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Rob Paxton

The Truth is, well... just the Truth.

For eight years Fox news and Republicans pummeled President Obama and his administration with misrepresentations, false facts, and outright lies. From his birthright and tan suits to Benghazi, the assault was staggering and unfair, with Mitch McConnell stating on the first day of Obama's Presidency, his objective was to see 'a one term Presidency'.

Suddenly, the shoe is on the other foot, Fox news is reeling in the ratings, and Conservatives are crying fake news at every opportunity. At face value, one could comprehend the cries of fake news, understand Trumps unending obsession because Conservatives understand the value of a lie. That's what Fox taught. A lie ain't all that bad if it supports you emotionally.

The thing is, the truth hurts. Call it fake news if you want, but the difference is, there's a kernel of truth to what's being said today. Not made up shit! Not outright lies, rather facts with a basis in truth. So if you have a problem with how our 'liberal' news media is portraying Trump, look in the mirror.


Anybody that's been married for over a year knows this cuz our wives have taught us how to be men, how to pleasure our wives the right way. If you're not aware of outercourse, you're still 16 and orgasm the second you drop your pants.

This is Who We Are.

We might yell, scream and curse over our political, religious, cultural beliefs, but when the rubber meets the road, we are all Americans, and feel for each other.

Remember that!

(I don't see any confederate flags, or nazis in this picture.)


So scientists are open to the possibility that aliens might have stopped by our neck of the woods, and left some garbage about. Not in recent memory of course, but millions and billions of years ago. Me? I think it was a bit more recent, perhaps during the early years of our development, why? Because there just a lot of strange carvings, old strange constructions, ancient legends of sky gods... shit like that.


As i was reading the story, I thought, well, geez, don't you think they'd clean up their garbage, but maybe we did learn from them.

It's Not OK.

WTF the Police need Bazookas for?

This inquiring mind wants to know. I get our police officers need to be safe, need decent arms, good running vehicles, and the best protection available against incoming.


But do we need to turn our police forces into a military branch? Isn't there some sensible limits, like does a small town police force need armored vehicles, rocket launchers and the like?

Does jerking off make you a sex addict?

Yea, like if you enjoy it, and do it often, it does

But of course, a bunch of so called sexperts, can't reach that simple conclusion. Maybe because their all too embarrassed to label themselves as addicts.


A good weekend!

Had a good old fashioned time Saturday night, perhaps had one too many, but it was worth it. The street dance sucked because the band sucked, the beer was pricy and the weather didn't cooperate. And there just ain't nothing like partying with an old friend in a two bit bar, winning a couple games of pool while tossin' back some alcohol.

Time for a shot.

I'm off to my annual street dance tomorrow. Loving that, but hating what Sunday mornings going to bring, cuz it's going to be a hell of a good Sat. night.

I'd say stay dry, but I rather have my Southern friends safe, even if they're wet.

Dirty Deeds!

Yea, the alt-right is hip deep in smearing the left. Fake socmed accounts, fake hashtags, fake pictures are all just the tip of the iceberg.  According to Trump,these are good people. Rrrright. Hell, IMHO, Nazis made up the term Antifa to scare people into thinking there's this leftist conspiracy to destroy America.


Thing is, you can't smear shit without being covered in shit.

kids from hell?

Ain't a parent alive that wants to admit their kids are the devils spawn, even when we all know most kids today are the result of some demon sneaking into the womans bed when the old man ain't around. But shit, c'mon, who the hell wants to put up with another womans kids?

Across the Universe, past the star on the left, God is skimming stones using human souls.

Bot Doctors.

Good grief Lillyanna, if you think you got yourself a bout of depression, go Google it, and you'll be OK. Christ, what's next? Youtube videos to help with erectile dysfunction? Bots really are taking over the world, ain't they?


OMG the guys hung! Ok, look, I looked! I had too. I had to research the story, and I just like glanced over the pics that were stolen, and I hope they find the pervert who stole the top secret pics, but I have to wonder, are people smart enough to turn off their phone sync with their google accounts?


Wait a minute, I have to go do something...

Funny Not!

WTF is this crap? Behind the scenes shenanigans to vilify Trumps administration? Almost sounds like Brietbart is planning some  intentional 'fake' news. Hey Donald, going to call 'em out? Didn't think so!

Hey I get every media organization is politically biased to some degree, that's the history of our media, but this shit shit stinks! Stinks to high heavenly crap.

While you all

were looking at the moon blot out the sun, I was busy creating a new line of fashion accessories.

But I screwed up in the credits. I didn't give a shout-out to the originator of the fashion line, and that goes to Chris S., my friend and co-worker, who works almost as hard as I do.

Hot Damn,

This lady has it all. Last year she saved the children of Zambia all by her lonesome and today she's spitting in the face of hard working Americans.


Geez Louise, get a life will ya? Uh, I can't help but wonder if she married for money, not saying she did, but her hub's an ugly fuck, an old fuck, not as old as me, but ugly old, and he's filthy rich, so I gotta ask?

I like reading

about history, ancient history. Origins, the rise and fall of civilizations, anthropology, the connectedness of the human species, and yea, there's some strange awe inspiring stuff out there. Know what I don't like? Having to be a frigging mathematician  to understand the geometric relationships of the Pyramids in an article I'd like to read about hidden messages!


So go ahead and just decipher the damn thing and let me know what tomorrows lotto numbers are.

Seriously, you knew I would repost this...



Dropping soon,

and it's funny as shit.

A good run...

I wasn't aware of Dick Gregory's life, I knew he was a comic, and an activist. But from what I've read, he was a good man, Jerry Lewis, on the other hand, well... I grew up with him. Lewis and Martin breaking apart taught me nothing is permanent.


God Bless to you both.

It's been a long, heartbreaking week,

For What it's Worth

I'm ready for the weekend.

Give the song a watch, there's a lot of truth to music.

Barcelona & Cambrils...

13 dead, scores injured, and my mind just goes numb. It's not like I don't care anymore, it's more like I'm just in shock. It's as if the entire world is suffering from PTSD, I along with it. My heart just bleeds. There isn't anything left to say, all I can do is weep.

On my Blog,

 Rotgut & Water


I've always said a man's character will define his actions. I am not a Trump supporter because of who he is as a person. Trumps character as a man, as a human being is lacking. Donald Trump is vulgar, vindictive, petty, and a liar. These are not false facts, not opinions, not character flaws that have been twisted by our news media to demean Donald Trump. These character flaws simply speak the truth of who this man is.


Donald Trump is also a Racist. I was taught that I would be judged by who I associated with. In one startling long breath of a day, Donald Trump condemned the KKK, Nazis and alt-right, then flipped the table, defending their behavior with lies, misstatements and historical inaccuracies, clearly realigning his character with those he finds comfort with.


Trumps flip of the table has emboldened those he identifies with. That table cannot be be right-sided, can never be used to set across, and discuss public or political discourse. Instead, Donald Trump has lit that table afire, sending signals that will have dangerous repercussions in the days ahead that melt into years.


The fires will grow, they will spread.


the day after condemning hate groups such as the KKK, Nazis, and the alt-right, Trump retweets an alt-right racist, with a cartoon of a train plowing into a CNN reporter. Without any semblance of sensitivity that only days before, Heather Heyer lost her life to a racist who plowed into a crowd.

WTF is appropriate!


Man, I've lived a dangerous life, but that's because I didn't know better. I do now, and I ain't going to have sex in the car ever again. Unless.the.opportunity.arises.

Drinking again...

This is who they are!


"Despite feigned outrage by the media, most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness,"


"A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value."


I hope you take offense, I hope the words are disgusting to you, because the comments are taken from the front page of an alt-right Nazi site. This is what we, all of us, are up against. This is why people call out Trump on his weak condemnations.


Lucky, little shits...

I gotta pay 20 bucks for a bottle of Cuervo and their small little proteins produce alcohol for free keeping 'em alive and safe in the frozen waters of Europe.


Just what I need to learn how to do in the coming winter months of cold and dread. Lets get to work, mini proteins.

Yes, they are Nazis!

When speaking to media, the alt-right claims they are protesting grievances against the white race, that they don't want to lose their heritage, their way of life. Yet when they protest, they wrap themselves in Nazi regalia, spout Nazi slogans, portray the Nazi stiff arm salute, ever embracing Hitler. and his belief of superiority  over others. Ironically, many had fathers, grandfathers that fought Hitler, as such they are betraying their own heritage, they are betraying the rest of white America, and indeed, all Americans who believe in the founding principals of equality and justice, for all.


I feel for the community of Charlottesville. I feel for the community of America. We must speak out.

Oh Lord, I've smoked a lot of grass..

and it's Friday, I'll probably smoke a shitload more, enjoy your weekend!

Theresa and I,

have been attached at the hips for 30 some years, and I thought this would be a pretty cool anniversary gift. But I read reviews! And with reviews like this;


“I got them for me and my girlfriend to actually mess around with, so my mistake I guess. They’re really thin, and ride down super low on the guy. Also heads up, there’s 4 leg holes total, not 2 giant ones like the box shows.”


Shame, a good idea gone to waste by manufacturing a shabby product!

One of millions and millions.

It's not enough that I understand the pain, the sorrow, the isolation Sinead shows in her post. It's not enough that i feel for her, that I agree with her, that my heart goes out to her. Nothing I can do will ever be enough to sooth her pain, calm her soul, ease her thoughts, and that bothers me immensely for personal reasons.


There is something we can do, try to do. End the stigma of MI, accept them, love them and push for better services.

Shit's about to change,

and big-time. With Disney pulling out of Netflix, and Facebook launching their own 'Watch' tab, you're streaming options are going to change. I'm betting pretty quick here, someones going to be offering up 'Streaming Bundles', comparable to cable channel bundles. One things for sure, to survive, every single streaming service is going to have to offer up innovative, original programming. My concern, cost! I'm looking at moving away from my cable package, but I don't want to be paying just as much for a streaming bundle.

Fire & Fury, Really?

Sorry to burst anyones bubble, but it ain't going to happen. We have literally thousands of American civilians stationed in South Korea that would need to be evacuated before any military action. Hell, in any type of serious military action, you'd need to prep with ships and troop movements. Even a strategic nuclear strike targeting NK's nuclear production centers, and that's what it would have to be, nuclear, to end it, would be devastating, leaving NK with a standing military. What would their response be? Target South Korea, Japan? Tens of thousands of American lives would be lost. Than there's China!


Complicated, aint it? Unless you don't give AF about human lives.

I imagine,

Glens looking good in his rhinestones, singing along with God. Loved him in True Grit, and while I wasn't a huge fan, he was part of my early years, so I hate to see him pass.

GodSpeed, Glen

Scary Shit!

I'm aware our news media isn't perfect, and even bias to some extent. I'm familiar with what yellow journalism is. But think about this, our news media is profit driven, and can be held accountable. That's why you see apologies, and retractions when they screw up.


Our Democracy has no place for a state run news organization. More so, one where their claim is sole ownership of truth. While Trump TV garnered a shitload of viewers, I'm hoping those were just people who were curious, like me. If not, we've got a major problem in the house.

Sometimes the Truth is best expressed

through comedy, and this is damn funny. Did I mention the word hypocrisy, because there's truth here that slaps you silly, in the face Trumpettes.

The real fun begins with Reggie Brown, a bit after the 2 minute mark.

Just wrong.

Wrong that someone bombs a mosque, wrong that it happened here in MN, or anywhere. Wrong that Trump doesn't call out just how wrong this is.

 This was a terroristic, hateful act!

"60" on the blog.

I lay flat on my back in some old pasture splotched with brown grass, a cows head is hung nearby, nibbling, and I’m watching a single, insignificant puff of a cloud wander about a lazy blue sky. Like smoke, the clouds journey is buffeted by the wind. East, West, North or South, the destination is the same, dissipation. A return to oblivion to begin anew.

Even the cow has similarities.                      more...

Hey, it's Friday.

Don't weep for me, I've got two day work weeks for the next two weeks.

Coming from a Superhero,

that has ran into a burning house to save a women, that has rescued a freezing dog, and an accident victim, we should listen.

Legalize, or at least move the shit off the schedule 1 drug list.


Look, it's a plane! No, it's Booker man, or some shit like that, lol.

Look what just dropped!

What makes your blood boil?

Let me know with a comment.

It never gets old,

because we won't let it. We can't just let it be, can we? And that's not a bad thing. Truth is, we'll never know, at least I'll never know. My kids or grandkids might, but by then the world might be a nuclear wasteland with Trump in office. I wonder if he'll block the coming huge data dump.


Dropping soon in a Universe near you.

Apply Here...

if you're interested in being the Guardian of the Galaxy. Course, you're resume ain't going to be as impressive as mine, cuz I've got experience in saving the world, but go ahead, give it a go. You never know unless you try.

The Road to Redemption.

begins with self awareness and the admission of fault. If there are other Republicans who believe what Jeff Flake has said, this country will be OK. Yep, there are some Dems that need to travel redemption road, I'll admit that. But this guy has shown some introspection, and balls.

Big balls!

Rise of the Terminators.

If we don't do this right, we might be, well... Fucked! It is scary stuff, interesting, thought provoking, and all kinda sci-fy, but it's happening. The foundation is there, it's happened. Our technology is starting to talk to each other, in their own damn language, that they created.


Where's Arnold when you need him?

I get there's Crazy!

But c'mon, how does one gain a following believing in a reptilian alien cult. Is it the mysterious Government assassination squads, the prospect of being an Angel?

Then I remember Trump has his cult too. Some People sure just wanna believe in something other than their own miserable, god forsaken lives.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

turned gold once again. Mark August 21st on your calendars, especially if you're in the path of totality.

Who said science isn't fun?

Three Somes ain't always

what they're cracked up to be. 'Specially when you're doing it on the balcony, and just as you orgasm, you're over the rail, falling, the ground rushing toward your face.


Talk about cumming hard!

 Oh, Hell No!

What nefarious bullshit this is, employers planting chips in their employees. I know where this would go, 'Hey Rob, you took an extra minute on break, we're docking you fifteen minutes'.Or worse, 'Rob, you called in sick, what are you doing at the bar?'.


Yeah, chip this old man, and I'll dig it out with a steak knife.

Yeah, it's that day of of our lives again.

WoW, what a week...

Time to get wild.

I'm off to the firepit tomorrow, see you Sunday.

I spent

a good portion of last night watching the 'Skinny Repeal' debates and vote. I was struck that as Mitch McConnell walked the floor, he always kept his hands in his pockets. The exception was as he stood in front of the Clerk listening to votes, his arms were crossed. So I thought I'd do some quick reading on body language.


Wow, poor self esteem, huh! Wouldn't have figured that.


I've got Trump fatiguealitis. There's so much going on in the world, like withered dicks, and all I hear about is Trump this, Trump that. Personally, you all know I think the guys an imbecilic bully who outta be put humanly down, but this is ridiculous. It's non stop, 24/7 bullshit to the next level.


I wisely suspect your just as tired of it as I am.

Ever notice

sperm looks like a miniature withered dick? Wonder if the withering has anything to do with the drastic drop in sperm counts among men in western civilization. Imagine ordering a nice cold one and the bartender slides down a half empty bottle of piss warm beer. Wait? Maybe it's the beer, maybe we're drinking too much beer!

Or cheeseburgers!

So I was reading this story

about Star Trek, and came across a sales pitch for a film called 'ST: Planet of the Titans'. I'm like Holy Shit man, they should done that. It would have taken the franchise in a whole different direction, a story that was more along the lines of 2001ASO.


Maybe in an alternative universe someday. Could happen!

Now that's some funny shit!

One would think, that the guy in charge of our nuclear stockpile would be able to verify who he's actually talking to?  Then again, it's Rick Perry! You know, the guy that suffered a massive brain fart and couldn't remember what Department (the one he now heads) he wanted to eliminate during a major debate. Good Lord, next he'll be dancing naked under the stars...

The guy has it

ass backwards, claiming he gets naked when he gets happy.


Seriously, I get happy when I get naked, 'specially if I'm getting naked with the wife, or if I'm naked running around my campsite under a full moon.


But that's just me.

They're still at it!

Whoever 'they' might be. Me? I'm leaning toward whales. Yea, that's right, whales. They ain't fish, they're mammals, which means they're smart. Whales are also lighter than air, that's why they swim so fast. They also have helpers, Dolphins!

You know what Dolphins and Whales do when we're all sleeping, right?

And now you know, so grow.


I don't care for Jeff Sessions. That said, if it wasn't just so friggin' sad, and tragic what Donald Trump is doing to him, it would almost be hilarious. This is how Trump treats one of his earliest, most ardent supporters. Why? That's how Trump rolls down the road. That simple.


Public shame and Humiliation, that's his style, that's all the dude has. Nothing else. A Fucking Bully!


It's National Tequila Day!

and I didn't take a vacation day.


I'm a liberal, so I lean left, but I gotta tell ya, the Democratic party's in trouble, and it ain't because of Trump. It's cuz they're old and stagnate, and I know old and stagnate. There's no vision, no new ideas, no new approaches, and their latest slogans, really, really reflect that loss of touch with working bastards like me.

Uh, Ok.

I just gotta know who comes up with these research ideas? Some guy, late at night, having one too many, when his light bulb flickers, 'Man, I wonder if I can tell how smart a persons going to be, by studying their diaper shit?'.


Have another beer dude, and let it go... Please!


And someone actually gave him a grant.

Repub or Dem,

Liberal or Conservative, calls for an all out civil war should just piss you off. Alex Jones is a hate monger, who hates the democratic principals our Nation is founded upon. Alex, and his ilk, like Mike Savage, would rejoice not in the demise of liberals, but in the murder of us all, bringing our Nation to it's knees where hate and prejudice rule the day. A different nation where their words are sacrosanct, where they say, kill the blacks, and their followers kill. A world of fear, injustice, and inequality.

This is his America!

Let us never forget

the contributions of Science, that world of exploration, of discovery that moves humanity to a better, brighter future. Be it wooden ships in search of new worlds or cures of dreadful disease, we live in a time whose foundation is based on Science, and it is science that paves the future of humanity.


That said, and it's a damn fine read.

The God Friday arrives

with a little Rob,

Rob Zombie.

Make sure you get back in time for Monday.


I'll be quiet this weekend, gotta do a thing called work.

Almost funny, Almost Ironic,

That the day after Trump unleashes a veiled threat against Mueller, warning him not to expand his probe beyond Russia, and into his personal finances, Mueller does it!

The Dark World

is under siege. Bet ya didn't know that underneath your Internet, there's a web of darkness equal to that of Hell. A place where you can buy just about anything, from tanks to slaves. A world of sex and perversion that people engage in, and for the most part, it's been ignored. Looks like that might be changing, but one bust ain't going to change a lot.

This affects me, personally.

There's a lot of goodness in the world, most of it done silently, without commendation, salutations. People want to do good, and when I start worrying if one I love will end up living under a bridge when my time has come, I find solace that there are people who care.


In this crazy ass world, I'll take what good I find!

Is Russian laundering money through Trump Properties?

Does Trump know about it, does Trump care? I dunno, but for someone who has claimed he has no ties with Russia, there's a fuck of a lot of connections. Read the article, it's long, and eye opening. By the end of it, you might feel like you have 27 contact lens stuck in your eyes.

How is this even possible?

An elderly women goes in for cataract surgery and the surgeon finds 27 old contacts in her eye. Huh! WTF, I got questions. Didn't her eye Dr notice them when he recommended the cataract surgery? Could she literally see the pyramids in Egypt from her front door in England?

Old people, we do funny! We do strange!


I want you to know,

I understand. Your backs up against the wall, there’s no where to turn, no one to ask for help, you’re stressed to the max, and you don’t have an answer. You flutter into a restless sleep, and when you dream, your stress makes them weird.

Read more On my Blog

I can't even

begin to explain how I feel about this. Without knowing all the facts, it's hard to say anything. I can say, calling to report an assault shouldn't end up in your death. I can also say the instances of our police killing us seems to be nearing epidemic proportions. I can say there are far more acquittals of officers who have been charged. I also want to say that I have had friends who are police officers, that I believe most officers are good caring people.


So it's like, WTF is going on here!

There's a lot to be said

about Republicans failing to repeal and replace Obamacare. Doing so was their unifying call to arms for the last seven years. Think Repubs were a little surprised at the chorus of voices that rose up against repeal and replace? Could one now expect some sense of clarity on their part to simply work with Democrats and make Obamacare better?


Of course not, now they just want to repeal it, and replace Obamacare... in two years!


Maybe it all is a communist plot, cuz I can't believe the level of stupidity I'm seeing.

It's back,

with a vengeance, especially the first few minutes. The rest of Game of Thrones lays the foundation for the rest of the season. All said, who the hell is Ed Sheeran?


I couldn't watch last night, but I did when I got home this afternoon. Like every episode before it, GOT delivers, sometimes subtle and at times outright avert, in our face. We all know what's coming!


Don't get your heart broken this weekend.

Cuz that shit hurts.



civility from a lawyer is just ridiculous. From Trumps lawyer is outright absurd. This is Trumps world, this is how he expects his people to treat other people.


That's the bottom line!

In the, 'That things almost as big as my...'

category, all I have is, I want one.


And I want it now, before summers over, cuz I got some revenge plans. You hear that Greg? Revenge!



I wanna

work for these guys, along with giving 'em a frickin' huge shoutout. Ever want to just take a mental health day cuz ya got issues. I have!


Imagine the phone call, 'Boss, I gotta take a sick day, I've got some issues.'

'You're so fired!'

This BullShit... just has to stop!

I got no problem with porn, but this isn't porn. This is dehumanizing women, innocent women, for your own perverse pleasure. You might want to really reflect on how you'd feel if it was your daughter, your mother, or one of your wifes old boyfriends posting some pics.


Honor? My skinny ass!

Wrong. Just Wrong!

There just ain't no excuse to justify making a persons life a living hell just because they pissed off your mom. But this is what stormtroopers do, harass and intimidate, sending a message to others, fear us, & fuck with us, and you're next. They spread lies, hate, and violate your privacy, even reaching out to your kids and loved ones.


And they get away with it!

I'd like

to start featuring smaller YouTubers on a Monday morning rotation. I like edgy, different, creative!


Look over the site, if you're interested, email me at


We'll see how this works out!

Hot Damn!

Betsy Devos's Husband sets as the board chair at Spectrum. This ain't coincidence. I don't believe that for a fleeting fucking second. You're not seeing a lot of conversation about this link between Russia and Spectrum, but I'm betting my ass that's it's being thoroughly investigated, and it'll be the smoking gun.


This is where Russia got their specific data to target specific leaning individuals. Think about this! Let it sink in. Question is, was it hacking, or were they given access. I know what I think, seeing that Ms. Devos was given a plumb job in Trumps administration.

Better a Cupcake

than the proverbial frying pan. That's all I got to say. Except a cool grand in bail would of gone a long way in buying delicious pastries in this cupcake caper.


things are getting strange, and strange is a word that defines Donald Trump. His eldest met with Russians on the pretense of digging up dirt. The same day Trump tweets shit about HRC's deleted emails. Trump has a cyber deal with Russia, then doesn't. And then there's the Putin~Trump meeting where both can't seem to agree on what they agreed on.

All I got to say... WTF, It's Monday!

High Times, it be

in Korea, of all places. Not north, or south, but all over Korea, the people have a history, of weed. They wear it, smoke it, boil it, sell it.


Damn! No wonder they were smart enough to build nuclear missiles!

Take a tour

of my state of the art, astounding and magnificent, video



Just like that, it's Friday!


Have a good one.


Watch for the rising sun, always,


but don't bother counting 'em cuz when you do, the day comes far too quick.

Is it possible? Yep.

Is it probable? Yep. Dan Rather lost his job because someone disseminated forged documents. So, yeah, it happens. Problem is, there's so much bullshit floating around, it's hard to tell truth from bullshit. If the media doesn't bite, than all someone has to do is put it out on the web, and it'll be taken as gospel by a shitload of sheep, despite being proven as an outright lie.


But this is a bit different. The intent is to discredit our media as bias, as fake news. Who would do such a thing?

Poland's First Lady disses

Hobby Lobby,


w/ a 3 million dollar fine for smuggling ancient artifacts!


Yea, those guys, the purveyor of all things good and ethical. Why? For a biblical museum.


Just following their moral code, I guess.


Has the greatest aviation mystery been solved? Or is it just bull? I don't know, but as a fan of Amelia, of a person who dreamed the impossible, and then kicked that shit into the stratosphere, I'd hate to think she spent her last days withering away in some miserable Japanese prison cell.


Personally, I give a lot of weight to the island locals who claimed way back when, the Japs took her.


offers up the best of us, the worse of us. You can stand up for what you believe, be yourself, or you can choose to be someone different, a changeling.


Changeling's become someone their siblings, their parents, their friends, co-workers don't know. Alone at their desk, in the dark hours, they toil and troll. Their cause? Individual desires! And here and there, when one's exposed, their excuse sounds out "That's not who I am".


There are tens of millions toiling in anonymity

'What good is food if you’re not hungry?'


We are better,

when we are one. Most people think the Declaration of Independence was written by a small number of our founding fathers. The truth is, while the ideas expressed in the Declaration are ideas expressed in other well known historical documents, the larger unrealized truth is that much of what is in the document is reflective of American thought at the time. American thought based in grievance and injury, paving a rural path to those in Philadelphia who brought together the ideas as our Declaration of Independence.

Entitled Bastard!

Chris Christy has no problem relaxing in the sun on the Beach of the Governors mansion, even though it's a state run beach, that is currently closed because of a Budget Impasse in New Jersey.


No one else in the state can relax on a beach over the July 4th Holiday, but let's give it to Chris, he at least can claim it's not him, but a beached whale.

Who Do,

That Voodoo?


That thing you do.

Stick man dolls aside, this shit scares me. It's like the walking dead are everywhere. I don't do good with dead ppl, 'specially those that walk.

Someone please pass that bottle!

Enjoy the weekend.

Here's hoping you get where your going.


From the same guy,

who pushed the PizzaGate story, Alex Jones at Infowars, comes new information that our children are being abducted and sent to Mars, to work the fields as slaves.


Why do I even mention it?


Because this is Trumps idea of what good journalism is. Trump applauded Jones journalistic bullshit, telling him his 'reputation was fantastic'.


I'm starting the day early with a double shot, and another, and that's not fake news!

We all like to think

that our media is fair and balanced. For the most part, that might be true, but when I read, and see charts like this, I just gotta wonder. Wonder about things like, 'Are you fucking with my mind sometimes, making me think what ya want me to think?'.


Cuz thinking, that's like work!

If anybody

can fake their own time cover, so can I.


Good lord, and Trump rails against fake news but has no problem faking his own Time cover and plastering it all over his clubs.


Classic narcissism. Now that's almost funny, 'cept it's kinda sad.

Power of Sweat

So that I understand. If I want to power my wearables, all I gotta do is expend power? So, it's like I really do gotta give up a piece of me to listen  to some tunes when I run.


Suck me dry, they are!

DAMN! I've been waiting...

and if Anonymous says it's true, it has to be the truth. So don't worry, everythings going to be alright. The aliens will take care of all our problems; teach us the meaning of existence, feed everybody, heal our sick, clean up our planet, stop global warming, insure worldwide peace and instill social justice.


But of course, upon hearing NASA's announcement, Trumps reply was, 'Wait a minute, I've done all those things'.

Feeling Old? Don't

Cuz 70 is the new 60, and there's smart people saying so. All i wanna know is why TF my bones ache when I get up in the morning,  why I piss all the time, and why I can't remember shit. According to the smart ppl, I'm a whole ten years younger, and when I was 50, I could have sex 4 times a week, drink like a sailor in Thailand, go days without taking a leak, and I never forgot shit people said about me behind my back.

O' wow, Man.

I'd say I told you so but then I never did because, like, man, you wouldn't have believed that good hooch makes you mellow. Like man, to the point you don't even have to drive anymore. It's like you don't have do anything anymore, man. There's this thing  called the Internet and you can get pizza there, and buy clothes, and hooch, and like they bring it right to your door, dude.

This weekend, put some Hart, with a little bang, bang, boom in it.


Women want me,

because I'm plumb filled, chalk full of  aphrodisiac producing bacteria. Eat the right foods with the right bacteria, and women will want you too. Little known secret, tequila is full of just the right amount of the needed bacteria.

So do a shot, and get your horn on!



I'll take the damn job. Hell, I do everybody's work, at work, anyway, so like I have a ton of experience.


I'd make a good king, a fine King, A fair King!


Do I get to have a bunch of Queens? Can I pick my own? King Rob. Boy, I like the sound of that. Where do I apply?

From one

Tequila Connoisseur

to another, I'd do a couple of shots with George anytime. In fact, we'd do a couple till he was a pie eyed sailor in Bangkok, and I'd borrow a cool mil to buy a couple cases of his pricey, water downed shit.


OK, I admit, I'm assuming it's pricey watered down shit cuz I can't afford the good stuff.


Wonder if his wife would join us?

Another Fri*king Political Post!

and I do apologize. While i'm passionate about my politics, I don't just do political posts, but hey, I got a hair that's itching somewhere, and I just had to write something about the path for salvation for the Democratic party.


Give it a read, and no more political posts this week, hopefully!

Someone doesn't want

a hug!

Especially from a Republican.

Especially from a like minded Republican.


Go Figure!


Methinks the truth is reflected in the guy's expression whose setting, lower right, lol!!

Currently. on. my. Blog.

Is Obamacare perfect? No, a lot of concessions were made to make it law. Would it be a better bill without those concessions? Who knows?


The thing is though, before the ACA a lot of people were using the emergency room as a doctor’s office, premiums were skyrocketing, in some years, by double percentage points, while valuable benefits were being lost, college kids were dropped from their insurance plans, and if you had a pre-existing coverage, chances are, you couldn’t find affordable health care.

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In the News, all day!

The Georgia special election, where the polls are basically even. Both sides have spent a shitload on money. Quick rundown, Trump narrowly won in the district, it's always been a red state and Dems wanna see a win, and Republicans are worried what a loss would mean for 2018 and beyond.


Thing is, Democrats have already won. To make what should have been a blowout, a competitive race speaks volumes, and it is because of 'guilt by association', as in a clear cut verdict on Trump!


Thing is, if Ossoff does win, there's going to be a lot of pissed of Republicans.


Either way, you and I are going to have to listen to a lot of political bullshit spin boasting over the next few days, from one side or the other.


it wasn't a disaster!

Megyn held his crazy ass accountable, but the guys a slimebag and takes no responsibility for all the hateful, hurtful, lying shit he's said and caused over the years. That came across big time! Was a time, long time ago when I listened to Alex Jones, but it was pretty clear even then, all he wanted was an audience, and he was out on the fringe looking for it.


Thing is, that fringe now has several voices, one of 'em is our President, and that's some scary shit.


Most intelligent people. People like me, know the Universe is conscious. We know that because the Universe calls out to us, speaks to us.


Keeps whispering something about a 'virus'.