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Rob Paxton

Who Do,

That Voodoo?


That thing you do.

Stick man dolls aside, this shit scares me. It's like the walking dead are everywhere. I don't do good with dead ppl, 'specially those that walk.

Entitled Bastard!

Chris Christy has no problem relaxing in the sun on the Beach of the Governors mansion, even though it's a state run beach, that is currently closed because of a Budget Impasse in New Jersey.


No one else in the state can relax on a beach over the July 4th Holiday, but let's give it to Chris, he at least can claim it's not him, but a beached whale.

We are better,

when we are one. Most people think the Declaration of Independence was written by a small number of our founding fathers. The truth is, while the ideas expressed in the Declaration are ideas expressed in other well known historical documents, the larger unrealized truth is that much of what is in the document is reflective of American thought at the time. American thought based in grievance and injury, paving a rural path to those in Philadelphia who brought together the ideas as our Declaration of Independence.

Someone please pass that bottle!

Enjoy the weekend.

Here's hoping you get where your going.


From the same guy,

who pushed the PizzaGate story, Alex Jones at Infowars, comes new information that our children are being abducted and sent to Mars, to work the fields as slaves.


Why do I even mention it?


Because this is Trumps idea of what good journalism is. Trump applauded Jones journalistic bullshit, telling him his 'reputation was fantastic'.


I'm starting the day early with a double shot, and another, and that's not fake news!

We all like to think

that our media is fair and balanced. For the most part, that might be true, but when I read, and see charts like this, I just gotta wonder. Wonder about things like, 'Are you fucking with my mind sometimes, making me think what ya want me to think?'.


Cuz thinking, that's like work!

If anybody

can fake their own time cover, so can I.


Good lord, and Trump rails against fake news but has no problem faking his own Time cover and plastering it all over his clubs.


Classic narcissism. Now that's almost funny, 'cept it's kinda sad.

Power of Sweat

So that I understand. If I want to power my wearables, all I gotta do is expend power? So, it's like I really do gotta give up a piece of me to listen  to some tunes when I run.


Suck me dry, they are!

DAMN! I've been waiting...

and if Anonymous says it's true, it has to be the truth. So don't worry, everythings going to be alright. The aliens will take care of all our problems; teach us the meaning of existence, feed everybody, heal our sick, clean up our planet, stop global warming, insure worldwide peace and instill social justice.


But of course, upon hearing NASA's announcement, Trumps reply was, 'Wait a minute, I've done all those things'.

Feeling Old? Don't

Cuz 70 is the new 60, and there's smart people saying so. All i wanna know is why TF my bones ache when I get up in the morning,  why I piss all the time, and why I can't remember shit. According to the smart ppl, I'm a whole ten years younger, and when I was 50, I could have sex 4 times a week, drink like a sailor in Thailand, go days without taking a leak, and I never forgot shit people said about me behind my back.

O' wow, Man.

I'd say I told you so but then I never did because, like, man, you wouldn't have believed that good hooch makes you mellow. Like man, to the point you don't even have to drive anymore. It's like you don't have do anything anymore, man. There's this thing  called the Internet and you can get pizza there, and buy clothes, and hooch, and like they bring it right to your door, dude.

This weekend, put some Hart, with a little bang, bang, boom in it.


Women want me,

because I'm plumb filled, chalk full of  aphrodisiac producing bacteria. Eat the right foods with the right bacteria, and women will want you too. Little known secret, tequila is full of just the right amount of the needed bacteria.

So do a shot, and get your horn on!



I'll take the damn job. Hell, I do everybody's work, at work, anyway, so like I have a ton of experience.


I'd make a good king, a fine King, A fair King!


Do I get to have a bunch of Queens? Can I pick my own? King Rob. Boy, I like the sound of that. Where do I apply?

From one

Tequila Connoisseur

to another, I'd do a couple of shots with George anytime. In fact, we'd do a couple till he was a pie eyed sailor in Bangkok, and I'd borrow a cool mil to buy a couple cases of his pricey, water downed shit.


OK, I admit, I'm assuming it's pricey watered down shit cuz I can't afford the good stuff.


Wonder if his wife would join us?

Another Fri*king Political Post!

and I do apologize. While i'm passionate about my politics, I don't just do political posts, but hey, I got a hair that's itching somewhere, and I just had to write something about the path for salvation for the Democratic party.


Give it a read, and no more political posts this week, hopefully!

Someone doesn't want

a hug!

Especially from a Republican.

Especially from a like minded Republican.


Go Figure!


Methinks the truth is reflected in the guy's expression whose setting, lower right, lol!!

Currently. on. my. Blog.

Is Obamacare perfect? No, a lot of concessions were made to make it law. Would it be a better bill without those concessions? Who knows?


The thing is though, before the ACA a lot of people were using the emergency room as a doctor’s office, premiums were skyrocketing, in some years, by double percentage points, while valuable benefits were being lost, college kids were dropped from their insurance plans, and if you had a pre-existing coverage, chances are, you couldn’t find affordable health care.

Read More

In the News, all day!

The Georgia special election, where the polls are basically even. Both sides have spent a shitload on money. Quick rundown, Trump narrowly won in the district, it's always been a red state and Dems wanna see a win, and Republicans are worried what a loss would mean for 2018 and beyond.


Thing is, Democrats have already won. To make what should have been a blowout, a competitive race speaks volumes, and it is because of 'guilt by association', as in a clear cut verdict on Trump!


Thing is, if Ossoff does win, there's going to be a lot of pissed of Republicans.


Either way, you and I are going to have to listen to a lot of political bullshit spin boasting over the next few days, from one side or the other.


it wasn't a disaster!

Megyn held his crazy ass accountable, but the guys a slimebag and takes no responsibility for all the hateful, hurtful, lying shit he's said and caused over the years. That came across big time! Was a time, long time ago when I listened to Alex Jones, but it was pretty clear even then, all he wanted was an audience, and he was out on the fringe looking for it.


Thing is, that fringe now has several voices, one of 'em is our President, and that's some scary shit.


Most intelligent people. People like me, know the Universe is conscious. We know that because the Universe calls out to us, speaks to us.


Keeps whispering something about a 'virus'.

Know why I drink?

Cuz of stupid shit like Trump tweeting he's under investigation and then his lawyer saying he isn't, but before that Sean Spicer said the Presidents tweets were official tweets.


Doing shots of Tequila, and a lot of 'em, is the only way any of this makes sense!!

It's Friday,

ya got some love coming to town?

So get back on the train, cuz love is good.

OH, I'm confused AF,

Trump admitted it was his decision, his, all by his lonesome self. I thought he was President, made all his own decisions, so how can someone else tell him to fire someone? How can it be a 'phony' witch hunt'? If it was a 'real' witch hunt, I'd get it. Is Trump a cross dresser, cuz shouldn't it be a 'phony' warlock hunt?


Here's a word for you


Confabulating~ a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.


Just not so sure about that 'intent' part of it tho'.


Wanna be Rich & Famous ?

Then take in some hilarious tips and tricks on making a viral video.

It Really Happened?


I've got a passing fancy with UFOs and Roswell has always been a curious incident, for a whole lotta reasons, specifically due to the military's consistently changing stories, none of which ever made sense.


And now it gets weirder with the discovery of these new documents. Are they real? Sure looks like it, but who the fuck knows these days.


What say you, alien hunters?

Living in a Void

Given the days news, all the political discontent, rage & hate that we seem to suffer through on a daily basis, perhaps there's a reason we're living in a cheese-hole. Maybe God has consigned us to the netherworld until we figure shit out.


I have an idea.


Lets start figuring shit out! But that would require us to start acting like we actually cared. Then again who wants to live in a perfect world, where's the fun in that?


Again, and again, and... Again.

  It's not going to stop.

Until we start talking about the problem, and that's not going to happen anytime soon.

And it's literally disgusting that the first post on FB this morning was a tirade against Democrats, blaming the shooting on Democrats, claiming we were responsible because of our hateful language.


I'm suspecting

there's some serious shenanigans going on, maybe laying the foundation to get rid of Mueller.


Other than that, the only answers the guy can give to anybody about anything, would incriminate his own ass. As in lying to Congress under oath about his Russian meetings, as in recusing himself from the probe, then being involved in firing Comey.


One thing for sure, Sessions will defend Trump at every corner, lie or not.

Secret Envoy to NK?

Dennis Rodman is in North Korea fueling speculation he's their to deliver a message from Trump. Sources say Trump is offering up one of his golden Russian hookers, a percentage of ownership in the Chicago Bulls, a house in Hollywood and a slice of American pie, and all Trump wants in return, is a pledge of loyalty, public loyalty.


And he can cock off all the missiles he wants!

This drives me crazy!

Who are these people thinking they're going to fight against? The American ppl? Our military? Foreign invasion? Our Government?


I got nothing against guns, but if these militia people won't go Vote, they ain't going to start a gunfight with a tank.


Nuff said!

WTF it's Monday already. I woke up to a massive power outage, then got stuck midway in a 3 hour drive, for an hour, bumper to bumper, on a major interstate, making it a 4 hour drive.


The power came on just before I walked in the door at 7, and hey, my beer was still cold, so that works...

Just watched

the eppy where Ragnor Lothbrok just got tossed in a snake of pits and walked through the gates of Valhalla. Damn! That was cruel. Of course, I had to check out the historical accuracy, and the show matched up. Double damn!


If you haven't had the chance to watch the Vikings, it's good entertainment. Solid plot lines, character development, decent camera work and kick-ass music.


Give it a go when you got nothing better to do,


has flashed the Bat Signal across the heavenly skies, calling Batman home.


Safe journey Adam, you are the original, and you made my childhood special, made me believe I could be a Superhero too.


Thank you.

It''s Friday,  get Wild

You were born for this shit!


you can gleen a bit about a persons interests on twitter by looking at who they follow. I follow people who follow me back if they interest me, if they have interesting profiles, and tweet interesting thoughts and things.


Donald Trump is interested in only one person, Donald Trump. Look who he follows, all his organizations, and right wing media.


That's it. That's where his interest is!


And that's telling.

"Nobody tells us

what to think, what to fight about… except for other Americans, but we had a foreign government… try to shape the way we think, we vote, we act… which is a big deal,”


“It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. They are coming after America, which I hope we all love equally."


So where's the outrage from the Trump administration? Where are the sanctions? The condemnations?


On the local front, a person can't even go to a ball game or swimming without ppl taking some kinda offense. Maybe if the game staff knew he was going swimming, they wouldn't have had a cow about the guy just wearing a towel.

Just in case...

I bought some colored underwear.


Yep, I'm spending the rest of the day shitting my colon clear cuz tomorrow I get a camera tunneled up my ass.


I wouldn't be laughing too hard, all ya young guys, your day of reckoning is coming, if you're smart!


UpDate:Damn, prepping was rough, but I Live!

Wonder Woman

& her origin story. No, it didn't start with a Goddess on Themyscira, but with a psychologist who had a hard on for his wife.


Wonder Womans ESP, astral projection, telepathy , mental control over the electricity in her body, the Amazonian ability to turn brain energy into muscle power, etc all derived from her creators interest in parapsychology and metaphysics.


That coming from a Psychologist. His wife must of been a hell of a woman.

The Isolation of Qatar

Most Americans, including this kid don't really know a lot about middle Eastern politics, and relations. We know the basics, lots of fighting, lots of hate, especially toward our good friend, Israel. We know there's a lot of sand that way, and lot of oil under that sand. So when Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others blocked, and isolated, Qatar, most Americans won't care to understand why, or the importance of the act to their own lives.


But think about this. What would happen if Europe isolated Switzerland? Outside of it's banking reputation, Switzerland also has a reputation of neutrality, a place where opposing sides could come to the table.


Qatar has long been considered the Switzerland of the Middle East.


Seems like the talking is done! And that means...

If Bob Bigelow

thinks there are aliens among us, then we outta find all the nasty little bug eyed creatures and send 'em back home in body bags. That would send a clear warning to 'em, wouldn't it?


Yep, I'd hide from us too!


some of my older shit, you'd think I turned into a crotchety, old fuck. Well, I am and I'm not. I got shit done with a week off, including this, Beast.


I'm tired of

giving up prayers and thoughts to victims of terrorism. I've lived with this shit my entire life, back in the day we had the Red Brigade, the SLA, IRA, constant hijackings, murders and kidnappings. It's never going to change. Least not in my lifetime. Will it change? Maybe, when world leaders figure out we can't disenfranchise entire populations, steal their wealth, redraw borders and bomb the shit out of their populaces.


That said, humans being who we are, that won't be the end of it. In the meantime, God Bless London.

Nobody believes you,

When you say a three year old could have hacked our election. No one in France believes some kid tried to hack theirs.


You did what you did to be disruptive!


Somewhere down the road, payback will be a bitch, and that's an American promise. Ain't no karma shit here, just good ol' fashioned revenge.


Cowboy style!

Frickin', Fucking Bonkers...

If you ask me, the whole world is headed down a path of instability and chaos. Know what really worries me tho'? People that have their heads stuck in the sand, thinking it's all going to be alright. Ppl that think shit like 'hate' here in 'merica will pass, cuz we're John Wayne 'mericans, and that it'll all work itself out.


Unfortunately, the conditions ain't there to work itself out. Shit's changing folks, and most of ya'll ain't going to like the shit that flows your way.

Just saying...

It's Friday, enjoy some magic, and take the red pill. Trust me.


I leave for a couple of days and the world fall apart. Trump pulls out of Paris, (and there's a couple other times he should have pulled out.) ponders executive privilege to stop Comey from talking,  Kathy Griffins becomes a victim and HRC still blames everyone else for her loss.


The more shit changes, the more it stays the same, don't it?

It's called Vacation,

and it's where I'll be the rest of the week.

The sun is out, skies are blue, trees are green, so it's campfires, beer, with shots of tequila mixed in.


I'll be back this weekend... Maybe!

If you did not see

Gillian Anderson doing Bowie, and Monroe Sunday night, you missed a 'Wtf, I know that chick, from somewhere.' along with a 'Damn, that actor rocks'.


American Gods on Starz is an ass kicking crazy show. You outta give it a watch, but only if you like kick ass weird.

So Kathy Griffin

did a thing with a beheaded Trump. I thought it was  offensive, more so to people on the left. We all got enough on our plate, that we don't need to walk in shit. BTW, those on the right who are ranting and pointing fingers, where was your voice when ppl were burning and hanging effigies of Obama.

Everything aside,

I have not heard one sentence of condemnation toward Russia regarding their interference in our election, and those in France.


Why, Mr. President is that?


Forget all the collusion shit, all the talk of contacts and back channels. I want to know why President Trump hasn't talked to the American people about Russia's involvement in our election. Why he hasn't proposed hearings, sanctions, in addition to condemnations.?


The fact that Russia meddled, successful or not, is just that, fact. It's a fact all our intelligence agencies agree upon.


And all I hear is wind blowing.


The sun is out, the trees are spring green, the sky blue, so why not enjoy some ACDC.

Do We Really

have a genetic propensity of shared obligation and commitment? When reading the news, you'd think that's all bullshit, that we're all out for our ourselves.


But I'd like to believe that most sensible people tend to believe we're in this shitstorm together, and the only way out of that storm is through our shared dreams, our realization, that we need to work together.


Then again, in the scheme of things, we're all still toddlers.

This is the thing...

Without Federal oversight, States and local communities will discriminate. It's that simple! Our Secretary of Education doesn't get that, won't admit it, can't understand that, and in fact, I believe, accepts that fact. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, Devoss would like to see us get back to the days of segregation, cuz if a school can deny admission based on sexual identity, they can deny on race, color and culture.

I seethe at some shit.!

A 20 year old kid drugs his little sister, then rapes her. And the judge is worried about the stigma attached to the kids conviction.


Know what I'm worried about? Stupid frigging judges that don't get it! The kid needs help, I hope he gets it, and I hope his sister gets a ton of help in dealing with the Rape, and I hope the judge gets de-benched, and humiliated.

An Oral Sex Defense

Wait.. What?!

Well, that makes all the sense in the world, a woman chokes on his load. He's charged with murder, And he's acquitted.

What a strange world we live in. Funny sometimes, but strange, damn strange.


For spreading conspiracy story shit about a dead man to further his own agenda and ratings, Sean Hannity is my Asshole Of the Moment. Then when called on his shit, Hannity back-peddles, claiming he no longer will talk about the murder conspiracy out of respect for the family of the deceased.


This old man's heart is broken this morning.

Broken because of the world we live in, a world of violence and intolerance. I grieve for the lives lost in Manchester, the young lives, the parents, England, and the world at large. I grieve at who we have become, and I grieve that I have become numb, knowing there will be another Manchester, and another. Sooner then later.


This is not the world I want. This is not the world I expected to grow old in, this is not the world I want my children to live in.


We can end this, we can change this. We can do so without giving into those who hate the world, without returning the slaughter. We can do so without giving up our values, our ethics.


We can end the carnage with will, with dialogue, with respect, with understanding, and political means. Doing so will not be easy, and it begins with leadership, and an evaluation of our place in the world. We, as Americans were once deeply respected for our role on the world stage, for our desire to further Democracy, our way of life through peaceful means, without political agenda, without profit.


I much rather be respected than feared.

Holy Good Shit

Somebodies bumming, big time.

"Hello, is this the Police station? I understand that you've found something that I've lost..."

O' Good Lord!

I'd like a Slushie

made with Europan Ice, or a whisky & water, on Europan ice. Or I could take a washed Gram with Europan Ice.

What did you do this weekend?

I did this!

To Go, Where no one has gone before.

The more I hear about this series, the more I might pick up a CBS subscription.

It's been a quick week.

That said, I'm around this weekend cuz the weather sucks.

Let's all come together this weekend for some fun.


Get through next week, and I'm off for a week, so I'm already kind in vaca mode.


Gone, than Dead.

Roger Ailes changed the world we live in. By penetrating to the emotional core of his audience, he moved them with passionate opinion framed in nuanced language. In a strange way, he did a service to the American public, in that he reminded us, and other news organizations, that yellow journalism will always be with us, and it is to be feared, and fought.

Doesn't matter who you are? Where you are. We all are capable of fucking something up, somewhere, sometime. It's kind of a Universal trait, like that time aliens tried to colonize.

There are a lotta Angry Old White Guys!

Angry that the economy ain't doing so good, but they got 2 cars, a boat and a snowmobile. Angry that kids these days are spoiled, but it's the other kids, not theirs. Angry that women got a say in shit, yet their wife has always had a say in shit. Angry that human sexuality is openly discussed, instead of in a bar, over beer. Angry that DNR limits their catch, but they have fish to actually catch. Angry that some damn minorities have the same rights as they do, including moving in next door.

I know, cuz most of 'em are my friends.

People just wanna

believe anything, and I don't have an explanation for it. That said, I personally believe that conditions on Mars once could have supported life, life that moved to Earth before the great calamity. But that's me. Based on something other than bullshit... (I think)

Hey Man, did you know...

smart people smoke weed, man.

Corrupt, Crooked & a C**t to Boot.

And boot we should, Jeff Sessions, right into a jail cell. This man is charting a course toward mandatory longer prison sentences.


I get the hard line on crime. I do! But read Rand Paul's  thoughts on that, and take a quick minute and reflect on some of the data, on some of Rand's thoughts. Then ask yourself, why two of his aids suddenly became lobbyists for one of the largest private prison companies, GEO,  that our Government is contracting with.


And wait, did I mention Sessions owns Stock in Vanguard? GEO is a Vanguard holding, that means our AG is making a profit based upon his order to increase prison time!

On my Blog, Along a Rural Road

'I love diversity, I love the fact that diversity is creeping into our smaller communities. And it’s a creeping feeling that some people don’t like, the kinda person who hasn’t ventured far outside their own county, much less state. The kinda person who probably has a twenty some year relationship with their bar stool. Might be I’m being somewhat obnoxiously judgmental about some folk, but the thing is, that’s been my experience.'

Some Monday Mornings,

I just get weird, and I'm OK with that. Are you?



Enjoy your Friday,

if you're not old enough to understand this song,

it's context, study your history,

cuz we are on the verge of dark days.


So that I understand this. Trump warns us that the evil Obama spied on him, taped his conversations. And now Trump is warning Comey not to leak because he 'might' have taped their conversations.


Yea, unhinged, it is.

25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won't Die


Just remember it's NASA, the mother of all coverups writing this shit. I happen to know that a UFO crashed in Roswell, and the aliens were taken to Area 51. Just like I know there's a face of me on Mars.

Because I.just.know.things.

Never Fear

For he is here,

To save the day

He wears the Red, White and Blue

for me,

and not for you.




take your pick for the next FBI director. Some pretty valid guesses here, lol!


And Remember

There is always truth is Satire.

Say whatever you want, but if you fire somebody that's investigating you, you look guilty as hell, like you're really trying to fucking hide something. It kinda makes some people wanna dig deeper.

Water World!

A long, long time ago, the earth really was flat, says scientists, and it was covered with water.


Now I know some of you are going to call your best buds, claiming that you've been proven right, that the Earth is flat. That's cuz you won't read the article, cuz you won't read the part about the water, cuz unlike Science, all you see is what you wanna see. And hear!

"I'd like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive, it was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."



is the vulture waiting to pounce on FOX News withering carcass. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is the largest owner of local television stations and boy do they see an opening for dominance in Conservative media. Willing to spend 3.9 billion for Tribune media, SBG is almost assured regulatory approval from the corporate friendly Trump Administration.


Good time to be rich, eh?


..and us poor un's, well, looks like we're going to be bombarded with real fake news.