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Have a good weekend, and don't let people get ya down cuz it's hard enough to get back up Monday morning.

The Intelligence of Stupidity

This is why we're in trouble. We elect people like Mo Brooks, a Republican representing Alabama who questions the cause of the rise in sea levels. Ain't nothing wrong with that. But suggesting to a scientist that the cause is rocks and dirt being dropped in the oceans as opposed to ice melting on a global scale is stupid. Stupid smart! Stupid smart because it sounds good and a lot of stupid people are going to believe it just so they don't have to deal with the fact that the earth is changing. BTW, Mo also believes sick people should have to pay more for their care.


Hey Mo, Just so you know, to make the oceans rise the rate they are, you'd have to drop a eight mile round stone in the ocean, every year. Preferably, one of your kidney stones

Meanwhile, Here in Minnesota,

the land of sky blue waters, scientific investigations are being conducted in how to move continents. If successful, we'll be able to reattach the North American continent with Africa, and eventually the rest of the continents as well, creating one land mass surrounded by one ocean. The thought is less travel time, closer relationships between nations, and you'll be able to walk anywhere in the world you'd like to.


Unfortunately, it looks like the selected land mass scientists are working on will have to be cut up into smaller chunks, which makes sense if your only using a small fishing boat to tow the damn thing.


Only in Minnesota!

A New Low

What? Sometimes I don't understand how science works. According to those in the know, we're seeing all time low birth rates due to economic uncertainty. According to the post below, scientists are claiming it's because young men can't get a hard on. So, WTF is it? Wait, I just figured it out. Young men ain't making any money, they're worried about their future, the stress is killing 'em, so much so, it's preventing them from getting aroused. Then again, when I was young, I never had any money, hell, I still don't, and back then, I never had a problem getting an uncontrollable, and raging boner. I still don't, just not on an hourly basis, but that's due to maturity. All I know for sure, if science doesn't get it's shit together and figure it out, it might be the end of the human species.

On the blog


Before peace on earth, there was hell.


Strange, this work is over 25 years old, and looking back on it, I get why it never sold. But damn, I'm proud of it. Check out a sample, here.

Short Fiction

With all the pieces laying around,

why is life so redundant?


When Your Mojo's Gone

Why, what a heart warming story that makes me smile. Because I'm doing better at Sixty than you are at Thirty. That said, I can only imagine the mind fuck of being a thirty something and losing your mojo, dude. Too young for Viagra, and too damn old for losing your shit, I get it. I feel for you, so let me give you some advice. Start watching porn, and lots of it, but stop fapping off to it, build that sexual tension up till your ready to ravage your woman. Don't stop there, invest in some Popsicle sticks and flesh colored band-aids to prop up your junk. Now just before you're ready to make your move, clear your mind, get in the mood, mediate on all the possible penis pumps that are on the market. Now, if none of this works, not to worry big guy, there's plenty of tequila to go around, and spending the next 40 years without an erection ain't a bad thing, it's just not a normal thing, so do a shot to celebrate your difference.

2 Bill Touchdown

I love me some football but I got problems with paying 2.2 billion for a football team. I get footballs a business, just like Coke and Burger King, and Sunday afternoon games are the product. But I ain't getting 2.2 billion dollars of satisfaction anymore. Not even close. What I do get is enough time to bake a pizza during instant replay, heart attacks with bad officiating, and disgust with clear favoritism from game announcers. Monday morning jive around the water cooler usually consists of bitching about Sunday's game day as in missed calls, bad calls, game length, poor play calling, and stupid, biased announcers. Just seems to me 2.2 billion could be spent making the game better, but that's just my opinion, and the opinion of just about every football fan in existence.

I Think, Therefore

I am, or not. Or I just don't know! While I'll be the first to agree that perception dictates reality, my perception is different than yours, so my reality is a bit different. Yet, we all claim some shared reality, so where's the dividing line that separates mine from yours? I don't know, but what I do know, is this kind of thought pondering makes for a hell of a headache, reminding me how much I don't know. But if I were to agree that our reality is derived from our consciousness, that the entire universe is created by me, I'd be like WTF, why am I poor? Is this something to do with self hate at the subconscious level? Is this the best I can do? Why can't I get rid of all the ass holes?


Way too much thinking going on here. Done!

Murder a Foot?

Seems to be you can't walk along the beaches of western Canada these days without coming across dismembered feet, still wearing their shoes. When I read that over the course of the last decade, over a dozen feet have washed ashore, I'm just not buying into the suicide/decomposition theory the authorities are pushing. What? Fish don't like the taste of human feet? I don't buy it, unless maybe the owner never washed their feet. Even then, I don't think fish care. So, yeah, I'm leaning toward dismemberment by a sea-going alien species that are simply playing a game of match this shoe.

Hell in a Handbasket

Life is full of weird and strange shit, and then there's just the head scratchers. Having Robert Jeffress, a pastor with anti semitic views, lead the opening prayer at our new embassy in Jerusalem is one such scratch of the head. But to be fair to Preacher Jeffress, it ain't only the Jews he hates, it's everybody that ain't a evangelical Christian.


Now if I'm an Israeli citizen, I'd be like 'what the fuck is this shit?'. Well, what this shit is, is Trump slapping ya silly in the face while telling you the only reason he moved the Embassy was to play to his political base here at home, you know the white Evangelicals, and not giving a flying fuck about the citizens of Israel. Or the couple dozen dead Palestinians that showed up to protest the opening.

Futuristic Sex

What a glorious world we're building where human interaction is disappearing, to the point where I'm soon to be replaced with a sex doll. My wife is saving her money up. I gotta wonder what she'll get for 15 grand though? Will the robot whisper sweet nothings in her ear? Does it gyrate and grind? Does it have settings for romantic vs aggressive sex, does it go from flaccid to hard, does it orgasm, how many positions is it capable of, and are software updates included?


Wonder how long it's going to be before we see robotic porn? Now that's an exciting new world, to be sure. BTW, if you don't have 15 grand, Doc Dick will help you out for a lot less buckaroos.


are sometimes painful.

and you just can't fuck the pain away, as much as you might like to.

Honor and Sacrifice

are words we toss around like they mean something, maybe more to some then others. The truth lies in our actions, how we treat our Veterans, the good, the bad and the ugly, it's all there and you can find a given story to illustrate such.

In my lifetime, I cannot remember a time when our nation has not been involved in some type of military conflict, somewhere in the world. We have called upon our children, and sacrificed thousands, condemned thousands, to a living hell. I work, side by side, with a handful of these young men, and I have to tell you how proud I am of them, and their service.


To hear of another veterans suicide is heartbreaking, even if I did not know him. To read his wifes words of despair, and loss, are beyond heartbreaking. To read of the breakdown in services are beyond comprehension, but a reality. Working for the Veterans Administration as a housekeeper, I can tell you firsthand, the staff are dedicated to the care of our Veterans. I've seen staff do some pretty awesome things for the Veterans they serve. Many of them are Veterans themselves. They know. They're family.


But the bureaucratic red tape, the rules, policies and regulations are simply ridiculous, overbearing and antiquated, doing more harm than good. They are rigid, unbendable policies which prohibit creative solutions, prevent workarounds, and put our Veterans at risk.


It is our duty to Honor our Veterans, Our duty to sacrifice our agendas, our political views, to help those who will carry he cost of war through out their lives. We can do better.

Mysterious Mars

Back in the day, when MGS was sending unfiltered, raw images to earth, I belonged to a group of anomaly hunters. We'd download the raw images, enhance the images, pour over the data, and I'm just going to tell ya, there was a lot of strange shit to be seen. Wasn't very long before the images started being manipulated, in the sense that what was once there, no longer was. I'm still not sure what I saw in some of the images, but I saw enough for more than one WTF moment. Yeah, crazy shit!


I've always believed NASA was going to role out the truth, whatever the truth is, slowly, over the course of their own agenda. Anomaly Hunters were the first people to cry out there was flowing water on Mars, turns out we were right. Know what else we were right about? There's a lot of strange shit on Mars, and it's going to get stranger. That's a promise!

Wyld Stallyns

I'm hoping life imitates art and that with the return of Bill and Ted, Wyld Stallyns will save humanity, setting us on the path to world peace. Their adventure might not be so excellent though with out Rufus to guide them through the pitfalls of history, while encouraging the two of their own place in history. One things for sure, it's going to be excellent, and I'm seriously looking forward to seeing the phone booth dusted off,  polished up, and ready for some mind bending travels in history. Bring on the music.

Porn, We're Addicted

Oh please God, just admit it. Three of the top ten most popular websites are porn sites. We love our porn! But hey, there's good news here. The top porn sites are generic, run of the mill porn sites. There ain't no weird rape fantasy, bondage sites. They're way down the list, somewhere in the middle of the top one hundred. What's the thing with all the mommy fantasy sites tho'? That kinda concerns me, just a bit. The eye opener is, and I admit it, freely, that none my porn sites are listed. Hows that work? Am I outta the loop with the good stuff?


By the way, what's your better half doing at the moment?

Seriously, my dog just ate half a pan of freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies

Terms & Conditions

Who ever thought the terms and conditions of all the apps we use could be so interesting. I've actually never read one. Like you, I download, agree and use the app. That light blue strip is Twitters Terms and the dark blue next to it is Facebooks. Now what I find interesting is not the length or the complexity of their terms of use, but buried somewhere in all the legalese (a language I don't speak) is the fact that I've agreed to give up my first born son, if the moon is full, on a Wednesday, unless I have a hangover, then I give up my second born daughter, unless it's January, and if it's raining, I simply owe them my soul.

Prevalent, Ain't It

How the fuck does some guy stand up before a bunch of women and swear to defend them against pigs like Harvey Weinstein when he's guilty himself of the same kind of shit? Was there a belief system that his behavior was somehow different, that he failed to recognize his own behavior? Or did he just not care? Thinking his secret was safe. I'm guessing he minimized it, believing it was consensual because he was in a relationship, and therefore he allowed himself to believe it was different. In other words, just another self justifying dumb fuck.


I don't know, seems like there's a boatload of shit to say here. I'm actually starting to wonder if there are there any good men out there? And role playing is fine, but it has to be consensual! Then there's something about living in a glass house, along with having a basic respect for other human beings that  come to mind. If you've followed the story, you know what I'm talking about.

Fake News isn't New

in fact, turns out it's been around for a long time in a variety of different flavors. So much so that John Adams had something to say about it. When one thinks of fake news, we often look at it through our modern lens, and that's the lens of driving an individual opinion as fact, done by using facts out of context, sensationalism, or outright lying. However it's done, the distortion of reality can have devastating effects, such as starting a war, or murdering and entire population. The difference that separates us today, from yesterday, is that we now have the power to research facts. It's called the Internet, and it allows for a variety of opinions and sources on any given subject. Thing is, nobody seems to want to use it simple because it might prove their beliefs wrong.

It's a Crazy, Insane World

All I got to say!

So I Fled North

this weekend and opened my little slice of heaven here on this Earth. It's not much, but it's ours. A small 50 by 150 patch of sand and grass with a fire pit by the waters edge, a small, old camper, a sand point well, and a picnic table all populate our small paradise. Used to be I could walk out my camper and take a leak under the sun if I wanted to, but things are changing. They've paved the old dirt road, cabins have gone up across the way, a young couple with kids picked up a couple of lots next to mine, but it's still fairly quiet, peaceful, for the time being. Cell service sucks, at best it's spotty, so my wife and I actually spend a lot of face time, having a beer, doing an occasional shot, all while setting around the fire pit. Something we don't have when we wake up Monday morning, she's working twelve hour shifts, I'm working late evenings so we don't see a lot of each other. So after a long, cold winter, it's nice to reconnect with the woman whose side I've been attached to for over thirty years. To just relax, and talk, to get away from the world for a couple of hours, and to remember why I fell in love.

We Made It,

another week closer to retirement.

Trees are starting to bud, I'm off to open my lot tomorrow and looking forward to setting around my fire pit. Have a good one.

65, Still Alive

Growing old is a hurtful thing. Hurtful in the sense that loved ones pass, friends are fewer, aches and pains are common, medical bills accumulate, stress of an affordable retirement about kills you, and the world changes faster than you can keep up with it. In the midst of all that agonizing hurtful stuff, you still got it tho'..   Sex!


When I was a kid, the thought of old people, like my mom and dad having sex was repulsive. Two old wrinkled bags of skin going at it like there was no tomorrow was an image I rather not let creep into my thoughts. I figured old people looked at sex in the same light, and didn't engage.


Was I wrong or what? Looks like our elderly citizens are doing nothing but fucking their lives away. And why not? They have years of experience, don't have to worry about unintended pregnancies, or the kids walking in the room, and they certainly have more time. Kudos to 'em, go for it.


I won't however, be doing a google search to look for old people porn.


Our Public Shame

Years ago, I walked into a Benton County Courtroom for a civil commitment hearing. The social worker walked in beside me, carrying a foot high stack of brown folders, each folder a commitment case to be heard that day in court. That was my introduction to our mental health system, and it was a shock. That was ten years ago.


This is todays takeaway.


I have found that our local mental health system is populated by good, caring people. People who really want to help those who need it. Unfortunately, their hands are often tied by bureaucracy, and lack of support, financially and otherwise. There's also, in my opinion, outlying organizations that are in it for the buck, not really caring for the clients they serve. My county deserves a lot of credit for doing what they do, with what little they have, and I'll always be grateful for that. Now, across the river in Stearns County, I've got another opinion, and I won't go there except to say, lesson learned.

Filthy Hands Run Amok

Look, sometimes I get in a hurry, sometimes the sink is so frigging dirty, sometimes there's only a hand dryer blowing shit, sometimes there's no paper towels, sometimes there's a 3 minute line at the sink, so shoot me dead for not washing my hands after I take a leak. What would help would be a personal attendant at every public bathroom to sanitize the facilities before and after I use them. Actually, while I'm thinking of it, instead of advertisements for condoms above public urinals, why not instructions dictating proper hand washing techniques? What I really rather wash though, is the soles of my shoes because I'm always wondering as I walk in a public bathroom, why my shoes are sticking to the floor? What's up with that?

For the Love of Hair

What is it with men that they're so embarrassed they're bald that they gotta raid their doctors office, grabbing any and all medical reference to Propecia?  Might be if I was bald, I'd understand, but I'm not, so I don't. Funny thing is, you fuck with your doctor, you gotta do it right so they so don't start spilling other secrets. Secrets like maybe you wrote your own results for your last physical. Now the right way to keep your doctor under raps is by having your personal attorney dish out a 130,000 big green ones, and having a non disclosure form handy. But what do I know, I got hair for my wife to run her hands through which she does in total awe and amazement. And at my age, that's satisfying. Because it has to be. That's all I got.

Everyone Has a Story

Here in MN we don't see a a lot of homeless people because of the cold winters, but they crop up on street corners by the stoplights with signs asking for handouts when the temps start warming up. I've wondered from time to time, as I drive past 'em, about who they are, what circumstances came along that kicked 'em to the curb? I'm always conscious of the truth too, that 'there but for the grace of God, go I', cuz a small sized financial catastrophe would probably send us packing. If that were to happen, who the hell would care how I ended up with a cardboard sign asking for a handout? Thing is, there are people who care, just not enough of them. When you understand this, there's always hope, because everyone of us has our own story, and there's someone, somewhere who's willing to listen, and that's a good thing.

In the Beginning

God created man in his own image, and god looked like an ape, or a reptile, or.., I don't know anymore. For mainstream science to ask the question if there's evidence out there of a civilization that predates our own is fascinating. Fascinating in it's implications, and fascinating in the fact that someone in the mainstream has the balls to ask it? The question alone throws half of what we believe in the fire sale dumpster, and is sure to bring condemnation from those who would rather all science be nice, neat, tidy, and tied to their belief systems. Me? I think our history is stranger than what we've been taught. Hell, most of what I was taught about our own evolution has changed, and like humanity itself, knowledge is evolutionary. I suspect God planned it that way, whatever he/she looks like.

Gotta Borrow Money

to make money, I guess. 488 billion tho? In the first three months of the year? Who da fuck we borrow all that cash from? I mean, like, shouldn't we be the ones borrowing money to others? Are we not the financial powerhouse? Christ, and the interest on that? Well, not to worry, I'll just let my kids know we're just selling 'em down the river. BTW, what ever happened to Republicans being super concerned about our National debt? Well, at least we set a record. Being the best at something, anything, is a good thing, right?

Debtors Prison

Really? In 2018? In America? WTF is this shit? And why is the BBC reporting about it and not our media? You get a speeding ticket, miss one payment and you set for a couple of months? You know I gotta say it. Local communities are using tactics like these to fill their coffers, while not considering the expense of housing these people for a month or two. People in communities who are doing this are the same people duct taping up a flat tire. That's one issue! The other issue is, well, I thought here in the great ol' USA, going to jail for a debt was against the law.

It's Pricey

fixing your vehicle these days. I know, I just got rid of a Ford that was a money pit. Now I get that necessity is the mother of invention, and some of these repairs are rather unique, and I'm using unique in want of a better word, but my only question is where did the guy find a band aid that big? I'd like to know because the next time I accidentally shear off my foot when I'm chopping wood, I could use a big frickin' band aid and save myself some serious medical debt.

The First, Real Friday

of Spring

'bout time old fucking man winter took a hike. Temps are trending up, it's starting to dry out, and this time next week I'm going to be dancing naked under a fools moon with my fire pit roaring, beer in hand.

An Unspeakable Secret

I spent twenty years with our local school district, and I'll vouch for the veracity of this  report. Kitchen staff, Secretaries, Paras, Janitors are all paid substandard wages. Their union contracts, if they have one, are weak, and generally ignored due to inherent managerial rights. Most kitchen staff are not full time, and receive partial benefits, Paras often replace teachers in the classroom, and are tasked, with minimal training, to provide services they're not prepared for. Custodians are often exposed to Blood born pathogens on a daily basis as an expectation of their daily routine, without financial acknowledgment. But the two things that really ticked me off in my twenty years with my district is first, administrators had their health care paid for, while my cost was absolutely ridiculous, and second, when it came to raises, admin would claim that they were being fair in that everyone received a 2 percent raise. Two percent of a 130,000 is a hell of a lot more than 2 Percent of 15,000.


So yeah, there's a problem.


No, it ain't a picture out my window of our recent snowstorm, although there's a resemblance. In fact, what your looking at is the surface of a comet compiled from a series of pictures, as a gif, by landru79. A bit more information can be found at LiveScience.

Not a Chance

you could ever get me to believe that living through a cold-ass winter day is less stressful than setting around my fire-pit, drinking a cold one. My car always starts in the summer, I don't have to shovel a shitload of snow, there ain't no outrageous heating bills, and I don't have to worry about sliding off the damn road every time I round a corner. Yeah, science is cool, but sometimes kinda stupid.

Ride to Nowhere Land

I get there's bad people, and there's good people who've made mistakes, and all need to do their time. Thing is, for most of of 'em, we need to treat them with some semblance of respect. Not letting them waller in their own piss and shit for 18 days while they're being transported is a start. IMHO it's kinda hard to rehab anyone whose suffered through that kind of degradation, 'specially if down the road a bit, I was found to be innocent.

Incel Imbecility

So some stupid, deranged fuck plows a van into a crowd killing ten people and wounding scores of others, and he's hailed as a hero by some misogynist on-line community called Incel. WTF people! I get free speech, but lets shine the light on these losers and watch the rats scurry. As much as I love the growing global community of humankind, I gotta say, there are some real losers out there, and these lowlifes exemplify that fact.

Always Wondered

why Russia was able to put a woman in space way before Sally took her ride twenty years later. Reading that NASA believed it'd be a waste of money because after all the training, the women would up, run off and get married is a throwback to a different world. But I didn't realize John Glenn was such a staunch opponent of women in space, publicly rebuking the women with words akin to 'A women's place is in her kitchen', or something like that. Glad he lived long enough to see he was wrong.

Interesting, in that

I thought penis replacement was an accomplished procedure dating back to the days of John Bobbitt. Regardless of what I thought, it's good to know that medical technology is always advancing in the right direction, as opposed to, say right wing politicians, who would claim such a operation is an affront to God. Unless they happened to come across John's wife, Lorena.

I Think, Therefore I Might Be

part of the universal consciousness. Or maybe not. I've given thought to perception and how it defines my reality, from time to time. Speaking of time, I've always believed time to be an abstract of my perception. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I do know this, instead of looking at the larger picture, how our perception of the universe defines our universe, hone in and look at the smaller picture. How our perception on a daily basis affects our daily lives, and those around us? When you look at perception on an individual scale, you start to understand how perception really does define a working reality for an awful lot of people, even if that perception is divorced from reality. Okay, now I've got a real headache because I shouldn't think about things like this.

All About the Meat

or 'I knew it was too funny to be true'. Still, I smile every time I imagine someone ordering a Big Mac, dropping the burger out and slamming their whopper between the buns and yelling with gusto, "This is real meat motherfuckers". Yep, I know Micky D's is populated by young uns, and old uns, and every uns in between, but I'd bet they'd all end up on the floor laughing their soy filled guts out.

Just like that,

it's Friday


The sun is out, temps are trending up

and I'm thinking I'll be setting around my firepit

in the not too distant future.



A Path is Traveled

by many. Sometimes, the origins of the path is lost to time. I'm open to the possibility that our species is on a path that's been traveled before, that there might have been some sort of intelligent species inhabiting our earth before we came along. Why? Because there's been a hell of a lot of strange shit dug up that there's no accounting for. I've always believed that the history of the earth is far more stranger than what we believe, and there's some fascinating mysteries out there to support that. Aliens? Who knows? Atlantis? Might be! Long lost civilizations? Sure, why not?

The Mouth is for Eating

and eating alone. If you indulge in oral sex, you're going to get worms.


OK, I'm confused. Oral sex is eating, right? And sucking, licking and slurping? Right? So, like this guys whole belief system that our mouths are made for receiving and not giving is kind of contradictory, right?


But worms? Worm transfer? WTF! I better go get tested because I'm probably all wormed up.

The Ruin of Alcohol

is one that travels down a wicked path, making imbibers do crazy, weird.. crazy things. Personally, I'm not talking about driving around in underwear emblazoned with 'Breathalyzer, Blow here', or even being in possession of binoculars, and a cock ring. The craziness is found in his slicked back and overly gelled hair. That's the wild shit booze makes you do, making one think they're handsome and cool.


Tequila doesn't mess with your mind like that. So if you gotta partake, go Cuervo. Life lesson, one I've learned.

No, I don't

want to create a virtual world of my deceased loved ones. A world where I can wake up and have coffee with my dad, mull over the headlines with him, and talk about family. Not because the ideas creepy, even while being kinda, sorta temptingly cool, but because I know what would happen. Pretty soon other long dead family members would start showing up, uninvited. Then old friends. Then acquaintances.


Hollywood... I have a script ready to go, interested?


Nothing like blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, but hey, with all this fake news crap, we're already there, are we not?

Cone of Silence

Hey, I get the need for a secure line! But c'mon, 40 plus grand for a super secret phone booth? Why not just use Facebook messenger, I hear that's pretty trustworthy when wanting to keep secrets, or if you're really, really paranoid, there's the old throwback to the cone of silence. I mean it worked for agent 86. I hear he's still just down the hall from you Mr. Pruitt, so stop in and ask for some advice.

Long Live the Dictator

because Mr. Musk is correct. Human dictators eventually die, paving the way for change. Not so for a dictator that rises from the ashes of war with some unknown Artificially Intelligent robot species. Humanity's stuck with them forever. But not to worry. That only happens in the movies, right?

Oh Brett

what depths have you fallen to that you would fail an audition to shine on Monday Night Football? At least there's condolence in the fact that Peyton failed right along with you. Hey, ESPN, I'm available and I'll do it for a fraction of the 6.5 mil you're putting on the table. That said, I haven't watched since the days of Madden, when MNF was supercool, and relevant.

God Bless Art Bell

I was saddened to hear Art Bell passed last Friday. If you never turned into the strangeness back in the nineties, you missed something special. Really special. Art was, simply the best voice at what he did, and he opened up a world of high strangeness to millions of night owls that toiled away in the darkest hours. I still have a Art Bell bumper sticker posted on my fridge, that's been there nearly fifteen years. Thanks for the ride, Art, and the coolest bumper music there ever was.

I'm not a Trump fan, never have been. I've voiced my displeasure more than once. So why have I been bothered by a lot of Comey's personal comments about Donald Trump? At first, I thought such comments were beyond his dignity, and lowered him to Trumps acidic level of toxicity. That's probably a part of it, but not the whole reason. I think James Comey understands, unlike many, that to battle a monster, you often have to take the war to the monster, on his own playing field. Calling our President morally unfit to be president is a hard truth that many believe, and resonates to those setting on the fence. No American wants to hear that about our President, but it needed to be said in the venue it was said. I don't like Trump as a man, I've always known that. His morals and ideals don't even come close to aligning with what I believe, and I'm far from perfect. The thing is, you cannot separate a mans morals from his behavior, they go hand in hand, Trump has proven that. James Comey is simply reiterating that.

Whoa, It's Friday

Keep a low profile friends.

Space Sperm

So NASA's sending some human sperm samples, along with some bull sperm samples, to mix them up and see if reproduction in space is viable? WTF, they looking to create a Minotaur? Honestly though, isn't there an easier way to see how sex works in space? How about a cozy vacay for me and my wife on the space station, NASA? Give us the room for a free weekend, we'll let you know how it all works out.

Undervalued, and Poor

Seems to be a movement these days in how our school districts are treating not only our teachers, but support staff as well, and that movements growing here at home as well. But I want to step back from the issue for a moment and talk about the reporting. Here's a direct quote form the clerical unions news release.


'Clerical staff have received letters that their paychecks are not enough to cover increased healthcare costs during breaks in school and they owe the District money, something that is only happening to the lowest-paid staff. If this continues, it could mean someone works two weeks and because the school is taking from their paycheck, they could get a check for $0 or owe the district money.'


Not even mentioned in the reporting! I would think it would be somewhat newsworthy if a person in my community was working and their paycheck was nil, zilch, zero. Ain't that like slavery? But that's just me.

Boehner has a New Gig

Good to know John Boehner has evolved in his thinking about deregulating the weed. But I have to wonder how evolution works. For instance, how come he never evolved while he was in a position to actually do something about it? Is evolution tied to the amount of money someone is paying you to do something?  Yea, that must be it, because John apparently 'evolved' when he handed out checks from the tobacco lobby to his fellow house members. Evolutions a beautiful thing baby.

Why, the Eyebrow

Never thought about it much, the eyebrow, other than looking to clip 'em when my wife mentions they need trimming. I've always known they play a part in conveying emotion, or a thought, but I've never contemplated their evolution. Of course, women have different thoughts on their eyebrows than men do, and while I'm sure some women have looked at the beauty trends of eyebrows over the ages, not one has probably questioned the mechanics behind the eyebrow.


Turns out eyebrows have quite the evolutionary history, something akin to the same reason a dog wags it's tail. Who would have thought?

Serious on Syria

I don't understand this and I'm suspicious as hell. Why the heads up to Russia? You blasted Obama for telegraphing his intentions, so where's the difference? Last year you bombed a Syrian base that was back up and running in a couple hours? You also just said you want our troops out of Syria?


The point I'm making is that I don't think Trump has anything close to a serious game plan regarding Syria. He's reacting to the minute. Are we going to bomb another runway, and then pull our troops? What happens if Russia shoots down most of our missiles and we look stupid? What happens if we kill more Russian troops?


To be fair, I've never understood what our goals are in Syria? I get the guys an 'animal' but it seems that Russia's the game changer in the area, not us.

Oh, the Irony

of a law making male masturbation illegal. Except that a bill that was intended to satirize the current republican war are womens reproductive rights is being taken seriously in Texas. You know, Texas? Where cowboys spend many a lonesome night on the plains with their cows. If I was a cow, I'd be worried about this bill. But I'm not a cow, I'm a man, a man that doesn't see his wife for days on end because we work opposite shifts, and sometimes I have to... But I live in Minnesota, where we're somewhat normal. Somewhat!

Free the Nipple

So a young lady doesn't wear a bra to school. Gets pulled into the office, is asked to jiggle to see how disruptive her breasts are, and gets told to put bandaids over her nipples!


Where the fuck are the adults?


If a womens nipple poking out of a sweater are disruptive to some guy, it ain't the womans fault! No, it. Isn't. In fact, there's a missed opportunity to set down with the young man and explain there's nothing wrong with getting a ragging hard on that you can't control, especially at sixteen, or at sixty.

So That I Understand This

Bill O'Reillys settlement with his harassment accusers included a clause that they lie, even under oath, about said harassment. WTF, where were their lawyers? Wait for it. The bitch switched sides during negotiations and went to work for Bill. Now the lawyer denies it, but c'mon, the stench of impropriety is all over these settlements. But you know what? Somehow I'm not surprised!

And of course, Mr. Falafel Bill is selling himself as the victim.

Somethings Up. Definitely!

Are there aliens in our skies? Does our government know about them? Or is it all bullshit? As someone with a life long interest in UFOs, I've always wanted to believe they're here, but I've always been open to the skepticism. I happen to like facts, and I know people tend to see what they want to believe, so I usually take a step back when I read about UFO claims, but lately the facts are getting really strange which is making me feel a little, well, uneasy.

Why, by Golly, it's Friday.

Don't be a Handsome Jack

this weekend,

Cuz Marie is out there.

Strange, but True

Scientists have been dropping like flies. Apparently we can add CDC scientist Tim Cunningham to the list of scientist that have met a mysterious demise. In the early years of the century, there was a lot of conspiracy theories regarding dead scientists because they were, well, meeting strange deaths. A hallmark of any good conspiracy is that it never really dies, so here we are again, wondering wtf is going on.

Looking for Cool?

Check out Rad Science.

One of my guilty pleasure is coming across small youtubers that make me laugh, that kinda blow me away with their talent. Rad Science hits that mark, check out his channel, and sub.

I'm Tired

Just plain friggin' tired of our Government being in my face every time I turn around. I get we need Government, but I could do without 'em during Tax season?

A Little Godly Love

never hurt anyone, so why the fuss? After all, Captain Thornton was following his calling, even if it was in some jive New Orleans bar, spreading the word of God. Knowing the Navy, the problem was, it was all caught on video, him spreading the word, and her, just spreading. If it was a her? Being an old bar fly, I know these things happen, but usually away from the camera, like under a table, not on top of the table where everyone can cheer ya on. Anchors away, boys, and God Bless.

Never a Secret Thought

Trust me, just because someone comes up with a way to read your thoughts, doesn't mean we should. I get it might be beneficial to people who can't speak, but would you want your wife to get her hands on one of these mind reading devices? Or your boss? Good lord, I have my fair share of inappropriate thoughts that just pop into my head, where they come from, I do not know, and I can only imagine a clusterfuck world where all those secret, embarrassing thoughts are made public.

Memories in the Cloud

I forget a lot of shit! The older I get, the more I can't remember. Like leaves on a tree, little things just blow away in the wind. Pretty quick here tho', I'll just store all those little pieces of thought up there in the cloud, and when I need to remember something, I'll just log on to my memory bank in the sky. As long as I can remember my password, I'll be OK.

Abducted ?

Let me help you control your experience where you are accepted as a member of the universal oversight committee.

Stupid & Ignorant

There's currently a bill being argued in our MN legislature to force those on Medical Assistance to work. The bill doesn't apply to those under 18 and over 60, or those with health problems.


I have nothing against an able bodied person having to work for their food. I've worked for crumbs all my life. From what I've read this is a poorly worded bill, not defining health problems and not addressing those with disabilities. Both, a major chunk of those receiving MA here in MN. The bill attacks the poor, the disenfranchised, the ill and affected, those who are unable to work because of their situation in life.


And who gets to point their finger at someone and say, 'work, no work'? That's a hell of a lot of power.

Danger to Democracy

Our free press has always been regarded as the watchdog of our democracy, calling out bullshit, corruption and wrongdoing from the local level to the national. For Sinclair Broadcasting to force all their anchors to read a canned script, supporting Trump and condemning other news organizations as fake news, isn't being a devoted watchdog, it's propaganda the likes of which Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.

Watching it is chilling!

It's a Question

I ask first thing every Monday morning. Why is there something instead of nothing? That's what a good weekend does for me, makes me pause and ask questions about my existence. Why am I here, why didn't I realize liquor stores were closed yesterday (Easter), why is it friggin' Monday already? I would like some days in my life where there was nothing. Why? I don't know, maybe it's because nothing represents peace and quiet, none of which I have at the moment. I am kind of concerned tho', about this big eye in the sky, watching me. That means there's something, somewhere, watching something.

Damn, the Week went quick.

Time for a bit of weekend Paradise,

but given the next feed, be careful about going all the way tonight.

What's Old is New Again

Be afraid, really afraid, 'specially if you're a cat on the prowl, cuz  gonorrhea is back. Big time, super big time with a drug resistant strain that no amount of penicillin is going to cure. So when you think it's safe to dip your dick in uncharted waters, you might be paying a price worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.


Like we don't have enough these days to worry about. Sheesh, VD, who wants it?

I live

in a small bedroom community of a small metropolitan city. Life is good, crime happens, but it's usually small shit. Lately tho', it's like Satan's been cut lose. Murder an mayhem, assault, and a local school superintendent was caught exposing himself to some kids working at a local convenience store.

And then there's Val's, a small, and by small, I mean cardboard box small. A favorite burger joint, Val's has been in business since I was a kid. And I'm old. Val's was recently cited for some health discrepancies and shut down for a while. WTF, the place is old, and small, and everyone knows they probably ain't up to the standards of BK, and we don't care.


Like I said, craziness everywhere.

Shallow, Lazy Ignoramus

So the scourge of liberalism, knew Donald Trump was a 'shallow, lazy ignoramus' and campaigned for him anyway. Yep, ya got that right! Her hate is so great, she voted for a  shallow, lazy ignoramus to be President of the United states.


There's something about the pot calling the kettle black, something I just can't put my finger on, hmmm...

Some 4,500 Years Ago

some ancient story teller wrote down a little tale he called the 'Epic of of Gilgamesh'. A wonderful little tale of gods and men, and epic floods, and some little place called Eden, the garden of gods, where the first man was created.


Need I say more?

I don't Eat Junk Food

but when I do, it's only BK double cheeseburgers, and usually only two at a time. Coke and fries included. Maybe twice a year, if that.


But for Jedediah 'Wimpy' Fulton, cheeseburgers must be a way of life, so much so that Wimpy needs to munch down thirty of 'em at a time. But Micky D's is funny, in that they might not want to see someone OD on their beloved double cheeseburgers, and refused his order, which sent him into a violent burgerless rampage.


Maybe he should have promised to pay them on Tuesday.

It Ain't Just Facebook

that's collecting, correlating and violating your privacy. There's something like 3,000 data brokers here at home who do nothing but buy and sell your personal data. They know more about you, than your momma! Ever send a naughty text, they know about it. Cheating on your significant other, they know about it? Favorite flavor of ice cream, they know! They not only know where you've been, they know where you're going. Changing all your privacy settings ain't going to change what's known as Surveillance Capitalism. They got us nailed, so just do what I do, flip 'em off in my webcam when I think they're snooping.

Our Skies are Alive

with the chatter of airline pilots, and when it comes to strange objects whizzing past them, they ain't settling on 'it's just a weather balloon'. Give a listen to this recent encounter.


Considering the UFO phenomenon was started by a pilot, Kenneth Arnold, back in '47, it shouldn't be a surprise that pilots and UFO sightings are synonymous. One of the most interesting is JAL flight 1628.


So who you going to trust, a well trained pilot, or a government that's either in denial, or hiding something not of this earth.


Say Hey,

Heard there was a march yesterday, something about kids demanding a right to safety and well being. Heard the turn out was pretty good, and there were a lot of global supporting marches as well. After spending over 20 years in a school district, I never bought into the bullshit that kids were spoiled these days. In fact, during my extended stay in High School, I was impressed with the kids. They were well behaved, socially aware, and involved.


Know who isn't? People that photo-shop images of the kids ripping up our constitution and pass 'em off to their believers as solid truth. People like Rick Santorum who claims our kids should learn CPR to help with the next victims of a school shooting. Organizations like the NRA who slammed the kids, telling them that no one would know your names, implying that if someone had been armed, and had killed the Killer, it'd be the end of the story.


Sometimes, it is just so hard to distinguish the kids from the adults in the room.

20 Million

tuned in to watch Stormy Daniels tell all, on 60 minutes. Pretty good ratings for a porn star. She came off as intelligent, articulate, and truthful. and her allegations of threats I found believable. Why? Because in his soul, right down to his core, Trump is a bully. If he assigns denigrating names to people, degrades women, and generally threatens people on Twitter, he'll do it elsewhere as well.


I'm betting that after the interview a gawdzillion people went off and watched Stormy again, but this time not on a news show.

Fridays Come and Go

Sometimes smoothly,

Sometimes not so much.

Betsy Wanted

To cut funding for after school programs.

To cut funding for a grant program that helps low-income students go to college.

To cut funding for mental health programs.

To cut funding for Early Childhood funding

To cap Pell Grants.


Betsy wanted to use the money she would save for school choice programs.


Betsy got squat!


Betsy Scissorhands, our Secretary of Education!


'nuff said.

This is What

we've come to. Two old politicians threatening to kick each others ass. It's not even good entertainment. In fact, it's embarrassing. Lets put 'em both in the Royal Rumble and let 'em go at it. That'd be entertaining, and embarrassing, for them, not me. I'd watch. Kinda wonder what outfit Trump would come up with? Biden's would have a sense of style, I don't doubt that. My money would be on Joe, bet he has some smooth moves, like the Biden breakneck. Trump has the mouth tho', the taunting twist. Who coulda guessed?


Ratings Gold, WWE. Ratings Gold!

Game Changer

Archie Bunker was raw. The show was the band aid ripped from the wound exposing our ignorance, our hate, and our intolerance. Yes, it was funny. It was also reflective of how many Americans experienced life. We identified with the show much more than the clean cut idealized shows of the 50s and 60s such as 'Leave it to Beaver' and 'My Three Sons', which had nothing akin to American life, yet portrayed our lives in such a generic and antiseptic manner, that I thought my life was weird. My first impression of the show was simple. Originally, I wouldn't watch Archie because I thought the show was agonizing, but I caught on, understanding that good people can be idiots, that they can change, they can grow, leaving what they learned form their childhood in the dustbins of life.

Into the Abyss

 of madness we go.

Xi, Erdogan, Un, Putin, all now masters of their universe for life. How? Why? Simple! Because they remove any personal responsibility in your life by creating scapegoats for you to blame for all your misfortunes. The subjects are fine with going to war, corruption, and scandal, as long as they have someone to blame, and the tyrants always offer up someone. Jews, Muslims, anyone that looks different, believes different. I've always believed that if a person has steak for dinner and apple pie for desert, the only other thing people need is someone to blame for their personal problems. They ain't going to be worried about their government. Even if that government is systematically destroying their democracy while they're feasting.

Wanna Live Forever?

You might be able to, but you're going to have to die first!


Nectome wants to super deep freeze all your memories at the instant of your death in the hopes that scientists in the future can someday rebuild them and implant them in another body, perhaps even a cloned version of yourself. But what if they stuck my memories in a robot? Or a pig? Companies do strange shit when you don't pay your bills. They also make mistakes, like what if only my bad memories survived?


Yeah, I'm not in the mood to live forever. Might be tomorrow, but not today.

Deep State?

Americans are embedded with a suspicion of government. It's who we are, it's how we're raised, that suspicious eye being derived from our history, and weaved into our constitution. On one hand we trust our Government, and on the other, we're deeply aware of how government can fail it's people, and work to it's own, ugly agenda. There is no surprise that 75% of Americans believe in a deep state, a cabal of the powerful running the show, behind the scenes.


If you define deep state in the above manner, look around. It's not so deep, not so secretive, and in fact it's quite evident. The rich and powerful, be they major corporations or individuals, spend billions of dollars to exert their will, to push their agenda, agendas that often betray the American experience.


If you define deep state as Trump does, as a cabal of Obama, left leaning democrats embedded in key government positions for the sole purpose of dictating policies, and working against his administration, I'd ask to see the evidence. I'd want to know how that works, especially in light of how each incoming president appoints their own cabinet officials to voice their political ideologies and agendas. A newly elected democrat could easily claim the same of the right. He could fire the Director of the FBI, claiming the director was out to get him, wasn't following his new policies. That's not evidence of a secretive cabal, that's a disagreement between a man and his new boss.


I've never trusted our government to do the right thing, but not because of secret cabals of men working to their own ends, hidden deep in the offices of Washington, but rather because of money, and power. Of the two, money and power wins every time.

Let's Not Go Here, Please!

So... There's an actual whorehouse when men go to have sex with, wait for it, ...dolls! Rubber, latex dolls! While I'm known to engage in a little rubber and latex fun myself, I gotta chip in and say, they work best as accessories, not partners, or replacements for partners. And the cost, a hundred bucks a pop, more if you accidentally deflate one. Hell, I'd just stop by Target and buy a Barbie, then again, have you seen the cost of a new Barbie doll?


And so it goes.

Join Now

There's a Colonial Viper out there with my name on it. Just got my application out in the mail, and I'm waiting to get scheduled for my physical. Any Cylons out there better start shitting their pants, cuz I'm on going to be the job.

I'd like to think we wouldn't militarize space, that we'd venture outward in global peace, as a unified species, but that ain't going to happen. Hell, half the crap in space at the moment is military grade super secret shit. Satellites, missile platforms, anti missile platforms, etc. I guess wherever we go, we take our baggage, and I'm guessing if there are any Cylons out their, they're either plotting to fuck with us big time, or to run as fast as their puny ships will take 'em. My guess is the former, Space Force or no Space force.

Getting the Hate On

A couple of mothers walk into a mosque in Arizona, children in tow, and engage in a hate filled rant, the kids parroting their role models. Seems we're seeing more of this shit as time goes on. I have to wonder what's going on in a person's life to make them hateful, miserable souls, so much so, that their only sense of happiness is to spew hate, and take a sense of enjoyment that they're passing that legacy on with their kids. I guess thats it in a nutshell. Some people are so frickin' miserable with their lives, that they have to blame someone else for all their problems. People that are so lazy, they're unable to look in the mirror to see who the real low grades are.

This Weekend,

stay away from tainted love.

cuz it'll stain ya forever.


A Great Mind

once said that we should be worried about the evolution of artificial Intelligence along with our ability to destroy our planet. When I look around, I wonder if the human species even has the right to survive? I say that with the realization that there is a lot of good people in the world. If God swooped in and gathered all the good people up, most of us would still be here. It's not enough to get up, live a decent life, and raise good kids. It might have been once. Not today, not now. If our species is going to survive, we need individual evolution. We need to start being concerned at the individual level, we need to start researching, the tools are there. Knowledge begets evolution. We're going to have to teach a species we created to have respect for the world they live in, but that's going to be hard to do when most of us lack the self awareness to respect our own world. If being self aware differentiates us from the animal world, it just might be we have more in common with our pets than we'd like to think.

Celebrity Penis Facials, Huh?


At 650 bucks a pop, these facials are going like hot cakes, if you can afford them. I could be an ass, and point out there's cheaper ways to get a facial using a penis, but I won't go there. However, if Cate or Sandra are interested in saving a dime, I'd be willing to save them a couple of bucks. Can't help but wonder how much the guy makes for offering up his services, or why he has to be Korean? Or why he has to be uncircumcised?


Yep, sometimes I ask too many questions without reading the article, and yes we live in a strange place.

Gotta Love, Nazi Love

Let me just say relationships are easier when you keep 'em down to two people. They're also easier to follow when scandal breaks. Other than that, all I know is, that if you want to stand on a box outside your trashy trailer and watch your wife get banged, it's on you when the box breaks and the ruckus creates a hostile environment. And just to be clear, the guy doing the banging was married to the other guys step daughter, or some shit like that. Can't help but wonder if they all met at Robbie Paxton's lonely Hearts club


Walking in the Future

Life is a funny thing. When I was a kid, all I ever heard from adults was how useless kids were, how selfish we were, obsessed with bellbottoms, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The thought much have caught on with some of my peers because I hear pretty much the same thing these days, kids are obsessed with their phones, they're spoiled brats, sex...


Thing is, the kids are us.


Maybe only better! When I see our youth marching out of their schools and taking to the streets to voice their concern about their personal safety, because some adults don't seem to care, I have hope.


I hope they are not us. That they are better. I hope that as they grow they do not lose, as we did, the sense of what is important in life. The equality of all, compassion for your neighbor, and the god given right to be safe in your school, which people of my age, sure took for granted.

Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust

You're now one with the universe, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you were probably more in tune with the universe while you were alive than most of us. God bless, rest, and check in with us every now and then.

What? Where? Huh?

I usually don't pay much attention to the NFL after the Superbowl until sometime in late August, but this QB situation here in Minnesota is getting strange. Bridgewater hasn't played in two years, Bradford has a degenerative knee, and Keenum is headed west. Don't know what the answer is, but I'm glad Brees signed with NO. I want a solution, not an old band aid.  But I gotta ask, how did it come to this?


I'll read what happened this fall!

Lady Godiva, She Wasn't

While the ride was probably inspired by the legend, having a scantly clad women ride a white horse into a packed bar of inebriated customers wasn't the brightest idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for seeing a naked women riding a horse, but there is a time and place for getting it done, like maybe a Trump rally. Hell, have Trump ride in naked on a white horse, that'd drive his supporters to drop a load. Wouldn't surprise me to see that happen some day, with Trump wearing a crown of thorns on his golden mane, to boot.

I Really Want to Know

what the hell is going on in our skies. This is like the third or fourth video our Department of Defense has released showing an encounter between an unknown object and our fighter jets. Thing is, it ain't the video that's impressive. It's the pilots reactions, like when the guy screams out 'What the fuck is that thing', that makes me go hmmm.


Sure hope our visitors ain't bringing any diseases with 'em.

Just What I Wanna Wake

up to on a Monday Morning. News that I might not even make it to the weekend. Good God! And what do scientists come up with for a name for this game changer? Disease X! Really? How about 'Disease Happy Face'? At least I'd get a chuckle knowing something funny was coming my way to end humanity.


Gotta love Mondays.

It's Friday

and to me, your beautiful.

Enjoy the weekend, boys and girls. I'd say behave, but wtf, you won't.

Say it Ain't So

I love giving as well receiving, but that shit might have to stop if I run the risk of dying from the big C. Why is life so cruel, God so unforgiving of life's little pleasures? I'm just a mere mortal, not understanding the ironies of existence, but this is just unfathomable. If I can't give a little joy in life, what's the point of life?


Damn it!

Meth Head Zombie

Why does this not surprise me? Because it happened next door in Illinois? Because he's a meth head? Naw. The guy probably just finished watching Carl's death on the Walking Dead and freaked out while smoking some bad shit. I get it. I do. My wife watched the episode and started freaking out as well, and she didn't do any meth.



Honor and Respect

A co-worker asked me last night how long I had been married.

'30 some years.'

'Quite an accomplishment' he stated, 'How'd ya manage?'.

Given that it's International Women's day, I think it's appropriate I be reflective of the women in my life.


Read 'Honor & Respect'

on my blog.

It's Video Games!

Let's go ahead and blame video games for the mass killings here in the US. Hell, lets not stop there, lets blame them for the entire crazy ass violent gun culture we exist in. I mean, lets face it, without video games, there wouldn't be any shoot 'em up, blood splattered, explosive movies. I'm guessing as well, that taking violent video games off the shelves will lead to the disappearance of magazines that tout the best AR-15 for your money, with sidebars on how to modify 'em to make them efficient killing machines. Hey, I'm in, along with the Mario Brothers.


Fresh Meat?

Who the Fu*f is McDonald's kidding with the news they're now only going to serve up their quarter pounder with fresh beef? Fresh beef comes from a real cow, like I buy at my local meat market, Manea's. By fresh, Micky D's saying their meat won't be frozen, and won't have any preservatives in it. I'm just kinda left wondering how fresh that beef is going to be considering the time it takes to butcher a cow, and getting my quarter pounder delivered to my hungry, aching gut? Know what? I smell fish!

Check Out DMC*

Every now and again, I like to highlight a Youtube Channel. I don't do it enough. So, click on over to *Driving Me Crazy, there's a lot of different content. I'd think once you browse his videos, you'll do the right thing, and sub. I did. One things for sure, DMC puts a lot of work into his channel, and I respect that. He also has a subtle, warped sense of humor that I really enjoy, not necessarily evident in this vid, but it's there. You'll find it.

Not a Social Beast?

Not to worry. Apparently socializing too much infringes on your creativity and your ability to think for yourself. Me? I'm no social butterfly, I like my alone time, and it's true, thats when my creative juices flow. I also like being around people, I get a lot of good, creative ideas  when I'm around people, because people are fodder for my imagination. Then again, so is tequila, and I often put the two together, people and tequila.

Congrats, but...

I haven't watched in years. I like movies, I like certain actors, but three hours of glitz and self adoration of an industry just ain't my thing. Every industry has their awards, ain't nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with recognizing outstanding performances. I just don't have that connection to Hollywood to set through an evening of awards, just like I don't have a connection with the National Realtors of America when they hand out their awards. Now, the porn awards, that's a bit different.

Robot Burgers!?

What is my kid going to do for a summer job? What am I going to do for a part time retirement job? And what about standardization? Every friggin' burger is eventually going to be exactly the same, whether you order it up at Caliburg or Burger King. I also got a problem with replacing that ol' flame boiled taste with that of smoldering joint oil.

Don't be Like George

and be drinking alone.

It's Friday

Weekends are meant to drink together.

You drink alone on weekdays.

 Sneaky Lil' Bastards

Be prepared, cuz when the aliens come under guise of offering up peace and well being for humanity, what they're really going to be doing is infecting our technology with a smart virus to destroy us. Then they're going to eat us.


So keep your gun handy, you'll need it to stop their death rays, and god forbid, don't open that email from them.

Cafe Conversations at the End of the Universe

I watched the dying embers of the universe, lost in a millennium of thoughts. Time had been lost, I reached for my coffee, felt the coldness of the ceramic, and left it.


“So you’re not happy with how it turned out?”


I turned to God, who shared the cheap Formica café booth, and just took his presence in. There was nothing left to say, it was all gone.


“It was meant, by design to end like this.” God was saying as I lifted my mug to the thick, tank like woman who was our sole waitress among empty booths, “There was a thought, to let it continue, but there was no purpose in doing so.”


On my Blog, right here.


Weird Shit

Great way to contaminate a favorite dive spot. Drop a statue of Jason Voorhees in the lake where all the divers can piss and shit when they come across it. Imagine swimming at 120 feet down and coming across Jason, mask and all. I'd shit my wet suit as well, but I'd also get a hell of a selfie. I'm still a bit confused to the actual location, but it appears Jasons resting in a old mine pit somewhere near Crosby, MN. A little town that sets squarely in 50's America, where the local diner will serve you up pancakes bigger than the plate they come on. That's from personal experience.

Some Things,

I just don't get. Like how can Alex Jones of Infowars spend years spouting hateful crap and weird conspiracy stories that belittle entire groups of people, essentially violating Youtubes terms of service, and get away with it. That said, Infowars just received their first strike which means they need to start being nice, or they will lose their YT platform.


Alex Jones is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a shitlode of hate groups pushing vile crap on Youtube, and yep, when I say vile, I mean outright hateful. Youtube needs to step up to the plate and enforce their Terms of Service. I mean, they have no problem pointing out when I screw up and use a song I shouldn't, and they're pretty quick at pointing it out. Damn quick.

C'mon, Do Your Damn Job?

I don't know what the answer is when it comes to the gun debate, but I sure as hell know this. When a guy is told to turn in his guns because of a domestic assault, or any other reason, he needs to give up his guns, and the police absolutely need to follow up.


Sad to say, that virtually never happens here in Minnesota according to this local news report, and that's beyond tragic. I'd guess it's pretty much the norm everywhere. So yeah, maybe a starting point is to start taking those guns away from people who have been legally barred from owning them. I'm good with that.


But of course, that won't happen.

Content Creator Blues

Ever struggle to put pen to paper, face to camera?


The Devil Within


If you're looking for a mid life course change, the Vatican is hiring. With over a half million new cases of possession in Italy alone, the priesthood is looking to shore up it's warriors in the war against evil.


As a neutral 3rd party, I don't have a dog in this race, but with all the shit that's happening here at home, maybe I ought to take a second look. Just to be safe!

Totally Disagree

Hey, I get Star Trek Discovery might not be the enterprising cup of tea that most fans want, but  I'll tell ya, I loved it. STD is a lot darker than what I expected, akin to DS9. The opening sequence is a departure, I loved it. The acting is excellent, I loved it. The graphics are way cool, I loved 'em. Whats left? The over all tone and storyline. The tone isn't only a shade darker, it's different. Different in the sense the characters are flawed. Burnham is racked by guilt, Tyler suffers from an identity crisis, Stamets from a moral dilemma. The story line is classic Trek, man vs self, vs nature, vs time, vs aggressors, all while questioning ethics and morals.


What more do you want?

Guys Gotta Do

what a guys gotta do. If the wife ain't home, and a guy gets a bit needy, there's porn and a blistering hot hand. Usually, it's all good. Until your better half walks in. That's when shit hits the fan.


But come on Gayle, you ragged on the guy eight hours later, still bitching about it when he got home from work. Honey, you gotta learn to let things go.

I'm spending my weekend chasing white rabbits.

Have a good one.

Aligning with the Equinox

Somethings our ancestors did just befuddle us, better, some of the things they did just fuck with our little minds. Building the pyramids is one of those things. We just can't accept that people thousands of years ago did something that we can't do today, so we keep coming up with all kinds of explanations to figure out how they did what they did. Hey, that's life! I can't figure out how the Eagles managed to win the Superbowl either, I don't blame it on aliens, it just is, it just happened. But the alien idea works for me.

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

O' Yeah, I'll be binging this like a black hole slurping up the universe. First heard of Netflixs reboot about a year ago, but nothing more, so I was caught off guard when I ran across the trailer on Look for it on April 13th.

Old Love

and other things, made for close bonds between our ancestors. In a turbulent world of trying times I'd like to think that if people took the time to understand our history, to try to comprehend the science behind our history, they'd realize we have a lot more in common with each other.


Like if a human could find love for a Neanderthal, why can't a republican give up some love for a liberal. Hmmm...

It's an Old Battle

that's getting old, and worn. Are we a Nation with inalienable rights granted by God? Or are we a Nation of Government, those rights granted by man? One would think the separation of Church and State as a founding ideal answers that question. It does for some, and for others it leads to a quagmire, a moral quest to define the world they live in, where their lives, and ours, are defined by God.


I prefer a Government of men, men you can hold accountable. Men who should hold other men accountable.


The Conservative view that we are a nation under God serves their business practices. That they alone are answerable to God, and not Government. That a Government of men have no right to regulate their business practices, to hold them accountable for fair pay, decent work hours, and safe working conditions.


I don't necessarily trust in God, that's not to say I don't pray, but I've learned that answers and action are few and far between, if ever.  Not to mention, individual belief in God differs from person to person, just as it does from religion to religion.


As We Grow Older

we lose something. I don't know, maybe lose isn't the right word, but our passions, our cares and concerns narrow. Narrow to our families, our lives, our work. We literally become embedded in life, our lives. While we're well aware of the larger world, we've changed since the days of our innocent youth. It is as if, our love and understanding stops at our front door, where we stand afraid to open that door.


I'm enjoying the growing activism among the students in Parkland. I hope as they grow, their views, their hopes and their dreams do not narrow.

Wallpaper that Talks?

C'mon Michio, really? In twenty years? That and a perfect capitalistic society where no one knows what a computer is, because they're everywhere.


OK, I buy it. Won't be around to see it unless someone finds a way to reverse the aging process, but none the less, it seems there's a bright future ahead for humanity. I'll believe that, when I see it.

I Like Cars

just as much as the next guy.  In fact I wish I had the spare jing to buy myself a Lamborghini and go cruising with my friends down the interstate. Just imagine a pack of roadsters coming up behind ya, 110 miles an hour, followed by a cop with his sirens wailing.


Just some rich spoiled entitled shits out for a drive, I guess.

Murder & Mental Health

Jared Loughner (Gabby Giffords), James Holmes (Aurora), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Seung Hui Cho (Virginia Tech) and Dylann Roof (Charleston Church) all mass murders, had one more thing in common.


Mental Health issues!


Every one of these kids were sending out red flags regarding their mental health.





Parents voiced concern, as did friends, school officials, co workers. And nothing! Why? Because our healthcare system, and in particular, our mental health system sucks. We stigmatize those with mental health, we abhor them, we're embarrassed by them, and we rather let them live their lives under a bridge somewhere than deal with their problems.


Here's a novel idea. Instead of turning our schools into prisons, lets spend our money putting trained individuals who recognize these red flags, in our schools. Trust me, based on experience, if my local school district had one of those trained professionals, a decade of heartbreak on my end would have been avoided.


BTW, you can now add Nicholas Cruz to the above list.

Always Wanted to Do This

and don't lie, so have you. Like, who hasn't tossed their bag on the airports conveyor belt to get scanned, and thought, 'Damn, wonder what I'd look like under that X-ray scanner'?


Now you know. Colorful!


Might not ever have kids again, but if you're old and past the point of having any more kids, hell, give it a try.


Living in America

sometimes sucks. Mostly not, but sometimes ya just gotta wonder if we're really living in Amerika.

No Matt

calling on our President to do something, anything, about the systematic murder of our children isn't blaming him.


That said, I can blame the President who stressed mental health as a probable cause for the murders, when he, in one of his first executive orders in office, revoked a law requiring gun checks for those who suffer from mental illness.


Not to mention, I'd hazard a guess that if somebodies taking a shitload of money from the NRA, and that's their reason for not addressing the problem, I guess they carry a bit of blame for the murderous rampage in our schools.

This has got to Stop


Of course, my heart is heavy and my thoughts are with my fellow Americans, specifically those victims, the families and community of Parkland. Thing is, I shouldn't have to offer up prayers and condolences every time I turn around. The words have become hollow, meaningless, and that's a harsh reality. The words do nothing to bring back loved ones, to soothe those suffering, to solve the problem, to prevent the next death.


A persons right to bear arms should never trump the right of a child to live.


It's that simple. But how do we get from here to there, protecting our children? I'm a progressive liberal who believes in our right to bear arms. Literally, just about everyone I know owns a firearm, and I don't fear for my safety when I walk into their homes. I also have a son with mental health issues who could walk down the road to Wal Mart, and buy a gun. That scares me.


Mental health is a starting point in the debate, but so is denying ownership to those convicted of abuse, as is the sales point for obtaining a firearm. All fair questions, all justified concerns. For me, the answers begin with not allowing my son the ability to purchase a gun at a local retail store, or anywhere else, with extremely heavy penalties of consequence for those who choose to sell a firearm to my son. How to do so, how to get there is harder, but it can be done. But why not make it easy and outlaw the sales of firearms in stores and places such as Wal Mart and flea markets?


I don't have the answers, most people don't, but I believe we all want our kids, all our loved ones to be safe. I don't want to be sending prayers and condolences again next week.


The single best answer I have is that our elected officials need to do something, and damn the NRA and their influence. As long as they have a voice in the debate, nothing will be solved, much less debated.

Secrets of Sex

is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1720. While there's some good info, like knowing that if my wife had laid on her right side immediately after sex, and stared at the moon while Aquarius was ascending, we would of had our girl. Said and done, the relevancy lies in the truth that, even today, men haven't changed. That for men, it's all about sex.


I do kind a have to wonder what men were thinking back then, that would force the first chapter to warn against laying with the beasts of the field at the risk of procreating monsters with tails. Than again, I know some people who maybe should read this book.

Paybacks a Motherfucker

when Lady Justice rolls into town. Living in a small town, I've got to know some of our local officers and they're great people. Maybe because it's our culture, the environment here along the ole Miss is slow and respectful. Growing up tho', there was a cop, a mean, abusive son of a bitch, and Justice caught up with Officer Bush as well.


I don't know what turned an entire Baltimore police department into raging assholes that stole from the poor, those who they were sworn to protect, but it might have something to do with their culture, their environment, but I'm betting Karma was looking over their shoulders all the while.

Sex, One Day a Week

is what keeps you happy, or so they say. Is that one day, all day? Or 15 minutes out of the one day? Are you happier if you have sex two days a week, or four? Does sex once a month make you miserable? Does it have to be good sex? If I'm angry and I have sex, is it angry sex, or happy sex? If I never have sex, can I ever find happiness?

Boarish Opportunity

If I was walking my kiddo to school and happened along a gadzillion pound wild boar rummaging for food in the dumpsters, I'd be thinking the school better have a ten foot, foot thick block wall around it's entire perimeter cuz my kiddo ain't going to be on that animals menu.


That, or I'd be having a boar steak for supper.

I'm in a bit of a reflective mood this morning. Maybe pissy mood is more like it. Most people who know me know that I have a son with some serious mental health challenges, but what most people don't know is the toll it's taken on my son, and on us, as a family. From a financial perspective, it sucks. No real vacations, no remodeling projects, no new toys, a garbage credit rating, but the thing is, I'm OK with that. I can live with not having a new toy.


The emotional cost, seeing side effects from his medications, abhorrent and aggressive behavior along with a consistent police presence and hospitalizations, are staggering. Worse, the constant worry about his safety, about his future after we've left this earthly life.


Thing is, we're not in this alone. There are good people out there who do good work, who are supportive, who understand. They are horribly understaffed and underfunded, however, and I don't understand that. We can spend billions to build a wall, another couple of billion on a submarine we really don't need, billions for corporate subsidiaries, but we can't find money to help those who need it?


Somethings wrong!

Uncaring Bastards

Yeah, it bothers me that a doctor can deny life saving medical treatments without even reading the patients medical records, but what really pisses me off is that Aetna will get a slap on the hand, pay a fine and continue on with business as usual. Why? Because of the cost benefit of denying service, it's still cheaper to just pay the fine, and continue business as usual, killing people.


Nuff said!

It's been a hell of a week, so get it on with a little Whiskey Fever by Dorothy

Porn & the Reality of the Senses


Get to know the word. Any porn connoisseur will tell you that there's an entire sub industry of overlaying a celebrities head over that of the porn star, making it seem as if the Celebrity is starring in their own porn vid. Most of them are pretty easy to spot, but not all. Now days, you can also take a small snippet of a anyones voice, including yours, and replicate it to say anything you want them to say, and it's pretty damn convincing.


You ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to fake news, cuz it's not coming, it's here, and we can thank the porn industry for it.

AssHoles Among Us

If I had to choose a friend, or companion to spend my life with, and my only two options were a child that suffers a horrible medical condition, and the other, a person who advocates for abortion of those children who suffer a horrible medical condition, I'd choose the child. Every time, every.single.time.


My blood boils and roils when I read shit like this. We all carry burdens, we all face hardships, trials and tribulations. We all suffer to some degree. What makes us human is our ability to care for each other, to understand the suffering of others because we've been there. It's a collective experience.


At least for most of us.


The rest are just assholes. And no one wants to spend their time with an asshole.

Who Knew?

That a cheap acid trip could be had by taping some ping pong balls to your eyes, putting on some white noise and then setting under some red lamps.


Ain't that just Groovy?


Now go try it, and let me know what you think? Just don't let anyone see you do it, they might think they're the ones tripping out.

To the Moon, and Beyond

I'm tickled at the thought that someday, maybe a million years in the future some space faring race will come across a Tesla convertible with a mannequin at the wheel, listening to Bowies Space Oddity. What are they going to think?


I think a new golden age of space exploration started yesterday with the successful launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifter, delivering it's payload, the Tesla into a wide elliptical orbit around the sun.


All said and done, the only use for a rocket this powerful is with eye's on the moon and beyond, and I'm looking for a permanent manned station on the moon in my lifetime. And maybe a little trip to Mars.

A Parade, You Say?

I got nothing against Trump ordering an all out military parade with marching troops, tanks, American flags and jets screeching overhead. After all, local communities everywhere have parades that honor our vets on the 4th, and on veterans day. Personally, I'd like to keep it small and local.


What I have a problem with is tanks rolling down Penn. Avenue with Trump standing out on the White House porch saluting like some third world dictator, thinking the parade is all about him. Thing is, as much as Trump is going to claim, the parade ain't about him, no one's going to believe him, and chances are, he'll offer up some choice tweets to reinforce that thought. I'm also of the opinion that as an American, I don't need to see our honorable military on parade down Americas streets because I'm kind of a talk softly while carrying a big stick, kind of guy.


So if this parade happens, let's do it on Veterans day, and let Trump go to the Parade instead of the parade coming to him.

The Old West

was a wonderful thing. Know what else is a wonderful thing? History! And there's a hell of a lot of historical documentation of the American old west. Growing up with John Wayne, I had believed that everyone carried a six shooter slapped to their thigh. Turns out though, that just ain't the case. States and local towns out on the frontier often regulated guns on their streets because they were, well, god damn tired of cowboys coming in from a cattle drive and shooting up their streets. Seems to be, if the Clantons had surrendered their guns when asked, the shootout at the OK corral would not be part of our old west lore.

In Search of Longevity,

behold the mighty mole rat who given its weight and size lives far beyond it's expected years. Hell, thats just the beginning, because mole rats can live without air longer than all humans, don't get cancer, and their bones don't get brittle with age. More amazing, the female species don't go through menopause.


Now how long do you think it's going to be before some genius comes up with the idea of splicing some mole rat genes with some unsuspecting human? Watch for the 'Mole Rat Man' movie, it'll come.

It's not that I don't care as much as I just don't friggin' care. I read the memo, and not a word set off any alarms, and it certainly didn't vindicate Trump. Was the Steele Dossier politically motivated? Probably was, but we knew that. To release your version of events and not the rebuttal smacks of illegitimacy, and all around partisan bullshit.


Republicans need to start treading a bit more carefully, cuz they're walking on thin ice, and up here in the great north, we know about thin ice. You usually break through when no ones around to help out, and your last thoughts are literally frozen solid, which means your stupidity is etched in your brain, forever.

Congrats on your Win!

I had the game on but I didn't watch it, cuz, well, life happens. Eagles proved to be the better team, in fact were impressive throughout the playoffs, I'll give them that. I'll also give a shoutout to my home state, Minnesota for hosting. There's now a good portion of people who understand what cold really is.

Pick Up Your feet, and Figure It Out.

It's Friday.


Only thing better is payday Friday.


Greed! The need for power, riches or fame will always cause suffering. Williamson W. VA sets nestled in the heart of the opioid crisis where enough painkillers were dispensed by two local pharmacies, to keep good times rolling for every single person in the community, every day, nine times a day, for the last ten years.


Let that sink in as you reach for your beer this happy hour.

Reversal of Fortune?

K, I've been on a science binge with Chemtrails, Holographic Universes and now Pole Reversals. I just had to get away from bull shit politics for a while, and what do I read about, that reality ain't real, there's a secret agenda to pump shit into our skies and now, our poles are going to flip tossing all our asses back to the stone age.


Maybe I ought to stick with the headlines, lol!

Life as a Hologram

Not even going to admit I comprehend how you take all the data from a three dimensional universal and splatter it on a 2D flat surface that retains all the data of of the 3D universe. That's in the first thirty seconds, and after that, I'm totally lost.


I'm fine with citing my ignorance, hell, I can't even follow the twist and turns of the Trump Russia investigation.


Guess all I really wanna know, is how do I get out of this matrix of madness?

Bye Bye, Blue skies!?

I'm the first to admit, there's some conspiracy shit I laugh at, and others I'm open to. When it comes to chemtrails, I'm open to something happening, something weird and devious. Now if you nail my balls to the walls, this is an easy conspiracy to refute, because hey, planes leave vapor trails. That said, when I'm setting on my deck and my son points out the sky is literally covered in hash-tags, I gotta be thinking there's something there. Don't know what, maybe twitters trying to tell us something, but it's odd, just friggin' odd. So before you get Jesus on me, look up every now and again.

Cookies and Church

ain't a bad thing. Every baker of good cookies has their own secret ingredient, I for fact, have mine. Now there's nothing wrong with an old guy like Mr. Jones making cookies, and using a bit of hash as his secret ingredient, but sharing your cookies at church was wrong. Now standing at the entrance of the grand gallery during Trumps speech last night, cookies in hand, that would have been the way to go, and I gotta believe, they would have been appreciated.

Gotta Love Burger King

I don't eat a lot of fast food, but when I do, it's a whopper. With cheese. Now, who woulda thought that a fast food chain would come up with the best explanation of what net neutrality is? But when I think about it, it makes all the sense in the world, net neutrality is like fast food, delicious, and our existence depends on it. When something comes along and threatens our hot paper tub of salty fries, served up in an efficient manner, we tend to get pissed.


Long live the King!

Leave it to the Satanical Church

to raise 'a real and substantial constitutional claim' regarding Missouri's mandate that a women has to view an ultrasound, read a book about how life begins at conception, and wait 72 hours before seeking an abortion. The church won in a lower appeals court and the Missouri Supreme Court will be hearing arguments this Tuesday.


Now I'll say it. I hope the Satanical Church wins, because the men that put this shit out there, ain't no better than Larry Nassar who just got sentenced to 175 years, and if that's too harsh, well, settle for them being hypocrites cuz these friggin' religious fucks are the same ones who don't have a problem with Trumps love of a porn star.

Sheesh, now I'm rooting for the devil!

Least we forget,

unless you're Native American, we're all here because our ancestors immigrated to America. Yes, Immigration needs to be legal, no one denies that, but there are complications with those seeking refugee status, those bought here as children, those bought to our shores by means of religious and other charitable organizations.


To those shouting the loudest to build a wall, perhaps your own genealogy, and how your ancestors arrived in this great nation should be looked at, and if there's fault to be found, errors in paperwork, lies uncovered, perhaps, you should be deported.

Fridays here, people.

Been a quick week.

And I ain't a brick!


Robert Kennedy

was in Indianapolis, Indiana when heard Martin Luther King had been assassinated. That evening he addressed a crowd in the heart of a African American ghetto, and had to tell them that MLK had died.


Think about that, a white man in a black ghetto, about to tell them, their hero had been murdered by a white man.


This is his speech, and you should listen.


"Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God."

Science Births a Humanzee

Trump analogies aside, I have to ask; Why question morals and ethics after the fact? I guess it's easier to defend your actions after you've already done what you wanted to do. Now I get the whole affair of implanting a mans sperm in a female chimp is, at best dubious, in that there's no valid proof it ever happened, but I gotta say, there's a lot of resemblance between Oliver and the Orangaguanaton Trump.


Coincidence? Hmmm...

STOU, and What I'll See Tonight

I'm lucky, I have to work tonight so I won't be watching Trump tell all of America how great of a job he's done, how he's solved all our problems, to the standing adoration of his fellow Republicans. He'll brag about how he's brought our economy back to greatness, healed the racial divide because black employment is trending downward, and stood fast and firm with China and Russia, how no other President has accomplished so much in their first term.


Essentially, the speech will be about him. Not our future, not our dreams, not direction, or healing, but about how great Trump is, and he'll bask in the applause thinking that gratitude will give him a blank check to do what he needs to do regarding a guy by the name of Robert Mueller.


Really, I'm confused AF. Does Trump get to do Stormy again cuz the first try was totally a fuck up! Wonder what Melania has to say about the do-over? Look, a lot of guys cheat on their wives, and that's between the two of 'em, but you know what really pisses me off? Hypocrites! Especially morally deficient hypocrites whose morals and values change with the wind to suit their agendas. You know, people like Tony Perkins who runs a little organization called The Family Research Council. Ain't no way you're going to convince this kid that Perkins would offer a Democrat a mulligan, much less a black man, or some guy called Obama.

While Everyone

thinks there's a pretty good possibility that life exists elsewhere in our universe, the common problem is that distances are too vast for any alien civilization to make it's way here. I'm guessing there's some pretty old civilizations out there, some come and gone, some still around. If our universe is expanding, the older civilizations are out on the edge. Since our earth sets on the outskirts of the milky way, there might be a lot younger civilizations closer to the center, but us, we're just not that old, so, so much for my thought project.

God, I Just Wanna

smack some people up along side the head. Like people who spout off on social media wondering why the dreamers just don't go get a green card and apply for citizenship like their great grandpappy did? C'mon people, get smart, that's what the fights about! Giving the Dreamers a path to citizenship because at the moment, most dreamers don't qualify for a green card, and if they do, it's a hard, long process with a hell of a lot of stipulations that are nothing but barriers to getting a green card.


Maybe these people would be a bit more understanding if their mammas and pappas shipped 'em off to some shithole country to fend for themselves, but probably not, they'd just bitch and blame the Democrats

News as a Commodity?

Whether local or national, when news is viewed as a commodity to generate profit, we don't get news, we get entertainment. A shiny, gift wrapped package to pique our interest, to keep us tuned in and wanting more. Back in the day, news was not profit orientated, and there was actually a law on the books called 'The Fairness Doctrine', which simply meant that our media had to give equal time to both sides of the story.


What a quaint, novel idea, huh?

Vermont Legalizes

Slowly but surely, progress marches on. Baby steps, I'll take having under an ounce as legal, and being able to grow 2 plants for my own recreational use. You still can't sell it, gotta be the legal age, and if you're driving while stoned, you'll get busted.


Now, where the hell is Vermont?

Heartbreak Kids

All I wanted was a good game, and I didn't even get that. I have no words. That said, the Vikes had a great season, and I'm proud of them. But this curse, this damn playoff curse has gotta be broken, and the only  way to do that is with a Superbowl win, so how we gunna do dat?

Kinda Funny, 'cept

it's not. Seeking shelter from the cold in a dumpster ain't a good idea on pick up day. When I googled the story to get more info, seems this ain't the first time some lost soul had to be extracted from a garbage truck. Oh well, at least the guy won't go hungry while waiting for the rescue squad to pry the tin can open.


But the smell, the smell.

Get like our government this weekend

Ain't a lot of difference

between the parents who held their kids captive and our Government. Both don't give a shit about those whose welfare they are entrusted with, don't care about anything 'cept what empowers them, both have an ideology of 'my way or the highway'.

As a liberal, it's easy to blame Trump, but this crap goes back a long way. The art of compromise, doing the peoples work, died way back when, and you and I, just point our fingers at our friends who have opposing views. Trump is the symptom of the disease, the disease is apathy on our part, corruption on theirs.

Stupid Vulgar People :1

Stupid is posing a vulgar rant on a social account and not thinking there's going to be ramifications.


This persons name is Harley Barber, a student at University of Alabama, or was before her vulgarity went viral.


And I have no fucking words, except to say, this video will follow you the rest of your life. Bet you're regretting it now!

Stupid Vulgar People :2

Stupid is Trump paying 130,000 for a Non Disclosure pact without asking if she's already spoken out about their affair. Vulgar is telling her 'she reminds him of his daughter', especially when you've already mentioned you'd date your daughter if she wasn't your daughter.


Now, it isn't my business to judge what goes on behind closed doors, so if a man cheats on his wife that just had their child, I'm not in a position to judge anyone. That said, if you're stupid and vulgar about it, you get what's coming to you.


You're a class act, Mr. Trump, a real, world class ass.

This is What Happens

when you're desperate for women to join your church. More so when you're a bunch of old fat guys hanging around a sacrificial alter looking for a young virgin to sacrifice, thinking you're going to have an orgy afterwards.


Granted, sex robots might be the answer, but the upkeep? All that cleaning after you use 'em. You do clean them up, right? And when they malfunction, and all you hear is #metoo, who you going to call?


My advice, join another Church, like The Church of Fornication.

The Trump Test


Is this a picture of a dog?


Count to three.


Repeat after me,'it's a dog'.


Draw a line from here to there.


Where is the moon?


Count backwards from two.


Your left shoe goes on what foot?


What goes on first, underwear or pants?


Use the word 'I' in a sentence.


Draw a picture of a circle.

It Ain't A New Thing

A Baltimore hospital was caught on video last week dumping a patient off at a bus stop. What that means is they kicked a black women who was sick, out of the hospital, to the curb, into the winter cold. Literally! Why? I don't know, maybe she couldn't pay her bills, may be they just didn't like her.


Thing is, this ain't nothing new. Patient dumping started around the1870s, and legislation was passed to prevent it, but like everything else, profit comes first.

I grew up in Liberia.

A small Nation that sets on the western coast of Africa. It's capital was a thriving, bustling city of energy and diversity struggling toward modernity. There were parts of Monrovia that were comprised of tin shacks, along side concrete buildings. My concrete school sat in a neighborhood, where I would cross the dirt road after school and buy cheese and ground peanuts in a small tin shack of a store. As I grew older, I spent some precious evenings setting around an open fire, drinking beer in the middle of a village comprised of mud huts. Poor, economically depressed, not modern, underdeveloped, use what ever words you want, I will tell you that the people of Liberia gave me something that I cherish. That no matter what your environment is, you can still be a decent human being. You can still have dreams, you can still work toward something different, something better. Of all my time in Liberia, this is what I remember most. For my President to speak as he has, shows a fundamental lack of understanding and respect, and I am deeply offended, and embarrassed. Liberia was, and is, many things but it was never a sh*thole, and for a man that tosses the f-bomb more than most, I actually find it hard to use the presidents words in a sentence.

Minnesota Miracle

If you're not from this great state, you can't have a clue what this means. Four Super Bowl loses, a missed chip shot of a field goal, Bret Farve and a host of other miserable fuck ups in post season. We in Minnesota, sure as the snow flies were convinced there was a curse leveled on the Vikings, probably by Green Bay.


This Diggs catch wipes away all the years of agony, and makes 'em bearable, maybe even understandable, in that to eventually succeed, you have to suffer first. Say what you will, that Prince threw a tackle against Marcus Williams allowing Diggs to run with the catch. Me? I like to think my dad had a hand in it as well. He's smiling, I'm sure of that much.




On to the Eagles.

Been There, Seen That

To arrest a teacher for speaking out at a local school-board meeting because she's talking about pay inequality, in this case, the school superintendent getting a huge raise, and teachers nothing, is beyond disturbing. Spending 20 years with our local district as a Building head, serving stints as a union steward, a contract negotiator, and on several other committees, I can tell you this is type of inequality was evident in our district as well. Not to mention our district has not only Principals, but assistant principals, and assistant to the assistant principals, and they give 'em all fancy titles to justify their positions. I live in a small town, our HS has around 1,200 kids, and the superintendent makes about 150,000 a year, with administrators not far behind.

It's Friday,

and I'm going to do the devils Dance this weekend.

The Devils Handbook

Does this guy do anything small? Is that really a selfie on page 577? Was it really wrote in one night? I don't know the answers, but damn, I ain't going to hell to ask!

You're Doing What?

Seriously Mark, you've got your own ultra secret lab, headed by some chicka that once worked for super secret skunkwork programs, and they're researching how to let my skin 'hear' words? In any language? And all I thought you were doing was learning how to let me communicate with my PC with my gray matter.


OK, maybe some of this new tech shit is cooler than my worn old pair of X-Ray glasses.

Squeezing Our Balls

with bullshit seems to be Joe Arpaios thing. Dude, if you had real proof that Obamas birth certificate was forged, you'd be littering the airwaves and back channels of social media with it.


Joe, you wanna run for Senator? Here's some advice, start running in the other direction, and I don't mean toward the liberals. I mean just run Go someplace hot, someplace where my balls don't have to be squeezed by your bullshit, someplace where I don't have to listen to your hateful views of everyone that doesn't agree with your fascist American view.


That is All!

Modern Tech is some awesome shit,

but it ain't nothing like having your own rocket ship.

60 Pounds of Love

My Grandparents were cool. My Grandparents were farmers, but I never got a pound of pot from 'em.




All I have to say is there's going to be a lot of unhappy grandkids!

Holy Shit!

ST:Discovery returned last Sunday, and I'm loving the show. Like I said somewhere else, this ain't your mommas Star Trek. The central plot lines don't revolve around the Captain, but around an ensemble of characters and plots. In fact, the Captain is kinda shady, or is he?


Give it a watch, currently, the Discovery has found itself in an alternative universe most Trek fans are aware of, the Terran Empire.

Equality is

a really strange thing, even at the most basic level. We exist, as our universe does, because of balance. Large and powerful forces in our universe don't exist without the small and weak. Here at home, the big dogs can't exist without the little dogs. Each of us has a place, each a role, each equally valuable to the survival of the other.

Yeah, I know the

Golden Globes were on last night, and not ten minutes after Oprahs speech, headlines were shouting out her run for President in 2020. I like Oprah, she's done lots of good, I think she has a good heart, and I respect her, but I'm both cautious and curious about her political aspirations. Cautious, because while Oprah is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, I'm not positive that force can bridge the political divide. Of course, I'm no longer sure there's a force available that can. Curious, because I wonder what her campaign would look like, and how she would try to bridge that divide, how she would approach people that hated her from the get go. She's Black, she's a Woman, and she leans liberal and that would make for a vile race from those on the far right. All said and done, I'd listen to what she has to say, so convince me, Oprah.

A Real Genius

When Nikola Tesla passed, his research was locked up and stashed away by our Government, and rightly so. Some of his work had to do with death rays, unlimited power sources, wireless energy, and remote control. Did I mention he invented the AC induction motor, and he lit up the 1893 worlds fair in glorious fashion.


When I stumbled across his work back in the early eighties, I was mystified why this mans name wasn't known along side Edisions. I'm glad recent history has begun to recognize his genius, and his contributions, cuz the guy was wild in what he believed possible.

Didn't win the 550 million jackpot, Again!

Made it through,

the first week of the new year.


Wonder if Trump is thinking of his own albatross?

I'm not surprised? You?

The rats are fighting and feeding among themselves and as much as I'd like to set back and enjoy the show, I can't. Watching Trump and Bannon go at it is painful. Painful because it's embarrassing not only as an American, but as a human being. None of their behavior surprises me, and it was expected. Why? Because that's who they are as Human beings, self absorbed, loyal to no one, and hateful of everyone who does not toe their party line, including each other.


Taking a step back, what does surprise me, is that Michael Wolff was given access to the White House, even after his piece in the The Hollywood Reporter. What did Trump and company think he was doing there? Like, if this administration couldn't figure out what this guy was going to write about, how can we depend on this administration to figure out shit, like say, foreign policy, trade deals, threats, economics, domestic issues. You know, stuff Government is supposed to be aware of.

State Rights, My Ass

This is not good shit! In fact, it's really bad shit. Rolling back Obama era policies is just wrong on so many levels. First, it's hypocritical of those who shout out their perceived passion about the rights of individual states. Then there's the economics of it, we spend a shitload of money on prosecuting minor offenders, which in turn leads to incarceration in an already burdened prison population. In turn, most of those sentenced, are poor and usually African American or Latino. Then there's the fact that rescinding the hands off approach, will be cause for all kinds of lawsuits bought on by states that have already legalized it.


This isn't fixing anything, it's creating a clusterfuck. And it just might be getting worse if Sessions listened to this guy.

I Would Do This

Man, there are those days I just want to get away from it all. Nature calls, and I want to commune. Get rid of the phone, the TV, the radio, sever the link to the real world. There's something that makes my man blood boil about hunting my own food, building my own shelter and clubbing some woman over the head and dragging her back by her hair to my shack, making her mine. Then I remember, I can't pound a nail, can't shoot straight and I ain't got the nerve to club a woman, then having to put up with her for whacking her.


Still, it's a nice thought as I set around my firepit drinking my beer.


I cannot wrap my head around even the slightest possibility the Michele Bachmann could replace Al Frankin, as my representative in the senate. That's like replacing my 4Runner with a piece of shit that's falling apart and aggravating me every time I turn the ignition on. Mark my word, she will run given the political environment, and she might win. If that were to happen, all those who called Al to step down without an investigation, will have to deal with this womans idiocy, ridiculousness, self-righteousness, and outright stupidity.

I'm Not Fooled.

I was in the Navy, I know what's going on here. This guy Mims, who's traveled to space, and can shoot fireballs, and disappeared for a bit, doesn't have mental health issues. What he is, is the Navy's newest hi tech secret genetic weapon. Pete Mims is their version of the new sailor. Yes, the Navy would have you believe that, then admit they failed to help one of their own when it was, uh.. really obvious he needed it.

Strange Fruit Hanging

On a visit to Japans sacred forest of suicide  a YouTube superstar comes across a hanging body swinging in the wind.


OK Stop.


You have buku bucks to go on vacation, and you choose to visit a place where people go to end their lives. On top of that morbid vacation, you come across a recent victim, and instead of showing a modicum of respect, you film it and post it on your channel?


But hey, it got over six million views so I guess I'm wrong.

Get some Butter

This is why I don't jump over turnstiles. Karmas a bitch and she's going to have her way if you tempt her once too often. In this case, getting your dick stuck in a turnstile that you're trying to jump over is appropriate karma. More so that it was captured on video, and even more so when you hear the crowd arguing if butter or oil works best.


I would've suggested WD-40.

Happy Campers in Cali

I always believed I'd see a push to legalization of the weed in my lifetime. California has now legalized recreational bud for anyone over the age of 21, and it's heavily regulated. It'll be interesting how Sessions and his justice department handles this, seeing the guy has a thing about the evils of weed. No doubt, there's some major litigation on the horizon, specifically regarding the rights of states, but wtf, we'll see. Anyway you look at it, states have opened the floodgates in the last year, and that's a good thing. Now if our government would remove it's status as a schedule I drug, that would go a long way.


The only other thing I'd like to see in my life, is the Vikings win a super-bowl, and they have a shot at it, in our own stadium. Should that happen, all the agony and embarrassment of past years will be wiped away. But I'll step back, cuz I know about agony and embarrassment when it comes to MN football. All of us here in MN do!

Another year come and gone,

relegated to the ash heaps of history. 2017 saw natural disasters, mass murders, the #metoo movement, some cool movies, brexit, and the death of loved ones, but the single constant thread through out the entire year was our division as a people. That division isn't Trumps fault, his election was a symptom of a larger problem here at home. Yes, Trump furthers that divide, but he's not responsible for it. That responsibility belongs to our Congress, men and women who get elected and put profit before service. They have created a mistrust of our government on both sides of the political aisle, and I see that mistrust continuing to grow into an abyss in 2018. The bright spot is that people are seeing Trump as a reflection of what we have become, and I get the sense most are disturbed by the picture. His defenders on social media have dropped radically, at least on my accounts, and ppl that once rabidly defended him, have fell silent. How that plays out is going to be interesting to watch.


It's the last Friday of 2017, it's been a riot.

See ya on the other side.

Who Cares?

I care! You know who doesn't? People that set in harsh judgment of those afflicted by mental health problems. I don't buy into the fact that you're compassionate, much less have the right to judge, if a kid sets in jail for four years waiting for a simple evaluation, and when it doesn't come, you just throw the kid in prison cuz there's no alternatives, and you're OK with that.


Fuck, an exceptional nation takes care of it's own, and we are not doing that. In fact, what we are doing when it comes to those suffering from mental health disabilities is tossing 'em out the car window as we drive over a bridge. Think that's harsh? Then you've never dealt with a loved one who suffers from the terror, sorrow and anguish.

Please. Just Go Away!

I get you're pissed, and embarrassed, and looking quite like the fool because you lost an election that any normal red blooded Republican should've won. Thing is, you are an embarrassment, you are a fool, and most Americans, including Republicans are embarrassed that you were even allowed to run. Not making a call of concession, filing a complaint of election fraud, and trying to destroy the reputation of the man that bested your sorry ass, by publicizing the fact that his son is gay doesn't make you look like a stand up sort of guy. it just makes you look like a, well, loser.

Bad Medicine

Interesting that our ancestors thought ingesting their dead could help with their health, prevent disease and increase their stamina. When you stop to think about it, things haven't really changed that much. After all, we still use parts of dead people for all kinds of shit, from organ transplants, skin grafts, to blood transfusions. Same shit, different day. See, we haven't changed all that much, just modernized the practice so it's acceptable.


Don't Suffer in Silence.

Doc Dick can help.

The original Doc Dick was over two years ago. I've always wanted to make it better, bigger, stronger, and I think it works.

2017, Year of Mystery.

From Hidden chambers in the great Pyramid to an ancient city floating in the ocean, 2017 was full of surprises. Just goes to show, there's a lot of shit out there we don't know squat about. The story of thousands of octopus committing suicide is disturbing, but I don't think it's a mystery. They were probably blindly following their chosen one to the promised land of paradise. That's what happens when you refuse to think for yourself.


I do want to know why that UFO video didn't make the list? That was some high strangeness.

Nice Puppy, Sick Puppy.

Everybody loves the little fur-balls so why are the Chinese cloning the lovable bundles of joy for medical research? Is it because the Chinese don't love puppy dogs? Or is it something more sinister? I'm not sure, but I was surprised that dogs get most of the same diseases that humans get and that makes 'em perfect for medical research.


Did I mention the puppies were cloned? Wow, that technology isn't even considered cutting edge these days. Wonder what else the Chinese are cloning? Wonder what'd it cost for a personal clone?

I could use a replicant, but would he love me as much as I love myself?

And the Countdown is on,

to 2018. We'll spend the next week reading about all the important people we lost in 2017, along with the best movies, books and songs. We'll read of celebrity marriages and breakups as we filter through and remember the top news stories of the year.


Me? I don't dwell on the past, simply because it's such a blur. That's a nice way of saying I don't remember much, and I'm not sure I want to. I rather take my time and think about something I can change, like tomorrow. Truth is, not much changes, I won't win the lottery this year, my site stats won't skyrocket, I'll still do youtube vids, deal with kids, get up every morning, go to work and do mind numbing shots of Tequila on Saturday nights.


But I hope, I always hope for a better day, and maybe I'll get one in '18.

It's Christmas Friday I love Christmas, no doubt about that. Love the mood, the cheer, the giving, the goodwill, the ﷯candy and the food. All of it. Most of all I love the potential Christmas represents, the potential for global peace and decency which we are capable of. True, we live in trying, divided times, but I believe Christmas offers hope. Christmas shows us their is a path, that each of us is capable of something greater than ourselves. The values of Christmas, regardless of religious, social or political belief, show us there is a light to guide us through the dark forest. For all mankind, wherever you find yourself Christmas morning, I wish you the very best. Merry Christmas

Just a Thought.

1st ~A hundred bucks a month ain't going to do much to help out financially.

2nd~Why does that savings end for me in eight years, but the cuts for the rich stay in effect.

3rd~The government is taking a 12-13 percent cut to their income. How are they going to buy groceries?


The Outside, Looking In.

Most people I know will spout off and snicker that they don't give a crap what other people think of 'em. Course, it's not true, cuz we all wanna be liked, and it's painful when someone comes along and sets us straight to some truths about ourselves we don't like.


This report is hard to read, in that it's heartbreaking. There's good stuff in it as well, but overall it lays bare the problems we face as a Nation. It's worth reading, worth thinking about, and if it doesn't piss you off, there's just no hope.

A Shout Out

To my Vikings for taking the division.


Is it to much to dream of a Superbowl in our own home?


Like me, you're wondering why Don Jr would invite Ted Cruz to join in on his Obama emblazoned birthday cake? And here's the answer.

In times past, warriors would eat the bodies of those deemed more powerful than they in hopes of reinvigorating their souls with the powers of the deceased. Obviously, Obama isn't dead, so the best they can do is bake a cake with is likeness spread out in colorful frosting. Sources have reported it didn't work, but both Cruz and Trump Jr were noticed to have shit stains due to their diarrhea. The funny thing is, the shit stains weren't  noticed near the cracks of their ass, but rather running down the front of their shirts.


Seriously tho', they can't tell a big cookie from a cake?

Smoke That, MF!

What's it take to roll a hundred foot joint? Forty people, two and a half pounds of smoke, and 3,000 yards of rolling paper. By my calculations that's a 2.5 foot joint for each, with each joint being roughly an ounce.


OK, where's the munchies?

It's Going to Happen.

The only question a working man or woman should have is, "Is this plan going to put more of my money in my pocket?" and the answer is "Not really".  The extra coin ain't going to be nothing to brag about. Now if you're a rich fuck, you're smiling! I would be.

Thing that really galls me is that I thought conservatives were deficit hawks, and this bill adds a shitload of money to our debt. The second thing that ticks me off is that trickle down economics just doesn't work. Sorry, but if the boss makes an extra buck fifty, he ain't giving you an extra dime on your paycheck.


So basically, this bill is redistribution of wealth. Now where have I heard that term before.

A True Christmas Story


I actually feel sorry, and even pity for Sarah Palin, her husband, and her family in general. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a lover, but I'm not going to stoop to Palins level and blast people that are having a tough time. I hope she figures out that people have problems, regardless of their status in life, and there's nothing wrong with showing a little compassion for those who suffer. I somehow doubt that'll happen, and that pretty quick she'll blame the overbearing media for blowing Tracks beat down of his dad out of proportion.


I do have to wonder tho', where the dude got his ideas that the police are peasants?

UFO Confirmation?

Isn't this confirmation by our government that UFOs exist? A Navy fighter that's locked on to a saucer shaped ship that's not only clearly rotating, but traveling faster than the jet. Apparently, there's a whole fleet of the damned things just off camera, as well.


I'm in awe over this one!

Christmas is a Song of Celebration

I wasn't so sure about the Twist,

now I am.

Enjoy your weekend.

My Quest for Knowledge

is never ending. While your first thought might be that learning how to shrink heads is gross, I'd argue that a shrunken head of a loved one would make a wonderful memento of a loved one. A cool piece of jewelry that my wife could wear around her neck. Better, if you have enemies, you could shrink their head and butt plug 'em. OK, that's gross, but the thought of some people spending eternity with their head up their ass kinda works for me.


I'm Ready, Let's Go.

Trump has pledged to send humans back to the moon, and beyond. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping we not only walk on the moon again, but that we establish a base, an international base. I'd like to see us get to Mars in my lifetime, yet like I said, I'm not holding my breath. Administrations change, goals change, policies change. For all the interest the American public has in Scifi movies, there just doesn't seem to be an interest in space exploration, much less a human migration toward the stars. Maybe we're afraid our dreams will be crushed once we get out there? I don't know, but I do believe that migration will come, someday. I just won't be around to see it, and that makes me sad, because at heart, I'm kind of a space cadet waiting for my wings.

That's a Big Head,

at 120 pounds, even for Bigfoot. Given the fact it's been frozen for 65 years, along with its other body parts, I'd sure like to know the thought process behind dismembering the guy and keeping him in your basement freezer? I'd be like, 'Come see what I got, and leave a dollar at the door'.

I can, unfortunately, imagine!

This touches me personally, as I spend a lot of time and effort making sure a loved one won't be living under a bridge when I'm finally rotting in the comfort of mother earth, and I'm always worried it's not enough. Here in MN, a socially progressive state, we do better in tending to those with mental health issues, but it's still a clusterfuck, money is tight, some services have long wait times, and there's just not enough of anything or anybody to help everybody who needs it. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know we can do better, we can be more understanding, more compassionate, but most are not, until it happens to someone they care about.


Then it's a different story.

Cool, but

be careful what you wish for. What if it's an alien probe designed to wake up when some batshit species probes it, notifying it's makers there's a batshit crazy species out there waiting to be conquered. I think that was a Star Trek episode. I watch Star Trek, so that's why I think about shit like this!


I really don't like getting up in the morning and writing about Trumpworld, but good Jesus Christ, when Trump tweets a rabid, disgusting tweet, I gotta say something. For our President to imply that Senator Gillibrand would exchange sexual favors for money is, in every sense of the word, reaffirmation of Trumps disgusting opinion of women.


It's almost as disgusting as a pro Trump/Moore group sending a 12 year old girl to interview a man accused of being a pedophile.


You just can't make this shit up.

Christmas Came Early

for some of us old fucks. Man, I've been waiting a long time for this shit, so long in fact, I'm worried I might act like the proverbial sixteen year old, who's going to fumble, and fuck with a smile while not accomplishing a damn thing for my partner.

Pol .I. Ticks

So, the big election is tomorrow, in Alabama, where Roy Moore, an alleged purveyor of little girls is set to win their senate seat. SMH cuz as a life long political junkie, I don't get it. Try as hard as I can, by my way of thinking, he shouldn't even be in the running, but he's probably going to win. Hope I'm wrong! The only takeaway I have is that it speaks to the condition of who we are as a people, and no, it just ain't the good citizens of Alabama, it's all of us. I'm not sure of what shit we're all caught up in, but when we tear into those who believe different, think different, act different, or say something we don't like, we call 'em out as liars, slam 'em on social media, and do what we can to stain their reputation just because we can, just because we don't like what they say. That's shameful!


'On the bright side, generic Viagra hits the market today.'

The thing about Science

is that it's always opening new presents for us to think about. Regardless of discipline, science allows us to look at our history, our present, and our future in new and challenging ways. Science derives from a natural curiosity, without that inquiring mind we'd still be licking ants of a honey lathed stick.

Gotta Love Lindsey Sterling

and what's wrong with a little Christmas music to start your weekend?

Angry, Pissed & at a Loss

to understand what's going through the minds of Democrats regarding Al Frankin. I get that groping and grabbing is wrong, and zero tolerance is duly noted but why are you not crying out as loudly about Trump, or Moore? How can you take such a moral high ground, especially considering that there are serious concerns that the allegations against Frankin are an orchestrated smear campaign, by none other than Roger Stone, Trumps dirty trickster.

So when you all get together, like you did to eat your own, and voice your disgust toward Trump, Moore and this idiot Farenthold, who paid out 85,000 of our taxpayers money, I'll listen. Until then, I got serious reservations about your motivations.

It Begs the Question,

of how smart our psychologists are by asking how we'll react to the discovery of off world microbial life? What? Most people will say 'cool', and there will be some who just won't give a shit. The question I wanna know is, how will we react when a mile wide saucer lands in my back yard looking for food? Me? I'll be like, WTF, I don't need this shit at the moment cuz my life is way to complicated, so go away and stop by later. I'll have a bagel ready for ya then, and btw, call first!

To Even Suggest

a personal army of spies to spy on... American spies, to root out the imagined 'deep state' that is working fervently against Trumps policies is insane, and harkens back to the dark days of the gestapo. I don't know how much truth there is to this story, but I do know this, that even a whisper of such a creation should be shouted down. Thing is, the names involved, Ollie North and Eric Prince would both love such an agency to spy on anyone that says a word against them. You know, people like me. Just a minute, someones knocking on my door...

What? Huh? Scromiting?

Gimme a break, a huge break. I wanna see the scientific evidence that smoking 5 times a day for umpteen years will make you sick with something called 'scromiting'.  While getting high five times a day, everyday, might make for losing some gray matter, and add some poundage to the waistline, and making one lazy af, I've never heard of anyone ever getting a case of projectile puking and hallucinating to the point of madness.

Floating in Space...

             , just like Andy.

No, They are Wrong!

It's not our computers that are becoming people, it's people that are becoming computers. Seriously, when you think about it, the next step in our evolution is merging with our technology, and we are already seeing evidence of that. Don't believe it? Put down your smart phone!

Conspiracy? Nawww....

I don't know about secret Government bases and UFOs, some people will believe anything. Hell, I believed there was water and past civilizations on Mars, but then again, I've seen some pretty astounding images from MGS back in the day before NASA started doctoring up the pictures, so I'm open to conspiracies. Thing is, ya have to look at the source, and when it comes to Mr. Hannity, the shit he peddles is the same shit Alex Jones peddles at InfoWars, but it's packaged a lot more palatable.

Of Course he Does...

I'm not surprised Donal Trump came out supporting Roy Moore, a man with numerous allegations and accusations that he likes little girls. I don't think Trump gives two shits if Moore wins or loses in Alabama. Trump cares about Trump, and by throwing his support to Moore, it's his way of giving the rest of us the finger, a huge 'fuck you' to the media and the general populace. Given the mans propensity to be vengeful, and outright hateful, Trump just can't handle the fact we all keep pointing out he's a pussy grabber, himself. Throw in the fact that his good buddy Flynn has turned on him, and add in the numerous Republicans of high and mighty stature that have condemned Roy Moore, Trump has to act the role of the two year old throwing a fit, screaming and yelling as he's drug out of the store. Trump hates us, he's pissed at us, so he's just giving us his little middle finger.

I'm not one

to mock those with mental health issues, not even those with issues created by drug abuse such as meth. For instance, when a man waves a shotgun at police and claims he has to protect us from the lizard people, I'm likely to write it off as attributable to those mental health issues. But for some reason, I suspect he might have really received a personal call from Trump to take arms against the lizard people. That's entirely in the realm of possibility these days, isn't it??

You're not even close to being finished!


It's Christmas Friday I love Christmas, no doubt about that. Love the mood, the cheer, the giving, the goodwill, the ﷯candy and the food. All of it. Most of all I love the potential Christmas represents, the potential for global peace and decency which we are capable of. True, we live in trying, divided times, but I believe Christmas offers hope. Christmas shows us their is a path, that each of us is capable of something greater than ourselves. The values of Christmas, regardless of religious, social or political belief, show us there is a light to guide us through the dark forest. For all mankind, wherever you find yourself Christmas morning, I wish you the very best. Merry Christmas