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Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


God speaks to all, many hear, one acts.

There exists in every person the potential to do great harm and most people find that potential because it’s easier to find and execute than to find the potential to do good.

Keep the people fed with bread and they’ll catch you stealing them blind. Put a steak on their table, and they won’t care.

Social Commentary is an act of subterfuge that will destroy our civilization, but it just also happens to be a good thing.

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What you believe

What you think

What you know


Unless you’ve happened

Along some great truth

You’d care to share


I’ll share

Chances are

you’re wrong

Never listened

Never learned

All you got

Is what you’ve

been told.


Parents, Friends

Relatives, Politicians


All profound truths

That pale in comparison

to thought, to knowledge

to action, to compassion

to Experience.


Truth from someone

who has never ventured

from their safety

from their warmth

from their family

yet in their world

They know the world

as it is.


Their truth.



Privacy Ain't Private

and that's just the way it is in today's world. Media can report how evil Facebook is with our data, we can bitch and moan about it, we can worry about it till the day is done, but data retention is here to stay. Every selfie you've took, every password, every financial transaction, every text, every search, is setting out there, somewhere. We can pass all the laws we want, they'll just move the info to some server in a third world county where it can't be touched. Bothersome? Worrisome? Wrong? Yeah, it's all three, and more. Business is fueled by advertising, and advertising is fueled by targeting, targeting you. Always been that way, always will be, because that's what we're all about, profit. We might not like it, might not accept it, but it's true. I don't know what the answer is, don't know if there is one, and all we can do is hope that those collecting that data are, and act, responsible, spending the time and money needed to protect that selfie of me, singing naked in the rain around my firepit. Weaponization of data is already happening, we see celebrities being blackmailed over sex tapes, targeted political ads to elicit an emotional response, and of course, to garner higher insurance premiums if your health is iffy. There's a host of moral issues here, but when it comes to profit, things like ethics take a back seat, and thats where you and I are, passengers, with no control in a vehicle that's careening off a cliff into the abyss.

A Pigs Brain

might be best served with gravy, but you might want to start asking yourself if the damn thing is still conscious, that is, it knows you're about to eat it? Seriously, Scientists have managed to revive a dead pigs brain by flooding the damn thing with oxygen and nutrients to revive the dead brain cells. What I found interesting is that the scientists took extraordinary precautions to end the experiment if the pig showed any signs of consciousness, in other words, they were prepared to shut down the research if the pig knew what was going on. Now, that I have to think about... over my evening offal.

Lying Eyes

and women do it better, or so research claims. And I'm not stupid enough to opine on this matter because I have women that read my blog, including my better half, from time to time. Let me just say in what opinion I do have, is that women see things that men don't, hear things that men don't. Women live in a different world then men, and since we don't live in that world, it's easier for them to hide shit that happens in that world. The kicker is, that women also have a foot in our world, so they see everything, hear everything a man does. I know it doesn't seem fair, and I've asked God a few times why it's that way, and I've never got an answer, which leads me to believe God is a female, and with that, it all makes sense.


People will take away from Mueller's report what they want to hear. Very few of us will read the four hundred plus page report, but will instead listen to how their favorite source of news media is spinning the story, and inherently believe what they hear, without question. Personally, the conclusions of the report are secondary to my problems with Trump as a human being. I believe him to be uneducated, unable to articulate a thought, foul mouthed, a proven liar, a draft dodger, divisive, disrespectful of others, and our traditions. I also believe, and experience proves, that any person in a leadership position leads according to their character. While I have seen good, decent people be bad leaders, their leadership skills faulted from lack of training and/or experience. I have never, ever experienced a person of bad character be a good leader. From what I have read, from what I have listened to regarding the report, all of it reinforces my beliefs of who Trump is as a human being. That said, I do have a burning question. How is it, with in thirty seconds of the report being released, every single news organization knew what was on every single page? Hell, it takes me a month to read a four hundred page novel, and I couldn't tell you what was on page 36. Just wondering!

Sun is out,

birds are chirping, and it's Friday.

I'm heading North, time to prep for the summer, going to spark the firepit.

Conspiracy Idiots

Saying I believe in conspiracies doesn't make me an idiot. Claiming there's a conspiracy under every rock, in every action, without proof, without thought, does make one an idiot. Propagating conspiracies ten minutes into the fire at Notre Dame, well that makes some people a provocateur, pushing an agenda of their own desire, caring less about the actual tragedy and loss. And that pisses me off. They're willing to push their fucking agenda with unfounded accusations, with out so much as shedding a tear. It gives people like me, who have questions about JFK's assassination, about UFO's, and a couple of other things, a bad name. I do not know how some people manage to live with their selves, like how do they put their head on their pillow at days end with a clear conscience, unless they really believe the shit their spewing? And that's a troubling thought. I get that it's normal to question the origins of the fire, but lets let the investigation play out, not set up fake websites, and make bullshit you tube videos before we have a clue as to what happened. Now, about real conspiracies..

Pollution In, Stupidity Out

And now there's a reason why people have been acting stupid, doing stupid things. It's the pollution! We're doing it to ourselves, and why is that not surprising? After all, it's been proven again and again, that bad chemicals ain't good for us, but damn they're everywhere, in our food, and in our air, and the shit that we're polluting our skies with, is dumbing us down. The proof is in the research, kids do better on test scores when the air they breath is healthy, and when it's not, test scores dropped, significantly. That's not the end all of the story, with long term exposure to pollution, kids end up with low wage jobs, as compared to kids growing up without long term exposure, ending up with higher paying jobs. Fascinating report, read it, but read it on a clear day so you understand it.

Surviving a Pit of Snakes

I've often thought Fox News was a pit of snakes for Democrats, Liberal and Progressives, and when it comes to appearing on their network, they tend to stay away. But not Bernie Sanders, he not only walked triumphantly into the pit, the dude ruled. Last time out, I was a Bernie fan, not so much this time because there's a lot of interesting candidates, lot of new fresh faces, but I gotta tell you, if one of these new candidates wants my vote, start talking to Trump supporters as well. Not to appease 'em, not to bullshit 'em, but to get them to start thinking you got something better than what Republicans have. That's what Bernie did, and dammit, I'm impressed. And I'm stating it clearly right here, if the DNC fucks with Bernie like they did last election, I'm voting third party. Why? Because if you campaign with corruption, you'll govern with corruption. I don't think it's too far fetched to ask for clean campaigns. Let the Republicans do that shit.

The Vile, The Venom

I get political tricksters and political tricks. I don't necessary agree with 'em, but they have and always will be part of politics. Trump threatening to release detained immigrants to sanctuary cities is far beyond a political trick, threatening to use people as pawns. Yeah, I know, politicians treat us as pawns all the time to do their bidding. This is different. Political tricksters usually operate behind a veil of anonymity, preferring to be unseen and unheard, being able to snicker at their dirty deeds in the confines of closed circles.  Trump isn't doing that, and his supporters are eating it up, liking his hard line and blunt talk. I understand that, I like people that are up front and honest as well, you know those that speak their mind. That doesn't mean they're right. His followers should stop and think about the vileness of such retribution, what it says about us all. Yes, sometimes retribution should be called for, but never gloated over, especially when innocent people are used as pawns to spew venom. Trump isn't just targeting political foes, he's breaking the boundaries of human decency.

Smoking Ohhss..

I'm not one to comment on women, or orgasms, doing so only leads to embarrassment and trouble, but apparently there's a lot of brave researchers who are willing to live on the edge. They're probably not married, but I'm sure they'll feel the repercussions of claiming a women has better orgasms if they've smoked a joint before sex. All I can say, is that from a mans perspective it sure enhances the orgasm, and I can't imagine why it's be different for a women, but women are different then men, so who knows. Truth is, I don't know if the researchers were male or female, but I wonder why they had to ask all those women anyway? Wouldn't it have been easier to lite a doobie up and find out for yourself?

The Weather Sucks,

being in the midst of a snowstorm,

but it's Friday.

Enjoy your weekend,

and don't be bound,

by any damn thing.

Masturbation Blues

Damn Chinese, I don't know whether I should be impressed or ashamed. If they ain't injecting  human genes in a monkey, they're inventing jerk off machines. That's right, a self extracting sperm robot for those men that wanna contribute but find they need a little help. Hell, the damn things comes with lube, and a built in tv screen to help a man with his donation. With that, I'm going to close out the week, and why not? Sometimes there's just nothing left to be said, but I am wondering how to get a hold of one of those extraction robots, might be a bit handier for when the wife ain't around, and I'm busy with other shit, and time is at a premium.

Still Got Problems

with our relationship with MBS and Saudi Arabia, and I can't for the life of me understand why we would sell them Nuclear technology under the table. I get that technology is for nuclear power plants and not bombs, but c'mon, Saudi Arabia has a horrible resume when it comes to human rights, including the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. I also can't forget that most of the terrorists who attacked us back on 911 were Saudi nationalists. Seems to me that we should as least appear to take a hard line with the Saudi's, but we don't, and I'm guessing that we've probably sold 'em more than teck for power plants, and I'm right. One of these days, some real bad shit's going to hit the fan, a lot worse than the blizzard happening outside my window at the moment, and we're all going to wake up to a world with monkeys running around, looking to do us one better.

What Could Go Wrong

with injecting human genes in monkeys? I'm guessing the Chinese have never read, or watched Planet of the Apes. Art is supposed to imitate life, not the other way around, but in this case, I'm thinking WTF... Christ, like worrying about nuclear annihilation, the rise of white nationalism, income inequality, fake news, buying enough food to eat, and idiots shooting up schools ain't enough, now I have to be scared as shit about some damn dirty ape named Caesar running around with an AR 15. I like science, science is supposed to make my life easier, better, even somewhat tolerable, but this is ridiculous. There's already a bunch of Neanderthals running around, and that's bad enough. Maybe the end of life as I've known it really is here. All I got left is to wonder how hard it is to learn apeanese.

Elderly Times

As a son whose mother has dementia, and lives in a nursing home, I don't find this report of abuse and neglect of our elderly, in private pay nursing homes, shocking. Not one fucking bit. I toured several of these local facilities last year, looking for a place for my mom, and I was not impressed. One reeked of urine, another wasn't clean, and one had spilled water on a wood floor with elderly patients in walkers, walking through the spill, ..and not even a wet floor sign out, with staff standing around chatting. I settled on a state certified, state inspected nursing home, and I've been more than happy with my moms care. The driving factor for me in selecting a state certified facility was that they were state certified, meaning they had to meet certain standards, and are inspected by the state, annually. Of course, I was lucky, my wife works in a state certified nursing home, and she warned me, and she was right. I'm guessing that because of this report, Minnesota is going to start passing laws to hold these private pay nursing homes accountable, and hold them to the high standards our parents deserve. It's the least we an do.

Cool, but  Shameful

In an nice example of Minnesota nice, a group of kids on a robotic team answered a call from parents to build a wheelchair for their son who suffers from a genetic condition that makes mobility difficult. Kudos to the kids. Slanted as a feel good story, there's nothing wrong it it, except when I think about it, the other side of the story has me asking why the family's insurance didn't cover the cost of a wheelchair? We've grown so jaded, that people will read a story like this and won't ask, or be bothered with that fact. Obviously, this young child will grow, needing a new wheelchair every few years, and I'm guessing the robotics team won't always be there. I woulda thought that the insurance piece would be an interesting aspect to the story, but hey, maybe it's just me wondering about stuff like that.

ReWriting Facts

to push an agenda, pisses me off. Good old boy from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum is making it known that the separation of Church and State is a communist idea, and forced upon the American people as a false belief by the Democratic party, despite proof offered up by our founding fathers that the first amendment was clearly written to express that separation. Why would he say such  thing? Because there are people in this country who don't believe in the separation of church and state, it's that simple. In their eyes, we are wholly a Christian nation, with other religions to be miserably tolerated, to an extent, and that extent is when they threaten, perceivably real or not, Christianity. This belief started growing with a shitload of steam back with the moral majority during the Reagan years, and it's been a pox on our constitution since, spreading lies, misinformation and intolerance. This Nation was founded on freedom from religious persecution, and people like Rick, they know that, but it's unacceptable to 'em, they rather condemn everyone who does not worship as they do. It's that simple, and there's a whole lotta fucking danger in that.

Monopolies not Just a Game

Back in the day, when I was young and viral, if I wanted to make a phone call, I had to use a phone that was made by AT&T, and the landline was owned by AT&T. AT&T was the only game in town, until Government came along and told the old boys they were just too big for their britches, resulting in the breakup of AT&T into a bunch of regional baby bells, one among them was SBC, or Southwestern Bell Corporation, who in 2005 acquired it's former parent company, and took it's name. Sprint and Verizion wouldn't even be a twinkle in someones dream if AT&T had not been forced to break up.


Important to remember in all this, is that back then, a phone was just a phone. Today, a phone is a phone, a TV, a global network, and so much more, including producing content and distribution. Once again AT&T, now AT&T/Time Warner is the top dog, with Disney hot on their heels. I'm betting all those smaller circles on the bottom of the chart, are going to get ate by the larger companies, but look at Netflix, all alone in the streaming market, which is weird, because streaming is distribution, and they're starting to produce their own content, and let's not forget Amazon. Sure is going to get interesting down the road.

Animals, Just Like us!

Damn, I always knew some animals used tools, but I was totally unaware they dressed for fashion. Guess that doesn't surprise me. I am however impressed by the Bonobos who have sex for no reason other than fun. Just like us, but unlike humans, they get around to the dirty deed upwards of ten times a day. In my younger years, maybe! Might be we could learn form 'em, cuz they have sex to resolve conflicts, when they meet a new neighbor, or are just plain happy over a fresh meal. I sometimes think we could learn from our animal friends, like how to use our time more creatively. Sometimes though, I'm of the opinion that animals are figuring shit out, and payback might be one of 'em. How else do you account for elephants and lions working together to find their dinner.

It's a Wet, Cold Day

but the snow is gone, and it's


...remember, some friends in a dark room,

ain't your friend.

Busy, Are Ya?

Reading this study on the amount of free time a person has in their week is agonizing, mostly because I don't have no where near the average of four and a half hours during the week to just set around and chill. That's all good, though, I wouldn't know what to do with it. My problem is finding time to get everything done that needs to get done, so I often multi-task, like I drink beer when I'm paying bills. Drinking while spending money also cuts down on the pain of not saving anything. I'm on board with their list of things that people put off, because they're way too busy. Number one on that list is putting off odd jobs around the house. That's always been my excuse, 'I'm too busy to get the dishes done, hon.' is a common voice my better half hears. There was a time, here and there, when I'd stop to smell the roses, of course, when I did that, my wife pointed out the time would be better served cleaning the garage, so I don't smell no roses anymore.

Everywhere, but Nowhere

Houses are built on foundations, and the house itself is reflective of the foundation it's built on. Occupants might come and go, redecorate here and there, remodel their kitchen or bathroom, but the house is always true to it's foundation. Physics is our foundation, perception and reality our house, and you and I are the occupants. When a homeowner remodels, they have to remodel within the confines of the foundation, which means they have to understand the foundation. Imagine trying to remodel your house where the foundation changed on a daily basis, or was here on day, and not the next, or existed in one place on one day, and someplace different the next. That's how complicated physics is, and the more I think, the reason why, our perception, and reality is so skewered. Not in the daily, individual sense, but in the broad arc of nature, where strange shit pops up; a ghost story,  time travel, some mysterious event, reincarnation, and even a ufo or two. Take it for what is, enjoy the thought, weird as it is, and just remember, it's all a part of our reality.

Bending Over, the American Way

You and I are fucking idiots when it comes to our politics. You and I are so busy fighting each other with our own, personal beliefs of what America is, and, or should look like, that we can't even feel corporate America shoving their thick dicks up our ass. And they are! You would think, that a headline comprised of two years of research, involving different organizations, into how major corporations are writing our laws, would lead to some kind of social outcry, but holy shit, not a peep on twitter, not a whimper on facebook. Corporate America has us where they want us, bent over the table, shagging our asses, laughing. There's all this talk about social injustice, about being #woke, and that's good, and noble, but nothings going to change till people start understanding where the real problem is. Like I said, we are idiots, but then again, anal is popular these days from what I hear.

Life Lived, Forever ?

There is a front side, and a back side to life, with forty being the dividing line. Being well into the second half of the back side, I think about death every now and again, wondering about things like eternity, god and flesh eating maggots. I don't have a lot of regrets, life is what it is, we breath, and one day we don't. For some men, that ain't good enough. For science, that ain't good enough. Some people just ain't never going to be satisfied with life, thinking for some reason, that life here on earth is all there is. I'm open to the possibility that when I take my last breath, there ain't nothing to follow, and I'm fine with that, but fuck me, that ain't good enough for some people, they want to be around forever, and in my book, that would be somewhat agonizing. Of course, science is hot on the path to extending our lives, wanting to put death out of it's misery, and I'm sure they'll find a way there, but living for hundreds of years, if not forever, fuck that shit, who wants to work forever? Think about it, living forever, trapped in the doldrums of daily life, with no end in sight, no retirement, well, that's just not enticing to me, so I'll take what I have left, and enjoy the shit out of every day, knowing how special the day is. Of course, I might change my mind as I get a bit closer, but that's me.

Our Futures Looking at Us

That some people believe UFOs are from our future, studying us isn't a new idea, but having a anthropological biologist putting forward the theory gives it credence, or not. Personally, if it was to be true, I'd like my distant relative to drop off some winning lotto numbers, of which I'd put some money in trust for my future decedent to access. You listening kiddo? Truth is, life is just weird, so it might be some people from our future is looking back at us, but it kinda stands to reason, if they are, they're fucking with us, interfering here and there with the time-line, because I could have sworn yesterday was a lot different than today. If nothing else, I'd appreciate a knock on the door, I'll have a cold beer waiting, and we could talk about my legacy, cuz I know the day after I die, people will start reading my blog, recognizing my intellectual intelligence.

No Sex Ain't a Good Thing

Men go fishing, women go shopping, it's all natural to rest and recharge your batteries. Turns out, sex is pretty important too, to keep your mind intact. Personally, if I go too long without doing the dirty deed, I get irritable, start having weird sexual dreams, and my stress levels psych me out, making me think weird. According to this article, it's all natural. We need sex to keep ourselves balanced, and I'd like to think, the more sex we have, the better balanced we are. Might also account for the stupid things some people say, and do. I am astonished though, that not getting banged every now and then helps increase your concentration, which is kind of contradictory. But just to be safe, I won't turn down an opportunity to bang a night away.

Ridiculous Idiocy

Might be I'm the ridiculous idiot, I don't know. For the life of me, I can't understand why a law enforcement officer wouldn't want to keep guns out of the hands of anyone who might be a threat to themselves or to others. Like what the fuck is wrong with that? As I read this, it's not like the police can show up and just take your guns, someone, like your wife has to petition a judge because they're worried about your state of mind. The opposition to it appears to be toward who had influence in writing it, the anti gun lobby. OK, I get that, but c'mon, look at the bill, and ask if it's a good thing, and lay aside your distrust of who wrote the damn thing. Or better yet, offer up some viable alternatives, like maybe writing your own bill. Yeah, more I think about it, I'm not the idiot in the room.


Cozmic Zoo

There would be a certain irony if we were to find out we humans, as a species were in some cosmic zoo, isolated from the rest of the universe, to insure their safety, from us. I'm not sure I like the hypothesis, put forward by some alien hunters, as a reason for lack of contact, but damn, I understand the reasoning. I'd much prefer a reason along Star Treks Prime Directive of non interference, but Kirk always struggled to uphold that one, so maybe. When I try to look into the box of humanity, from the outside, there are days I don't like what I see, and other times, I'm blown away from what I think our possibilities are. In the scheme of existence, I'm prone to think we're a young species, and a lot of what we're going through, is nothing less than growing pains, and unfortunately, we all, are still in the toddler stage, but we've found our daddy's gun, the one under his pillow.

Mueller, Done Well

There's a lot of people, mostly those who don't care for Trump, who are not happy with Mueller's findings. They wanted the President marched out of the White House in handcuffs, and while that's understandable, I never believed that would happen. Not to a sitting President. In my world, the Mueller report substantiated what I believed, that Trumps surrounds himself with low life's, being one himself. Trumps comrades, all liars, thieves and Russian conspirators, all out to make a buck, while subverting our Democracy. Their might be some people who think that's all OK, I don't think it is OK, either. Trump can't run from that, as much as he'll try, and he'll answer for it someday, in some form and fashion, probably in the turning of American opinion when all the facts come out. Sure, I'd like to see him pay a higher price, but I'm guessing his fortunes are about to turn into a downward spiral, American banks already won't touch him, and those that do will demand a higher price than he can pay. Bottom line is that Trump is simply a bad judge of character, a bad businessman, a man who treats others like shit, and his love for us, as a Nation, is built upon his profit margin. I think that's pretty clear from who Mueller has indicted, and convicted, and those allegations farmed out to other legal districts for review, along with documenting Russian interference.

It's not over, not by a long shot.

Sex, Ain't a Thing Anymore

I get old people are a large chunk of the population, so I expect their bedroom antics to slow down a bit, dropping the national average of how much hanky fucking panky is going on. But good lord, young people between 18 and 29 ain't participating in the lust for carnal intimacy these days, a lot of 'em saying they haven't had sex in a year, if not longer. What, they're too busy with video games, surfing the net, or living at home? Or so the report postulates!  Christ, when I was a young buck, I was repopulating the world, the stud muffin I was, legend in my own mind, and all. I can't talk from the female perspective, even after 35 years of marriage, but when I was a young one, we had risk, and monopoly, along with MTV, and they always took a backseat to looking for some love on a hot summer night. So I don't get it.


Nothing else to talk about.

Get Blitzed.

In a Ballroom.

Exceptional ?

The mark of a great, exceptional nation in modern times should be how well those who need help are tended to. The poor, the elderly, the disabled, the sick. We have failed the poor, we coral them in housing units, segregated far from others. The elderly are confined to nursing homes, where their life savings vanish in the night. The disabled are ignored, and indeed mocked even by our president. The sick are mostly left to their own devices, watching their lives dissipate in an insane world of pharmaceuticals and diminishing quality. One could argue, that's my experience, and it's not typical, and my argument would be simply, look around, do some research, talk to people. I have no doubt, if you're rich, you're experience is different, but from my working class perch, as a parent with a disabled adult child, and as a son caring for a mother with dementia, my view of the world is different than yours. Services are profit based, and care and compassion are secondary. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know this, what we have in place is inefficient, embarrassingly so. I have met good, caring providers, wanting to help, dedicating their lives to those so much less fortunate. Their workloads are back breaking, their resources practically non-existent, and the lines of communication blurred. We are not an exceptional nation.

Dying Expectations

Knowing things is a good things. Knowing some things is a bad thing, and feeding a bunch of my personal data into a smart thinking computer to spit out the time and day of my death with a great deal of accuracy shouldn't even be a thing. Going down this path a bit further, it won't be too long before we feed all the genetic information of a newborn into the smart thinking machine, and in seconds  it spits out the time of death. Useful for governments to figure out how much money to spend on the little one, same for insurance agencies, and hell, parents too.

European Speed

With a recommended speed of 80 miles an hour on Europe's autobahns, it's not unusual to have a souped up 66 mustang zip past you at over a hundred mph, whatever that is in kilometers. Come 2022 that might not be happening anymore as car manufacturers might be required to limit horsepower, keeping vehicle speeds at a safe speed of 80. Interesting, here in America, the one thing we love more than our guns, is our cars. Try that here at home, and there'd be a civil war. As I think bout it, it might all be a grand conspiracy. Might be the only reason Government wants to take our guns away, is so they can limit American horsepower, without creating chaos. Hmmm....

TrumpCare Ain't Healthcare

So Donald has reversed his previous thoughts on ObamaCare and now wants to abolish it, completely. Including the parts about not being penalized for having a preexisting condition, or keeping your kids on your plan until they're 26. Just to backtrack for a minute, I never was in on mandating people to buy into health insurance, I never understood that. But overall, ObamaCare has been a good thing. The deciding factor in supporting the ACA, was simple. Politicians argued, and argued, all my life and never accomplished a damn thing to help people out when it came to healthcare. At least Obama did more than argue! Sure, the ACA's not perfect, but it was a step in the right direction, something to build and refine on. And now, Donald just wants to wipe it away, like it never existed. I gotta ask, where's his healthcare plan? Are we going back to the stone age, where the healthcare industry fucked us every time we walked into our doctors office? My advice, Don, keep the good shit, and build on it, make it better, but you won't take my advice, because your ego is in the way, and healthcare to you, isn't about me, as much as it's all about you.

Shitfaced Nevermore?

Y'all know I like my Tequila, and cold beer, specially 'round my firepit on a hot summer night. Like any other decent, normal human being, there's been a couple times when I imbibe a bit too much, but all in all, I'm a responsible imbiber. Yet reading about how some scientist believes he can create a synthetic alcohol, called Alcarelle, that doesn't get you loaded, but leaves you with a slight buzz, and never a hangover, leaves me intrigued. God knows, I've suffered me some hellacious hangovers, and to not experience another one, ever, wouldn't be a bad thing. But when I think about it, alcohol, and the human experience, I'm not so fired up sure just getting off with a slight buzz works for me. Life is hard work, full of trouble and toil, and god dammit, don't we deserve a night here and there to just kick back, get all fucked up, and suffer the consequences? Besides, I've came up with some pretty creative shit when I'm shitfaced, so I'm thinking I'll leave the 'synathol' to the younger crowd who have yet to earn to drink like I do. And I'm guessing it tastes like, well... shit.

Slaves, Sex and Otherwise

I sometimes wonder if the human character is one of possession in the form of subjugation, and abuse. Yeah, I get it, there's a lot of good people fighting the fight, but no where near close to enough, and that I struggle with. Seems to me, slavery, sexual and otherwise is a global issue, and that humanity is losing the battle.


What the fuck is up with that?



1. The Trafficking Of Women & Children Is The World's Fastest Growing Crime

2. There Are An Estimated 24.9 Million People Trapped In Forced Labor Via Human Trafficking Worldwide

3. The Majority Of Victims Are Women & Girls

4. More Than 50 Percent Of Trafficking Victims Are Sexually Exploited

5. In Fact, The Most Common Form Of Human Trafficking Is Sexual Exploitation

6. While The Majority Of Sex Trafficking Victims Are Female, Men Are Also Victims

7. Traffickers Can Be Women, Too

8. Sex Trafficking Is Happening In The US

9. The Number Of Human Trafficking Victims In The US Could Be On The Rise

10. One Hotline Received More Than 6,000 Reports Of Sex Trafficking In 2017

11. A Majority Of Those Sex Trafficking Cases Concerned Escort Services

12. You Can Be A Victim Of Sex & Labor Trafficking

13. Prosecution Rates Remain Alarmingly Low


Cheating Ain't American

When I watch a football game, none of us would put up with a cheating ref. Who would want to go fishing with the fish already hooked, insuring your catch? None of us like cheaters, yet when it comes to politics, and voting, cheating is fine. The Supreme court is set to hear oral arguments on gerrymandering, which is where borders of congressional districts are manipulated to favor a certain outcome. Common thought is that our Supreme Court is going to normalize doing so, and I have issues with that. Why? Because it's been the path to Republican victory for decades now, and the court is packed with Republicans, who seem to be hell bent on staying in power than doing what's fair, and what's right for all of America.

Wow, That's Weird

Oh Yeah,

Aliens, Reincarnation, Time Travelers, Ancient Artifacts, all lead me to believe that

life is strange.

Justice Served?

Like I figured, Barr's report was going to be inconclusive, giving Trump cover. What I figured, is not what I wanted, but I'm okay with the convictions, the indictments, and the guilty pleas. It's clear that close associates in the Trump campaign conspired to a large degree with Russia, that's undeniable in my book, and damning. My mother taught me you are who you associate with. The bottom line is, our justice system works, we put our shit in the store window, transparent for the world to see, that's what we do, embarrassing as it is. The question is, does our political system work, will the full report be released, without redactions? I suspect that's the next battle, and I'd question why it wouldn't be. The only reason it wouldn't, is because of damning evidence, or as Trump will frame it, to protect the innocent. I'll never be a Trump fan, not because of his policies, but because of who he is. I'm glad it's over, to a degree, but man, I feel live I've been dragged by my hair through the mud.

Best feeling in the world,


Have a decent weekend,

snows melting, temps trending up,

so just kick back and roll another fat one.

It All Makes Sense

We all know drugs make you do stupid things. Lord knows, I've done some crazy shit, but for the life of this old dude, I don't get how someone could shoot their balls off, get down crazy with the police, or think they can get away with launching drugs over a prison wall. Just goggling 'Stupid Drug Crimes' brings up a long, weird history of strange behavior while under the influence. I'd laugh, but I'd mostly be laughing at myself, and the thing is, I'm not all that embarrassed, and the reason is pretty simple. While it's easy to laugh at people that are just high as shit, the truth is, most everybody is whacked to some degree these days, most of us, legally. So when it comes to feeling shitty about things I've done, one, I've never shot my balls off, least not with a gun, and two, I know you've got a secret or two. And three, it might be why no one can think straight anymore, and that's why Trump is president, and suddenly the world makes a lotta sense.

The Moon, Our Moon

I get Harrison Schmitt's concern that we lack an urgency to return to the moon, and Harrison, being the first and only scientist to walk on the moon would know. Thing is, our relationship with the moon is a strange one, compounded by weird science and strange beliefs. Like we can't quite figure out where the moon came from, if it's hollow, or even if it's inhabited. It's so weird that there was a time when our military actually wanted to blow the moon up, and just be done with it. These days though, the reason for not returning to the moon might be more mundane, like astronauts getting way too stressed on the three day journey. Personally, I've always liked the moon, I enjoy looking at it reclined in my gravity chair whilst setting around my fire pit, dreaming of a better life. Like the moon, who through out human history, guides us in our seasonal cycles, I'm of the opinion, the cycle of rebirth and spring is upon us, and it's about god damned time.

Vengeance is Mine

Research has shown that when societies of the last ten thousand years reach a population of about a million people, vengeful Gods appear. Here in the US, that means God started getting pissed at us in, or about 1745. I don't know why the population mark of a million is important, nothing special happened back then, cept the first association of lawyers appeared in New York. Probably has more to do with population control, God might not be able to handle more than a million prayers at a time, which means God might not be nothing more than a PC with an antiquated hard drive. However you look at it, one things for sure, Gods vengeance is working in overdrive these days, least it seems that way the way things are going. Only bright spot is, everything is so fucked up, when the anti-christ shows up, he'll just be another idiot I'll have to listen to.

Class Act

Some people have class, and others don't, that's a fact of life. I don't know if it's natural, or you have to learn it, but I'm telling you, New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern has some impressive class. Ardern's empathy following the terroristic murders in her home country of New Zealand go unmatched, and I'm left wanting here in my country. Defining herself as a Democrat Socialist, a progressive, a republican and a feminist, she's the only world leader I'm aware of who actually handed off the reigns of leadership for six weeks to take maternity leave. I set back, and I think about comparisons to other world leaders, many whom I admire, and none of them come close, especially here at home, and I'd urge all of em to take a look at humanity in action. I'm betting that at 38, she's going to be around for a while, and that makes me hopeful.

Keeping Your Mouth Shut

What is this shit? I get there are circumstances where a business would want an employee to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, perhaps to keep them from spilling the beans about new product innovations. But in journalism? So journalists can't talk about stories they've investigated, and published. Why, that's just a new level of bullshit, isn't it? But let's just call it what it is. Censorship! Look, I get Trump, himself, uses NDA's, and I'm half assed fine with him doing so, but not when it comes to Fox News, or any other media outlet, that's just bullshit, and I'm of the opinion they're hiding something that shouldn't be hid. And don't confuse the issue with who owns the rights to the story, it's not about that, it's about freedom of speech. Owning the rights to the written worn word is a lot different then understanding the facts in the written word, and when we don't know the facts, well, we're just fucked.

The Light Fantastic

Out of the box thinking is what moves us forward. Some people might call it dreaming of all the possibilities open to us, and others just kick back, scoff, and manage to reap the profits. Personally, I'm not big on ships trucking through space, directed by laser beams on earth pushing their sails along, least that's how I understand it works. Leastways, not unless earth has a damn good plan in place for a rescue mission in case of a power outage. I don't doubt there's some brave souls out there that at some point in time will take a 20 year trip in a lightship, that today would take a godzillion years, and they're better trusting dreamers than I am, so kudos to 'em when they get the chance, and go.

To Time and Back

Times an interesting construct, I've always believe it's existence is dependent upon human perception, kinda like how we can't see the entire light spectrum, neither can we see the entire spectrum of time. Interesting that scientists have moved the clock backwards, at least theoretically, using quantum computing, and I'm thinking that one of these days, someones going to show up on my doorstep claiming to be a far flung future ancestor. Now that would be an interesting conversation. All said and done, it makes sense that one day we'll make that leap, opening a reality far different then we live in now, and it's not too far of a reach to think our future descendants will at least be observing their history. When you think about it, anything is possible.

A Growing Regeneration

I've always believed I'd see the technology to regenerate a lost limb, or organ in my lifetime, so I'm not surprised that researchers are hot on that. We've known for a long time that regeneration occurs, Sharks constantly growing teeth, Lizards regrowing their tales and Spiders regrowing a missing leg. Turns out, scientists at Harvard have found the on/off switch that controls whole body regeneration in humans. Turns out, that switch was hidden in our junk DNA, which carries no information, as I understand it, but as I write this, that belief is changing. Pretty quick here, I'm guessing there isn't going to be an excuse for not growing a pair of balls.

The Speed of a Mouse Click

There is a lot of similarities between the Salem Witch trials and the demonizing of Muslims today. Ignorance, hate, religion, fabrications, lies, all played parts in the Massachusetts trials over three hundred years ago. There's no easy explanation for how people behave, yesterday or today, but there are a lot of parallels. If I wanted to reinforce a belief, I just need to agree with you, even if I know otherwise. If I want to turn your attention to hate, I'll use your ignorance against you, claiming your religion is under threat, by simply repeating it is under threat, until you believe it might be. People today are no different than we were during the late 1600's, we might be a bit more 'civilized' with our phones and cars, but we are not more civil, we are not more enlightened. In fact, the hate and ignorance spreads at the speed of a mouse click, and we are poorer for it.

The Weekend Cometh



Procreate till you die my friends, it's what we do, it who we are, and proof of that is in the weekend, unless you're old and feeble, then you just chill in your memories. Enjoy!

The Social in Socialism

At heart, I'm a free market capitalist with a tinge of socialist beliefs, meaning you have the right to make a shitload of money, as long as you do it in an honorable, and legal fashion that does no harm to the welfare of human beings. I'm also a realist, and understand that you can't reconcile the two without government oversight. So call me a socialist! I don't believe Corporations should be tagged, and defined as a legal person, one that has more rights than the next person. I also don't believe Government oversight should be involved in dictating what a business can and cannot do, unless their behavior is harmful. So call me a democratic socialist. I don't care for that term either. When it comes to calling out what type of Government we are, have at it, because the truth is we're a mix of Democracy with underpinnings of socialism. Our Veterans Administration, our volunteer fire departments, Social Security, all are socialistic in nature. And they're not bad things. The problem with how socialism is perceived by most Americans is due to how Government oversight  has moved from oversight to outright intrusion, not on the publics behalf, but on the Governments behalf. The key word is perceived. Perception is different from where you're standing, it's a law of time and space. If you're a Corporation, there's always too much Government interference, if you live in Flint, Michigan, there ain't near enough. From my vantage point, there's a whole lot of Government overreach into public lives, and just as much into the corporate world, but it's not an equal playing field in the sense that the corporate world is merging with our Government, where the two are becoming indistinguishable from each other, and the people are being left out of the game. That's not a democracy, and when social programs are being cut, people suffer. The natural swing of the pendulum will be back toward socialism, and we see that playing out, and at this point in time, I don't see that as a bad thing. Of course, the simple solution is to take corporate money out of politics, but we both know that is not going to happen. The only question I have is, will that swing of the pendulum happen in a peaceful way? I'm of the opinion, it won't.

Yesterday is Today

Ironic, isn't it? How we all know history repeats itself, how we all claim we should learn from past mistakes, yet we never seem to. Back in 1897, 19 miners were killed in what is known as the Lattimer Massacre, most of them shot in the back as they were running away when their protest broke up. Of course, there was a trial, and the murderers were found innocent, because, as the defense claimed, those who died were “invaders from the Steppes of Hungary” who had come to America to destroy peace and liberty. Yes, the 19 who died, digging the coal, were immigrants, immigrants who changed America forever, for the better, better wages, better working conditions, being part of the poor mans effort to have a voice in their lives. Over a hundred and twenty years later, we've forgotten them, we've forgotten their struggle, we've forgotten why they died, and I suspect if 19 immigrants were murdered today, those accused would still walk free, especially if the dead were Muslims.

Young & Beautiful

Truth is, I'm a bit jealous of todays kids. Spring break for me consisted of setting on a bar stool in a dive bar, hitting on some woman with no teeth. But some things never change, and kids having fun before their lives become entwined with work and family ain't a bad thing, so I don't have a problem with it, unless it gets way outta hand. Problem is, some people my age think outta hand is acting like you're eighteen, forgetting what they acted like when they were that age. I'm guessing a lot of older people wish they were that young again so they could participate in the fun, cuz once you start working, start raising a family, those days are gone.

Equality, My Ass!

So rich, entitled people have been illegally paying shitloads of money to get their kids accepted into the hallowed halls of some prestigious institutions. This shouldn't surprise you, good lord, we all know about Trumps bone spurs. Christ, we shutter the poor into neighborhoods, and forget about them, Inequality isn't new, but this, this shit of paying a bribe to some dude to cheat, this way or that, to get your kid into a school they'd never otherwise qualify for splays the argument open to it's bone. If you have money, you're treated different, in the courts, in education, in the streets. Equality for all is a lie! We divide people by financial means, by race, by culture, by social means, and even by religion. I get inequality is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean we accept this shit, that we don't keep knocking on that door. Know what really pisses me off, none of those rich, entitled fucks are going to spend a day behind bars. They'll pay a fine, which they can afford too, and walk off into the sunset. One of these days, people are going to get really tired of breadcrumbs, and they're going to eat the rich. Lord, next you'll be reading about old rich men visiting sex slaves in a massage parlor

Equality, My Ass!

So rich, entitled people have been illegally paying shitloads of money to get their kids accepted into the hallowed halls of some prestigious institutions. This shouldn't surprise you, good lord, we all know about Trumps bone spurs. Christ, we shutter the poor into neighborhoods, and forget about them, Inequality isn't new, but this, this shit of paying a bribe to some dude to cheat, this way or that, to get your kid into a school they'd never otherwise qualify for splays the argument open to it's bone. If you have money, you're treated different, in the courts, in education, in the streets. Equality for all is a lie! We divide people by financial means, by race, by culture, by social means, and even by religion. I get inequality is a fact of life, but that doesn't mean we accept this shit, that we don't keep knocking on that door. Know what really pisses me off, none of those rich, entitled fucks are going to spend a day behind bars. They'll pay a fine, which they can afford too, and walk off into the sunset. One of these days, people are going to get really tired of breadcrumbs, and they're going to eat the rich. Lord, next you'll be reading about old rich men visiting sex slaves in a massage parlor

Good for the Goose

Guys! Imagine a world where a dude is charged with aggravated assault if he doesn't wear a condom. Not weird enough for you? How about having to seek written permission from your other half before asking for a little Viagra from your Doc? Worse, if you're in the mood to rub one out and wanna watch a little porn to help out, you gotta wait 24 hours. While these laws might not pass at the moment, they are being offered up in a bill by Georgia's minority whip, Dar'shun Kendric. Me? I'm not laughing because, ..because what if women were in the majority? And the way things are going, they're going to be, and I'm fine with that, but I'm thinking us guys could head a lot of shit, like the above proposals, off, if we just started treating women like people, with a little respect and a hella lot more dignity. Please.. before it's too late.

Legally, There Ain't No Compassion

Or a lot of common sense. I am a law and order kind of guy, and that has not always been the case, but as I got older, I started to understand the police were people, just like you, doing their job. Lately, I'm left revisiting that opinion. I still believe most officers just want to do their job, and go home to their loved ones at the end of the day, but I gotta ask, wtf is going on with officers ransacking a cancer patients room looking for some weed, and it just comes down to common sense, and a little bit of compassion. Thing is, those are two things that come naturally to most people, and if you're born without one or the other, you do stupid things, like not give a fuck about people, even people who are suffering from cancer. Seems to me, there should be a way to screen these idiots out during the hiring process, and a good screen test would be to start them smoking a little weed, every now and then. But that's just my opinion.

MN High, Just Not Now!

It came as no surprise that our senate rejected legalizing marijuana for recreational use here in Minnesota, voting along party lines in a Republican controlled senate, 6-3. Hell, they even killed the idea of a task force to study the issue. So the issue is dead in the water for the next year, and yeah, I'm not happy about that. Times are changing though, and it will happen at some point. Most democrats are on board with legalization, not only here in the land of ten thousand lakes, but nationally. The way I look at it, if the Vikings ain't ever going to win a Superbowl, much less get in the game, our politicians should do the next best thing, and that's legalize weed, specially in a state where most support doing so. For some people, mostly republicans, they just don't give a shit what others think, thinking instead they know whats best for me. Well, fuck 'em, they don't, If they suffered with some agonizing back pain like some people I know, and that pain was negated with a quick smoke or two, they'd change their staid, and rigid belief systems.

Bad News Delivered, Badly

Fuck! Just WTF, now we can't even be told we're going to die tomorrow by another human being with just a little bit of compassion in their voice. Look, I'm fine with robots building cars, and vacuuming my floor, but when it comes to being told I'm going to die pretty quick here, I'd prefer that news comes from another person that has an actual heartbeat. I mean, Ima need some compassion, some love, comfort, and even a tear or two, but naw, not anymore. Now, doctors have decided they don't have to carry the burden of delivering the bad news to their patients and their families. Sometime, I just scratch my head in wonder in what we're becoming as a society. Then again, when I get to heaven, I'll probably find out God is some damn robot that's transcended the evolutionary scheme of things. Least they could do is transfer a living brain to the damn robot so it's at least acting like it was sad for me in my last moments.

In the Mouth of a Beast

There's a lot to be said about always being aware of your environment, but when you're swimming with whales it's probably kinda hard to know what's deep down underneath. Good thing we don't taste so good as whale food, at least that's what I'm guessing happened. Same thing can't be said about lions. Bottom line is, when it comes to mother nature, some people aren't that familiar with where we humans are in the food chain. Other than that, I got nothing, 'cept I'm wondering about my dog now, more so then ever, specially when he's looking at me with that 'feed me' look.

Where'd the week go?

It's Friday, already.

I'm all gathered up in my madness, ready for two days of rest and recreation, and hopefully, a little procreation.

What do you have planned?

Tale of the Tape

If Vesta Stoudt were alive today, I wonder what she'd have to say about how popular her idea of a waterproof tape has become. Vesta passed back in 66, so I'm guessing she never realized that there wouldn't be a home in existence without a roll of Duck Tape tucked away in every drawer. Now, I've seen quite a few creative uses for duck tape, and I imagine there's a woman or two out there that has used a strip here and there to fix a wardrobe malfunction, but I have to wonder about the intelligence of creating a fashion line of swim ware made entirely of the sticky stuff. On one hand, I get the durability, the creativity, but getting out of the damn suit after a quick dip in your backyard pool, well, that just has to be painful. That said, I've got my order in for the wifes next birthday present, and if she, by chance doesn't like it, I'll throw the damn thing in my tool box.

The Tao of Big Dick

I've got a regular sized dick and I'm quite happy with it, when it works. That said, there sure seems to be a market for men wanting bigger dicks, and I'm not sure I understand the psychology behind wanting a bigger male member. Hell, apparently there's even an surgical procedure offered to make you a bigger dick, but it looks like it has some draw backs, like dying on the operating table when they inject your dick with some strange shit. I dunno, I don't think having a bigger dick than the next guy makes you more desirable, makes you a better man, or even makes you a happier person, specially cuz there's always some guy out there that has a bigger dick. Maybe it's like fishing, men like fishing only because they get to brag about the size of the fish they caught, even if more than two thirds of the time, the size is a fable of extraordinary proportions.


Been There, Done That

It's called Deja Vu, and it's some weird shit, a sense that you're reliving an experience, and when I was a kid in my late teens, it was a common experience, and then it just stopped. I haven't thought about it much, but running across this article made me pause, and reflect how prevalent the experience was for me back in the day. I don't buy into a lot of the explanations for it, 'cept the one that weird things happen that we don't have answers for. I guess that doesn't mean we stop looking for answers to life's little strangenesses, we'll figure it out someday. I will say this, my instances of having been there and done that were god damn powerful, and scared the shit outta me at times. Why they just up and disappeared, I'm thinking has to do with a developing and maturing brain, and as I get older and my drain disintegrates, I'm looking forward to meeting an old friend.

Pet Food

Pets are expensive in relationship to their size, it's an immutable force of natural fact. Goldfish are cheap to feed, so are turtles. Dogs fall into a sliding scale, the bigger the dog, the more pricey they get. I had a Rottweiler once that ate better than I did. The thing is this though, there's a point of no return, where you just can't keep their bellies full, their hearts content where they adore you for feeding 'em. Case in point, keep a lion around, and he might be cuddly cute to snuggle up with on a cold night, but the days going to come when he belly aches a bit more than usual, and unlike a turtle that will live with his hunger, a big ass jungle beast wont, and he'll find his own damn food, even if it's you.

Rich, but Broke AF

I'm not a rich man, so I understand what it's like to want something and not have it. Of course, I have a credit card, but I don't owe much, and I kinda like it that way. From what I read, I'm unique in that way cuz everybody else is suffering from massive credit card debt. Hell, the numbers say that y'all are in 870 $illion in debt, and that's B as in boy. That debt shot up 26 billion in just the last fiscal quarter. By my way of thinking, somebody's going to wake up some morning short of cash, and to cover their cost, they'll be knocking on your door, wanting your outstanding balance, in full. They won't get enough, because you won't have it all, so they'll still be fucked, but not as fucked as you. Of course, I'm not a financial wizard, being more of a sensible enough guy to know, you can only blow a balloon up so far, so if I'm wrong, I'm fine with that, ain't no problem. But if I'm right...

Seeking Forever

Mans search for immortality is a futile constant, from China's fabled elixir to the fountain of youth. There's a lot involved in that quest, wanting to live forever, but I'm of the opinion if it were possible, most would opt out after a couple hundred years, if that long. Just think of a world where everyone were immortal, the overcrowding, the fight for resources, the boredom, it'd drive most sensible people of the cliff into the abyss of insanity, and you'd have a world of friggin' crazy immortals. Consider too, if you got Cancer, but you never died from Cancer, all you did was suffer, why that'd suck as well. Think too, maybe in a span of a couple of hundred years, you were married three or four times, you're alimony payments would never end, and you're child support payments would probably be extended to your grandkids, and great grandkids. So, I'm fine with 70, maybe 75 years, if I'm that lucky.

Seeking Safety on the Moon

Of course, posterity is a different sense of immortality, and I'm generally fine when I wonder about how I'll be remembered, but I'm seriously concerned about anyone who thinks they can plant a safe deposit box stuffed full of their great accomplishments on the moon, just in case the Earth is slammed by an asteroid or our civilization is wiped out by an alien invasion. Think about that for a minute, if the earth explodes, so goes the moon, so I would think. Perhaps the moon does survive, and wanders around the Universe for a trillion years, and soon after that somebody finds that little box. They'd probably open the damn thing, empty it out, and use the box as a planter. I'm not saying posterity isn't important, it is, to us, but I'm guessing in a trillion years, we'll just be a curiosity, if that.

High Strangeness in Strange Times

I watched some of our Presidents two hour speech given at CPAC, and it left me questioning the sanity of our civilization. For a man that claimed only he could bring us together as a Nation, Mr Trump did more to divide us than the south firing on Fort Sumter. I wasn't expecting anything different, Trump was addressing his base, but what was different was the total insanity of his words, the guy just came off as unhinged, and that's bothersome, more so that the crowd ate his shit up.  We are living in dangerous times, a lot of people, on both sides of the political aisle, don't understand how dangerous Trump is, thinking  it's just entertaining politics, or the ship will eventually right itself. Both are wrong. There has been, for decades, a growing mistrust of Government in this Nation, and both parties are accountable, and Trump is using that mistrust to further his agenda, and it's not a republican, conservative agenda, it's his, and no one is really sure what that agenda is, most of all Trump. One thing I do believe, is that when we come out of the darkness, nobody in this Nation, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, or those of all other shades of political beliefs, are going to be happy.

From There to Here

The World Wide Web is turning thirty, and I'm left wondering where the time has gone. Seems like just yesterday I was listening to the sing song chirps of my dial up modem. My kids don't know of a wold without Google, Snapchat, Gaming, Netflix, Smartphones, and Social Media, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Thirty is still plenty young, and there's still a lot of change to come. I'd like to say that by the time I reached thirty, I had my shit together, but the truth is, I didn't, but I was starting to. Back then, I wasn't sure what the future held, but I knew I was ready to face it, one step after another. A lot of people might find the analogy of a human life with the Internet a stupid thing, but I'd point out the Internet is a collection of people, all doing our thing. Sometimes, it's hard for an old fuck like me to remember that, but then I log on to my social media accounts, and yeah, there's a lot of bots out there, with a whole lotta bullshit going on, but above and beyond that, it's mostly people connecting, and that can't be a bad thing, and I can't help but wonder what the next thirty years will bring.

Enjoy the Weekend,

I gotta work.


Life as I know it

Sometimes Lady existence just pulls you along, day to day, where suddenly the weeks have become years. You wake up one morning rebelling against the dream, and you find out it's all  more of a nightmare. I don't have a problem with what life has tossed my way, choices were mine. I don't even have a problem with the choices that were not mine. Life, it's ours. I will say this, there are unimaginable hardships in life that some people face, and many are fortunate to avoid. How we listen to people who voice, 'I'm in pain' or 'I need help', be they old, disabled, hungry, or poor, is a mark of how a society, their morality, their culture, will be judged. Those who suffer, those who cry out, know all too well what I mean when I write, 'We are not an exceptional Nation', and those who do not understand, are those who are the fortunate, and there are but few of you out there. The hurt and the pain that some people have to deal with should be somewhat negated by a helping hand, too often that hand does more harm than good. And that is the kind of week I have had.

The Lying Kind

While our President was making nice with the worlds nuclear boogie man, Trumps once trusted turncoat was spilling his beans to a bunch of Democrats, and an American public, eager to slop it all up. You can summarize Michale Cohen's testimony however you want, but I'd like to remind you, that he's a sleaze ball, who learned from the best, working for Trump for a decade, give or take. What that means is, there's a little bit of everything in his words, from truth, to lies, to outright fiction, and of course, people heard what they wanted to hear. And I'll reiterate, he learned from the best. What I do have a hard time with, is Republicans who said he wasn't trustworthy because he was a convicted liar, and he is, and he's not trustworthy, but for fucks sake, apply the same damn standard to your standard bearer. All I got left is, Oh, what a tangled web is being wove..

The Fleecing of Fools

If you going to fake a resurrection, you gotta do better than putting some guy that's still obviously breathing in a casket before you lay your hands on him. I'd suggest some practice as well, you know a couple trial runs. Or you might want to go the chicken route, decapitating the chicken, then exclaiming to your faithful followers the chicken still lives, even with out a head. Now I get that's not a resurrection per say, but it's still an impressive feat that the faithful can believe in. I do wonder though, if Lazarus had that damn zombie look after his resurrection?


Before I get too far into this, I wanna tell you a story. Many years ago, I was in my local county court, charged with DWI. The defendant before the Judge, just before my case was heard, was pleading to some kind of child molestation charge, and he was sentenced to some bullshit community service, and I remember thinking how messed up that was, in thinking I was going to sit six months, and this pervert was walking away.


I struggled in trying to understand that leniency, some 40 years back, and I struggle today in understanding how there are thousands of cases of sexual abuse against children detained at the border, as I struggle with a top Vatican official, an advisor to the Pope, being guilty of Child Abuse, on charges that go back decades.


I'm 62 years old, I don't know much, but I do know there are some clear definitions of right and wrong, that most of us agree on. Child abuse, specifically sexual child abuse is wrong. Only question I have, is why the fuck are we putting up with it? Seems to me, we can have our difference about abortion, but we all agree, this is wrong. But I have to ask the question, if most of us believe this abuse is wrong, and that includes our politicians, our judges, our lawyers, our religious leaders, then why do we have such a fucking problem?

Strange Shit Afoot

I don't need to be reading about whales found in the jungle because my life is already strange enough. I wish I could retreat into the world of the absurd, but I'm already there, so when I come across this read about a whale carcass that's been found in the amazon jungle, I just take it for what it is, high strangeness, that we'll never get an answer to. I am however, cognizant of the opening scenes of Flight 19 in Close Encounters. I'm not saying some alien s.o.b.s abducted a baby humpback and stuck polished instruments up the little whales ass, and then without a sense of compassion dropped the big ass cadaver in the jungle. I am saying I'm open to possibilities. Yet there is a memory come to mind, something about a weird occurrence or two, of fish raining from the sky. I know a whale ain't a fish, being more human and all, but it's disturbing in the sense that I can't figure out where all this strange shit is coming from, I mean, Nature is warped. Someone said to me, in what was a strange encounter of and in, itself, that the 'weird is just the part of nature we don't understand'. Think I'll leave it at that.

The Value of a Man

What do you think it is that makes an old rich man walk into a sleazy massage parlor and buy a hundred dollar hand job? I don't think it's because you have a spare hundred, and you have the time. It might be, because you're horny as fuck, and need to drop a load. Maybe you like living dangerously, living life on the wild side. Maybe it's a combination of all the above, I don't know, but it seems to me the act of a lonely old rich man who just can't find what he's looking for in his business or private life. Chances are, Robert Kraft is an experienced player on the parlor scene, all up and down the eastern seaboard, but then again, he is 77, and that's a heck of a lot of activity for an old man, so I could be wrong. That gets me wondering though, how much he spends on Viagra? Suddenly, I'm rethinking this income inequality argument, cuz this old man can't afford Viagra, even with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Religion is a Funny Thing

In that people are always looking for God, and are willing to listen to just about anyone who claims to speak for him. I get people are searching for the truth, for a semblance of meaning in their life. I wanna know that when I take my last breath, it was all for something, something I can reminiscence about in my next life. When you cut through all the bullshit, that is what it's all about, right? We all just want something better, and more of it. So I'm guessing when this robot tells people what they want to hear, there will be those who listen. That alone says more about us then any truth the robot will ever allude to from their perch on the mount.

I Knew Oscar, once

Oscar probably dominated last night but I opted for the finale of True Detective, of course I woulda watched 'Bikini Babes from Venus' instead of the glam slam show honoring the beautiful people. No, I don't got nothing against all that glam I am shit, I'd be there if I had the money and the means. Maybe I don't like watching because I ain't there. Truth is, I've been invested with 'True Detective' and I haven't  been with the film industry. Spreading the mouth of that truth a bit wider, I don't go to movies very often. Theresa and I might grab a steak and go to a movie twice a year. And theaters are different these days, hell, they serve friggin' beer, and there was a time when I got ejected from a theater for bringing in my own refreshment. But.. it ain't just the movies that's changing, it's television there right along side 'em, and paper 'Newspapers' are also fading, those that don't have a digital imprint can't compete. But back to the Oscars, Spike Lee has won his first Oscar, and it's a nice legacy trophy, but I'm saying that out of spite, cuz I was snubbed again.

A Clock Will Stop

Everything ends, nothing stays the same, and change is the one constant in life. We are not the same country we were when founded, I am not the same person I was twenty years ago. We are however, who we are today because of the experiences of the past, I'm who I am today because of who influenced me a thousand days ago, America is who we are today because of who influenced us. Greece, France, England, Native Americans, Africa, Mexico, all great nations and cultures whose influence can be seen in America. One day, someone in the future will write of how we contributed to their great society, and I hope it's not being etched on to a stone slab. People have always felt comfortably safe with their technology, and we're no different. We believe we're civilized, that we've reached a point in human development where war just isn't worth the destruction and mayhem, but it's not war that will lead to future historians eking out their stories on granite tablets. Environmental and economic changes are just as destructive, and there are nations around today that can tell us about things like income inequality.

Finally Friday Friends

Don't worry, all is fine,

but if I had money...

Stone's Sink

I don't care much for Roger Stone, the political dirty trickster who just got his mouth clamped shut by a Judge, for what amounted to being an asshole. Most of Rogers life has been lived as an asshole, probably because  Roger is, well, an asshole. At least a political asshole. I don't know what he's like as a real person, outside the political trickster persona, but I'm guessing, the two are pretty much the same. Rogers history of fucking the American people dates way back to Nixon, and interestingly, his friendship with Paul Manafort goes back just as far. My problem with people like Stone, is his view of the world, that it's his personal playground, that there's a total lack of accountability, and/or responsibility, to everyone and everybody, yet his expectation is that you, bow before him. If asked, he'd disagree, touting his loyalty to Nixon, and Trump, which pretty much says it all about Roger Stone. All men with big egos, men who think they have big dicks, men who think they are beyond the law, until suddenly, they're not. Suddenly, they are little men, with little dicks, and shallow egos.

Oh, Who Needs Common Sense?

I certainly don't expect Sherrod Browns bill to lower Medicare's age to fifty to bear any fruit. Why? Because it actually makes a lot of sense, in a lot of ways. First, it bridges our current system to Universal health care. Second, all you have to do is lower the age, everything else is in place. Third, a lot of people my age would not have to work ten years longer than they should. Yea, I know, Medicare ain't perfect, there's a lot fraud, and bullshit that comes with it, but if our elected officials were serious about talking about an age reduction, they'd be serious about fixing the fraud and scams out there. Say what you want about ObamaCare, but right or wrong, he did something, and that's more than what you can say about our politicians for the last fifty years when it comes to healthcare. Don't know, it just pisses me off that somebody's making a shitbag full of money every time I have to even call my Doctor.

Thou Art My Daddy

Priests are human, with human urges, and of all the human urges, sex is mighty powerful, right up there with the need to eat. Asking a man of the cloth not to have sex is like putting a steak and a glass of water in front of a man who hasn't had either for a month, and telling him he can't eat or drink while the host is out of the room. Clearly, the catholic church understood this, and therefore came up with a secret set of rules for those men in collars to have babies, all while remaining pious. And that's why I don't do religion. In fact, I'm kinda tired of giving religion a pass, not caring if they're snake worshippin' baptists, methodist evangelicals, or wife loving mormons. Seems to me, a lot of people put their faith in something, because they don't have faith in themselves, or the human species. Don't get me wrong, I believe God exists, believe there's something more than what we'll ever know while we walk this earth. I  just don't think God sets secrets rules to protect his priests who break his commandments.

I Ain't in Today, I'm Sick!

Have hundreds of hours of sick time banked, and you still fell guilty as hell when you finally use eight hours? Take solace that's there's some advice for you out there, you can take the time and read it if you want, and if you're calling in sick all the time, you might want. On a personal note, I spent most of my workaholic life building sick time, and there's been a couple of times I was grateful for doing so. These days tho', work and sick time, ain't important as they once were, that's because I'm way too busy burning my sick days up taking care of my aging mom, and my disabled son. I will say this,  that before I retire, I'm going to call in sick, and when the boss asks what's wrong, I'm going to tell him I got the sexual sneezes. BTW, one of the funniest calling in sick stories is all about the gal that showed up for work at 6am, reeking of alcohol, and was sarcastic reminded she had called in sick about 3 that morning. I know another story where an entire shift called in sick at about 2am, but I'm so not going there. That said, I am feeling a bit congested...

Fear the Deer

Living here in the great North, hunting and deer go hand in hand, more than a woman and a man. I don't hunt, I don't fish, I'm the anomaly, I'm good with that. Literally everyone else in the state hunts, so much so, Minnesota actually comes to a full stop for a couple of weeks in the fall. Back in the day, as a young man, you could hit any bar up in early November, and get laid pretty damn easy. Now days, it's common for women to hunt right along side their man, or in groups, or gaggles, of orange clad females, and their ain't nothing wrong with it, because my bar hopping days are long gone. Understanding the social impact of deer hunting, makes understanding why Zombie Deer Disease is all you're hearing about around the water cooler. Like I said, I don't hunt, but come late fall, I get a shit load of venison meat sticks, jerky, steaks and the like. In fact the entire state is infused with it, and it's all we eat for three months. So, I am a bit worried. Thinking I might like to avoid any contamination, I'll probably refuse all that good, delicious venison that comes my way this fall, but what the fuck am I going to do living in a land full of zombies, who have guns.

Outside the Box

Wow, what a novel idea, someone at NASA is thinking way outside the box with their proposal of building a space station inside an asteroid. Throw in the fact that we're already looking at ways to mine the space rocks, it becomes even more interesting in that we could literally eat the rock from the inside out. Hell, we could even build a couple rocket thrusters, right there on the spot, and turn the damn thing into a spaceship, parking it in Earths orbit if we wanted too. When I think about it though, we might not be the first ones to hollow out a celestial body, making it ring like a bell when struck.

The Devil has his Due

Good Lord almighty, they're training teachers to spot kids that might be possessed over there in Italy. My first take was that this was a satirical piece, but nope, it was not. Apparently, there's an epidemic of demonic possession in Italian kids, making the young ones do evil things like play video games, and watching pornography. In fact, it's led to a rise in mysticism, with kids getting into astrology, and tarot cards. All I got left after reading this is the thought that God is scratching his head, and Satan is rolling among the flames of hell in laughter.

Wanna Live Forever?

I might not see the fountain of eternal youth in the years I have left, and at 62 I don't have the body I did at 32, but apparently the science is there, today. A renowned geneticist, whose all the tender age of 49 is claiming he has the health, the bod, of a 29 year old, because he invented a pill, a pill he'll sell to you for sixty bucks, or something like that. Thing is, we know this little pill works. On Rats! Don't know how it works on humans though. Did I mention the guy selling the shit is from Harvard? That's right, Harvard, that's why people are listening to him. Now I know a lot of smart people are going to find this rather intriguing, and probably dish out 60 bucks for a months supply, because one thing a lot of smart people have in common is their stupidity. They'll find that out when they get the recall letter, because the rats who took the damn stuff are now toddlers in dirty diapers. Me? I don't have no intention of sticking around any longer than I have to.

The Price Paid

I've always believed my home state was a progressive state, meaning that we took care of people in giving them a decent shot at life in general, but here I am looking like an idiot. How is it here in Minnesota we spend more per prison inmate than we do per student. A lot more, 28,000 dollars more. While it's true we have a lower prison rate than others, the trend is increasing upward, and we have a shitload of repeat offenders. I don't know, the more I think about it, the line between what a prison is, and a school is, is getting kind of blurred anyway. Hell, our schools here in town are just as secure as a prison these days, but damn, a teacher has 20, maybe thirty kids in a class, a guard has one, maybe two inmates behind bars. And I'm guessing, inmates get fed better, even if they're poor. Here in MN, if a kid doesn't have any money, he gets a piece of bread with some greasy peanut butter. Someday, we're going to pay a bigger price than 28 grand for the disparity.

Face up to the fact,

It's Friday.

Run away,

 and be a Psycho Killer.

On His Majesty's Order

Trumps going to sign an executive order this morning claiming that we are in a state of Emergency because too many people are crossing our southern border, and in doing so, he'll be able to pull funds that are already allocated for spending elsewhere. This is  dangerous territory for democracy and our constitution because the executive branch doesn't allocate money, the legislative branch does. Outside of dangerous territory, is it going to be acceptable for a Democrat to declare healthcare, or school killings a national emergency? This bullshit will come back to bite republicans at some point down the road, but more important, it's going to bite us, the American people in the ass. It's going to further divide us as a people, and move us another incremental step away from our constitution, setting a stage where any leader can pull authorized funding from the military or social programs and direct the money anywhere they want, and like some petty ass dick-of-a-traitor, that money will end up in a personal off shore bank account.

Opportunity Taken

I do not have any doubt, that in the future, however long it takes, that Opportunities final resting place will be a national park encompassing the rovers 28 mile journey.  A journey that was originally planned to last three months, and spanned 15 years. Opportunity, and it's companion, Spirit, left a lasting impression, an indelible image of the little rovers that could, and did. Imagine how cool it would be to jump a couple hundred years into the future, put on a space suit, and follow in their footsteps, to ponder the accomplishments. I would so do that.

My Way, Finally

If you're an old bag of aching bones, you probably still are a pretty cool cat because you own a smart phone, and you can even video chat with Face Time or Messenger. Makes you feel young again, hip, doesn't it? Well, you're not! What younger people are doing with their phones these days, is making a lot of money, and changing society along the way. Back in the day, porn was a sticky magazine you kept hidden under your mattress. We watched the industry grow into glossy magazines, then film, then Linda Lovelace, then video tapes, then along came the Internet, and web cams.  And then smart phones! The perception is that porn is ruled by dirty old men in smokey dark offices, a perception I doubt. What I don't doubt is the money porn generates, and the influence porn has on society. The digital age is changing how that money is generated, who makes that money, and whose influence reaches the masses. Think I'm full of shit? Here's a good read to prove I'm not. Porn is personal these days, and where it's going to end up is a fascinating guess. One thing I am sure of, the ability to change everything, is here. In it's infancy, but it's here, and porn is the new born. The rest of us will follow suit.

Fig it, Newton

In High School physics, we're taught our world is bound together by a set of laws that can never be broke, an apple falls from a tree, to the ground. You know the routine. The apple can never fall upward, outward into space. There's also some kind of law that applies to motion, that an object can only remain in motion as long as a force is applied to it, or something like that. Forgive me for not being specific, but I'm a god damn janitor, not Isaac Newton. All I know is, when my car runs out of gas, it doesn't go any further. Apparently, that's not the case with our universe, because it's not only still expanding, it's expanding faster, and faster, and no educated person has a clue as to why that would be. I'm not so sure I'd agree with that assessment, because when I look out at the night sky, nothing really seems to be moving at all, unless I'm setting around my campfire, tequila in hand, then the entire fucking world is moving, and this is the time of year I desperately need my fire pit. Desperately.


Clearly, women are powerful human beings but I'm not altogether sure that an ad campaign asking women to set on a mans face is illustrative of women freeing themselves from bondage. Reeboks slogan, 'Sit not on the needle of men’s approval – sit on men’s face.' which ran briefly in Russia as part of their global #BeMoreHuman advertising campaign came to a swift end due to public outcry. Those Russians, I tell ya, always pushing boundaries, always gotta push buttons, but like the creator of the ad said, after resigning, at least people in Russia  now know what ReeBok is. Funny thing tho', a lot of Russian males apparently don't have a clue about women in general, having posted numerous comments asking why a women would set on a mans face? Serious, I ain't making this shit up!

First to Answer

So what if a space faring civilization, you know, aliens, made their way to earth, who would they reach out to upon arrival? A common answer would be to whoever picked up the phone when they called. It makes sense, when you call someone, you have to talk to whoever answers. So the real answer is whoever is listening, and we, here in America are not the only ones with our ears to the stars. Truth is, China has just opened up the biggest, bad-assed telescope ever designed and built to listen for that phone call. Yep, the same China that just landed a probe on the dark side of the moon, for the first time ever. As I think about it, might be that China has already made first contact, how else would they have got permission to land on the moons nether regions.

Brown Fingernails & Stinky Fingers

Not everybody washes their hands, not everybody bathes. Some people carry a toothbrush everywhere they go. People do their hygiene different, and I'm fine with that. I'm even better when some guy goes on national television and says he hasn't washed his hands in a decade because he doesn't believe in germs, because he can't see them. Now, there's a couple of things here, first, I'll never shake hands with a guy who has never washed his hands after taking a shit, cuz sometimes, your hands don't come out glistening clean. Second, I believe it's a good idea that you voice your hygiene protocol on national television, it's a good way to cull idiots from the ranks of the sensible, and third, I'm guessing a lot of people never see God, but their faith is unshakable. So in review, we all agree hand washing is a good idea, it's fine if you don't want to indulge, but let the rest of us know, and God ain't unlocking the pearly gates for those with brown fingernails and stinky fingers.

Gilded and Jaded

A century later and we're right back where we were in 1920 where the rich are getting richer and I'm so frigging poor, I cook my daily oatmeal over a candle, while wearing old socks for gloves, because my heats been turned off, because I owed a past due balance of 23.59$. But hey, I believe those rich folks when they tell me to keep working, and work hard, it'll pay off. After all, their hard work paid off for them, or their daddies hard work, or their grand pappies hard work paid off. I know this is true, because I did the math that I learned in eighth grade. There's 325 million people in the good old USA, and only 400 of those people are hard workers, because they own more then everyone else put together. That means we live in a nation of lazy fucks, yes, you, you're lazy. If you weren't you'd be number 401, but you ain't going to be, cuz I am, I'm going to get up tomorrow and work hard as the day is long, because I got a dream of eating meat one day. Oatmeal everyday sucks!


Meals Served Here

There comes a time when smart people think too much, and a scientist warning that we shouldn't be looking for aliens because if we find them, they might end up eating us. Well, yeah, but life is all about taking chances right? Could be, they might eat one or two people, and barf, so hey, if they gift us the big C cure, and it costs us a bad meal, what the hell. Better yet, maybe they'll only eat the rich. I did learn one interesting thing after reading this article, that there's a larger theory out there, the Dark Forest Theory, that kinda says all the aliens are hiding, because there's one predatory alien species out there that's eating everybody. I ain't afraid though, we got Arnold.

God Damn!

It's Friday

and I need a Drink.


I ain't thinking spring yet, but soon .. soon.

A Bitter Pill

As I get older, I relish what good health I have, knowing every day that I don't have some ache, some pain, is a dollar saved. Please, believe this old blue collar working class dude that's looking at retiring pretty quick here, I'm counting my pennies, and I don't wanna be spending what little I got on thirty dollar co pays, and in the case of tragedy, some drug that costs over a grand a day, specially a drug that used to be free. Like fuck, at the moment my daily baby aspirin, my multi vitamins, and my blood pressure meds are pretty cheap, but what if I woke up one morning and my co pay went from a couple of bucks to a hundred, a thousand. Yeah, I'd quite taking 'em, just like I did with Viagra when it went from thirty bucks to over five hundred, and yep, that's why I'm crabby all the time. Truth is, we can bitch and complain about it all we want, Bernie can write all the letters he wants, people will go broke trying to take one more breath, until they don't, and some fat ass greedy cat with a big cigar and bikinied blond will be laughing that fat ass off all the way to his bank. Just the way it is.

Haulin' Hemp in Potato Land

Denis Palamarchuck is hired by a legal Hemp company in Colorado to pick up a legally grown load of hemp in Oregon, to transport back to Colorado. The bill of lading is honest and upfront, listing hemp, all 6700 pounds of it, as it's cargo. Along the route, Denis follows the law, pulls into a weigh station, and his load inspected. No criminal intent, no one is doing anything wrong, but suddenly, a pair of handcuffs appear, and Denis finds himself arrested for the illegal transport of Marijuana. Why? Because in Idaho, hemp is still considered a lethal, mind numbing drug because it carries a trace of THC. You know, the ingredient in pot that gets you high, and tripled the sales of chocolate brownies. Poor Denis is facing five years in some scenic Idaho prison, and a minimum of a 15 thousand dollar fine, for transporting a farm crop. Now don't get me wrong, Idaho is a beautiful state, I was there once, and the people were nice, and I like their potatoes, but I don't think a truck driver should be arrested for hauling their damn potatoes outside of Idaho.

Birds of a Feather

Put the young ones to bed, this is going to be an adult conversation, about sex. Not about the fun stuff, the act of physical sex, we have pictures for that. I wanna talk about what makes a man, a man, and a women, well, the better half of a man. Before we get to far along, there's a word I want you learn, 'gynandromorph'. Yes, it's true, God has made some of his creatures both a man, and a woman, at the same time, and we know it was done on purpose, because God don't fuck shit up. Now why would God do such a thing? We might never know the answer to that, cuz the big dude/dudette works in mysterious ways, but I'm guessing, one, that God loves the gynandromorphic Cardinal as much as he loves me, and second, maybe he did so as a lesson to all of us, that nature, and that includes all of us, is pretty damn diverse, and maybe, jus' maybe, we all oughta start appreciating the canvas God uses to paint on a bit more. As a third and final thought, God is probably a gynandromorph, which if disturbing to you, only means you failed the class.

Serving God, and Man too.

Surfing this morning whilst eating bacon and eggs, I read that the Pope admitted that there was abuse, including sexual abuse, of boys. Well, I got ahead of the headline a bit, cuz the man in white wasn't talking about boys, he was talking about Nuns. Yep, that's right! Seems to be in addition to little boys, Priests like Nuns too, a lot. In fact, they like to make the good looking Nuns their personal sexual slaves. I'm not sure what's going on behind closed doors in the Catholic church, but I'm beginning to think there isn't much of anything going on that has anything to do with God, unless their daily orgasms really do get 'em closer to the big guy. BTW, as I'm reading this article, I noticed that a few clerics had been suspended, while an entire congregation of Nuns had been disbanded. Bad Nuns, I guess, or was it just bad meat.

Butterflies Plight

When one thinks of butterflies, images of gentle softness come to mind, meadows with streaks of golden sun cutting swaths among colorful flowers, not god damn walls. Nothing quickens my heart, pisses me off anymore. I've seen it all, done it all, been to the moon and back, a couple of times, but this... This. This kinda gets my old motor roaring, I mean who would build a wall right through a peaceful butterfly conservatory. We're talking butterflies, the one insect that humans can call friends, the one insect that we identify with on a transformative, spiritual level. I don't know about you, but build the god damn wall around the southern border of their home, because if you don't, you're going to disrupt a godzillion caterpillars napping in their cocoons, and last time someone was stupid enough to do that, well, one word, Mothra!

State of Disarray

I'm not tuning in to watch Trump give his state of the Union speech tonight, because I gotta work, and I'm fine with that. Not that I don't care how our union is doing, I do, but my concerns with our country are a bit different than my Presidents. Where he thinks he's doing the right thing, as in blaming Democrats for the existence of pure evil in the world, I think he should be working with them, and his own party, to help me out a bit. But if I've learned anything, I've learned not to set my expectations too high, specially in my old age, cuz I've also learned that politicians can't climb that ladder. I've also arrived on the shores of conclusion that politicians won't and can't work together to bail water on a sinking ship, and the only bailing they're capable of is jumping off the boat, after they steal the last orange life jacket, and I feel a bit sorry for those who figured out Trump was lying when he said he was the best swimmer ever.

Seriously Warped

I've been feeling a bit off as of late. Just a weird, warped feeling, a bit of disassociation going on, and stumbling across the fact that our galaxy is warped, explains it. See, I like to commune with the universe, that means I stand naked on a country hill, staring at the night sky, beer in hand, joint in the other. The problem in communing with the universe is that after a bit, the universe starts to manifest in your physical and spiritual centers of well being. Doing a bit of investigating, turns out there's a heck of a lot of Galaxy's that are warped, which means the universe is warped, which follows then that we are all warped. Unfortunately, the universe doesn't generate equal push and pull on everyone, that means some people are warped a bit more than others. And some, a lot more.

Super Bored

I'm being straight with y'all, I don't watch much football these days. Yeah, I'll have a game on, but I'm listening, not actively watching, and participating, like I used to. Was a time, couple years back when my wife and I actively participated in the game, shouting, screaming, jumping for joy, or to be truthful, discovering the thrill that the agony of defeat bought into our lives. Christ, like most, we'd devote our entire Sundays to the oval ball of the foot. Then it became Saturday, and Thursdays, and along with Mondays, it all got to be... boring. We were seeing the same thing, day after day, bad coaching, bad calls, bad play calling bad tackling, bad commentary, bad actors after a TD. Football became passe, something that we both now only have a passing interest in. Know what, I don't miss it at all, but of course, I'm not talking about my Vikings, I watch the Vikings, because I still like self abuse.

Early Onset

God forbid, the political insanity of running for office in this Nation never stops. After the elections last November, I thought I'd get a rest from the bullshit, but that state of bliss never materialized, and here we are with the Iowa caucuses a short year away, and there's already a half dozen moderate to liberal to progressive candidates who have announced. At this point in time, I'm not going to be paying a lot of attention to any of 'em, I'll start when the debates start, because Hillary will announce the week before, pissing everybody off.

Strange week, indeed.

It's Friday, thank you!

I'm almost positive the 50 below temps froze, warped or bended reality in some shape or manner. I can't prove it, don't care to prove it, cuz I know it did. It was spring and green when I went to bed Sunday night. But it's over.. till next week.

Unsung Hero

There's a lot of people who live quiet lives, who don't seek fame, fortune, or acknowledgment for their contributions to not only our lives, but history as well. There's something sad in learning about Rosemary Mariner's contributions only through her obituaries. Not only do women owe her a debt of gratitude, men do too. Women like Rosemary illustrate the human spirit in vibrant hues of various colors, giving me hope in the human species. It's not that she was a women who broke barriers, it's that she was a person who broke barriers, and being a women just makes her life all that more powerful. God Bless Rosemary.

Your Money, or Hell

Isn't there something in the Bible about about Jesus and the money exchangers setting up shop in his temple? Did I misunderstand the sermon on the hill about the poor being blessed? I'm not particularly a religious sort, and I'm not anti religion either, my thinking is Religion has done a lot of good, and the bibles full of good advice. But I'll be damned if you'll ever convince me that giving a fiver to a church, especially if it's your last, is going to pave your way to heaven. I'll be double damned if I'd ever give an entire months salary, and according to Paula White, I'd be triple damned because God would be pissed because I didn't make that January payment. I don't have problems with common folk supporting their church, that's how it should be, but some rich bitch telling her congregation to donate January's paycheck to her bank account, or face the wrath of the almighty, well, there's a special place in hell for her. Funny thing is, she's going to find out the hard way, that preying on people is a bit frowned on by the big guy in the sky.

Fuck Yeah, it's Cold

People that have never experienced negative 40, -50 degree cold are truly missing out on building their character, and it's said here in the great North Central, that our weather builds character. Yeah, you gotta be a character to live with this recent shit, old man winter is bad enough all by himself, but add in the wind chills, especially on a cold winter day, and this character thinks about moving south, to the equator. Like nothing works, cars don't start, mail isn't delivered, people don't bother going to work, schools close, and X-Cell sends out a request for people to lower their thermostats because of demand, to 63 degrees, barely above freezing. Ain't going to happen. Only thing people engage in when it's this cold, is sex, and taking a snapshot of the temp to post on facebook, so when your neighbor crawls out of his cocoon of blankets, he can see you're suffering right along with him. All that's left to say, is I need my firepit, and soon.

Chicken Shit

Oxfam, an anti-poverty organization has accused the poultry industry of forcing their workers to wear diapers during their work-shifts, denying their workers their right to take a much needed bathroom break. I'm guessing the real reason is they all gotta wear depends is because their eating off the production line, and getting the shits. I know, sometimes it's kind of hard to take an accusation seriously because it's just out there, and one struggles to believe the absurdity of it all. When you think about it though, a lot of productivity is lost by employees going to the bathroom, and theirs health issues as well, because most people don't wash their hands, and people tend to use a lot of toilet paper, specially when it's not their own. So yeah, I can imagine a lot of suits in a board room, looking to save money, making their employees wear diapers, but what the hell do they do with the dirty diapers, feed 'em to the chickens?

Drugs & Money

Personally, I don't see much of a difference between a drug cartel making a shitload of money off of peoples addiction and a pharmaceutical company pushing meds that are not needed. Both prey on the weakness of humans, both use strong arm tactics to push their product and both end up with a gold in their pockets. The Sacklers of Purdue Pharma are worth  a cool Thirteen billion, and much of that cash comes from the sale of opioids, according to a recent lawsuit filed against them in the state of Massachusetts. So much so, the suit alleges that the Sacklers are the root cause of the opioid crisis. I don't know where the truth is, the Sacklers are known for their charity, but giving a million away to look good when you've made billions on the suffering of others, don't mean squat to me. Chances are, they'll walk away with a ten dollar fine, I'd bet my life on that.

The Spying Kind

When I was a kid, I idolized suave and cool James Bond, and when I got my super secret double O seven spy kit under a Christmas tree, I was a happy little boy. That love for James, it's never gone away, but I've grown out of the fantasy a long time ago, knowing that we live in a convoluted world of intelligence agencies, so much so our collective society is littered with them. FBI, CIA, KGB, NSA and the like. And then there's the private spy organizations, like Black Cube, Aegis, and Booze Allen. Unlike James Bond, who actually works on my behalf, protecting me from super villains and general evilness, Intelligence agencies these days wanna know everything... about me, ..and you, ...and they'll use what they learn to their advantage. When one stops to think about it, every single government in the world has their spies, throw in the private companies, and there's dozens, spying is big business all by itself. That's a bit disturbing in what it says about us, so as a closing thought, keep your webcam tilted toward the ceiling, cuz someone in India, or Egypt, or Finland, might be interested in you, for whatever reason they deem plausible.

The Truth that Lies

I've always understood the truth is elusive, bendable, moldable, and subject to perception and interpretation. I've always wondered how that fits in with what I see, what I hear, with what I'm told. I've always believed those senses, along with an understanding of how I perceive truth, would lead me down the right path, to make decisions based on good, reliable information. But the world has changed! The possibility, and the probability, of not being able to distinguish a lie from truth has increased a thousand fold, and it will be used to our disadvantage. Great men from the past, as well from the present, will rise and say things that were never said, and many will believe without question, and the beliefs will propagate, and there are those who will set back and smile at how easily we are fooled, and we are worse off as a civilization.

The thing I don't understand about entropy, as it refers to the gradual decline of a perfect state into disorder or chaos, is how that perfect state came to be in the first place. I get the part about cleaning a child's room, making it look perfect, knowing that by the next morning it's going to be a total mess. I'm thinking about a bit bigger thing, like is God subject to the laws of thermal dynamics? I'm thinking that might be the case, might be the reason everythings looking a bit chaotic at the moment, and I'm wondering, how do we get God back to his perfect state? Now I'm sure there's people out there that's going to spout that, No, God is not bound by the laws of physics, and I wouldn't think to argue with 'em, but I'd remind them to give their mom a call, cuz their room needs some attention.

Weird Weekend, or What?

I do not know how your weekend went, I was too busy working to notice. From my early visits to a couple of news sites this fine, cold Monday morning, I'm taking it that not much happened in the world, 'cept down in Florida, and all the weird shit happens in Florida. Now, there ain't nothing wrong with dancing after your morning waffles, and I'm not all that opposed if you wanna take off your clothes while you're dancing to show your deep appreciation for a decent waffle. I like my waffles too. But grabbing a guys dick and licking his face is a waffle too far to swallow, unless the waffles were just that good you had to show some real down home gratitude, but somehow, I don't think that was the case. But tasty waffles don't compare to a guy getting sick, and being admitted to the ER because... he smelled is own socks. I guess in a sense, he's lucky he didn't smell mine, he'd be resting in a casket. I guess it just goes to show that people are strange, but when it comes to strangeness, I also read this morning that half my friends on Facebook ain't real, which is kinda bothersome to me, because I've actually met most of 'em. I'm guessing it's going to be a strange week.

Sweet Jesus

The weekends here

Hope you all get yourself some sweet love before Monday comes rolling 'round.

Smile, You're Being Hunted

I first heard of the conspiracy years ago. The connection between a bunch of murdered young men being a smiley face drawn near the sight of their disappearance. The more I think about it, the more open I am to the belief that there's literally a gang of murderers coordinating on the dark web, plotting the murder of young men. It's easier to believe today, then it was five years back, simply because hate seems so much more prevalent today, and when it comes to their get togethers on the dark web, anything is possible, there's a lot of unsavory people doing bad things in that world, so it's plausible. I guess nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to what some people might be capable of.

Some Shits Just Wrong

We live in a country where the rate of kids without medical insurance is rising faster than the warming oceans which means in real plain english, there's a lotta kids here in America that ain't getting the medical care they need. Apparently, that's all right with a lot of people. For others, like Casey Smitherman, a school Superintendent, it's not, and she felt compelled to break the law to help one of her students out. I have no problem with that. Just like I have no problem with the activists who left food and water in the brutal desert for stranded immigrants, and broke the law doing so, and have been charged accordingly. I'm a law abiding citizen, I get we need laws, but sometimes, laws are stupid, made by even stupider people, who can't come to admit the law is stupid, that it does more harm than good, and being real stupid, they enforce the hell outta the law without compromise, and certainly without compassion.

Drop Box Babies

In the old days, if you didn't want your newborn, you could drop your kid off in a basket on the doorsteps of your local orphanage, knock on the door, and run like hell. We've now evolved where you can literally drop your unwanted new child in a drop box at your local Fire Station. Sensors will sound and somebody will be around to pick the kid up. Now I don't know about you, but as long as we're dropping babies in a box, why not make it a mailbox, with free postage. That way, parents could address the bundle to some rich folks who don't have any children of their own, and the kid would grow up better off. Just think, all the anti abortion folks could have really large families, and everyone would be happy.

Wearing Down the Red

I live in a red conservative district, probably one of the reddest in a deep blue state, and I'm here to tell you, that a lot of conservatives are getting real tired of Mr. Trump, his wall, and the shutdown. I've seen evidence of it in my daily conversations, but don't take my word for it. Our sixth district Representative, a long time Trump supporter, Tom Emmer, just held a town hall meeting, a meeting most Democrats don't bother to attend. Turns out, Mr. Emmer was shocked by the outrage of his constituents toward Trump, his wall, and his government shutdown. No matter in what direction good ol' Tom wanted to move the conversation to, nobody wanted to talk about anything else. All I got to say is, I hope Tom takes that message directly to his boss, who won't want to hear it, because the truth, well, that's not fact.

Down the Dark Rabbit Hole

From time to time, some smart investigative journalist spends a week of his life investigating the Pentagons dark secrets. You know the ones I'm talking about, the dark money spent on UFOs, secret propulsion technologies, stargates, invisibility cloaks and generally super weird shit. It's not really news anymore, we're all aware of where the extra 99 bucks goes for a two hundred dollar hammer. Thing is, these ain't some dark research experiments done in the dank, dusty basement of the Pentagon under a flickering old light bulb. Truth is, the research is being carried out by a multitude of private research companies that no ones ever heard of, and probably created for a specific purpose. I'm hoping some of that research actually pays off, just in case aliens attack, we'd surprise the hell out 'em, and I'm guessing that's the reason for going down the rabbit hole.


'Ain't No Goodness'

Dropped on my channel last night

It's the final chapter in a 40's Bogart genre trilogy. The first one is 'Framed', The second 'Mr. Black'.


While editing, I had Premier Pro, Video Studio, Paint Shop Pro, and several files open all at the same time, and didn't have one issue. That was nice.

Enjoy! Now go sub to my channel.

As Bad as We Have it

I'm thankful I don't live in a country where a news reporter is jailed for a year simply because he interviewed a gay man. As thankful as I am, I'm sure there are those out there, here in America, who wish, and work toward the day, we will jail members of our media. I don't believe that day will ever wash upon our shores, but then I look around the world, and I see how fragile we are to truth, to opposing views. How set we are in our ways, how we refuse dialogue and even casual conversation with those who would question our views. Seems to me, science and technology evolve, outpacing our humanity by thousands of years. How's that work, how's that even possible? One would think with the invention of the written word, or perhaps the printing press, maybe even the Internet, that knowledge would lead us down a more moral, humanitarian path.


The Dora Milaje live in the spirits of the Akashinga, the protectors of the African plains. A well trained force of women, standing guard over the wildlife on the reserves of Zimbabwe, the 'Brave Ones' have brought to justice over thirty poachers in the last year. Armed to the teeth, and trained in the tactics of special forces, the women are recruited from the dirt poor streets to search out and destroy those who would rob their national treasure, their wildlife. Talk about a force of, and for, nature. I love it.

Power of the Brain as Food

Why is trepanation a mystery to those who look into such things? Hannibal Lecter gave us the answer years back, the brains delicious, and full of protein. I know some of us would like to believe our ancestors were capable of brain surgery way back when, or that we drilled holes in people heads as a work of art, or perhaps even as a tribute to the mountain gods, but the truth is probably a lot more simple, brains are tasty, and you inherit all the good stuff that brain you're eating possesses. After all, people still eat pig brains, and some people are as smart as pigs. Did you know tho', you should never inhale a pigs brain?



Holy Shit!

Go be a Beast.

The Rain of Titan

Fascinating to find out it rains on Saturn's moon Titan, even if it is methane rain. Reading the article, I found out the seasons are seven and a half years long, and I find that I'm comparing that to the measly god damn four months out of the year I get to set around my firepit. Somehow, it just ain't fair! Specially in the middle of January. More interesting, as I was researching this story, is the People's Liberation Army and their attacks on the computer systems of our defense contractors, which we've labeled 'Titans Rain'. Ain't nothing right anymore, privacy, or weather because I'm always getting rained on, even in January these days.

Ship of Fools

I'm tired of Trump and his sinking ship of fools and idiots. I'm tired of the fake news bullshit, tired of the lies, of the tweets, confusion, changing stories, diversions, derisions, and personal attacks. It's all a bridge too far long for this old man to get to the other side, I'm ready to jump off now. I feel sorry for every single living American living through this embarrassment. I don't care what your political beliefs are, but experiencing this sinking ship of fools grasp for air is humiliating for all of us, because they ain't leaving any air in the room for the rest of us to breath in. This administration has been a clusterfuck from day one, and while I get the media ain't perfect, it ain't their fault the golden boy has no real hair. Here we are two years after inauguration, the government is in the midst of the longest shutdown, ever, with no end in sight, Cohen admits to rigging polls, and Giuliani has changed his tune, once again. What a shitshow!

Odd Encounter in Pascagoula

I first heard this story back in the wild days of my teenage years, and the tale hasn't changed one bit over the last forty years. You won't find any wide eyed gray aliens in this abduction account, what you will find is a horrifying account of abduction, described in terms as best as two men fishing off a dock in Mississippi can give. I've visited the story a few times over the years, looking for new hints of what happened, but it's the same story, always, told in weirdness, and in fear. I've read a lot of alien abduction stories over the years, and there's a lot of similarities in them all, including this one, but none of 'em, except this one has strange looking aliens who look as if they're wrapped in tinfoil as they're floating to come take you for some probing experiments.

Money for Nothing

A new federal mandate dictates Hospitals have to post their costs Online so consumers can effectively shop for the best bargain, and one would think that's a good thing, and one would be wrong. I don't even know where to start with this, this bullshit. Like any well intentioned law designed to do public good, hospitals have fucked it all up, listing their costs in medical jargon so the general public doesn't have a clue what they're reading. Way on the other end of the spectrum, I gotta ask? What's the point? Here in my town, there's only one hospital that pretty much owns everything, clinics and all. But hey, good try Mr. Government, but maybe you might want to ask the medical community what they're trying to hide by confusing their price lists like they have? I know the cost of being gouged is pretty high, and so is the pain.

The Other Side

Theoretically, it may be possible to traverse the boundaries of a black hole, and exit the other side. Possible if the singularity's rotation is weak, if I understand the jargon correctly. Interesting possibility  because one has to wonder what's on the other side? My guess is God, welcoming us home to heaven. Or maybe a mirror universe, with an evil Rob. I don't know, but it's a fascinating thought. I do wonder though, do all black holes lead to the same place? I'm guessing not, that there are as many possibilities out there as there are black holes, including the thought, that we live on the other side of a black hole, but that's too much for my brain to handle at the moment. I need coffee.

Insect Control

I ain't talking about spraying your yard for mosquitoes. More about our military thinking its a good idea to figure how an insect brain can merge with a robot, give it consciousness, that's right, self awareness, and control it. Of course, the black ops people think they can control the insect so there's nothing to worry about. Until shit hits the fan and the insects revolt, and just like that, they're bigger than us, smarter than us, stronger than us, and they start corralling us into food farms. I'm thinking there are just some things the Military should leave alone, cuz I don't want to be a third bit actor in some 1950s horror movie. I've seen that one, it ain't pretty.

Harry Knows Shit

Ex Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is asking current Senators to find a way to ease the backlash upon military pilots for reporting UFOs. While I personally appreciate his effort, I don't necessarily applaud it? Like Harry, why didn't you do something when you were actually in a position to do something? Of course, let me jar you're memory here, Harry is from Nevada, the great desert state where Area 51 is located, and in Harry's own words, he's been there a 'whole lotta times', so I'm guessing Harry knows shit, that you and I don't.

Rights of the Beast

I was raised to believe families are loving and nurturing, so I have a hard time in understanding the male dominance in countries like Saudi Arabia. I get fathers need to be strict, but controlling to the point of abuse, is beyond me. There's no nurturing, and whats bred is rebellion and hate. Imagine, man or woman, being told you can't go outside, can't go to a movie with friends, can't learn to drive, where you'll go to school, who you'll marry. Worse, the dominance isn't hidden, it's out in the open, on the streets, in the homes of a ultra modern city, and the worlds aware of it. The bottom line is, when you're super fucking rich, you call the shots, even if it means murdering an American resident.

Inhibitions Be Damned

I sometimes ponder why people do stupid things. Like having sex on a car hood, in public. I'm not exactly a prude, I do like sex, but I have my inhibitions, and respect, and common sense. I even had sex once, in the woods, the deep woods, and we had mosquito bites in all the wrong places, just because we we impulsive. I'd think old fucks like me, though, would've learned the dangers of public sex, and cold, hard car hoods, but like I said, I ponder a lot, and I'm thinking some people don't learn shit, regardless of age, and I can't but help but wonder what their kids are thinking.

Years flying by,

there's only 50 weekends left, so get out and have some fun.

The only way you can claim that life's been good, is if you enjoy it. Make it so.

In the Light of the Sun

Imagine boiling potatoes the size of softballs, shredding lettuce the size of basketballs, Corn, the size of a baseball bat. That day might no be too far off, considering scientists have found a way to hack photosynthesis, the process plants make to convert sunlight into food. By hacking tobacco plants DNA, scientists were able to produce plants forty percent larger, and that's pretty damn significant. Now I don't have to tell you the impact this would have on the world, you're smart enough to figure that out. However, remember, we are what we eat, and it's good to know that before broccoli spears the size of rockets hits your local market, there's a lotta testing to be done, and in the meantime, I'm wondering how I'm going to roast a bat sized ear of corn in my firepit, much less wrap my big ass mouth around it? But I'll try.

No Answers

I like to surf the net, and read, that's why I'm passionate about social commentary, hence this website. I usually have thoughts to some degree about everything, but this read is different. Unethical experiments has produced some remarkable medical and scientific advances. It's easy to claim the advances aren't worth the moral and ethical violations, and I buy that. But I can't help but wonder about how far those experiments advanced our medical knowledge, saving millions of lives. So in the long run, there's a thought that at least some good came out of people suffering, it's not a satisfying thought, and it doesn't ease the the other thought, the one that reminds me of how evil we can be to each other. That's important to remember. Leave your thoughts in the comments, I'll respond.

Better Toys & Sex

I'm not surprised sex toys are front and center at the Vegas Tech Show, after all, when it comes to tech, porn is at the front of the line, always pushing the limits. Hell, you can stream porn these days in VR, but jerking off to it in those goggles is kinda weird. If you still question the popularity of porn, goggle their site rankings on the world wide web, that will tell you all you need to know. Of course, you're thinking old style toys, dildos, cuffs, rubber dolls and the like, and you're wrong. These toys are state of the art, from robotic hands to AI, to strippers dancing on your phone in a virtual world. Funny, our toys might change, but we never do, and I'll leave it at that.

Better Toys & Sex

I'm not surprised sex toys are front and center at the Vegas Tech Show, after all, when it comes to tech, porn is at the front of the line, always pushing the limits. Hell, you can stream porn these days in VR, but jerking off to it in those goggles is kinda weird. If you still question the popularity of porn, goggle their site rankings on the world wide web, that will tell you all you need to know. Of course, you're thinking old style toys, dildos, cuffs, rubber dolls and the like, and you're wrong. These toys are state of the art, from robotic hands to AI, to strippers dancing on your phone in a virtual world. Funny, our toys might change, but we never do, and I'll leave it at that.

Friends, Divided by Enemies

When it comes to historical figures, it's the smaller, lesser known stories I appreciate. In a way, they say more about who they were as a human, then the over arcing, broad sweep of historical importance. We know why Ulysses Grant is held in high esteem, but who was he as a person. I was totally unaware that Grant really pushed to grant American citizenship for Native Indians, perhaps rooted in his personal friendship with Ely Parker, perhaps because he had seen the misery our Government had forced upon native Americans. Just as interesting, the disintegration of their friendship caused by those opposed to Grants beliefs of citizenship. Somewhere here, there's a moral for what's happening today, it might have to do with political forces corrupting the right, moral thing to do, but that's just my takeaway.

Privacy? It's Complicated!

I'm basically a private person, but I'm smart enough to know that my right to privacy only extends to my neighbors, family and friends, unless they go out of their way to find out more about me. They can do it, because we live our lives online, intentionally or not. We take a picture, Google archives it somewhere before you can delete it. We make a comment, it's there forever, and then there's personal financial data, legal data, it's all available, like it or not. We might not like it, but it's our lives. Privacy is also very complicated, because we do have a right to that information being correct, and safe. How does Google verify a link in some newsbit that refers to you, as being correct? If someone makes a non factual comment about your gender online, do search engines carry the responsibility to verify it, especially if there's a link to it in some blog? I don't know where the futures going with privacy, but there's a lot of people demanding answers through legal means, and I'm hoping for the best, because I do have some embarrassing stuff out there, somewhere.

Through a Mirror, Darkly

Scientists have to be careful. People don't read articles, they read headlines. When you title a research paper, 'Mirror Universe Possible' people are going to think 'evil Spock, good Spock'. That's just the way it is. Hell, chances are no one's read this far, and if you have, you're probably the odd one out. If by chance you are the odd one, explain to me please what the article is actually about. Especially that part about a second universe being created, traveling backward in time. Does that mean people start out old, and end their lives in their mothers womb? Do people walk backward? How do you pronounce htraE? The questions are mind boggling, and they need bigger minds then mine to answer them. In the meantime, it's nice to know that there's a rich version of me walking around in some alternate Universe, and I want him to know, I'd share if our positions were reversed.

Man's Worse Fear

I suppose each of us has our own personal phobia. Being trapped in a public bathroom is pretty near the top of my list, I've seen some pretty horrible bathrooms in my day, because of my profession. I suppose though, if I had to be stuck in a bathroom, Burger Kings are generally clean, and I know I'd get a free meal out of it. A free meal, every day, for life would even be better, so thought Mr. Brooner when it was offered up as apology, until Corporate changed their tune, and said nuff is enough. I don't know how the legal aspect is going to turn out, I 'spect Mr. Brooner's going to win, unless we find out there was some nefarious shit at play, and that might very well be the case, because I keep wondering about peoples motivations. You know, things like using a public bathroom, because if you knew what I know about how bathrooms are cleaned, you'd hold your shit in till you got home.

The Big Lie

I must be doing something wrong! According to economic indicators as reported by our media, it's a great time to be a working class Joe. Apparently, everybody is getting rich, making piles of greenbacks to spend, hell, it was the best holiday shopping season ever. I woulda thought, by now I'd have figured out the secret to success, specially because I consider my self smarter than most, and I haven't, and that's disturbing. I mean, don't people have bills to pay? Christ, after I pay my heating bill, there ain't a lot left. In fact, to save a buck or two, I changed up my Internet and cable access, and after I was promised lower bills, they're actually higher. How's that work? And since I like to eat, I spend money on food, ground beef that is, cuz a good steak is reserved for rare celebratory purposes. To be honest, I ain't completely broke the Thursday before payday, but I am seriously hoping my wife didn't write a ten dollar check, and didn't tell me. Like I said, I missed the train to success city, and I guess I'm the only one to blame for listening to my old man, who always told me, 'just work hard, and you'll be OK when it comes to being old'.

Winter Blues

Winters a rough time here in the great north. Holidays are over and the only thing to look forward to, is spring, four months away, as god breaths slowly the breath of life back into the world. It's a time of forsaken miserableness, gray days and freezing cold that make teeth chatter for hours on end upon coming inside. Adding to the agony, is knowing that the rich and beautiful are having fun on some sun swept beech somewhere, frolicking in their speedos and string bikinis. Come mid February, when it's too damn cold to even pass gas, I get a bit jealous of the people down south, wishing I was there, and they were here, and by March, I'm thinking I'm going to start packing. Then April pops up, the sun comes out for a day a two, the snow starts dripping off the roof, and I start thinking about opening my little lot up, remembering the oak burning from the last firepit. Then, just like that, around mid to late April, old man cold comes back with 20 inches of snow, and I'm staring out my window, mumbling like a blithering idiot.

It's the First Friday

after the holiday season and the first Friday of 2019. What comes our way, we can only imagine.



Bet it's going to be interesting!

On the Dark Side

A while back, I had a really strange dream. I was floating in space, above the dark side of the moon and spread over the cratered surface, lights sparkled, city lights from a large crater. And then I woke up. All in all, it was one of those memorable dreams, one of a few that I remember out of millions. I don't know why, but reading about China's recent success of landing a probe on the moon made me think about the dream, and it's meaning. We know about as much as the dark side of the moon, as we do about our oceans, and there's a common belief that what we study and probe, is that what we see, and every time we learn something, new doors open up to possibilities, increasing our field of vision, whetting our appetite for more. In that light, I've always wondered why we never returned to the moon, why we never bothered with the dark side ourselves? It's like explorers landing on a beach in the Caribbean, and just stopping, not taking a step into the interior. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if China's Chang'e 4 sent a image back with city lights off in the horizon. Sounds as logical as floating above the dark side of the moon.

Diversity, it ain't Going Nowhere

With the 116th class of Congress being sworn in today, the story of note is the diversity among the Democrats elected to serve. I don't have any doubt that there's a lot of people that are just plain bothered by that diversity. Most of those people bothered, are those old white folks who've been setting on the same bar stool for the last forty years. Fact is, America's always been a melting pot, that's where we get our strength, the influx of new ideas, our ability to think outside the box. The best analogy I can come up with is the best soup in the world is made up of all kinds of good stuff, and just before you're ready to dish up a bowl of that soup, it has to simmer and boil a bit. That's where we're at, simmering and getting ready to boil. Unfortunately, there's always someone who just refuses to even try a delicious bowl of stew or soup. The rest of us, we just kinda have to put up with 'em.


Brain 2 Brain

And you think the internets cool, linking us all together, the worlds information at the tips of our nimble, little fingers. Wait a couple of years, because that technology is going to be replaced by linking your brain up to a global consciousness. Research in it's infancy, has successfully demonstrated that it's possible, linking the brains of three people together to play a game of Tetris. Kind of mind boggling, specially when you start thinking about where the future is with this shit, because when you let your mind wander, you end up in strange places, and the first thing that comes to my mind is the Borg.

Working for Free

As a federal employee, I'll probably get a paycheck through out the shutdown. That's because the VA is funded differently than most Federal agencies, being funded in two year blocks. I said probably, because we're talking about the Government, and unless you're a federal employee, you don't know how strange our Government is when it comes to budgets. I wouldn't be surprised to find out, I'll be working without a paycheck, I expect anything.


In the eleventh day of the shutdown, a lot of Federal agencies have spent the last of their cash they had on hand. Agriculture, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Parks, Museums, EPA and the Federal Courts. A lot of people are not going to be getting paychecks. All for a wall, a lot of people don't want, a wall that's not even financially viable.


There was a time working New Years Eve would of ticked me off. Not so, anymore. I find myself more worried about the drunks on the road at one am. That's kind of how 2018 was for this kid, my thoughts were short term, concerned with getting through the day, worry about tomorrow when I roll outta bed with the sunshine. I gotta start thinking ahead this year, I'm eligible for retirement in May, and I'm thinking I'll pull the plug in the fall. I'm really looking to spending more time in the creative department, I'd like to get a bit more politically active, write a bit more. Life is weird though, there are ties to others, responsibilities, that I have to take into consideration. As much as I'd like to spend my time setting around my firepit up North, that ain't going to happen. I'm fine with that. It is, however, going to be an interesting year, for sure. I don't know where I'll be in a year, but it won't be in the same place I am now. That kind of leads into my predictions for 2019. Politically, and culturally, this country's on the edge. Technology, especially social media, is transforming our lives on a daily basis, and information, good or bad, right or wrong, is going to continue to play a large part in peoples decision's, in how they view the world around them. I think Trumps base will shrink, and if that gets drastic, he'll turn toward more liberal policies, mostly to save his ass. Based on history, Democrats won't accomplish anything earth shattering, but they'll make inroads into minimum wage increases and pay inequality. Some things won't change, there will be more mass shootings, scandals, marches, protests, and we'll continue to gloss them over. Basically, more of the same as we plod along to 2020.

Happy New Year See you next week.


is really a special time of the year. Personally, it's a time of reflection, a time when I really do look back, not just over the past year, but the entirety of my life. It hasn't been perfect, and there's a lot of things I wish were different, but the truth is, events happen I can't control, I've made choices I shouldn't have, and after sixty years, I've learned, that's life. Christmas is also a time to look forward, and for some reason I find that harder to do, perhaps because I don't know what's around the corner. But I do know this, whatever comes my way, I'll put one foot ahead of the other. I always have.


Christmas is also a time to be thankful, and I am. I'd like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my blog and or my Youtube channel. I'm appreciative, you're busy, you have your own life, and yet you manage to let me be a small part of yours.


I'll be off till after New Years, I'm taking the time off to enjoy the holidays, to reflect, to spend time with my wife, my kids.


I truly wish you the Merriest of Holidays.

Oh, For the Love of Christ

This is where we are at. A local police department has publicly claimed that we have turned from Christ, and Satan is responsible for a recent murder. This is how I end my year, and I guess when I think about it, it's kind of appropriate, given the state of chaos we're in. I don't know, might be they're right! Hell, it seems we blame everything these days on somebody else, on people we don't like, on others we fear, those who are different, and those who might believe different. Me? I'm not blaming anyone for my wrongdoings, especially the devil, even though from time to time, I wonder if he's fucking with me, testing me? God does it all the time, so why not? I guess the only thing I got left is a question, they going to arrest the horned red one, or what?

It's All Bullshit

This business about paying for Trumps wall. Think about this, we're allocating just under five billion in economic aid for Mexico. Now I'm not a supporter of building any wall, but if Trump really wanted to build a wall, there's five billion to build the first mile and a half. So yeah, Trump is twisting your little titties to get ya'll wall wanters to play along, to believe in something that just ain't ever going to happen, as much as you want it to happen. Now I get that most supporters of the Trumpian wall, ain't going to believe in facts, truth, justice and the American way and that's alright, but just remember this, most Americans live in reality.

About Damn Time

With the passing of the recent farm bill, Hemp is finally going mainstream. Outlawed in the thirties in the fight against Marijuana, Hemp never got a fair shake in the deal. Why? Because Hemp doesn't get you high, it contains hardly no THC, the main ingredient in weed that we all enjoy, yet it is a cannabis plant. So what changed? IMHO the recognition of weed as not a natural born killer, the continuing legalization of weed, and more to the point, the profit to be made, all had a hand in making Hemp a viable agricultural product. Hell, look at all the uses for hemp. So if you're looking for investment opportunities, you know where to look, cuz that market is going boom, but please, once again, remember, you can't smoke the shit.

Taking Your Business, Global

Every small entrepreneur dreams of taking their business global, but if you're a world famous sperm donor, how's that work? Sure, you're getting over a hundred requests a month to whack off into a plastic vial, but that's like three times a day, plus. On the other hand, maybe you'll just grow a thicker skin, so it might be all right. I'm not sure. Guess I'd be more concerned with supply  and demand, I drink a lot of milk, and the jug eventually runs dry, and then I gotta wait till payday to replenish the damn thing, so I'm thinking a man in the business of donating his little ones should be careful that demand doesn't out pace supply, so going global might be a problem. Just as an afterthought, tens of thousands of years in the future, geneticist's might marvel when they find you responsible for being the father of 99.5 percent of humans living, but you know they're going to have questions, so I'd leave something for posterity besides little humans.

Work, Who needs it?

Nice to know some companies outside of the US are scaling down the 40 hour work week. Here at home, it ain't ever going to happen in my lifetime. Fact is, Americans are way overworked, and I'm living proof of it. Had my first job at eleven, and I've never looked back. It's all I've ever done, and dammit, I'm tired. Isn't nothing wrong with a person doing a hard days work, it might not build a fat bank account for a lot of folks, but it sure builds character. Truth is, I could do in three or four days, what I do in five, but if I did that, my bosses would only add more work instead of doing the smart thing, and giving me Friday off. Maybe the right way to go about it, is to give my bosses a shorter work week, because when they ain't around, work is a bit more relaxed, and more work actually seems to get done. I think I'll suggest that, my bosses might appreciate it, and maybe I'll get an employee of the month award for saving money.


of Christmas is strange,

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On My Word

I've never heard of such a thing, a requirement as part of your job that you sign an oath giving up your right to speak out on your beliefs, in this case your political beliefs. Actually, it's more than that, in this case, it's an oath to support another nation, Israel. And because you don't sign the oath, you lose your job! And people are worried about Sharia law being infused into our society, perhaps they should be more concerned about shit like this. How can our Democracy function when stupid shit like this is being thrown at people? If this Texas School district gets away with this, where's it end? Hell, next they'll be asking you to sign an oath stating you don't believe in climate change, science or technology. Like I said, all I got is WTF?

Into the SmallVerse

This is strange, and I'm not sure what they're talking about when MIT claims they can shrink 3D objects to nanoscale, which is like a thousand times smaller than our world. Apparently, the shrinking of 2D objects has been going on for a while. I'm curious as to how they define objects, and I'm thinking they mean nothing organic, at least not yet. I'm also left thinking about all the space junk we have in orbit, and I'm guessing it's not going to be too much longer before we have the same cluster in nanospace. Say what you will, it's only going to be a matter of time when you go to swat a mosquito, to find out the little beast had company. One last question I have, is if they miniaturize a man and a mosquito, are their sizes still relative to each other, or are they both the same size in the nanoverse?

Life as a Lie

There is an inherent need in all of us to be loved, to be acknowledged. For most of us, having that love and acknowledgment flow from our families and friends is enough. For others, families and friends just ain't enough, you need the whole frickin' world to bow down at your feet, even if you ain't worthy. If you lack a sense of ethical scruples and moral fortitude, it's actually kind of easy to do in todays reality. I'm not judging Jered Threatin for creating a godzillion million different social media accounts, or buying a bizillion likes, hearts and followers to create a wold famous person the world has never heard of, after all, his band got a European tour out of the foolishness. But then nobody showed up to hear his tunes, and now he's world renown for the scam. As a struggling Youtuber myself, I've been tempted to go the dark route, but I'm actually fine with the love my three fans and family throw my way.

The Business of Sex, WangTang Style

Here's a cautionary tale, if you're taking a break from a video conference and decide to engage in a quickie on the table, turn the phone off. If you can't remember to turn the damn thing off, you might not be suited for the game of business. In today's world, it seems everyone's looking for fame, so once you figured out your dirty deed was captured for the world to see, why not post it to social media. You'll need the cash the exposure brings, all 50 cents of it, because you won't have a paycheck to pay your rent with.

'Bout Time

Friday finds it's way here.

I've got nothing to complain about, how about you? Go get crazy and have a good time, but don't lose your license.

A Weeping Heart

A child, a little girl of seven died of dehydration and shock, after walking several thousand miles to reach our border. Every single footstep north she made, along dusty trails, jungle paths, and broken concrete, was distance from extreme violence, hunger and poverty. There are those who are crying out, that this child died in American detention, and while that's true, I will not pretend to tell you I know the specifics, I do not.


What I do know is far more disturbing. That instead of compassion, aid and support for a child walking on her own two feet, facing incredible odds of survival, our government chose instead to denigrate that child, to discourage that child, and yet she continued, one small dirty, dusty foot after another, defining a courage that a lot of my fellow citizens have lost. There was time when our courage was not overwhelmed with fear of others, of those different. We were brave enough to accept them, even in the face of danger. We understood the possibility that not only evil people would walk into our home, but also people would bring change into our home. Organized crime found it's way here, as did Catholicism, we managed.


My heart cries when we look in the face of a child, and do not see potential, and instead see our own fear, our prejudice. We no longer see ourselves in the face of that small girl, we see a stranger, and we become strangers to the soil we live and breath in, every day of our life.

No Hair? What's up with that?

When one stops to think about evolution, it can be mind boggling. Like if we evolved from my mother in law, the great ape, why is she still around humbugging me? Why does she still have all her hair, from head to toe, and I got none? That just don't make no sense! I guess nature is a funny beast, selective in how it does things, 'specially long term, but something just doesn't set right. Why, exactly, did we lose all our hair through the eons of time, space and evolution? Then I think about sex, and it starts to make sense.

Fool Me Once

For the life of me, watching Boris the Robot move and smooth to tunes on a world stage, I would never have imagined it was all a crock of shit. That's because I like science and technology, I believe in science and technology, and that makes me gullible. Like, who builds a robot suit, puts a man inside, and sells it to the world as the most tech advanced robot in existence? Oh, that would be Russia. I suppose though, when I think about grand illusions, religion comes to mind, and I'm left wondering if there's a little Russian man somewhere in trump, pushing control levers. Just can't believe anything, anymore, dammit!

Trump's Wall

A wall can be useful in keeping people out, in maintaining a sense of privacy, and in insuring your security. I know, my next door neighbors built one a few years back, and I'm curious as hell what they've been up to since it appeared, almost magically overnight. Before the wall, I shared a large open, common area with a half dozen other neighbors, and it seemed to work OK. Kids ran freely from one house to the next, and I believe we all got to know each other a bit better because we shared common ground. When it comes to erecting walls, common thought is that people do so to keep people out, that makes sense, but the larger truth to building a wall is one of isolation, at least to the extent that the only people you want to see are those you allow in. I don't have a problem with that in a residential neighborhood, it's a persons right. There are, other types of walls, those that are invisible, and much more protective, like the one Trump has build around his person, his family, and that wall is simply there to keep everyone out, the press, the public, members of congress. Unfortunately, Trump's wall keeps him isolated, he see's only what he wants to see, believes only words that are self satisfying, meets only with those who have shared values, and when that wall gets violated, he's apparently prone to tantrums. I'm guessing if Ronald Reagan were alive, he'd be yelling at Trump to tear down that wall, and start letting people in, but that's a pipe dream.

Like Chocolate, You'll Love this Meltdown

Imagine you're stirring a great big outdoor vat of chocolate when suddenly, you notice a wobble coming from the vat. A quick 'wtf was that' is uttered and you start stirring again. A minute later, the wobble is back, stronger, longer and you just know to get the hell of your high perch, and start running cuz any minute you're going to flood the street in chocolate. Alarms go off, red lights of impending crisis are flashing everywhere, and then, the flood. Emergency crews arrive, with shovels, and picks, and before they even start to clean up the mess, you see them tasting the chocolate, rating it, and when you note the smiles cross their faces, it somehow makes the catastrophe somewhat palatable.


Wanna Take a Trip?

I'm thinking about reassessing my life, throwing the last 60 out the window and devoting myself to guiding you, and the rest of humanity through the psychedelic, spiritual world of hallucinogens. All you have to do is drop a tab, maybe eat a little shroom, and I'll guide you to enlightenment. I mean, I could do that! And Hell, if I'm not around to help out, there's a good chance you might get led through the maze by the Lizard King himself. As an afterthought, my life is so weird, I wonder from time to time, if I'm still caught up in some acid trip from the seventies because I never bothered to find a guide, you know, someone to bring me back home. Next time you're in the realm, give me a call, see if I'm around, might be we can help each other out.

Paradise, Sex in Space

I was lead to believe that the only thing better than sex on earth was sex in space. Least, that's what I got from sneaking into Barbarella when I was 10, maybe 11. That belief kinda burst when I read that having sex in space would actually be kind of gross, if you could even manage to get a boner, because of gravity and blood flow and all that scientific crap. Imagine if you will, all your bodily secretions clinging to your skins, your sweat, your sticky stuff, not to mention, it'd be kinda hard to hold on to each other, cuz a thrust of the hips would send the other person flying off. Still, there's rumors that it's happened, that some crazy kids got together, and did the boom-boom high above the earth below. All said and done tho', the fantasy's better then reality, least Barbarella wise.


Sore Losers, Cheat

I was taught, you're going to lose sometimes, and when you do, be graceful, learn from it, and move on. Apparently, Wisconsin's Republicans never were taught that, and they're acting like really bad losers by trying to pass a shitload of laws limiting the incoming democratically elected Democrat Governor. In other words, they're cheating! Now, Scott Walker could veto all the bills, but we all know he won't. I can't help but wonder what my good neighbors to the west think? I'm guessing they ain't alright with this, and they'll remember it in two short years. Republican or Democrat, no one like cheaters.

My Mind, to Your Mind

I've always believed there's people in government, especially so in the black ops department that do unethical, crazy shit, and get away with it. I'm old enough to remember when hints of MK Ultra, our CIA's top secret program for controlling peoples behavior, started appearing, and people laughed it off as crazy conspiracy theories. Turns out, the CIA did some pretty shitty experiments on us, and our friends to the north as well. Question is, did it really stop? If not, I just gotta wonder what they've been up to the last fifty years? The implications are mind boggling.

You're not even close to being finished!


Happy New Year See you next week.