not cozy up to God? God will make it all right! That's what God does, but what I can't figure out, is that what ever God does, he ain't doing it here on this blue ball. Oh well, go read and ponder 'The Religion of Spirituality' and you'll at least figure out you're not alone. But maybe ya are? Always have been! That would suck. Anywho, thanks God!

Dozens, (58) including children, die in Syrian gas attack, the day after Trump tells Assad 'there will be no regime change.' To date, Trump has nothing to say to the American people about the incident. In fact, Trump hasn't been forthcoming about a plan to deal with Assad or Isis or any thing else other than building a frickin' wall, taking away our health care, and deregulating environmental protections.

Meet your cosmic twin. They exist. You might be bald, they might have hair to their ass. Might have an address in a parallel universe, or live in this one at the edge of some far flung galaxy. Spend 20 minutes and get your mind blown, or just go smoke a joint and blow your own mind, or talk to your significant other about getting blown, but get blown.


*Asshole of the Moment

I don't do too many AoMs because if I did an asshole of the moment every time a person was an asshole, that's all I'd ever do, is point out assholiness behavior. But Bill O' Reilly is in a special class, cuz he is an all around, total jerk off asshole who preaches under the banner of moral righteousness while treating those around him with disdain while exuding a gracious, 'fuck me, and you'll get a raise' to women. So yes, Reilly is a total asshole of a man.

Alien Love is always a good thing,

especially in the hot Texas sand under a cool blue moon. BTW, the story's true! All of it. Don't even think for a second it's not. So after reading, watch the video at the end.

Here's a little Muck Sticky to kick off the weekend.

April 19, 2017

The Slain Will Rise Again: Lost Valkyries Remembered

"Brothers shall fight and fell each other,

And sisters' sons shall kinship stain;

Hard is it on earth, with mighty whoredom;

Axe-time, sword-time, shields are sundered,

Wind-time, wolf-time, ere the world falls;

Nor ever shall men each other spare."

 (Poetic Edda¸ 9.)


Looking forward to  'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'. Outta be fun, in a LeelOo kinda way.


Tesla, you don't know him, but you should.

'He managed to convince J.P. Morgan that he was on the verge of a breakthrough, and the financier gave Tesla more than $150,000 to fund what would become a gigantic, futuristic and startling tower in the middle of Long Island, New York. In 1898, as Tesla’s plans to create a worldwide wireless transmission system became known, Wardenclyffe Tower would be Tesla’s last chance to claim the recognition and wealth that had always escaped him.'


Strange Days abound my friend. Climate change ain't a thing anymore, our Internet privacy has vanished, coals coming back, and coming back big, we're going to spend a billion on 60 miles of wall, truth ain't a commodity anymore cuz everyone has their own version, and that's alright.

What, is Russia running the country or what?

I'm not OK w/ this on a lot for different levels, and it ain't that he's some young whippersnapper that's married to some good lookin' snapper. It's more like he just ain't a smart, experienced whippersnapper. One that's never done nothing of his own accord. My guess, the old orange fat man is setting him up to be the fall guy.

Swing it Dude!

The guy has talent, and then some. Check out his channel. The music ain't bad either.

No matter the scale, life is about adversity, about breathing, moving. Life has a rhythm all it's own, each of us has a unique beat. Some listen, other's don't. If you can't hear your rhythm, you might want to try listening instead of doing all that talking, cuz talking ain't good for you unless you're saying something that someone wants to hear, and when they respond, that's part of the beat.

Temps are trending upward, and I need that warmth. Been a cold snow, not weather wise, more soul wise. Cold, frozen, shattered. So it's kind of appropriate I get to start putting pieces back together, in the spring. It'll work out, it's life. Thing is, someone, somewhere has it worse, a kid that needs a heart transplant, brain cancer, I dunno, but I know this. We're all in this together.


My campfire beckons.

...and it's goodbye to the 30's.

Pluto is, Pluto ain't.

Pluto is, Pluto ain't.

Pluto is...


C'mon people!

Any wonder why no one believe y'all on climate change? You can't even decide what a planet is.

 "...Hey, look, in the meantime, I guess I can't be doing so badly, because I'm president, and you're not."



O' but for the love of Christ.


I remember a time back in '66 when Chuck and I were crouched in the dense jungles of Barabushka. We were camo'd, waiting to take out a armored convoy. Chuck lights a smoke, turns to me, pulls out this paper bag with holes cut out for my eyes.


Put this on, he says...



For the love of all humanity, please God, say it ain't so.

In the annuals of all things that are round, like door knobs, how can anyone associate with that which is flat?

Look in the mirror Shaq, the mirror. Things are round, can be round!


It's OK, roundness is good.


I wish people would take the time to listen to this podcast. As I did, I identified with every single word, every emotion, event, and thought.


Listen to the Podcast.

You Think! ﷯

Iron Fist,


Read one medium review, but I liked it.

I binged.

Always gotta say it. When I'm sick, when life gets the fuck real, I don't have anyone to step in for me.  This site is what I claim it to be, individual owned, and individual stoned washed, & then hung out to dry.


Just a bit more, below.

So like last Wednesday, I started getting sick. You know, flu crud, coughing, congestion and crap. Got home at one in the morning and crawled into bed. Called my provider Thursday, looking to get in, and what do I hear?


"Before we can schedule an appointment you need to pay a 180.00$ from 2014'


I'm pukin', some frickin' alien in my chest is going to burst out, splattering my poisonous blood everywhere.


180.00$? WTF are you talking about?


To be clear, St. Cloud medical group blackmailed me into paying a bill when I was was horribly sick. I never received a bill, the damn bill never went to collections, and you know what. a year down the road, when they do their annual auditing of accounts, I'll get the check back, probably. I've been here before.


That's just bullshit!

Tripping the light fantastic.

Well, looks like some species out there got it right. I hope we get out there some day to find out, answer some questions, but with our luck, we'll end up with a flat on the way, and be late for the party.

Look, if I had a Chronovisor I'd change some stuff up, but I'm thinking since the CIA and the Vatican have one, they've changed all kinds of shit, and that's probably why we're in the mess we're in. Think about it. Now think about this, if Trump finds out the CIA has a Chronovisor, he'll want to play with it... Wait a minute, how do we know he already hasn't? Hmmm...

Craziness abounds.

I'm really starting to believe!

Believe that all the shit they put in our food, in our water, is affecting our mentality, our god damned common sense. Along with all the pharmaceuticals, the crap we breath. it's all having an impact on our ability to produce a rational thought.


Or may be, it's just me, might be the government is spiking my Cuervo with some high grade acid. Yea, that's it, my Tequila's some really good shit.


Anybody wanna get naked, dance in the moonlight, take in the stars, cruise the milky way?







Strange shit happens late at night.

Say what?


Michael Brown wasn't robbing the store!


He was buying weed?


If this is true, someone needs to hold the police dept. in Ferguson accountable for lying to you & me.


Frickin' unbelievable that this shit happens!



Isn't there something ironically funny about this, considering the source is Breitbart?

Ain't no snarky shit comments today about it being Monday, cuz it's actually my Friday!


It's Friday enjoy the weekend.



I have to work it.




Just shameful, and a blight on all currently serving members of our Military, as well Veterans. Most are not pigs, and to have men participating in this behavior is disrespectful, wrong, and a disservice to America.


And then to taunt officials, to brag about your behavior is disgusting, not as a serving member, or Veteran of our Military, but as a human being.


You have no honor.

Fuck You!

Archived April 12, 2017

Science isn't perfect, I get that. Sometimes the path to truth is a long, tedious haul. That's the way I believe Science should be. Science should always be evolving, regardless of field. The story of our evolution is always in flux, and when accepted thought is challenged, there will always be those who refuse to look at new theories, new thoughts on given subjects. Some people just don't wanna accept the truth, kinda like global warming.


Good lord, the story, the dates of our evolution, are so different than what I learned as a kid. The dates for our presence on Earth just keep getting pushed back further, and further.

How do you take your weed?

Up the butt, or do you...


While a small Nation like Denmark can power their entire country for one day using wind power,





we can't even get a damn wind turbine to spin in the wind. What's up with that?


Isn't that  little 'excuse me' fucking embarrassing?



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